Walking Terra Christa journeyed to the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah with Archangel Michael and Faith to continue the journey of Step 3 – Making a Decision to Let Go of Compulsive Self Reliance by reaching out to our Higher Self. (April 19th, 2017)

Our focus for this meditation was to incorporate the element of Faith to be able to be courageous to see the darkness within our Emotional Body that can inhibit the process of receiving the Feminine Divine essence.

We focused on these element through the teaching with Archangels Michael and Faith:

“I accept that I exhibit the Power of Faith within Me.”

“I now see that I am able to fully be courageous as I walk forward learning to be fearless in my emotions and my thoughts.”

“As I incorporate Faith, I feel fully protected by the Light of God.”

By utilizing the Blue Flame of Will and Power it helps an initiate to find the ability to have faith to walk into the darkness of the soul in order to incorporate the light within. It represents Will and Power ignited from the Light of God to help an individual to feel the love to bring about perseverance and to be more tolerant in any given situation. Michael and Faith are the Archangels represented by this ray. The bring forth the elements of incorporating Faith, Patience, and Protection.

In addition they assisted each individual how to feel their Solar Angel within their Heart Essence to allow the Feminine Divine to flow more freely through their four-body system.



As I continue my journey in the Golden Etheric City of Galoneiah,

Which resides in North America over New Mexico and Arizona,

I realize that I have learned that stepping into my Higher Self energies,

Is not as easy as I thought it would be.

This journey that I have embarked upon,

Has taught me that the more I learn,

The more I need to know.

I arrive within the City of Galoneiah,

With its beautiful blue essence within the trees and the land around me,

I walk across the Bridge of Freedom,

And I can actually feel a difference by just arriving within this city.

I take a deep breath,

As I am met by Archangels Michael and Faith,

They embrace me with a warmth that I truly needed to feel in this moment.

Michael urges me to relax,

“We are here to help you become more understanding of your situation.”

His energy is infectious,

As Beloved Faith wraps her essence around me,

I receive a warmth of Blue light in all parts that need reassurance.

I breathe deeply as we walk through a magnificent forest,

I feel the magical qualities of the trees and the wildflowers,

That are growing all around me;

I actually feel as if I am One with each of them.

Archangel Michael urges me to feel my fear that is arising,

He says he feels it,

“Allow the land around you to release those elements that are bothering you”.

I realized the forest is different than I thought,

But yet in this moment,

I feel its magical quality.

Beloved Faith urges me to connect more fully with my Solar Angel,

“Feel its essence in your heart, activate the Star Glyph from your Soul Star”.

As I do so, I start to feel calm,

The feelings I had were only a reflection of my fear,

Coming from my Mental Body.

They urge me to now connect further with my Feminine Self,

Allow the flow of light to come into your essence,

I feel it flowing into my left foot,

Coming up around my shoulder, then moving into my Heart,

It then sends pulsations of light down my right shoulder,

As it continues to move into the right side of my body.

As it continues downwards into my right foot,

I feel my Earth Star becoming One with my Soul Star,

The Solar Angel I Am is becoming stronger within me.

Both Michael and Faith share with me,

“This is your new beginning of being courageous;

Now feel your Higher Self walking with you,

Allow the essence of Faith to be so strong,

That this is the only energy you feel within you;

Become it and allow it to define who you are becoming”.

As we continue our journey,

I now start to feel what they are speaking about;

The fears have dissipated,

I feel the ability to incorporate Faith in my world,

As I become connected to my Higher Self,

In a way I did not understand before.

I am now ready to continue to learn how to be courageous,

With every step that I take.

I AM that I AM that I AM

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase the MP3 download on any of the classes.

Walking Terra Christa is offering their monthly classes in 2017 “Mastering the Spiritual Recovery of the Soul” which is facilitated through Lord Saint Germain, the Ray Chohan of the Month, and Lord Metatron. Each month we work with Lord Saint Germain and Lord Metatron for the Metatronic Seals. Included are the Ray Chohans for the specific rays we are working on as they provide information and Divine Language Light Encodements to assist in accessing the energies within the physical body.  Please use the link to learn more about this series.

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With Master Djwhal Khul, Divine Mother Father God, the Native Elders.

This is the excerpt of the transmissions from Rev. Christine Meleriessee during the Ceremony we held. It is a very special event that assists each participant to receive their own gifts fully from WESAK* so they can share their gifts with Humanity through ONENESS thereby contributing to the greater good holistically and not from a desire to force change from a lower frequency.

Listen to the full teaching (an additional 20 minutes of introduction and elevation of the energies) to understand the Festival and how the Wesak energies are about the three festivals in sequence. This audio is listed in our free Audio mp3 library.

Accepting the Force of Acceleration

 fast trainA Dissertation from Rev. Meleriessee with Master Djwhal Khul

We are within a powerful week of “resurrection” which represents many elements within our existence upon Gaia. We are coming upon the “Festival of the Christ”; the first of the three Festivals of Light for our ascension. This event always occurs on the full moon in Aries, but this year we have a Lunar Eclipse at the same moment compounding the energies.

Having all of these accelerations come together at the same time is like a train coming towards us.

Are we going to get on the train and allow the energies to push us into the next destination?

Or are we going to see the train go by and miss all opportunities for the next stage of our acceleration?

