Responsibility ~ Accepting Your Role as A Divine Being ~ Part 3 ~ Telosian Way of Being

Telosian Way of Being
Telosian Way of Being

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week course that is available for MP3 download.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shared some very powerful tools with the Spiritual Hierarchy assisting during this seminar.  The parts of the classes that include attunements can only be accessed via the MP3 files which can be purchased via, /classes/the-telosian-way/.


Allow the essences we’re bringing forth right now just to flow within you.  Part of these essences is to take what you need and leave what you do not because in this present moment you may not need all that is coming in this room.  That is why we are trying to bring into you waves and waves of light so that when the waves pass through you, you embrace what you need but the intensity of it you may not be ready to accept.  It’s important as we look around the room we see these waves of light flowing within each other allowing the essences.  Now each of our own essences make this happen as we are within this group consciousness right now we bring forth whatever is needed within each of us including myself and Lady Galacticia, all the Ray Chohans and all the energies that are within this room.  Feel this essence just flowing within you.  We’re now going to bring the flame down in the middle of the presentation area, or staging area, so it’s now going to go down.  The mandalas are just going to move very slowly just to keep the energy moving.  We now want you to feel, “what does it feel like now that the flame has been brought down?” Are you feeling energies within your physical body?  Do you feel the intensity or are you little bit light-headed.  Take a moment and open your eyes and feel what it’s like to be in your present awareness and then close your eyes back again and feel the difference.  Feel the difference of your acceptance.  This is what we want you to fully comprehend within your consciousness so that you can change as your full Divinity is allowing it to be part of the physical creation that you are.  Take a deep breath and allow these essences to be fully within and ground them through your hips and your lower limbs.  Allow that energy; push your energy all the way down.  Feel yourself sinking into the cushions of where you’re sitting, allowing that essence as we now ground the frequency.  We ground it deeply.

I, as Lord Adama, am now going to step aside as we bring forth our guest speaker this evening.


I am Saint Germain.  I thank you.  I’m going to be short tonight because there is someone else we would like to speak to you.

I want each of you now to feel these essences that you’re incorporating.  I speak as the Mahachohan tonight, not just as the Chohan of the Violet Ray of the Transmutation.  I want you to acknowledge yourself in all the different elements that are occurring within you.

As you allow your divinity to be your guide, what does that mean in your mental consciousness of your physical reality?  Sometimes that’s kind of hard.  It’s an aspect that’s like, “Well, He’s a priest and He’s standing at the top of the pulpit and I can see how His Divinity is coming through Him but how do I bring it forth in my physical body; what does Divinity mean to me?  So let me help you with that a little bit.  I want to explain as you allow these processes to occur within you.  This is accepting your Divinity because with each wavelength of energy that you’re bringing forth in your physical creation, you’re opening up the windows of your soul.  The windows of your soul – meaning the aspects of your I Am Presence, the aspects of the 144th Dimension which represents the beginning-ness.

You’re allowing sparks of light from your beginning energies to flow within you.  This is not an easy process because if you’re closed, you keep that window closed and you’re not going to feel those aspects of Divinity.  This is where the Science of Soul Psychology separates the science of pure psychology because of pure psychology dealing only with the physical mind and those parts of our self.  In the Soul Psychology, we’re working with the aspects of the soul that have gone through the creative processes of many timelines and that soul can hold onto these emotional and mental blockages because of the interactions on a planetary level.  Now that could have happened on an inner planetary level, a galactic level, in other life forms also so they are manifested within our soul.  So this is a very interesting concept because once we allow our soul to open up those windows, to allow the light to come in, then it’s like flooding of the gates, the waters are flowing.  The energies come in and sometimes it does not feel very good.

So are you accessing your divinity at that point?  No, you’re not.  That is not your divinity.  That is going through the timelines of trying to remember it so that you can release it.  But you’re no longer in that process.  Luckily due to the changes upon the earth, the frequencies of light are going to be changing, so I want each of you to take a deep breath.  Let’s say to your soul, “You no longer have to remember everything that occurred with you.  It’s not a necessary part.”  The more that you try to remember, the more the flowing energy will cease from coming within you.  This is a very important aspect because it’s like putting up a dam, the beaver has made a dam and those energies cannot come fully within you.  So this is a very important element for you to remember.  Flow with what you are going through.  This is your divinity.  Fluidity is allowing the divinity of the aspects of your I Am Presence, which is God’s essence that we all are part of, to come fully within you.  It is your divine right to do so.  So that is your divinity, allowing that fluidness to come fully within.

So we bring to you the first Seven Rays. The Ray Chohan will assist you with this in different facets.  This is a very important aspect to remember because as a master you must be able to command each of the Seven Rays of God and now they must go further as we move into the higher realms.  We are now working through the 22 Rays of God which become the 22 chakras.

So this is your divinity.  You are already accessing your divinity.  What we want you to realize is as you accept that part of you, it does take responsibility within yourself; because if you keep blaming others for what elements are happening to you, you fully cannot actualize the process of continuance that is going on~ I know we have gone over this many times, over and over, and not just by myself but many teachers and beings that, “We create our own destiny.  We are the makers, we are the movers,” so we must take responsibility.  Tonight that responsibility is not about those aspects; tonight that responsibility is about accessing your I Am Presence, of going beyond your Higher Self.

Let’s have a scenario.  Your Higher Self is already activated within you.  You have reached that initiation level where he or she is fully activated and now you’re working through the processes of allowing the I Am Presence to fully come within you.  Are you ready for this?  Yes.  Is each of you acquiring it?  No, but you are going through the process to do so.  And that is the most beautiful acceptance of your responsibility.  You’re becoming a responsible human and not only a responsible human but you’re a very responsible initiate.  You’re becoming the ascended master to allow those frequencies of light to come forth within you, so then you can share it with others but first you must take care of yourself.  This is a very important aspect that we must remember.

So let us just take deep breath.  So each of you have now reached the stage of an acceptance.  You have an I AM Presence, you probably have called upon him or her, you have also accessed that energy for yourself and how often does that energy occur for you?  This is a very important aspect to remember.  We must acknowledge the I AM Presence continually, because this is the over lighting essence of your divinity.  Your Divine Essence comes from that source and it is an energy field.  It is not like your soul, your Higher Self that has gone through processes, has a way of coming into you and allowing those frequencies to change.  Your I AM Presence is an energy form.  It comes from the aspect of the Divine Mother & the Divine Father God that comes from the aspect of the Creative Source of Oneness.  So we’re tapping into those lines of frequency from where you are now all the way up to that 144th level if you want to think of it in numbers.  It brings forth these essences on to you for you to accept parts of yourself that fit and that do not fit.  So you’ll see this occurring as you take responsibility of allowing your I Am Presence to be your guide and this is truly what this is about.

Let’s take a deep breath and feel that divinity that is yours to be fully within you.

This is the final part of this segment, Responsibility.

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Responsibility ~ Accepting Your Role as a Divine Being – Part 2 – Telosian Way of Being

Telosian Way of Being
Telosian Way of Being

As we prepare for our journey to go to the Retreat House and receive the energies we want to explain more about the intensity of the session this evening. I think at this middle stage of this process, you’re going to be seeing a little bit less than what you have previously, only because we’re feeling a little bit of an overload for everyone.  We totally want to make sure that everyone is in balance with everything that I spoke about.  This evening the format will change a little bit, so we’re going to bring in some blessings~ please allow yourself to feel the divinity of the Masculine and the Feminine fully within you.  Allow those characteristics that are represented by allowing the aspects to come fully into balance.  We realize that this is an extensive program that we’re bringing forth at a very accelerated rate, so tonight we’re going to slow it down a little bit.

There’s going to be a lot more information so we want you to realize the divinity that is going on within you because now we’re at the middle point of this course.  We need to reflect and understand where you’re coming from and what you’re accepting.  There’s a process that occurs when there is more awareness that you bring into your body, the more confliction that you can feel.  That is because as you accelerate yourself in the higher dimensional levels in your initiations, you’re bringing forth the full body system to be activated; the lower energies that are in the atmosphere continue to bring about your old thoughts.  So if these elements are coming up for you and you’re having periods of emotional imbalance, tears, a little bit of anger, or frustration, it’s necessary for you to put on that trigger and say, “Is this me or is it something outside of me that is trying to trigger something within me.”  I think Meleriessee & