This Universal Law states that each person will receive a series of problems (Tests of Initiation) for the purpose of strengthening the Light within. We must consider each of these tests to be a challenge and remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the problems. This law also teaches us to compare our problems to others’ problems and put everything in its proper perspective. No matter how bad we perceive our situation to be, there is always someone who is in a worse position.

In experiencing the two lecture teachings in this seminar (Master Thoth with Lord Melchizedek) we gain a much deeper understanding of what the Law of Relativity means for all humanity upon the “Ascension Planet”. Awakened Souls are not random, nor are the Cosmic Energies hitting the planet. Wave X is no exception. “Everything Can Change” with these grand infusions of Higher Frequencies or “Nothing Can Change”. It all depends on each persons individual perspective on their own life and what they choose to do within these energies. One can respond with the old physcial self, or tap into the Higher Self. This class will assist each participant to view their life as an ongoing series of tests or lessons but more importantly how to take full control of how they receive those lessons.

We also provide a GUIDED MEDITATION for use after the class to be used to reactivate and continue the attunement process of raising your vibration.

MP3 AUDIO SEMINAR: (approx. duration 2+ hours). For individuals desiring to Learn How the Higher Frequencies of Ascension Mastery and Soul Psychology can be used to activate and direct a life on Earth that is in flow with all things.



This law brings forth the defining energy for an initiate to understand the lessons they are experiencing. This is very imperative for each person to grasp each test that they experience, what it feels like, and to look at their psychological self to understand why it is occurring so it can be changed.

This is the true meaning of UNDERSTANDING THE LESSON.

Each person will experience similar moments within their lessons but the ability to conceptualize what has happened and why is truly the personal element that needs to be realized. Otherwise, the lessons will come again and again until the full awareness of all elements that had been put in place are acknowledged.

So within this Law of Relativity all elements that have been acquired from the previous laws are very important to consider. This is because an initiate cannot have the understanding of the lesson until they realize the other components that have been worked upon are fully accepted. If they have been forgotten or taken for granted, then this Law will smack an initiate right in the face by seeing how others are going through their problems.

This takes you into a space of judgement (Universal Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energies) – is it a good or a bad reflection of what you are experiencing.

In order to see the Light each soul has to understand the darkness within themselves. But what happens, when that initiate is not willing to go into the darkness? Then, the existing problem will appear again until that person is willing to go into the space of the Void – a place that many souls will not step into as they think it makes them look like a bad person.

In truth a soul that walks through the Doorway of Darkness is truly the most courageous soul upon the planet. Many souls are asleep due to this factor. They are unwilling to look at their issues, the problems that occur for them because they have fear that they will look bad in relation to society. One of the elements of Mastery is that each initiate is going through the same process – finding themselves in a world that is full of confusion and uncertainty. But yet, when that Initiate steps into the realm of darkness, has the tools to help them through the process, they then can achieve what they desire – they learn to Resonate with their Divine Consciousness and not be controlled by the lower forces that exist upon this planet.

In order to achieve this full awareness, as an initiate, you must go through many trials of fire. The main element is to see the pitfalls and not allow yourself to be surrounded by the lower forces of your psychological self that has bound you for eons of time as a soul.


This teaching seminar is in a teaching in two parts, plus an additional Guided Meditation. We begin with an instruction teaching and attunement from Master Thoth and Lord Melchizedek with an additional Divine Light Language Codesm attunement. The Guided Meditation is to assist you to connect in your Higher Essence with the frequency of the Laws so you can then filter it throughout your full body system. This will better prepare you to experience the benefits of these teachings. The Meditation can be used after the teaching to assist in continuing to work with the elements this teaching is assisting you in developing. While you participate in the teachings, please use the below information to go deeper into your personal understandings as you heal your Soul.

The work through the Law of Relativity each individual must fall back upon are based upon the previous laws of:

Oneness; Vibration; Action; Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Attraction, and Perpetual Transmutation of Energies.

As a student of the laws, go back to all the previous laws to look at the attributes within each law. Have you acquired those elements within your life? If not, address that psychological element within your teachings of this law.

Let’s first look at the mantras and each of the buzz words that were given in the previous teachings:

ONENESS: “Trust The Process, Believe It Is So, And Then See It Become A Reality.”