The funny part of this analogy is that we cannot just sit by and allow the train to go by. We will be hit with tremendous force if we are not prepared within our four body system to accept the next stage. What does not move forward, must be removed.

This includes everything on and upon the earth is being rattled by the Force of Acceleration.

What this means is that every human upon this planet is being affected by these energies no matter where they may be in their awareness, within the soul’s psychological and physical self, or biological functions within the body.

When we recall how intense the energies were from the Trinity of Light (New Moon, Solar Eclipse, and the Equinox) just two weeks ago, they only prepared us for the upcoming energies we are experiencing.

The important element is how did you prepare yourself and are you ready for the next step in your acceleration?

This full moon is reflected by the Sun Sign of Aires with the Moon of Libra. Aires represents the Self, is very courageous, stepping forward while being a leader. Libra represents “Others” with the act of compromising and negotiating efforts to create a harmonious balance in life.

If we can think of this in terms of the Self representing the physical body and Others reflected by the Higher Self, we can learn how this full moon is assisting our ascension process. We are in a state of de-accelerating our highest self into our lower self. The Higher Self will not integrate within the physical vehicle until the emotional and mental bodies are in alignment (Feminine and Masculine Divine). This means they need to be interactive with one another to help the balance of the Inner Power and Divine Love to be fully initiated. In addition the soul psychology work must be done by reflecting upon the mental thoughts and emotions that are ignited within the physical self through interactions with others. This includes judgments of the self representing judgment toward others.

What we do to ourselves, we do to others.

What occurs during the moon transitions is that the energy pushes us to go further into our subconscious thoughts so that the Super Conscious (Higher Self) can integrate within the three minds. None of this occurs just be accepting the Light and working with high attunements. It must be acquired through the mental work of affirmations, journaling, and processing the old elements to be removed.  Then, and only then, can the attunements do their magic.

What happens if the work is not done first is that the physical body receives it, and discards what it does not want.  It makes a person feel in the higher elements or the astral plane very easily but it is a mixture of both good and bad energies.  The attunement or download does not change the bodily composition until the subconscious mind is cleared and rectified.  This is why is may take quite some time to feel the affects of these higher frequencies of light.

Otherwise, what does happen is that the Lower Ego becomes very active within the four body system and the accessibility of one’s Higher Essence cannot be acknowledged within full consciousness. It becomes fake, unreal, and makes the person feel as if they are better than they truly are. As they go through the accelerations, great changes can occur within the body that are very uncomfortable due to the lack of work that has not been done.

So this moon takes us into a deeper part of our subconscious that needs to be cleared and rectified. But it does take diligence to get there through accepting the role as an initiate to learn and accept that maybe you don’t have the answer to the question because your lower self gives you the same reply time and time again. It is going to push you to go deeper into the lower self with the higher self so that the transition can be a positive quality to experience.

In addition we are experiencing a Lunar Eclipse during the other phases of resurrection with the full moon energies. This eclipse is represented by the Raven who is magical and fearful, but it comes with great challenges because it represents deep purging, releasing to illuminate any issues that need to be revealed. The essence of the magic comes after one goes deeper into their darkness as the light can then be shown.

This process is very intense – it is a re-birthing experience but it does have ramifications.

Again, if an initiate has not prepared themselves through their lessons, by going into their subconscious thoughts and feelings, it can feel like an eruption, almost having the sensation of a volcano bursting out of your field.

On the other hand, for those initiates that have been working their pathway each day and each moment will feel that the rebirthing experience is walking into a beautiful garden with all of their favorite thoughts and feelings appearing within their pathway. The Raven then turns to pure white light expressing the beautiful magic that is within each soul.

Both of these accelerations are assisting with the FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST as it represents “Resurrection” and “Restoration”. It helps individuals to understand their limitations so that they can be changed and rebirthed to prepare for the next phase of their ascension process.

This Festival of Light is guided by the Will and Power of God (the 1st Flame of the Blue) which brings forth the power to fully bring in God’s Will to make the necessary changes of Inner Power, Strength, Courage, and the Will To Do. It is complemented by the essence of the Creative Actualization (the 3rd Flame of the Deep Pink) to restore all that was not in balance to come into harmony of Love, Gratitude, Charity, and Reverence of the Self of what it has endured to arrive into this juncture of time.

There is no doubt that this festival is considered one of the most difficult to endure. It is the first of the three festivals but it brings forth an alliance of the Higher Essence unto the Physical Self. It allows the physical self to accept the limitations that have kept them in bondage for a long time while there is a time for renewal and growth.

In addition to these elements 2015 is proving to each of us that we are being assisted and challenged at the same time. We have to remember that we never receive anything we cannot handle. Each of our I AM Presence’s is guiding us in each moment to be the beautiful Being of Light that we are in the highest dimension to be accepted by the physical body that we have inhabited.

What happens during this phase?

We are being hit with timelines upon timelines to be purged and accepted. We cannot accept our multi-dimensional selves without the elements that have stopped us previously from this alignment to occur. All parts of our existence are being challenged especially the physical body that needs to change into the crystalline structure when it truly is not used to these energies.

It is at this stage that we now have Contact with the Spiritual Hierarchy through the Unified Whole Energies. All must come from the Source of Light of the 144th dimension and when we acquire this element in our lives, then we see the change that is occurring within us. We are healing in many different ways.

