Ascension Assistance Workshop

Awareness of your Sensibilities – Finding the True Essence of Self Compassion and Will

As a SPIRITUAL DEVOTEE of ASCENSION MASTERY PRACTICE one cannot help but stumble and experience confusion when learning how to incorporate the higher frequencies into the energetic bodies of light.

This 2-day Ascension Workshop (Live Audio Conference & Recording) brings forth a level of support directly from the Ascended Masters that can only be experienced in order to really feel how such assistance can actually be provided and then received.

The experience of hearing the words and feeling the energy behind those words is not something that can be accurately captured “in words” as many of our students and participants can attest. (And that is quite appropriate and means the student/participant is receiving the higher wisdom being shared.)

When an actual Ascended Master speaks, it is not an attempt to humor you (make your ego feel good about itself) or invigorate your mental mind with fantastical concepts of how humanity will evolve; it is to help you personally evolve – not as an idea or wishful goal, but immediately right now for your own personal advancement and connection to your true spiritual self, the part of your souls truth that is not programmed or lost within the material delusion of earthly life.

Most all the current “channeling” that occurs on earth comes in a format that is easy for the programmed and trained mental mind to grasp and therefore identify with regarding the “descriptions and knowledge’s” being shared.

It is a very different experience to go through learning how to allow in the Higher Abstract Mind to become part of who you are. Humanity is not yet trained in doing this very well. When attempting to translate how real Ascension energies actually work, it is more like composing beautiful poetry that weaves a mystical story from the language you are use to hearing, so that it speaks not to logic and reason but to feelings and emotions.

We offer such an experience in this Workshop, and it is an experience that will assist the true spiritual adapt or devotee in ways they cannot yet imagine, nor will they be able to fully understand from the lower mental mind exactly how they have been assisted. Instead, the Ascended Masters will guide them, akin to a cosmic hand of light as it holds you stable amidst the deluge of the many distractions and illusions you must learn to carefully weave your path through as a Master in training.

Given our extensive training as teachers of proper Ascension Mastery, it is our duty to inform you that our teachings are not like anything else you have experienced. Ascension Energetics are the foundation of what we do. This means you as a participant must approach our work with a reverence for yourself that is not required when engaging in most all other “New Age Channeled” sources. It is not advisable to assume you are just attending or listing to a typical training event. Instead correct personal preparation and setting up both your own energies and those of the area (physical space) in which you will be participating or listening is required: meaning listening by Audio Recording is not to be treated as “just any” audio program; you are advised to prepare just as the Live participants do.

Despite it being a word we have frequently used in the past (so that individuals can relate in their mental understanding), we do not actually do what many call “channeling” and this is a unique and important distinction. Reverend Christine Mahlariessee is a Fully Integrated Spiritual Communicator, which means the energetics in her full body system are on the same level as, and directly integrated with, the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Beings who are sharing the teachings. This higher connection requires that her full body system be much more advanced but also much more spiritually protected than what a channel can accomplish. (Channeling is a psychic ability, however, as such it is easily infiltrated by lower energy forms who tap into the channels concrete mental mind and manipulate it, often using the persons ego as the key entry point. This is how and why many who channel can so easily become conduits for misinformation.)

Read more below for the advised proper preparations for experiencing this event.


ENROLLMENT REGISTRATION: starts at $233* on our sliding scale
(*Public enrollment. Discount options for ENROLLED WTC ACADEMY Students and Members are also offered.)


The purpose of this workshop is to bring into awareness the feelings that you as the participant may have a hard time acknowledging within your consciousness. As a conditioned soul who has lived many lifetimes, we gain an ability to suppress our actual self truth, and this includes how we relate internally to our own emotional energies. Most all individuals have an idea of what they are feeling but are unable to put it into clear words because the Emotional Self needs to become more empowered within the ability to sense what is occurring within in relation to the Abstract mental mind. The process of Ascension requires us to become inner-connected emotional beings that are not inadequate at expressing our emotional truth.

