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There is a channeled message from a Spiritual Realm Guest Teacher each week to assist our understanding and energetic attunement to those frequencies.

Clarion Temple of Oneness - Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond

Because the Teachings and Attunments from the Great Cosmic Central Sun of Divine Mother-Father God and the Spiritual Master Beings are so important and transformational each week, we offer the call on Monday nights to all who wish to join.

We Provide Much More Than Information In Order To Best Assist You To Remember and Build Your 5th Dimensional Light Body (which is the physical, mental, emotional and etheric bodies combined) of both the Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE.

Reverend Christine Meleriessee Heliohah (“Mel”) Is Ordained Under The Ascension Science and Soul Psychology Teachings of Dr. Joshua David Stone. She Now Carries Master Joshua’s Legacy Forward With The Assistance of Mike Hayden, a Certified Light Master with Paths to Empowerment and

All of our Tele-Teaching Calls include:

  • Ascension Training In The 22 Rays of God to Attune Your Light Body to Higher Frequencies
  • Authentic Pure Channeled Messages by the Ascended Spiritual Realm Masters
  • Specific Guided Meditations to Enhance Your Connection with Your Mufti-Dimensional Self
  • Vibrational Attunement Healings From the Higher Realms to Heal and Expand Your Four Body System

The written transcripts of these teachings are available to read and separated into two separate blogs:

Cosmic Oneness ~ is the message from the Cosmic Great Central Sun of the Divine Mother and Father God that happens in the beginning of the teaching:

Clarion Temple of Oneness ~ represents the message from the guest speaker each week,


To Order the MP3 Recording of One of THE CLARION TEMPLE Teachings: Use This Order Button Below. Please Make Sure You List the Guest Speaker So We Can Send You The Correct Recording. Use the space for “add note to seller” at checkout. (i.e., “Please send Lord Metatron from August 2, 2020”).

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