Please know that what has appeared within your subconscious, within your four-body system is for a reason: to go through the steps of Resurrection, Restoration, and Contact in a more physical and linear way than you did before. It takes you deeper into levels that have not been acknowledged for centuries.

Working with the Spiritual Hierarchy especially  Master Djwhal Khul, and Lord Sananda will assist all initiates through this transitionary phase as we are preparing for the Wesak energies. Lord Kuthumi and Lord Maitreya, representing the Office of the Christ, helps each initiate to be able to reach this level of the Christ Consciousness within themselves.  2015 represents the year to embrace Harmony and Balance to extend Love to others.

As initiates of the Mastery Pathway, it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves so that Gaia and all her inhabitants will be able to do the same.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee
~ With Master Djwhal Khul

We have written a special decree “Accepting the Steps of Resurrection, Restoration, and Contact To Be My Guide” which is available via the link.

Walking Terra Christa is holding an Open Tele-Call for the Festival of the Christ, Full Moon, and Lunar Eclipse on Saturday, April 4th, 2015 at 10 AM Pacific. Please click the link for call information.

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The Pathway of Multi-Dimensionality ~ Lord Adama

gladiolablossom-qprwtcGreetings, My Dearest Ones,

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

It is so nice to be here with each of you once again. I am very happy we are all together here.

I ask each of you to open up your hearts, and feel all those energies Meleriessee brought in. Allow them to be activated within you. Call upon your highest potential. That is what I would like to talk about today.

This city of Honlontonneash represents that highest potential and ability to be within Divine Love and Divine Power. It means there is no Lower Mind and no Lower Self, although they are in the physical self. The integration has taken place and you allow those essences to fully be within you.

How does an initiate get to the point at which it is consistently within that concept?

Again, I am going to state that each of you is living on the Upper Earth, where some places are 3rd dimensional, other places are 4th dimensional, so it does not support that energy to constantly be in that space. You do have to work much harder than coming to Telos and being able to actualize it. It takes a lot more strength and courage. What you are going through is to be faced with situations in your life consistently to go deeper within yourself, to look at yourself, to understand what you are feeling. When it does not feel or look right to you, then you have to change it.

I know that this is the most challenging part. It feels like you are constantly hitting brick walls. You are not fully able to walk through all these doorways as quickly as you would like to. Everything must come in its own time.

Your greatest potential is a statement that represents your highest essence. As you go through the challenges of your initiations, within the lower initiations, that highest potential is not going to be the same that it can be on a much higher level, such as someone on the 8th initiation for instance. Within the lower initiations, you are going through those doorways that make you look at yourself on a deeper level. You still work within your 3rd dimensional construct, although intentionally you are working with your 5th dimensional self.

Yet, how much of that is grounded?

How much are you accessing through your physical self?

It is like any other school you go through. You have to relearn your experiences. The only way you can stay within that process is to learn your lessons and accepting those lessons. When a situation occurs again, you say to yourself “I am not going to do it the way I have before”.

This is what you are going through. Your highest potential coming into consciousness is not going to be on the level of a high initiate; one that has acquired mastery. Even then it can be a challenge, depending on your consciousness, depending on what your subconscious is still holding within you, depending on what your Supe-Conscious wants to bring forth that rules your full Conscious mind.

This is why I speak of reflection so often, what it truly means and why we need to reflect on who we have been previously. It is the only way we can work on what we have done before to see the difference and who we have become. The more you bring this essence within your Physical Body, the more you will accelerate and allow it to be grounded. Then your highest potential changes. It will get broader. It will change onto a higher level.

The more you practice utilizing the Rays of God, the more you bring in that energetic field within your body and the more you will be able to hold. You have to remember that your Physical Body cannot hold these frequencies. One of the major components of that is your environment; where you are living, the lands you are walking upon, the debris that is upon the Earth, the souls that are still stuck there, affects you tremendously. This is why we ask you to do the cleansing showers and baths. It is only a tool for you to help yourself connect to that higher essence that you are within your potentiality. When you do so, you will feel a difference, even if it is only slight. We want the best for each of you, to be able to hold this energy within yourselves, to hold it within your entire structure, not just your Physical Body, but to allow it to go into your Earth Star, to allow that Earth Star to spin with these frequencies of light. That is your highest potential. That is the ability to fully accept your Divine Love and Divine Power.

It is ready to enfold within you.

It is everything else you have been dealing with of becoming the multi-dimensional self that stops you from having that potential. It is a challenge as this road has many different pathways you can go into. It is important for you to always acknowledge within yourself who you are, what you are in this moment.

So I ask you in this moment, how do you feel about your energy?

How do you feel about your emotions?

How do you feel about your mental thoughts and the full totality of your existence?

If you can tune into yourself to see that your body is transparent and that you are just light infractions coming in and through you, you would understand it more easily. Yet what happens is that the Concrete Mind, the physical mind, does not see it as that. A training process has to occur. You have to remember that you are the Divine Light. You are this Divine Essence. You are the vibrational level of bringing forth the frequency within yourself. Let it spin through you and ground it through your feet. Let it be in your Earth Star so that it can become you.

