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Are you familiar with the Rays of God? Many talk about the 7 Rays but there are more… Do you know how important they are for an individual human to master on their pathway to being fully Ascended? Now is your chance to get fully acquainted with all 22 Rays of God by stepping up and taking our special 22-RAYS CHALLENGE.

What is the 22-RAYS CHALLENGE?  We have put together the essential tools and information you will need to take a crash course in getting introduced to all 22 Rays of God.  You will get:

  • Weekly emails over the next 12 weeks (90 days) consisting of essential information on each Ray, Decrees and Attunements
  • Each week you will learn about 2 of the Rays
  • You will receive a written Decree to assist you in fully accepting that Rays Understanding
  • You will receive an Audio Attunement MP3 Download to assist you in Vibrationally Attuning your Full Body system to that Ray

What are the 22-Rays?

They are essential to your Soul’s Essence. An excerpt from our Ray Reading page:

The Rays of God represent our existence within the totality of the God Essence.  They are spectrum’s of light that come directly from the Throne of Grace into each individual soul’s essence.  It can be a very extensive science to understand and learn about each of the rays and how they are incorporated within each of us as humans.

In the planetary functionality it was decided from the Creative Source of Oneness that each individual soul and their soul family known as a Monad (12 souls extensions within one essence of existence) be designated a Ray within both of these aspects of existence.  Then, upon, entering the physical world there would be four more aspects to designate the pathway of that individual’s existence as the PERSONALITY, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, AND MENTAL.  These four aspects and the designated ray(s) would change from lifetime to lifetime as the soul learned to walk through their karmic experiences and would improve upon their physical essence with each lifetime…

…Learning about each of the aspects and which rays an individual correlates within your structure helps you to learn more about yourself.  There are lower and higher aspects of each of the rays along with specific characteristics.  It helps to see the whys and wherefores of what you have experienced, who you are and how to improve upon those characteristics within yourself.

We are now in an accelerated phase so we need to understand that we are integrating more than the above mentioned aspects.  Our bodies are moving into a crystalline structure and to assist in the process learning and utilizing all of the Rays of God are very important.  In fact walking into the Mastery pathway an initiate must be able to command all of the Rays of God within their life, personally and professionally.

Where do the Rays of God come from and who overlights them for us?

The 22 Rays of God represent spectrum’s of light that are directed from the Throne of Grace unto each individual within the planetary system.  Every person is fully activated within the seven rays of God upon entry into the physical existence.

The direction of the light spectrums are categorized within the Soul and Monad which is given to each soul essence at the time of creation.  Then, upon entering a lifepath, each soul is then given the Rays of God within their personality, physical body, emotional body, and mental body which will direct their life with specific aspects which can be lower and higher.  It is up to an initiate upon entering a pathway of mastership to utilize each of the directed rays of god along with all seven of them.  This is a pre-requisite of being able to fully command their gifts and knowledge’s within the mastery level.  Without doing so can cause one to be imbalanced within their physical, emotional, and mental bodies and will result in a pathway that is not for their highest good.

The first seven Rays of God are the components for living in a third dimensional body.  We are now learning to access the higher rays in order to fully ground the 4th and 5th dimensional body so more information is now available to us to assist in the process of Full Mastery and fully receiving One’s Crystalline structure.  We now access the 22 Rays of God through meditation, visualization, and directing energies to assist in receiving the higher essence within the physical.  As we move into the New Earth, more information will become available about the higher rays beyond the 22.

When we move from the seven rays of God to the eighth we are fully activating the 4th dimensional chakra grid through Ray 15; Ray 16 initiates the fifth dimensional chakra grid ending with 22.  This is the process that continues when we activate the higher rays.  So working with the Higher Rays of God will assist in activating an individual’s Light Body.  They merge within each other so the 3rd dimensional chakra grid is blended with the higher chakras and rays:

  1. Will & Power
  2. Love  & Wisdom
  3. Creative Intelligence/Activation
  4. Harmony & Balance
  5. Scientific Knowledge
  6. Devotion
  7. Ceremonial Magic
  8. Higher Cleansing
  9. Joy & Attraction to Body of Light
  10. Inviting Soul Merge
  11. Bridge to New Age  (or “old to new in consciousness”)
  12. Christ Consciousness
  13. Vibratory Communication
  14. Mastering Divine Plane – Releasing Mental Mind
  15. Doorway to Ascension
  16. One Universal Being
  17. Universal Light
  18. 5th Dimensional Divine Intent
  19. Universal Energy
  20. Beingness
  21. Divine Structure
  22. Completion, Divine Feminine & Masculine

A Channeled message from the 24 Elders about the Rays of God:

We are the 24 Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace,

We are ecstatic that you are including our energies.  This is quite different for us.  As we stated, we do represent the 12 Rays of God.  These Rays of God are imperative for an individual to fully access their divinity and essence within the physical although it was not just designed to incorporate them within the physical essence.  It truly is an extension of the Throne of Grace.  Your question what is the Throne of Grace, it represents the God Force energies of all principalities and light frequencies.  We have separated into separate council of the 24 as that was the design in the beginning.  The essence of the Rays are designed to fully incorporate into one’s structure.  We are the ones that fully designate one’s composition before coming into body within the first 7 rays of God.

The additional 8 through 12 are a lineage of Gods light in accessing that frequency within the physical body.  So it was designated that we would separate into the 24 elders.  We oversee the frequency, how much goes to someone, and the way it is done.  Each of the Ray Chohans are the overlighting energies that command the frequencies through the Spiritual Hierarchy.  To become a Ray Chohan one must have been able to work through the spectrum of that ray, accept the frequency of the angels and Elohim as we are all one.  So in essence they are part of us but we are more than that.  The Chohans can change as you already have read about masters moving from one to the other, like Serapis Bey and Paul the Venetian.  The additional rays from 13 onward are Cosmic frequencies and it has been only recently that overlighting Beings were designated for these posts.  They are not Chohans but in actuality direct the frequencies from the Throne of Grace.  They are not within the Throne of grace but of it.  So in essence the higher cosmic levels come directly from the Throne of Grace which inhabits all angelic principalities and overseeing light.

So in answer to your query about how to go about bringing this forth, the 12 Rays of God represent the frequencies of the 4th dimensional world and overseeing energies of whom we are, whom we have been, and accessing the ability to fully incorporate these rays of god within the full body system.  The higher rays from 13 upward are presently frequencies of light and they shall stay that way but the overlighting beings that you have chosen came from the group consciousness of the Throne of Grace which includes each of us.  There are not additional elders that relate to these elements as they are out of the realm of physicality and access angelic connection.  We of the elders are all elements.  Each of the rays come directly from the Throne, we are the overseeing agents to send the light frequency, then it goes through the Chohans or overlighting beings.  It is the same for the higher rays except that there is no elder to direct it…It is just a power of light bringing forth that frequency.

So what is holding you back?  Take the 22-RAYS CHALLENGE. Our work is powerful and this is a great way to insure you are ready to walk through the Gateway of the GOLDEN ERA OF TERRA CHRISTA.

TESTIMONIAL: ” The 22 Rays of God Challenge have been for me a mind blowing experience. The love and wisdom of these teachings is beyond words, it has taken my path to next level … the level in which we create the new … the golden era upon Gaia. Also, knowing the rays you brought with you into this lifetime within your full body system is key to understand…Thank you for the work and effort put into bringing this knowledge to all of us!” – E.G., CO, USA

We are making this easy for everyone.  It is a 12 week challenge, (that’s 90 days) – – we are pricing it at just a dollar a day. (If you need to make installments there is even a 3-month installment plan.)

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Why now? Why is this important to learn the 22 Rays now? We wrote a great blog entry on this question that you may enjoy.

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