SEMINAR: Saturday JULY 23, 2016 at 12:30 pm PDT (approx. duration 2+ hours). For individuals desiring to Learn How the Higher Frequencies of Ascension Mastery and Soul Psychology can be used to activate and direct a life on Earth that is in flow with all things.


The Universal Law of Attraction Demonstrates how we create the things, events and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

Using the two lecture teachings (Master Thoth and Lady Lakshmi) of this seminar, we will address these key elements described above in order to be able to view our current state of conditioning from a higher perspective. This will enable us to restructure how we magnetize elements, individuals, situations and actions that our from our higher consciousness created desires to align to us, so that the unconscious or subconscious forces within us no longer maintain the same impact in directing our experiences. 

We also provide a GUIDED MEDITATION for use after the class to be used to reactivate and continue the attunement process of raising your vibration.


As Master Thoth shared about magnetizing the LAW OF ATTRACTION, it is a continual process that stems from changing the subconscious thoughts into the thoughts that align with the Higher Self, which is your Spiritual existence. This ongoing process is not easy but quite necessary for every soul upon this earth to have the life they desire, to work with others cohesively, and to receive the rewards of Eternal Love within their physical experiences.

He carefully points out:

Stepping into the Law of Attraction is not just waving a magical wand and seeing everything you desire to appear in your life. It is about who you are as a person but more than that, your Soul’s History.

Again as with the prior teachings, Master Thoth stressed that many LAWS OF THE UNIVERSE are wrapped together to create ATTRACTION: Being in Oneness – Noticing the level of your Vibration – Acting upon the vibration you are receiving and sending out – The interrelationship of the energy, light, vibration, and motion through Corresponding to all things – Seeing how you are affected by what you have sent out in the Cause and Effect – Looking at how you are Compensated by Blessings and Gifts through the lessons you are learning.

It is a requirement of the Self to experience the interrelationship of how the Universal Energies work as One. This is how you truly will step into the Law of Attraction as it is what demonstrates everything else you have been experiencing.

Understanding the issues an individual is facing is the most important element to consider with the Law of Attraction. You can have the ability to manifest portions of your desires but they only may be showing themselves through the Law of Compensation, such as a blessing or a gift. In order to fully step into the Law of Attraction an initiate must understand whom they are from all perspectives, this being, the Physical, the Etheric, Emotional and Mental Selves to come into alignment to allow the Spiritual Self to bring the highest possible interaction available.

So again each of the previous laws must be considered within the Law of Attraction. It truly is a gift because it acts as a mirror. When an individual is within the Law of Attraction and does not remedy the lower aspects within themselves then they will receive a portion of the lower with the higher. It is like swimming in a body of water that has pockets of algae or weeds growing within it. It is a mixture of both energies.

So in this phase we have to help everyone see that what they are experiencing can be portions of the lower with the higher elements, or just the lower and then of course, ideally, just the higher.

A strong foundation must be fully acquired in order to have the Law of Attraction work in your favor on a continual basis. The first element to consider is having a balance between the feelings and the thoughts. One should not overcompensate for the other. So the first step is acknowledging within your consciousness what is the dialogue that is occurring for you.


This teaching seminar is in a teaching in two parts, plus an additional Guided Meditation. We begin with an instruction teaching and attunement from Master Thoth and then bring forth Lady Master Lakshmi with an additional Divine Light Language Codesm attunement. The Guided Meditation is to assist you to connect in your Higher Essence with the frequency of the Laws so you can then filter it throughout your full body system. This will better prepare you to experience the benefits of these teachings. The Meditation can be used after the teaching to assist in continuing to work with the elements this teaching is assisting you in developing. While you participate in the teachings, please use the below information to go deeper into your personal understandings as you heal your Soul.

The Mantra for the Law of Attraction should include these thoughts:

Look at your psychological thoughts – Have a Strong Discipline to change them into a positive element – Allow the feelings to of your Emotional body to flow – Accept the Healing that needs to be acquired – Be flexible with the changes ~ Then focus upon a Goal of the Desired Outcome – Visualize the Energies – Be sensitive to yourself and the world around you ~ Look at the messages that the Universe is trying to send you ~ Then embrace the element of Gratitude to be your guide.

If you break down the mantra into specific traits, these are the ones that you want to focus on:

Positive Traits

  • Being Sensitive and Understanding.
  • Listening to Others and the Messages of Animals and Nature.
  • Feeling Energies, Changes, and Experiences from the Heart Level.
  • Being Flexible in All Situations especially to the Self.
  • Having a goal and able to work towards that goal.
  • Concentrate on what needs to be achieved, felt, or experienced.
  • Being Rational Within the Psychological Self – don’t’ allow the mind to wander away from the true focus..
  • Having a Strong Discipline to move through changes, or continue your pathway.
  • Having Gratitude for the Lessons, for the changes, and for the creation of the desires to be manifested.