We know that each time you listen to one of these teachings, in the moment it feels absolutely beautiful. Yet afterwards, you can slip away and not fully feel everything you desire to have in your world. The role of becoming a multi-dimensional self is truly quite enormous. It is not only about ascension. It is not only about feeling the higher energies. It is about becoming all those elements that you ever have and to be able to change the elements within yourself that do not fit.

This is why I suggest for individuals every month to sit and make a mission statement, a paragraph of what you would like to achieve within that month spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. That way it can blend within you physically. The more you intertwine your highest essence within your physical creation, the more you will be able to accept what you are receiving. Everything that happens to you is a direct result of what is going on inside of you.

I know each of you knows this. You see it occurring within you, but then you are concerned about why it is happening a certain way.

Why am I not getting my way, my wish, my desire?

You have to take that statement and turn it inside yourself. Ask that question. Why are you not getting it? The layers of debris, some call it the onion peeling, to get to the core essence could take years to unravel. With the frequencies of light and the changes we are presently experiencing upon the Earth, it can go much quicker. What happens to each of you is that it becomes more of a challenge energetically, emotionally, or mentally. Sometimes you do not have time to relax in between the adjusting energies that are coming into the planet.

At this time, it is a perfect opportunity to do so. Fully take the elements you are receiving and allow them to come into your consciousness and into what you are experiencing. See what needs to change. Use these frequencies of light to assist yourself with moving into the direction you desire. If it is peace and solitude, you ask for that. If it is serenity, you ask for that. If it is movement, you ask for that. You do not go backwards. That is the most important element.

When you travel backwards, you are only going back in linear time to what you have been before. This causes great distress within your psyche, within your higher consciousness, within your Physical Body. It is very important to be reflective without taking on those energies and be the old self once again. I know sometimes that can be very difficult in this process, as you may feel you are becoming the old self. Yet in truth what is occurring is that the layers are being peeled away so that you can find the inner core. Within that essence it may feel very raw, because it will be new. That is allowing yourself to receive your highest potential.

Tonight is going to be a very powerful exchange of energies with Lord Metatron, as he is going to assist you. Think about what you have received in the classes of the Solar Angelic Body. Think about the attunement you have received. What has it done for you? Have you relistened and made some notes to yourself about what areas may need to be addressed?

As we go through these attunements, it brings up unpleasant elements and it brings up beautiful elements. The role of those frequencies is to assist you to remove the unpleasant thoughts and emotions, and to change them so that you can become that potential.

I would like to thank Lord Metatron for giving forth this teaching through the process. As I know, it will assist each of you on a much deeper level. We look forward to having him come back and continue the process with the keys and the Metatronic Light.

Many blessings to each of you,

I AM Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos

Always At Your Service

Extracted from the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light class, October 19th, 2014.

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January 17th, 2014 ~ Unity Number “7”

Unity Number for TodayToday is January 17th – Unity Number 7 in the Science of Numerology.  

Seven represents spirituality and is a perfect day to go deeper into your experience with your higher essence.  It is also perfect for ceremonies, purging elements you no longer leave, and walking through a new doorway with your Higher Self intact physically.  Keywords are:  unusual, introspective, intuitive, psychic, wise, transformation, mastery, enlightenment, and reserved.

We now will be sharing specifics of each day and the vibrational energies of how we derive the “7” from the 17th of January in 2014.  The numbers add up to 16 equaling 7.  The vibrational qualities of these numbers represent order and truth, transformation, and working harder to get deeper into the core of the “awakened one”.  Sometimes One has to fall several times to really show the true reflection of the Self.

On this day the energies of “7” are so powerful to allow the lower self to understand what the Higher Self is trying to tell you.  It is a day to truly reflect within yourself of the challenges and expressions that you are putting out to the world and then what you are receiving in return.  We like to think of the energy today as a deeper expression being opened up into the reality of “who you truly are”.  The spiritual number of “7” represents the ability to take you into the depth of your reality by accessing your higher essence to be more to yourself.  If you continually follow the same pathway of light and are not excited by the quality of your life, then it needs to change.  Sometimes it can be done by you (your lower self) or must be brought in from your higher consciousness to awaken you to a deeper part of your reality.

In any case this day is truly one that you should be able to transform your energies into a higher existence than yesterday.  Think about it from your Higher Self and your breath of life; allow it to permeate within you and then you shall have the expression you desire.


The Unity Number for January 16th, 2014 was “6”.  It Represented loving, stable, and harmonious energies.  Keywords were:  compassionate, stable, family-loving, trustworthy, and domesticated.

We were unable to share the energetics of yesterday’s number but it represented  family oriented pursuits.  In our context it is considered through your soul family and not just your biological family.  Some of you have a hard time expressing that energy due to elements that have not been aligned between family members.  That is hard to understand from the physical perspective but from the spiritual perspective it makes sense.  Lessons come in many forms and timelines will be revealed in whatever way it needs to be achieved.

Reflect on your energies on January 16th to see how the vibrational essence fits into your present reality.  Maybe you experienced an interaction that was part of these energies.  Thank the Higher Self’s of others that are assisting you at this time of transformation.

The Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Comprised of Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, Master Einstein

The Brotherhood of White Light with the Spiritual Hierarchy and Angelic Realm in Oneness

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Explanation of “Means”

We offer different exchange rates to better fit your financial situation as you do this Work. 