VIBRATION – “Incorporating Balance:  Learning To Gain Tolerance, Compassion, And Love To Sustain The Vibrational Changes In The Body To Create Spiritual Grounding.”

ACTION –Balance = Gaining Tolerance, Compassion, And Love To Sustain The Vibration Changes In The Body = Spiritual Grounding.”

CORRESPONDENCE – “Connection to The Higher Self, Having Faith, Non-Interference of The Light And Vibration Will Equal Unconditional Love To Be Fully Accepted Within The Foundation.”

CAUSE AND EFFECT – “Walking Through the Doorway – The Way That a Person Is Able to Walk Through The Doorway During Any Given Situation Is Based Upon Several Areas Of Concentration Which Are Decisions – Habits – Beliefs – Values – Emotions – Programming – Psychological Rules – Behaviors – Actions.”

COMPENSATION – “The Law of Compensation Relates To Keeping Up The Balance, Establishing Peace, Bringing Forth Unity, Allowing for Equilibrium to occur, Enhancing the Flow of Harmonization which needs to be grounded, and Seeing that Personal Justice will occur.

ATTRACTION – “Look at your psychological thoughts – Have a Strong Discipline to change them into a positive element – Allow the feelings to of your Emotional body to flow – Accept the Healing that needs to be acquired – Be flexible with the changes ~ Then focus upon a Goal of the Desired Outcome – Visualize the Energies – Be sensitive to yourself and the world around you ~ Look at the messages that the Universe is trying to send you ~ Then embrace the element of Gratitude to be your guide. 

PERPETUAL TRANSMUTATION OF ENERGY – “Accepting Judgment To Be The Key To Opening Up The Door To A New Reality – Allowing Acknowledgement Of The Issue To Be In Your Full Consciousness – Having Full Realization Of The Old Energy To Create The New Energetic Exchange – Having A Revelation Of What Needs To Change And How – Bringing Forth The Element Of Transmutation To Fully Remove The Old Feelings – Step Into The Process Of Forgiving Your-Self And Others That May Be Involved – Fully Receive The Divine Love That Is Yours To Embrace – Now ~ How Do You Assess Your Energy – This Is The New State Of Judging Who You Are –It Is Not Negative, It Is Positive.

The reason that you have your lessons is because you don’t understand as an initiate the challenges you are making in your physical life.

As you learn to access your Higher Self, how much of that energy is within you during your day?

What psychological characteristics are you still dealing with?

Make a list of them as you work through the program of Relativity. Let them be healed; don’t ignore the previous laws as they will always come back to haunt you.

For the Law of Relativity, we are going to delve into a few sub-laws that are very pertinent in the journey of Mastery. Take a look in how you are working through these elements within your pathway. Are they coming in your awareness because you have acquired the positive element of that law or is it the opposite? Be honest with yourself in the process of learning how Relativity works in your life.

Sub-Laws to Consider in your life circumstances by looking at the positive or negative elements that are occurring in your life which predicate the lessons that you will learn:

  • Thinking – Look at your psychological mind – how is it working within you, are you allowing your Higher Mind to be integrated to help you through any situation you encounter.
  • Supply – Is the work you are doing within your Higher Consciousness being created in your physical reality?
  • Attraction – What are the experiences that you are attracting in your life.?
  • Receiving – What elements do you receive? This can be in the form of communication, life circumstances, and physical conditions.
  • Increase – Is your energy increasing in a positive direction through your emotional and mental balance? You can also relate this to your Light Quotient and spiritual enfoldment.
  • Compensation – This can be in the form of tangible or intangible elements in your life.
  • Non-Resistance – How often to you utilize this law in your life or do you find challenges that increase your resistance that may cause additional issues.
  • Forgiveness – Each moment you feel insecure, you must step into the act of forgiveness of your lower self taking control of the feelings you may be having.
  • Sacrifice – Sometimes an individual can feel they sacrifice too much and feel depleted. In the context of spiritual enfoldment sacrifices must be made to allow the new essence you are becoming to be resonant in your reality.
  • Obedience – The only obedient element should be to yourself. Is this a law that you adhere to in your spiritual growth?
  • Success – Each lesson should be successful in your awareness about the situation that occurred no matter what was the outcome of the situation.

