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Channeled Excerpt from “The Clarion Temple of Oneness, The Cosmic Great Central Sun (of Divine Mother and Father God), Oct 2013

As you are learning to adjust physically to the higher frequencies of light, it can be very challenging to find the balance.  The physical body is having these ailments whether they are from this time-frame or from the Etheric body healing.

Working with Higher Light Beings is almost an essential component to get through these processes in an easier way than doing it in any other methodology that you know about. But within that context we want you to be prepared for what you may be receiving and to always use the words GENTLENESS, FLOWING, and not be constricted in any way through this process.

It is important to have the realization that when you go through these processes of asking the Light Beings to assist you that your Light Quotient is going to be raised through that experience and then your physical body has to be able to handle it.

What you can’t handle will be ejected as it is not time for you to process that energy. Sometimes until  you are in beyond the 4th Dimensional consciousness, the reaction of the energies may not be realized, and how you are going to know how you are going to react to it. So it is very, very important just like anything else that you let the Light Beings know what was your reactive process.

How did you feel?

Did you find that the affliction or the ailment or the problem would heal more deeply or was it a problem for you?

Was there more intense pain in that process?

Communication is an important factor to your guidance of what is occurring as we want the easiest process that you can have within your consciousness,and your physical existence as you are going through these changes.

So allow the Light Beings (Masters, Angels, Guides) to assist you through the transition.  They are the ones that can tone down the energies so that you are not being so afflicted within the physical body.  Work with Master Vywamus and ask him to change the increased effect of your Light Quotient until you are ready to handle the higher frequency.

Be Gentle and Kind to yourself during this process of transformation

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