The Telosian Way of Being by Lord Adama & The Ascended Masters



In a unique and mind-body-spirit expanding 10-session event now available for Mp3 Audio Download, we experience a teaching forum where we etherically travel to the 5th Dimension itself.  In the Lemurian Retreat House which is in the City of Telos, we gather with the Team of Light and Lord Adama.  This exceptional course is ever poignant in what it teaches as no upper earth being fully understands what they need to acquire to Walk as a 5th Dimensional Human.

This highly transformational seminar series begins as we journey to the Lemurian Retreat House for a beautiful ceremony of INITIATION into the TELOSIAN WAY OF BEING.

Each visit will help us move through the timelines, issues, and debris that have kept us stuck for eons of time.  For those who desire to become a next level human being, one who understands more about our own bondage to the 3rd and 4th dimensional chains, one who understands what they are freeing themselves from, it requires gaining a much deeper understanding of what it means to walk as a 5th dimensional human. To move forward, we can no longer hold onto those lower dimensional elements as the New Age is now upon us.  Isn’t it time you fully accepted a fifth dimensional way of life?

In the words of the Telosian Council of Light: We now come to you from the Telosian Council. We make up many Telosians that over-light the Frequencies of energies that come through Telos, as many come through here in their dream time and sleep time – teachers, channels, healers, all levels of Lightworkers. As always, we invite each of you to join us for teachings and help to enlighten yourselves in your physical bodies so that we can all, one day, be together. We would like to share with you our Essence of Gratefulness. We are eternally grateful for each of you that are aspiring to work through these Frequencies in your physical bodies upon the Upper Earth. We know that this is a huge challenge and continually creates great transition.

The series is taught by Lord Adama, the Telosian Council of Light, and specific Ascended Beings and Masters to show us the way into our new world, the world that we can now access in 2013.  It is the next best thing to occur for us besides arriving at their doorstep in the flesh.  We go through initiations, processes, and teachings just as every Lemurian person experiences to fully learn how to walk in the fifth dimensional reality.

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Topics Covered:

  • Knowing – What You Think You Know and What You Really Know – Accessing your Divine Knowledge – Pathways of Past and Learning from them
  • ReflectionReflection of Your Inner Self –  Removing the mask within, removing the ego, finding your higher ego, higher mind, and higher heart
  • The Other Side – What Are Your Masculine and Feminine Traits – Learning to work with both of them – Time to get off the merry go round, stop blaming the other
  • Focus – Learning to Master Your Thoughts and Feelings – Blending the divine feminine and masculine
  • Responsibility – Accepting Your Role as a Divine Being – Your Purpose
  • Respect – Your role in the Family, Friends, Co-workers – how it affects you adversely or positively ~ learning to change it
  • Selecting – Timelines of Your Past – how they reflect who you are now, learning to move out of them into YOU – letting go of inner boundaries
  • Soul Psychology – Removing the Old Aspects –  To create your integrated self, blending of physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies – Master Joshua
  • Fear Issues – Jumping Into The Abyss – Babaji
  • Accessibility – Finding Yourself – all timelines lost are now ready to be received

This series is very transformational. All who desire to live in the New Earth 5th Dimensional Energies are asked to join this seminar series.

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