Do you know what your Spiritual Lesson is for this SPIRITUAL YEAR (Wesak to WESAK)?

This is an important question as many Initiates do not understand that preparing for Wesak more properly will then help them become more attuned to their own full body system, which in turn makes the higher energetics experienced during this “Spiritual Year” that much more accessible. “Wesak” for those who are following a path of study in Ascension Mastery is not just a “day of celebration” but represents the spiritual focus one embarks upon for the year, a year as measured spiritual by the Hierarchy from “Wesak to Wesak”.

Every event that is occurring in one’s life is a direct result of one’s feeling and thinking consciousness, (meaning the Emotional and Mental Bodies). This is why this Workshop can be utilized by the initiate or devotee throughout the year.

Lord Saint Germain is be the host for this workshop. He brings forth the understanding from the perspective of an Initiate of how each individual needs to know their own consciousness from the point of view of the Intuitive Self, and not the Lower Mind Self.

Lord Saint Germain directs an open discussion throughout each day of the event helping each live participant understand what they are experiencing energetically thus giving each audio recording participant first hand examples they can then use to identify with themselves.

Day 1 is an all inclusive energetic bath of light energies to assist each individual to feel the energies and not just “think they are feeling” them. We work with the frequencies of the Pink Flame with Ray Chohan Master Serapis Bey and his team of Archangels and Elohim Masters.

Next Lady Mahlariessee brings forth a high frequency attunement to assist each individual to step into their senses of the Emotional Self throughout the sessions. Included meditations: Temple of God (which is a relaxation into the full body system; Accessing the 12th Flame of the Gold (Christ Consciousness/Office of the Christ) with the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace; and a Pink Flame Crystal Chakra Exercise.

Day 2: is accessing the Will of God with Master El Morya Ray Chohan of the 1st Flame (Blue Flame/Ray) and his team of Archangels and Elohim Masters bringing forth the dynamics of the Blue Flame.

Lady Mahlariessee* shares meditations for the Blue Flame along with high attunements. We work this day with the 7 Chakras with the Blue Flame Crystal Chakra Exercise . She then brings forth her new meditation, “Accessing the 12 Bodies of Light.”

Master Thoth shares his knowledge with a dissertation on the Universal Laws as One Consciousness, guiding us in the use of each of them working together to assist the Self Will to be acknowledged in Oneness instead of as a separate Self.

The afternoon session consists of working with the Gold Flame with Lord Kuthumi and the Office of the Christ. We then visit the Temple of the Enlightened Ones with a special blessing by Lord Buddha.

We believe that this workshop is specifically designed to energetically assist each participant in having a new awareness of their senses and how they play an important part of becoming Self Compassionate and Willful that will equate to Power and Wisdom within the physical Self to set one more firmly on the path of proper Ascension Mastery.

All our teachings are given within the  Highest Source of Oneness of the Unified Whole as over lighted by Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director and Master Albert Einstein.

Important Preparation: Please take time with yourself beforehand to acknowledge the lesson you are going through for Wesak so that your coming Spiritual year will be of higher benefit to you. In order to move to the next level within your initiations it is important to have an idea of what you are learning so you can move forward. This means reflecting on the current state of your awareness, and attempting to ascertain what aspect of your inner self (not your external world or physical body) you desire to change for the better spiritually (which in Integrated Ascension means it is within your emotional/mental attributes).

For the Chakra exercises listed above, please have a crystal with you. This can be clear quartz, rose quartz, or amethyst. If you have a crystal wand or a double pointed crystal, that will work slightly  better.

We also advise preparing your “sacred space” properly ahead of time in the location where you will be listening to the audio.

  1. Setting up an Ascension Pillar Column of Light (as found in the Ascend.Earth Project), being especially certain to play aloud the audio attunement provided.
  2. Doing your own personal cleansing shower/bath and,
  3. Also using the burning pot technique in the physical space.

*Mahlariessee is an updated energetic spelling of Meleriessee. It is pronounced as MAH-LA-Ress-E (the “i” is silent).


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