Understanding Your Pathway from the Golden Year of 2012: The Metatronic Seals and the Kumaric Light.

Metatron by Artist Tony Pinfold. www.tonypinfold.net (click image to buy)

MASTERY CLASS  ~ Understanding Your Pathway from the Golden Year of 2012: The Metatronic Seals and the Kumaric Light.” 

This is a specialized class offering that goes over what occurred in the year of 2012 from the accurate view of the Spiritual Hierarchy and why it is essentially advantageous to clear and accelerate yourself through all of your life lesson remembrances as quickly as possible.  As much as we all desired 2012 to deliver us into a magical realm, the reality is that we will still need to continually work on elevating ourselves with more frequency of light so that the active darker energies around us find it harder to affect us.

The Metatronic Seals do this more definitively than any other method. Sanat Kumara explains how working with his teachings can then integrate and empower the full glory of the 2012 frequencies into your current lifepath.  [This class is 90 minutes.]

◊ This class also includes an activation of one of your seals from the Metatronic Angels and Lord Metatron. 

◊ There is also a blessing from one of the Seven Holy Kumaras via a channeled message from Sanat Kumara for humanity to incorporate the higher Rays of God as taught by the Kumaras.  

NOTE: this $33 (Normal Means | $49 Abundant Means) class is now offered exclusively in the THIS OFFER LINK.


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