A given level of Financial Means is not simply a one-way direction of energy that comes in, it also is what we give out in return. These must be in balance to attain the highest level of receiving energy to come back to you, including the frequencies you will access from our teachings.

What we mean by this is if you are a person of Abundant Means and pay a fee that is less than you would pay for other products and services in your daily living, say at the spa or the club, or for your financial adviser, you would be acting inappropriate with your financial energies in regard to this Work because this material we offer is also of great value to your life.

Below is our brief description of the sliding scale we use.

Normal means is the sliding scale point for those who have what they need to meet their monthly living expenses in a average lifestyle and have some discretionary income.

Modest means is having to watch every dollar spent to make sure to meet basic living expenses and must save for discretionary items.

Abundant means is those who are not concerned about meeting their monthly expenses, have an abundance of income to cover what they spend including discretionary income to cover what they desire.  (This might be a lifestyle with traits of fine dining, visiting travel destinations, etc., but basically is one who lives a nicer lifestyle that is not considered accessible to the average person.)

High Net Worth individuals are those in the high income brackets having investable assets worth one million or more.

Keep in mind that your situation may differ, for example: the mother of a family of 5 may have originally earned enough income with her spouse to live in a nice upper class neighborhood and have fine automobiles. That would be at an Abundant level. Later on, once college expenses are taken into account, the family may have to struggle to still pay all their expenses. Assuming she and the household are cutting back on any frivolous discretionary expenses they had been making, her situation would now fall in the Modest means despite the external financial level identified by her house and automobiles.

Alternatively a young woman who lives with her family, or in a lower rent neighborhood, in order to  be able to spend her income (or endowment stipend) on fine clothes and taking first class trips would fall in the Abundant Means level.

In other cases, someone who does not require a job but is instead living off their parents income, would fall into the same financial means level as those doing the providing (the parents), even though they do not generate personal income themselves. Generally this falls into the Normal or Abundant Means Level unless they are caregivers or receivers under special needs.

As you can see it is not the exact income level that is important, it is the lifestyle. According to our terms of exchange, which is governed by your Higher Self, each person is required to make an exchange fee that allows them to fully receive the energies being transferred in balance with their lifestyle. This is in keeping with Universal Law.

Mastery Thought of the Day

Give yourself an intense daily time of self-analysis, introspection, and self-examination, especially before retiring to bed.

Wholistic Self ReflectionLearning to be Wholistic in your ascension pathway is essentially important.  It is important to understand who you are physically, psychologically, and environmentally in addition to your connection with Spirit for your spiritual development and pathway of Service.

Some individuals get lost in the glamor of connecting to the Ascended Masters for their specific mission that they can loose sight of who they are within the physical existence and how they interact with others.  This is where the Lower Ego can still be intact as the gifts they receive are beautiful but only as powerful when they are utilized within the Self.  It is important to have the realization of your progress from all levels of your existence from the physical, emotional, and mental bodies so that the Etheric Body can be fully cleansed and purified.

Consistently take time each day to reflect on how you have changed in all areas of your life and the power of your Soul’s Essence will embody you on a much deeper level.

This integrated and balanced approach will assist you to discover your pathway of Ascension as you will be able to access all parts of who you are from all levels of your Being along with accessing your Multi-Dimensional Self to be fully activated within your present consciousness.

©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

Balancing Chakras 1Activating Your Higher Chakras into the Physical Body


The Rays of God intertwine within your first seven chakras and become unified as your Light Body.  As you accept the Higher Rays of God they become your higher chakra grids.  In order to actualize your fifth dimensional body, you must integrate and hold within your chakras the 22 Rays of God.  From that point forward each grid is actualized as you attune to the higher frequencies of the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10 which will be necessary for the New Earth frequencies.  Each of the dimensions represent initiation levels in which the higher chakras are activated.



Chakra Grids/Level of Dimension – Chakras  -Initiation Level

Third Chakra Grid  – 7 Chrakras ~ 2nd Initiation Level

Fourth  Chakra Grid – 15 Chakras – 3rd Initiation Level

Fifth Chakra Grid – 22 Chakras – 4th Initiation Level

Sixth Chakra Grid – 29 Chakras – 5th Initiation Level

Seventh Chakra Grid – 36 Chakras – 6th Initiation Level

Eighth Chakra Grid – 43 Chakras – 7th Initiation Level

Ninth Chakra Grid – 50 Chakras – 8th Initiation Level

Tenth Chakra Grid – 57 Chakras – 9th Initiation Level

As each of the higher chakras are first installed, then actualized, and finally, accessed the previous grid of chakras are blended within each other and grounded within your Earth Star.

If you are just beginning your spiritual path, begin by anchoring Chakras 1 through 12; if intermediate and advanced anchor them through the the 22nd.  This will bring forth very powerful electrical energies so be careful in the rate that you bring into your Being.  We want to intend to go higher as it will help to accelerate your pathway through the process.  Your Higher Self guides you continually so he/she will decide when they need to be anchored.

Since we are now on an accelerated pathway, it is important not to jump too far before you are physically read to do so.  The highest we want to attune within ourselves at this point is through the 22nd chakra to attain the 5th Dimensional Light Body.  Utilize the higher chakras in meditation but please do not ask that they be anchored until your physical body can handle it.

