The Methuselah Tree Teachings

Methuselah Tree Training at Walking Terra Christa

Learn The Keys To A Longer
More Fulfilling & Abundant Life

  • What Prevents Lightworkers From Creating True Alchemy?

  • How Does One Reconcile All That They Are So They Can Actually Manifest?

  • Learn Where Who You Are Intersects With Who You Have Been

  • Discover the 10,000 Year Old Teachings That Allowed Methuselah To Live So Long


The Team of Light is presenting a new teaching that will help an initiate to fully accept their present pathway of service.  This teaching will assist in creating the changes that are necessary and allowing for the illuminated light to be fully grounded within their physical existence.

Over the years I’ve learned that
there are really just two mental patterns
that contribute to disease:
Fear and Anger.

– Louise L. Hay



And yet most of us will not live anywhere near that figure…Why?

Because the 3rd Dimensional Human Mind
is Deeply Programmed to Self-Destruct
Starting at Age 7.

Methuselah was the son of Enoch and grandfather of Noah who by standards of the biblical writings lived to be the oldest man on this Earth.  The Methuselah Tree Teachings represent the ability to live a very long life as a master by initiating its energies into the depiction of the Tree of Life.

We work with several Ascended Masters through this six-session program to help us fully ground our Higher Self and I AM Presence within our physical body.  We are the tree, grounded to the earth, with many branches of timelines that we need to acknowledge to receive our full potential.  This course helps an initiate to bring forth those timelines to fully accept their Divine Potential Manifested within the Physical Creation as we prepare for the energies of 2013.  In addition accessing these energies will help each individual to live a full life to help access a healthier, more prosperous and beautiful life that can last for hundreds of years as the Masters before us have done.

The class topics material consists of:

  1. Foundation ~ with Master Kuthumi
    This will be our introductory class in which Master Kuthumi will assist us in understanding the process of mastership.  As many know, Master Kuthumi, works with the leaders of this Earth both of the third dimensional world and the higher realms.  He will be sharing his knowledge of how we create the foundation for all other elements to fall into its creative process.

      “Last nights’ teachings and clearings took me to a more balanced and whole state of being. I was so moved when Kuthumi’s energy came to me…it was like coming home and being welcomed with a warm blanket of protection and acceptance. I had been feeling the energies of Lord Metatron and the collective Elohim for the past week and this was expanded last night as well.
Today I feel balanced and in a higher state of awareness then I have, ever. So,…I want to thank you for bringing these teachings and masters to me at this time…the divine being what it is, I bless god and my higher self as well!” -L.M. CO., USA

  1. Accessing Timelines and Contracts
    During the discussion phase of the class we understand how we interact through the Lower Ego versus the Higher Ego or Higher Mind which creates specific Archetypes to emerge through our personality.  We will start to understand if this is a trait of our present lifetime or a timeline that needs to be removed.  In addition  we will access a future timeline that we need presently to accept our New Reality that is emerging.  An overview of the Three Minds of the Subconscious, Conscious, and Super Consciousness will be given along with Ascended Master Djwhal Kuhl continuing with a deeper understanding of the Three Minds.  Master Thoth will assist removing the timelines we no longer need.  The Great Divine Director will then speak about our contracts with a journey to the Karmic Board.  The members of this board are:  Great Divine Director, Goddess of Liberty, Ascended Lady Master Nada, Cyclopea – Elohim of the Fifth Ray of Scientific Knowledge, Lady Pallas Athena-the Goddess of Truth, Lady Portia-the Goddess of Justice, and Lady Quan Yin-the Goddess of Mercy.

     “This class was just brilliant, very powerful and very good presented and in a loving way…Very good discussion and I really appreciate the material that you send out, it helps a lot to grasp the teaching more…I really understand and feel the difference and know how to practice it… it felt very special and sacred…I am deeply honored, grateful and touched by Heart to receive this magnificent teaching. -G.C. SWEDEN

3.  Integration of the Masculine Divine through the Will of God, and the Feminine Divine through the Heart of God; Devotion of Service Pathway
In order to be able to create we must have a balanced attitude through our Emotional and Mental Bodies which goes in alignment with blending the four-body system to create the Three-Fold Flame.  We work with the activation of  the Three-Fold Flame to help each individual to receive a focus of where they may be lacking or over achieving in each of these areas. Understanding the Three-Fold Flame of Love, Will, and Power as we learn what timelines have affected us through the Physical and Etheric bodies.  We now learn how to balance the Emotional and Mental bodies which represent the Feminine of Love and Masculine of Will.  In turn, we accept the element of Power by blending both the Feminine and Masculine Divine which creates the I AM Presence to be fully activated within our Heart Chakra.  We work through the first three rays to help activate the Three-Fold Flame which are Will & Power, Love & Wisdom, and Creative Activation of the Blue, Gold, and Pink hues.

 Teachers:  Overview from the three Chohans, El Morya, Master Kuthumi, and Paul the Venetian in Group Consciousness ~ Elohim Masters of the 1st, 2nd & 3rd Rays, Hercules/Amazonia, Apollo & Lumina, Heros & Amora; Activations from the Heart of God (Divine Mother) and the Will of God (Divine Father).

4.  Artistic & Creativity Pursuits
The energies of Ray #3 of Creative Activation with Master Paul the Venetian and Ray #4 of Harmony and Balance with Master Serapis Bey were very prominent for this class.  Both of these masters have shared each of these rays as Serapis Bey previously worked with Creative Activation and Paul the Venetian for Harmony and Balance.  In addition we incorporated the energies of Master Hilarion of the Scientific Knowledge along with the Elohim and Archangels who represent the Harmony of the Spheres.  This ray helps us to acknowledge our Higher Mind and Accessing our Higher Heart allowing the Sciences of the Soul and Spirit to be integrated.  The Elohim Masters of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rays gave a visualization to connect with the ‘wounded children’ of all our past timelines and allow their divine essence to be integrated within our physical body as Children of the Light with the wounded issues fully removed.

5.  Accessing Wisdom and Scientific Knowledge
Understanding our highest wisdom and knowledge cannot be acquired without incorporating our Higher Self and creating a dialogue.  We work with Master Hilarion once again to access the Ray of Scientific Knowledge and Research which will help with the frequency of opening the Third Eye more deeply; but the true work will be accessing our Higher Essence into the corporation of the Three Fold Flame.  We will work with the energies of the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Thymus Chakras to be fully activated.  First, we must understand what we are activating within the physical level of the Inner Power within the Solar Plexus, the balance of Love in the Heart, and then allowing the Thymus to accept the Higher Self’s body of Light.  This class assist in bringing these aspects into balance and allowing the awareness of each of them intertwine within your consciousness.

Included is advice given from Master Joshua (Dr. Stone), Lord Sananda, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Lady Quan Yin, and Lord Maitreya.

6.  Creation of Alchemy ~ Abundance & Prosperity
We work with Master Thoth with the Universal Laws of the Kybalion which gives us an understanding of how they are the guiding force to be able to increase our Abundance and Prosperity.  He assists us in understanding how we are not able to create by our mental thoughts and emotional feelings getting in the way of the flow from the Universe into our reality.  We work with the Elohim on each of the Seven Rays giving a dissertation on “The Seven Steps to Precipitation”.  In addition Master Paul the Venetian and Saint Germain give a special discourse on what Modern Alchemy Represents in Transition for the New Earth with a special visualization of the Seven Rays of God to be able to become a Modern Day AlchemistLady Lakshmi and Lord Ganesh provide a special appearance with specific ways to learn how to create in each moment.  A summation will be given by Master Kuthumi and Lord Adama on the overall experience of the Methuselah Tree Teachings with a special guest appearance of Lord Methuselah.

 Some of the specific masters that will be assisting us:

Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Sanat Kumara & the Holy Kumaras, Ray Chohans of the Seven Rays of God, along with Elohim Masters, Archangels (both Male and Female), Lady Masters, Divine Mother & Father God, along with Lady Lakshmi and Lord Ganeesh.

ADDENDUM UPDATE: We found these two videos that we feel are not hoaxes. Our course does not mention this type of Indian Holy man but it gives you an idea of what type of higher vibration these men have achieved in order to use their bodies in this manner.


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