Negative Traits

  • Being overly sensitive to others and not having any boundaries or accessing your Inner Power.
  • Caring about others before yourself, not listening to the messages of the universe.
  • Being too strict so that opportunities can be lost.
  • Allowing the Mental Mind to be in control especially during meditations, visualizations.
  • Being very irrational – allowing the Emotional Feelings to be in control.
  • Not having a focus which causes a lack of movement.
  • Allowing depressing thoughts and being fearful to run the attitude of your life.
  • Being too rigid – there must be a flow in life in each moment.
  • Being harsh on yourself, not finding the love within the challenge you are experiencing.
  • Exhibiting a Lack of Forgiveness and unable to be thankful for all changes in your life.

Buzz Words for the Law of Attraction: Sensitivity, Listening, Flowing, Feeling, Flexible, Visualizing, Focused, Goal-Oriented, Acceptance, Being Rational, Disciplined

It is through the process of understanding your sub-conscious thoughts or the psychological mind that the true healing will occur. In order to fully accept the mantra to be your guide, you must look back on the previous laws that we have worked with in our teachings so that the blending of the interrelationship of these laws becomes part of you.

It all starts with Oneness ~ accessing the Higher Self energies; then Vibration ~ allowing the energetic exchange to occur within the positive self; Correspondence ~ relating to the energies of As Above, So Below and vice versa; Cause and Effect ~ what we put out, we receive back to us; and Compensation ~ looking at the little blessings we receive in each particular moment. This then brings the ability to understand how the Law of Attraction works within your life.

Additionally, you must always consider how you have walked through your life previously. Change is necessary in order to achieve the highest results of alchemy within your life. So again, it is important to continually reflect on these categories within your physical self:

What Decisions do you make?

What are your Habits? Have they changed?

What is your Belief System?

What Values do you consider important in your life?

What do your Emotions tell you about yourself?

What is the Programming that occurs within your mind? Have you been able to change it?

What Psychological Rules do you live by? If they are not serving a Higher Purpose in your life, then they need to be readjusted.

What are your Behaviors? Which ones do you want to embrace and which ones do you need to change?

What is the resulting energy of your Actions? Do they represent the higher or lower elements that you are dealing with?

We previously talked about the elements that assist in this process. The main theme of the Universal Laws represents Connection to the Higher Self, Being Honest to the Self, Having Forgiveness, Gaining Patience, Expressing Gratitude to Accept Unconditional Love through the Full Body System.

To assist in extending these teachings even deeper within the Soul Psychology of the Self, we are working with the following Rays of God in our STUDENT MEMBER WEEKLY ACADEMY TEACHINGS*.

Throughout the weekly Academy Student Member classes make notations within your journals how these characterizations affect your life so that you will be able to achieve your desired results while understanding what you are going through in each moment. It is imperative to reflect upon each of the elements in order to attract the higher element and not the lower.

To help in this process we will be working with the following Rays within the weekly teachings. Take time before each class to focus upon one of the elements listed above that you are being challenged with along with looking at the Buzz Words; pick one or two of these words to concentrate upon in the teaching. Go back to it after the meditation, write your thoughts, and then work with the Teachers of the Ray to help you heal the element you may be holding unto.

Suggestion: in your journal each day or week, state your gratitude of elements that have occurred in your life which include lessons, challenges, and successes.

Ray 3 ~ Creative and Active Intelligence ~ Learning to Express Gratitude of the Self to Create the Manifestation Desired – Working within the Pink Flame with Master Paul the Venetian and Mahachohan, Lord Saint Germain, Elohim Masters Heros and Amora with the Archangels Chamuel and Charity to create Mental Illumination and Clear Mindedness that helps to be able to allow the ideas to become manifest within the physical. It assists with gaining tolerance and being devoted to the pathway of change. It is a ray of Creating Change. Utilize the Chant “YAM, A” which activates the Heart Center.

Ray 7 ~ Ceremonial Order, Structure and Discipline ~ Creating Magic by Accessing Purification and Transformation of the Self – Learning to access the Violet Flame infused with the Purple brings forth transmutation through the Violet while learning to Ground the energies with the Purple flame. Working with Lady Portia, Elohim Masters Arcturus and Victoria with the Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst to create the Discipline that is necessary to form a strong foundation based on elements of flexibility allowing changes to occur within the full body system. This ray assists in purification of the old self while bringing forth the structure that is needed to allow alchemy to be the foundation of your pathway. Use the chant  “OOO” for the Sacral Chakra.

Ray 13 ~ Vibrational Communication ~ Allowing the Essence of Vibration to be the Communication of the Self ~ Utilizing the Violet-Pink Flame with RA the Sun God and Helios & Vesta, our Solar Logos will help to bring forth more light quotient through the bodily structure allowing the higher vibrational essence to be fully enhanced within an individual. This assists the bodily structure to come from a space of a higher frequency of light; thereby, assisting in changing the Emotional and Mental bodies to be aligned with the Higher Self. True Acceptance of the Higher Energies helps to be the main focus which brings forth the ability to remove the lower thought forms with the higher psychological aspects that an individual desires to have within their life. Utilize the chant “HAM, HE” for the Throat Chakra to enhance the energies. 

(*These additional teachings are an ongoing part of being a Student Member of the Academy of New Earth Mastery. Non-Students may order the above teachings for just $22 each at the regular price on our sliding scale. Anyone interested in the personal transformation acquired through these deeper studies may become a Student Member program participant by enrolling to pre-pay for these teachings and receive a substantial discount.)

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