Please know that asking for these chakras to become integrated happen within our meditations and the full actualization of the energies do not occur except through the advice of your Higher Self.  In the 3rd initiation, your Higher Self will become active within the physical body so your interactions will go hand-in-hand with the Higher Mind/Higher Heart.  This takes practice and will not occur overnight until all your bodies of the Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical can fully interact within one another.

Breathe into your chakras each of the Rays of God and they will start to become intertwined within your physical essence.  To learn more about the Rays of God, see our 22 Ray Challenge, an email program to access the Rays of God, /classes/22rayschallenge/.  Walking Terra Christa also provides a powerful course “Journey through the Chakras with the Rays of God,” /integrating-the-22-rays/.


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Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.


New Earth Frequency Update ~ March 16th, 2013 ~ The 2nd Phase of the Christed Self is Activated

New Earth Frequency UpdatePlanetary ~ Shared by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

We have just moved through another New Moon, on the 11th which brought more frequency of light with the Rainbow of Lights Dispensation (video:  The Elders Surrounding the Throne of Grace are bringing into GAIA more light vibrations through the 12 Rays of God.  This is occurring each new month but this month is especially powerful as we move towards the Spring Equinox of the 20th.  The Christed energies are once again pouring down into the planet to assist GAIA in her acceleration.

What happens to each of us that are inhabiting the lands at this time?  This all depends upon your own awareness and how deep you are willing to go to experience more of your highest essence as it was in the beginning of our Creation.  The Mastery Pathway may not be for every individual person, but upon awakening into an existence that allows for higher knowledge to be accepted within the physical mind, each soul will step into this way of being.  Every lightworker is on the mastery pathway even if they do not categorize themselves as doing so.  It depends on how our Higher Self will create the planning and execute it through the physical self.  Understanding this pathway helps each individual as to the why and wherefores of what they have been experiencing in their life recently.  We cannot deny it, the planet is changing drastically and in order for each of us to accelerate with her, we need to purge and destroy the elements within us that no longer can exist within a Body of Light.

This week has taken us to new levels of removing these particles that we do not like to admit that we have within us.  We are at the last week before the Spring Equinox, and the Spiritual Masters such as Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos, has expressed that in order to truly receive the Christ Consciousness as our Higher Self and I AM Presence is offering to us, we must remove the elements of debris that are keeping us from pure joy, harmony, and creation of a blissful life.  It is deep as the Etheric body is the Soul’s body in between lifetimes and holds all these energies in its livelihood.  So we are clearing on the multi-dimensional levels that have existed for us in many lifetimes over and over again.

Each of us wants the creation of the 5th dimensional energies within our physical body, but are you willing to go to the depths of your soul, your Etheric Body to be purged of the old timelines so that you can actually feel the acceptance of your essence from the Heavenly Realms?  Well, this is what is occurring presently and we are all going through it with each other.  I have been on this pathway for almost 30 years, and I am still removing elements that I thought were gone.  They are coming from timelines in my Etheric Body that have similar feelings as this lifetime that have already been healed and integrated with higher levels of existence.  Each of us is going through these elements; and we all know, it is not fun.  Our dream states are cluttered and full of uneasy emotions which can come into us when we awaken.  What we do with them is the most important element to understand.  Then, there are those that do not awaken with the lower emotions but yet feel so very tired and dizzy through the day.  This is when the Mental body is so strong that the emotions cannot be removed.

Don’t hold unto anything this week or from this point forward.  If it feels uncomfortable remove it with the Rays of God specifically through the Violet and Pink Flames.  Utilize cleansing techniques with Sage, sprays, breathwork, and chanting higher vibrations within your body.  You no longer have to hold onto these thoughts or emotions that come plaguing into your consciousness.  It is our Divine Right to be the Spiritual Minds and Hearts that we are.  We are directly associated with the Divine Mother and Father God.  Allow their essence to be your essence as we learn so much more about ourselves through this process.

It is an exciting time but it is also a very intense time.  The next surge of creation from the Christ Consciousness will be enfolding within our planet on the 20th of March at 11:02 GMT.  This upsurge of frequency will stay with us for a three-day period, and it is up to each of us to fully ground the energies within us.  If we don’t prepare ourselves through this process, we will experience the effect of being in a tornado and spinning with the energies as it moves through areas that can accept or reject it.  The more individuals that can hold it deeply within their Earth Star and into GAIA, the better it will be received.

This past tri-mester has been intense for everyone.  It is our duty as Lightworkers to expand ourselves and know that inside of us, we also have dark spots that need to be reflected with the light.  You don’t have to know everything, just ask for your special Spiritual Master to help you through the process.  The Ray Chohans are standing by to assist humanity and by commanding their energies to be with you, IT WILL BE DONE.