The Mantra for the Law of Relativity:

I allow my Higher Mind to do all the Thinking within me;

I am Supplied with the Thoughts and Emotions that bring me into Balance;

As I Attract Who I Am, I Receive the Right Elements in the Right Time;

I feel the Increased Light That I Am Becoming and am fully Compensated by my Efforts;

I allow the Law of Non-Resistance to be my mantra as they keep me in the flow of life;

I Forgive myself and others for the experiences that have been unpleasant;

I see the Sacrifices I have had to make to create the right lessons;

As I fully allow the Law of Obedience to be my spiritual guide;

I can see how Successful I am becoming by utilizing these Laws of the Universe.

I now RESONATE with who I have become,

I see my GROWTH and the potential that I have,

As now I am in the state of RECIPROCITY – I receive what I share – I am in alignment of the Universal Laws from Oneness through Relativity.

Each experience that you encounter you should look at this mantra. Make it your guide for your spiritual growth. Abide by the rules and your experiences with the Law of Relativity will be perfectly understandable.

To assist in extending these teachings even deeper within the Soul Psychology of the Self, we are working with the following Rays of God in our STUDENT MEMBER WEEKLY ACADEMY TEACHINGS*.

Throughout the weekly Academy Student Member classes (which you can also access as a Partner Member for self paced study at a reduced rate) make notations within your journals how these characterizations affect your life so that you will be able to achieve your desired results while understanding what you are going through in each moment. It is imperative to reflect upon each of the elements in order to attract the higher element and not the lower.

To help in this process we will be working with the following Rays within the weekly teachings. Take time before each class to focus upon one of the elements listed above that you are being challenged with along with looking at the Buzz Words; pick one or two of these words to concentrate upon in the teaching. Go back to it after the meditation, write your thoughts, and then work with the Teachers of the Ray to help you heal the element you may be holding unto.

Suggestion: in your journal each day or week, state your gratitude of elements that have occurred in your life which include lessons, challenges, and successes. You may want to include the areas in your life that you want to change through your habits, your psychological programming, how you interact with others, etc (which falls upon the previous lessons).

Ray 17 ~ Universal Light ~ Accepting the 5th Dimensional Body Allows for the Divine Light I AM ~ Utilizing the Multi-White Light Flame with Lord Melchizedek (Melchizedek Priesthood) with Lord Sanat Kumara (Father of the Brotherhood of White Light) to access the 5th dimensional frequencies within the Root Chakra. This is the beginning stage of allowing the higher frequencies of light to become more manifest within the base chakra which holds all of the lower elements of fear, anger, and debris held from dark timelines. Working within this ray will assist in clearing the cellular structure of the 3rd and 4th dimensional constructs held within the physical body. We will access this ray through the Golden Etheric City of Vanerathian-Laneeah located in the Etheric Earth over Kashmir. We will work with Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara in the consecutive weeks.

Ray 20 ~ Beingness ~ I Vibrate with the Lightness I Am ~ The Violet-Gold Ray is represented through the Lord of Sirius representing the Feminine and Masculine Divine fully embodied within the Throat Chakra. The Ray of Beingness is associated with the Throat chakra, Light Blue, on the 5th dimensional grid with the color of Violet Gold.  It blends with the 3rd dimensional ray of Deep Blue of Will & Power, and the 4th dimensional ray of Violet-Pink representing Vibratory Communication.  As each of these rays blend within each other, the Violet Gold represents the ability to allow the vibratory energies to blend within the Throat to the other parts of the body to create One United Being of Light. Lord of Sirius teaches us through the connection of this Ray and the Golden Etheric City of Astleranschiamm (Columbia, South America) to learn how to access the beautiful qualities represented within the spectrum of this light frequency.

(*These additional teachings are an ongoing part of being a Student Member of the Academy of New Earth Mastery. Non-Students may order the above teachings for just $22 each at the regular price on our sliding scale. Anyone interested in the personal transformation acquired through these deeper studies may become a Student Member program participant by enrolling to pre-pay for these teachings and receive a substantial discount.)

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