Fifth Dimensional Mastery℠ Classes

Mel and Mike offer powerful vibrational Fifth Dimensional Mastery℠ Classes that are specifically designed by The Ascended Masters via pure divine channeling and augmented by High Frequency Vibrational DIVINE LIGHT LANGUAGE CODEsm Attunements to assist you in attaining one goal: Becoming a Fifth Dimensional Master℠ upon the New Earth.

Walking as a Fifth Dimensional Master means making the conscious choice to elevate yourself out of a level of existence that no longer serves your Higher Purpose. If you are looking for accelerated progress, you have already recognized that you are ready to do so.

Now is the time to begin the dual process of the release/healing of all the 3rd/4th dimensional baggage, timelines, cords, debris from your emotional, mental, physical and etheric bodies – and to formally take up the greater infusion of your Higher Self and I AM PRESENCE.


Academy of New Earth Mastery Listing of
Recommended Teachings

There are several pathways for the Beginning or Existing Ascension Mastery practitioner to participate.

We highly recommend our Weekly Class Teachings with the Team of Light that over-lights the Academy of New Earth Mastery but if you can’t do that approach, our second section here is our list of Self Study MP3 courses. Most are offered at a sliding scale financial exchange (level of means) to make them affordable to everyone.

Learn more about each offering by clicking each linked item.

Current calendar listing of all our teachings this semester is available here.


For the initiate who desires the fast track of acceleration at a Normal Exchange of less than $22 per week (we have a sliding scale) for about 2.5 to 3 hours of teachings on Ascension Mastery and healing for the current flux of energies on the earth.

This is by far one of our best ongoing values for those who actually want to learn how to Ascend their consciousness and physical bodies. (A diligent undertaking to say the least ~ but explicitly achievable with both time and effort dedicated to the goal.)  Use the link for the ACADEMY student membership to get started now, as our private member MP3 Library has over a year of recorded audio teachings. For those not yet ready to be a student but desire to start training at their own pace, the PARTNER member program is ideal.

Join our soul family and feel the energies of a special community of light twice a week (on average). This is how to get the ongoing weekly assistance of the Ascended Masters, Spiritual Hierarchy and Christed Inner Earth & Intergalactic Realms to assist you.

Engage in the Weekly Teachings via MP3 AUDIO to maintain a weekly conscious connection to the actual Beings in the Higher Realms as each Teaching is a direct dialogue in channeled form of what they feel each of us requires in our lives at the time of the live teleconference. The frequency of Earth is constantly shifting and this includes the levels of Light and Dark. The energies we receive in each teaching are different and unique and go far beyond the spoken words to bring us frequencies of deep healing and growth.

  • 1. CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS – Monday – Discover exactly why the  Temple was created by Archangel Michael and the Team of Light through Meleriessee as you experience Healing Frequencies and Attunements to accelerate your Pathway. We receive a current high level teaching/blessing from Divine Mother Father God along with a special Spiritual Master to assist us in our weekly pathway of Mastership in our daily lives, specifically the frequencies we require to assist with the current energies we are experiencing at work, at home and in our world.

TESTIMONIAL: “It was incredible! Thank you again and posting the replay all around and replaying it tonight to come back into the energies again and my inner focus, surrender, release and integration. I love and appreciate both of you so much and everyone in our group that brings this out and co-creates it with you.” – S. PA, USA

  • 2. NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT Wednesdays – Lord Adama and the Telosian & Agarthian Councils of Light are the overlighting beings of the teachings about the New Earth Golden Cities to instruct us about the structure of what the NEW EARTH TERRA CHRISTA will be like and how we can prepare for it.  To learn about the NEW EARTH GOLDEN CITIES please take this opportunity to understand your role in this pathway of Mastership.


  • 3. ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT PROSPERITY CIRCLE Select Saturdays – We gather for a short teaching from one of the Spiritual Hierarchy of Beings to assist us with all areas of our manifestation. We then recite a selection of powerful prayers and a decree. This is a free open gathering but strongly encouraged for all to attend live as those frequencies assist even more. Current calendar listing of all our teachings this semester is available here.


  • 4. LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – Second Saturday of the Month – Learn about what it takes to raise your vibration and interact personally with the Christed Extraterrestrials from a Spiritual perspective of Oneness. The energies in this transmission are “where the rubber meets the road” for individual desiring a real connection with the Galactic Federation of Light. Live attendance is strongly desired by Lord Ashtar.  Current calendar listing of all our teachings this semester is available here.


NEW ~ OUR FAST START TRAINING MODULES ARE PACKED WITH THESE ESSENTIAL TRAINING COURSE IN LEARNING TO UNDERSTAND AND BUILD LIGHT QUOTIENT. (You will want to look over at these options carefully). ~ Or continue reading this page for the individual options.

The essential teachings of the Mastership path to the Fifth Dimension of the New Earth. While we list them here in a recommended order to best accommodate most students of mastery, you are not restricted to taking them in any specific order.

1.) The first step is that regardless of what you have read elsewhere, Spiritual Protection of your Light is essential. This protection must be at the highest level currently available on Earth. This is why we use the Unified Whole to insure there is no interference.

  • Spiritual Protection Course – Get the full explanation on the subject and why it has always been considered essential by the Spiritual Masters, Native American Shaman and Esoteric Sciences Practitioners. A single engaging MP3 course with Mel and Mike with a bonus of several of our most powerful protection meditations and decrees for download.   (Exchange is just $37.88)

Conduct a regular (daily) Spiritual Practice Meditation to train your mind and body to elevate into those Higher Frequencies of the Multi-Dimensional Oneness. This is an actual physical frequency shift of your Light Body and the four body system of the mental, emotional, physical and etheric must be trained.

  • Use the (De)Ascension Meditation – Connect with the Unified Whole in the (De)Ascension Meditation – We recommend all serious initiates use this meditation which combines the Unified Whole, Rays of God and Dr. Joshua David Stone’s best teachings. (INCLUDED in the COURSE but also available seperately for $9.98 to allow everyone to afford it.)


2.)  Second is learning to CREATE SACRED SPACE in your living environment. This makes raising your own vibration that much easier (and it is not really “easy” to begin with, so the more foundation tools you can use the better.)

  • Learn to MAKE YOUR HOME OR LIVING AREA SACRED in this class that also includes attunements of High Vibration to play alound in the exact areas you are cleansing and protecting. Plus an extensive 13 instruction booklet. ($33).

3.) Third is to Discover the Rays of God as it is the divine system of soul acceleration used by all Masters. Humanity can presently now access 22 Rays. While it may seem unnecessary to some paths of thinking, we accept the Ascended Masters advice that learning them is essential and so we use them on all our teachings.

Here you will find two courses. Each one gives you a full understanding of all 22 Rays. The first is in easy format email format with a written description, decree and short audio attunement of each Ray. The second consists of 8 audio MP3 recordings in course format (70 to 120 minutes each totaling about 13 hours) with a channeled teaching by the specific representatives of each Ray, including a descriptive handout with a decree.

  • The 22 Rays Challenge Email CourseLearn in-depth the specific knowledge of each of the 22 Rays of God and how to use each one to develop specific aspects of the Self. Enroll in our easy format email correspondence course: a 90 Day email program explaining exactly how the Hierarchy/Spiritual Masters /Archangels/Elohim/Elders assist your Mastery pathway. This easy format seminar series also includes A written Decree and a short audio meditation attunement for each Ray. This course is recommended for those who desire a full understanding and Light Body Attunement of all 22 Rays in an easy direct manner. (90-Day Program Exchange Level is $1 dollar a day [$90 total with extended payments available] with discounted options to also get a personal Ray Reading by Master Djwhal Kuhl).

TESTIMONIAL: “Thank you for all the effort and time of bringing all this knowledge, wisdom and love to Gaia. Integrating and actualizing all the Rays has been a most wonderful adventure, THANK YOU!! The change within my field (a.k.a life) have been so profound that is hard to describe…Love you all. In gratitude, love, light and service … Namaste!!!” – E.G., CO. USA

  • Self Study Integrating the 22 Rays of God into Your ChakrasAttune your Chakras to become Mufti-dimensional. Created for the doorway of the initiation to the Golden Age to bring the Knowledge and Integration of the 22 Rays into your Full Body System. An extensive Self Study Audio Series – Taking you through each of the traditional physical chakras but now including the 8th of the Thymus (the Seat of the Soul). You go through the journey of activating each of the 22 Rays of God into your physical body on each dimension of the 3rd, 4th and 5th. This course is recommended for those who desire the knowledge and in-depth accessibility of all 22 Rays as they relate to the Chakra System. This is not just the seven basic chakras but all 22 activations. (Exchange is $88.88 for the whole series or just $22.22 per class if used individually with discounted options to also get a personal Ray Reading by Master Djwhal Kuhl).

Recommended Additional Essential Self Study Teachings:
As we all know by now, everything is made up of energy but more specifically everything is a frequency.  The Mastery Pathway requires us to learn how to manifest, activate and exhibit control of our own individual frequency of Light. This is done by gaining a deep understanding both our Timelines and of the Rays of God

One of our Timelines was/is as an Angel. Angels live a very different type of existence than Humans but there are also many similarities. Learning to fully embrace our Angelic aspect can assist us greatly.

  • How to Access Your Angelic Divine SelfJoin Archangel Michael as he instructs you in a 2 hour MP3 seminar of teachings and attunement on reconnecting with your Angelic Transparency, an essential step in returning to a state of ONENESS. (Exchange Level starts at $33)


In addition to the above programs we offer Ascension & Soul Psychology trainings that go more in-depth into your own Soul Path Development. These teachings are specifically for those who want to uncover all the elements within them (and without) that are blocking them or preventing them from accessing their Mastership.

  • The Science of Ascension might be Esoteric but it can be understood. In this 2-part series we look at the Soul from a timeless perspective and why it exists physically. Divine Mother and Father God, Djwhal Khul and Master Joshua (Dr. Joshua David Stone) are the main instructors. (Sliding Exchange Level Scale for this 2-part series (each sold separately) starts at $33.)

TESTIMONIAL: “Last nights’ teachings and clearings took me to a more balanced and whole state of being. I was so moved when Kuthumi’s energy came to me…it was like coming home and being welcomed with a warm blanket of protection and acceptance. I had been feeling the energies of Lord Metatron and the collective Elohim for the past week and this was expanded last night as well.  Today I feel balanced and in a higher state of awareness then I have, ever. So,…I want to thank you for bringing these teachings and masters to me at this time…the divine being what it is, I bless god and my higher self as well!” -L.M. CO., USA 

  • The Telosian Way – Learn from Lord Adama of Telos and the Spiritual Masters how to be 5th Dimensional Human. This 10-week Self Study MP3 Mastery Course delves into all aspects of your Soul Psychology so that you fully understand all the various aspects that hold us in the lower dimensions and keep us reactivating our old timelines. (Sliding Exchange Level starts at just $12.20 per class if paid in full upon enrollment.)
  • The Methuselah Tree Teachings5th Dimensional Beings live a long life in full abundance and vitality. Find out how in this next level MP3 Self Study Course that addresses the aspects that prevent us from doing so.  Another great way to delve deeper into your own Soul’s Essence and learn how to recreate yourself using these specific Mastership Teachings. (Sliding Exchange Level starts at just $26 per class if paid in full upon enrollment.)
  • The Holy Kumara 7 Flame Teachings “Venus Meets Gaia For Terra Christa” – The Holy Kumara live at the 7th Dimension on Venus. By learning how they experience the Rays of God, Sanat Kumara & each of the other Holy Kumara teaches us to stretch our current dimensional existence by blending elements that accelerate our Fifth Dimensional Mastery beyond what can normally be accessed. A very powerful special six-part Self Study MP3 series that includes (about 12 hours of instruction and attunements). Click the link to download the first live group teaching for free and sign up for the full course. (Sliding Exchange Level Scale starts at just $33 Per Class Hour).

TESTIMONIAL: “I’ve just listened to the class #4. It was powerful. Something powerful happened in my heart. Surge of love? exploded and tears trickled down, not from sadness but indescribable unconditional love. Thank you very much. Love and Blessings.” – R.K. Japan

TESTIMONIAL: “This class was just brilliant, very powerful and very good presented and in a loving way…Very good discussion and I really appreciate the material that you send out, it helps a lot to grasp the teaching more…I really understand and feel the difference and know how to practice it.. it felt very special and sacred…I am deeply honored, grateful and touched by Heart to receive this magnificent teaching.” – G.K., Sweden


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