Just to give an overview of these beautiful Beings, here are their names:

v    Will and Power of the Blue Ray, Master El Morya;

v    Love and Wisdom of the Golden Yellow, Master Kuthumi and Master Djwhal Khul;

v    Creative Activation of the Pink Ray, Master Paul the Venetian;

v    Harmony and Balance of the Crystalline Ray, Master Serapis Bey;

v    Science of God and Wisdom of the Green, White and Gold Rays, Master Hilarion;

v    Inner Devotion of the Ruby Red and Gold Ray, Lord Sananda and Lady Nada;

v    Ceremonial Structure and Magic of the Purple and Violet Ray, Saint Germain;

v    Higher Cleansing of Sea Foam Green, Lady Isis and Lord Osiris;

v    Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light of Blue-Green, Lady Nada and Mother Mary;

v    Mental Illumination and Integration of the Masculine & Feminine Divine of Pearlescent, Andromeda Beings Master Voltaire and Lady Valencia, Archangel Ariel;

v    Bridge from the Old into the New of Pink-Orange, Lady Quan Yin and Angel Roshel;

v    Accepting the Christ Consciousness of the Gold, Lord Maitreya, Lady Pallas Athena, Archangel Mazuirel.

Wishing you a fabulous experience for the Spring Equinox of 2013.


COSMIC ~ The Unified Whole Command of Oneness ~ Many Masters of Light


It is our divine pleasure to step forward once again and share the energies within the essence of the One.  This is a powerful weekend that is occurring and more changes will be happen within each of you.  The planet is at a very crucial point as GAIA is truly feeling the changes while elements in her aura shift and adjust to the new paradigm of light that is enfolding.

We understand that there are massive amounts of frequencies that each of you are feeling.  You probably do not comprehend it as a frequency but it represents the Light and Love quotient of each individual arising into a new level of awareness.  As your body becomes more accustomed to receiving the higher vibration, it will accept this light exchange within areas of the body that are ready to accept the fluidness of the energies.  You may not realize what is and what is not in the Receiving Mode.  If you have a quick check of your physical body and the related chakras, notice a calmness and the ability to feel in balance within the areas that are accepting the energies.  As you work through your chakra system, it is important to realize that there are specific areas which still need additional work.

When your chakras are in complete alignment with one another (especially upon awakening), you should feel the sensation of serenity and peacefulness within your thoughts, emotions, and physical body.  Take an inventory of your own system.  Someone that has been on the pathway of mastery for many years usually has the ability to understand where they are in the standing of their chakras and physical body.  When the feelings shift into a lower frequency, it usually means that the Etheric body is cleansing the many timelines that are pocketed within this area and is being emitted through the physical sensations.  Sometimes an initiate will not be able to tell if it is from this lifetime or others timelines that are being activated.  Don’t worry about when it happened.  Just utilize the flame energies of the rays to assist you become more aligned with your Spiritual essence by allowing your Higher Self to be fully in command.  It is a time in which the physical self is surrendering unto the higher self.  This is why it can be challenging as the lower mind and heart is not used to having another essence to come into physicality.  It is a process that is ongoing with the acceleration of allowing your Higher Self to activate the higher vibrational energies within your four-body system.

Take some moments and reflect the energies within each of your chakras.  Allow them to spin in a clockwise manner and notice any abnormalities as you do the exercise.  It is important to feel the flow of the chakra as this is a sign whether there may be an imbalance or an adjustment that needs to be made.  If you can sense that it is flowing well, and the physical area around the chakra feels vibrant, then that particular chakra is in alignment with the four-body system (Physical, Etheric, Emotional, and Mental) so that that Spiritual body can be fully activated and accessed.

Your body is going through major challenges to accept the renewal of the Self to be activated within your consciousness so your four-body system is becoming more aligned along with your three-minds become one Universal Consciousness through the Higher Self and I AM Presence.

Take a moment a reflect these changes you are going through presently.  GAIA is experiencing the same symptoms through her bodily structure.  When each of you align within yourself, you are helping her to do the same.  You have chosen to come unto the planet at this time to be of assistance, but yet in the process your lower self can become very strong and not want to release the old elements.  Part of the reason is that as a human being we do not want to acknowledge that we have done bad things to others.  But we are in a time when everything must come into Oneness, and it cannot be achieved without removing the outer layers that have served you previously but now must be destroyed with the Light that you are.

This is an explanation of this trimester in a very short version.  Each of you have given your oath to do as much as you can to surrender to the new energies and allow the old ones to surface to be put into Wholeness.  Up to the Spring Equinox this is becoming stronger as the intensity of the Light and Dark is merging to allow the Oneness to occur.  In the meantime the shadows of the dark have been lurking to try and steer you away from the total light or to think that you are in the light which truly is not fully activated in its highest purpose.  It is the illusion that is being created by your world so that you do not fully move forward at this time.

THE MORE INITIATES THAT ARRISE TO THEMSELVES, THE MORE LIGHT WILL BE ENCASED WITHIN GAIA.  We cannot stress this enough.  The power of these energies presently is beyond any of our comprehension as it has not happened before.  You cannot sit by idly waiting for the 5th dimension to appear in your world.  You must acquire it within yourself.  Gaia is not nearly ready to accept her 5th dimensional body but she is moving closer just as each of you are.

Stop fighting the system and find your own way of Being.  Allow your Higher Self to guide you into the next phase of the Christed Beings Upon this Earth so that you can be that beacon.  The beacon of light will not shine just be saying I love you and I am the Light.  Take an internal inventory now if there is nothing else that you do before the onset of the Spiritual Equinox.  We wanted to share about the Rays of God and the Chohans so that every individual person that sees this script can take the responsibility within themselves to be a Master for the New Earth.  Ask you guides how you can assist yourself deeply.  They will show you and then you will be ready.  This activation of the Christed Beings will allow these changes to occur and change you will see within yourself.  But not until you become very honest with yourself, look within, and ask for assistance to be more than you ever thought that you could be.

We honor you, walk with you, and accept you as a Divine Being of Light.  We thank you for accepting your own truth through the essence of Divine Mother and Father God.

We are One as we walk together into the New Earth.

So Mote It Be ~ In the Name of the Christ We Are Together

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Walking The Tightrope of Equilibrium ~ Full Moon February 2013

full moon 2013How do we understand what constitutes a peaceful state of mind?  Some of the definitions would be mental freedom, tranquility, comfort, or happiness.  Do you have these faculties within you on a daily basis?  And how do you acquire the ability to find balance within your life?

These are the questions that can be very important for us to ponder as we move into the Full Moon energies of February 25th, 2013 which is in the sign of Virgo with Pisces at 8:26 PM GMT or 3:26 PM US Eastern.  Virgo represents that ability to ground energies of our day-to-day functions focusing on the need for order in our lives while Pisces is more fluid accessing our spiritual believes to become manifest physically.  The energies we will be receiving represent “illumination” of what is inside of us, how we are interacting within the world, which part of it represents our spiritual nature, and which part is from the accessibility of sustaining life in our third dimensional world.

We are being challenged to look within and allow the changes to occur as our Higher Self becomes the deciding factor in our reality.  This is going to reflect in our thinking process and how we feel about those elements within ourselves that illuminate to the outside world.

With the increased activations of January and February we are being assisted by the Cosmic Forces to remember our highest beliefs and traditions from the perspective of our soul’s presence and not the physical reality.  Our angelic presence is becoming more active along with learning more about ourselves every day.  The higher frequencies that are becoming intertwined within our physical bodies are helping us to acknowledge the spiritual essence that we are.  But how do we ground these energies into our physical reality as the questions of how, why, and when will come to the forefront of our minds.

It is important to continually accept the fact that we are “the spiritual beings having a physical experience”.  But how many of us truly reflect deeply within ourselves on that statement?  We speak it, read it, and understand it but the time is now here for us to reflect deeply within our higher self in our daily practice and not just in meditations.  We don’t have time any longer to ponder the thoughts but truly activate the higher mind into our true reality.  And every one of us responds very slowly for this to happen.  Why, because we have been programmed to be non-committal of our spiritual essence in every moment of our day.  We have a tendency to be either physical or spiritual.  It is now time to take inventory of how deeply we acknowledge our higher self in our daily living.

This is what this moon represents and the oncoming energies within the planet.  Each of us made a contract before we arrived on Earth that we would step into a pathway that would be beneficial for our soul.  I ask you, how many of you know what this contract is and what are you doing about it.  How are you being challenged within your life circumstance?  Is it through your relationships, family situation, children, friends, or financially?  I know there are more categories but these are the main components of us feeling we are balanced within our lives.

It is time to fully accept the parts of yourself that you have forgotten about and remove the areas that no longer fit into your present circumstances.  This is not easy to accomplish as we want to stay stuck and think life will get better if things would just change.  We need to change them within ourselves and then our outside circumstances will adjust to how we are incorporating the energies within ourselves.

This full moon is the perfect opportunity to let go of the duality that has been controlling your life.  But you must make a commitment to yourself to surrender into the process.  Take a few moments and write down the parts of yourself that you do not like, or is not working for you.  Be honest as this represents your self-awareness.  Then list the elements that you feel you would like to create within your life without thinking how you are going to do it.

The power of this exercise will allow your higher mind which is your Higher Self to fully command through your subconscious to make the necessary adjustments.  The dark of our inner self is being acknowledged right now whether you know it or not.  This is why you are having difficulty within your present life.  The higher frequencies within the Great Central Suns is asking us to purify our thoughts and emotions and replace them with the Light that We Are.  But many do not understand how to create this action within themselves.  It is so simple that you would laugh so hysterically if you allowed the peace to intertwine within you.  It takes so much energy to be angry and fearful which lodges within our physical existence causing dis-ease to occur.

It is now time on February 25th to allow the energies to enfold within us and feel the tightrope that we have been walking on become a huge pathway of balance.  Take time for yourself and expand your energies from your breath into the world around you.  Allow the illumination that you are from your highest perspective to expand outside for others to see.  Stop and smell the roses of your existence from your Heart and allow this frequency of light to help you.  Then ground it by dancing, singing, and expressing beautiful music through you.

Change is here ~ we cannot stop it but we can flow through it.  It is exciting and invigorating to realize that our dysfunction has stopped us from our truest essence.  We are experiencing it now so please take a few moments to exchange your thoughts from your Lower Mind into your Higher Mind.  You will be pleased that you did so.

Join us on Monday evening at 5 PM Pacific, 8 PM Eastern for a special Full Moon Ceremony in which you can take this practice we have shared and experience it with others.  Our Native Guide, NO EYES, will take us through a shamanic exercise to let go of the fear and anger that is stopping us to feel our higher essence in the physical body.  This is an open call and all are invited to join either by telephone or Skype.  Details are available on Walking Terra Christa, /tele-calls/.

Blessings and joy for an amazing full moon experience.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Walking Terra

Master Ascension Guides