Lord Mikos of the Inner Earth, Guardian of the Library of Portho Logos

planet seaMikos is the Guardian of the Earth’s records along with all records within the solar System and Universe.  The Library of Portho Logos holds these records for safe keeping.  The Library covers 456 square miles of terrain and has vast storage vaults containing records all stored on crystal slides that are viewed through crystal projectors. (Excerpted from “Messages from the Hollow Earth”, Dianne Robbins).

The Library of Portho Logos is a portal of light in which Mikos will guide individuals to experience the magnificence of this Library.  We are moving towards Unity Consciousness in which our two worlds will be meeting cohesively as we align with the New Earth.  Our future libraries are going to mirror what the Library of Portho Logos represents.  You may call upon Mikos for assistance to review any of the many crystalline histories within the library.  He is happy to assist.

Mikos will share in his own words:


It is my Divine Pleasure to be with each of you in this moment.  I am Lord Mikos of the Hollow Earth in the Aegean Sea.  We are so looking forward to working with each of you on a much deeper level in our very near futures.

 The Library of Portho Logos is an amazing place and is the cornerstone of information for the Inner Earth.  The Hollow Earth and the Inner Earth are one of the same essence.  We know that you work with the Telosians of the Inner Earth and all of the Inner Earth Cities.  We are not any different here except that our entryway has been explained as the Hollow Earth.  It is important to realize that we are the inner earth beings that are from your heritage of Lemuria and Atlantis and it is our time to share our essence more deeply.

We in the Aegean Sea represent the Christed Galactics that worked with the two continents of Lemuria and Atlantis.  We wanted to preserve our heritage from those timelines so that when it came time for our reunion (which is something we always believed) that the records would be preserved for safe keeping.  We also knew that there were other star ships that were not Christed Beings and would try to infiltrate the world of the future earth.  This is what you have been experiencing for eons of time.  Each of you chose to arise into the upper earth to help heal these wounds that we all experienced together.  We honor you for taking on that challenge.

Now is the time in which our worlds are merging together.  This means not only for the Inner and Upper Earths but for the Galactic worlds.  We have all been part of that essence since the beginning of time.  We want to help each of you understand what you are experiencing with the Christed Star Ships and the entrance-way of the Galactic energies into your existence.

The energies presently are allowing the merging of the Galactic frequencies into Gaia’s existence.  It is an exciting time for each of us.  We caution you though.  Be strong in your thoughts and feelings about the occurrences that are set before us.  Do not be lead by others that say the Galactics are here to change your world.  In fact it is quite the opposite.  You are here to change your world as you are the star seeds from the other planetary systems that have lived in many different worlds. You are the multi-dimensional beings that have chosen to land within the Earth to help preserve her worlds of existence and not to destroy it.  There are many individuals that are being led by not so attuned light beings that will take you down a primrose path that you think is strewn with the most available pathway of light.  You are the ones saving this planet, and it is important for you to realize the magnificence of these energies.

Our worlds are merging which means that Gaia is shifting into her higher essence one step at a time just as each of you are doing so in your acceleration process.  Balance is needed to be restored upon this Earth along with the higher frequencies of light.  Having disclosure happen too soon would upset the equilibrium of the entire planet.  Instead, we have to help each other understand the process.  The present experience between us is our communicative efforts.  You are learning to expand your awareness through the mastery pathway.  Those that skip this process will not be able to hold their light.  It is available for every human being but not all of you will choose this route.  It takes time and diligence with patience to acquire these elements.  That is why Atlantis fell and that is why Lemuria became non-existent.  Thinking you are more ready than you are will only create more havoc for yourself and others.

The world is moving into Unity Consciousness but each of you must remember you own responsibility for this pathway to occur.  Look deep within your heart and expand your essence into the purest element that is ready to be accepted by your physicality.  We, in the Inner Earth, are awaiting you to understand why we are 5th dimensional inside the earth and why being patient is the only way to all of our survival.

Be strong within yourself, look within, and see the multi-dimensional self coming into your existence.  Remove the aspects that do not fit the essence of your Higher Self; acknowledge your higher ego and not your lower ego.  Look to how you react to others.  That is the mirror of light we are looking for in each of you.  And most of all, learn what you are responsible for in the grand scheme of things.

I, as Mikos, want to help each of you understand the processes of the Galactics with the Inner Earth beings.  Our time is arriving but let’s be sure everyone is ready so that we do not make the same mistakes we did many eons ago.  The New Earth is a world where we shall all unite.  Now is the time for us to work with one another in unison of our spirits of light.

With great love to each of you,

I AM Mikos of the Library of Portho Logos


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