New Earth Consciousness – Circle of Light: The Teachings of the Golden Etheric Cities


New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light

Depiction of Lord Adama High Priest of Telos-Lemuria's Capitol City by artist Glenda Green

The New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light was formed under the direction of Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, the Telosian Council of Light, along with a Team of Light which comprises a host of Ascended Masters & Christed Light Beings to connect with the Light Workers of Planet Earth to assist each of them and GAIA in her Ascension Mastery process. Since 2015 this included the entire Christed Inner Earth / Hollow Earth Community of the Agarthan Network. The collective of the representatives (The Agarthan Council) of the Capital Cities stepped forward to be officially recognised under the Unified Whole Alliance in August of 2017. 

There are 22 Golden Etheric Cities across the earth. These cities are still being enhanced and are in existence to prepare GAIA to become TERRA CHRISTA (her Higher Self).  Just as importantly they are here to assist you as well. You may travel to each of them in your dream and meditative states. Having a full consciousnesses what each city is about, the Ray it represents, the Masters and Beings that Overlight it, will only serve to advance your own development which is why Lord Adama started these teachings.

The Golden Etheric Cities are the Capital regions of the New Earth. There are also hundreds of Crystalline Cities of Light that will also be established. Currently all these cities are etherically in the Fifth Dimensional level of Frequency and not accessible to humanity physically. The Inner Earth / Hollow Earth cities are also Fifth Dimensional and not accessible to humanity.

SAMPLE TRAINING CLASSES FROM THESE TEACHINGS  Now Available in a Pre-Release Package Offer – Immediate Download

Walking Terra Christa hosts this weekly teaching as part of the Academy Curriculum. (This Weekly Teaching is open to for all to listen to and receive these accurate and correct pure Higher Frequencies of Light as desired, see below for instructions to enroll.)

♦ The transcripts of these informative and transformational 90 minute teachings about each of the 22 ETHERIC GOLDEN CITIES OF THE NEW EARTH are blogged at:  (Updated whenever possible).

Our first meeting to learn about the New Earth Cities and the details of the call are listed on the first post of April 20th, 2011.  The Spiritual Hierarchy is asking each of us to walk with them as colleagues, not just as Teachers and Students although we still are in those roles in various ways.  Christine Meleriessee is a channel of the God Force along with a Vibratory Master of Ascension, and this call is one of many that will assist in raising our vibrations to the Ascended Masters state of consciousness in the Fifth Dimension.

♦ For those who resonate with the teachings, we have initiated a deeper level of instruction guided by Lord Adama called “The Telosian Way of Being”.  The Telosian Way is an MP3 workshop series of 10 classes available via download. Lord Adama Discourses is a monthly mastery class that is also available for download. For more details see our courses page.

For the serious and dedicated student who desires to take a personal role and position in creating the 5th Dimensional New Earth, Lord Adama has created with us a multi-year specialized training program where you can become a Telosian Ambassador. As an Ambassador you strive to personally become an expert and torchbearer for the New Earth Etheric Golden Cities, grounding those energy into GAIA and working on your own pathway of releasing your own 3rd/4th Dimensional bonds. Prerequisites of joining this program is becoming an Academy Student in order to study and achieve the 4th Initiation in Planetary Ascension. Invitation to join this advanced program is extended from Lord Adama after attending a WTC Transformational Journey Retreat here in Mt. Shasta with the Academy. The ongoing program consists of 2 hours of training per week along with online gatherings where we share our experiences in the cities and how we are each accessing those specific Fifth Dimensional energies. Go to the Telosian Ambassador page to read more.

The Team of Light consists of the following Light Beings from the Spiritual Hierarchy:

All Ray Chohans ~


El Morya

Lord Maitreya

Master Kuthumi, Dhjwhal Khul

Paul the Venetian

Serapis Bey

Master Hilarion

Lord Sananda

St. Germain

Christed Ascended Masters: Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Moses, Master Babaji, Master Thoth/Hermes

Lady Masters:  Quan Yin, Blessed Mother, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Isis, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Pallas Athena, Lady of Liberty, Lady Of The Sun, Lady Of The Light, Lady Of The Night

All Telosians and Inner Earth Inhabitants

Ashtar Command and All Star Nations of the Christed Light under the guidance of the Lord of the Great Bear Star System

We hope that many more people will join our Circle of Light in Oneness and you are invited to join us in making a difference today.  Enjoy the energies and express it to everyone you meet.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee with Rev. J. Michael (Ara) Hayden

Christine Meleriessee met Lord Adama in Mt. Shasta in 2000 while attending the Wesak Festival hosted by Dr. Joshua David Stone.  Since that encounter Christine was spending every year traveling to Mt. Shasta and working with the Telosians on a higher plane of existence. Her work with Lord Adama is now very clear within her mind and the pathway with the Spiritual Hierarchy that she has traveled to reach this great journey of being a facilitator to bring forth to Light Workers and New Earth Creators in this fabulous Circle of Light.  He guided her to relocate to Mt. Shasta from New Jersey in July of 2011.  Her future partner, Mike, arrived not knowing that he would also stay in Mt. Shasta.  They now are teaching individuals how to create a fifth dimensional lifestyle through Soul Psychological techniques along with learning from the Ascended Masters how to be a Master upon the pathway of Light.


Each class teaching includes an Ascension Mastery training from Lord Adama personally. He considers Rev. Meleriessee to be the most aligned transmitter of his energies currently available to humanity. Additionally the Spiritual Beings from within each Golden Etheric City giva a teaching and an Divine Light Language Code attunement. This gives the energetic Higher Light Vibration transfer to assist in each participant’s building of an increased Light Quotient. When ordering below, within 24 hours we will email you an audio link to download and listen to the HD digital audio of our latest teaching. PLEASE REFERENCE THE DATE OF THE CLASS YOU DESIRE TO PURCHASE.

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*If you are able to feel the Higher Light Energies in this class, you may want to consider enrolling in our PARTNER MEMBER or ACADEMY MEMBER programs to receive WEEKLY high vibrational support for your Ascension Training. It has been our experience that accurately raising vibration and increasing the bodies Light Quotient crystalline structure requires daily practice within true and accurate tools of training that is of the purest highest frequency.


An Incredible 4+ hour fun audio MP3 course (and meditations) with examples from Mel and Mike’s own experience and lots of tools for you to use!


Read the Transcripts at our Blog site (updated whenever we can):

New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light


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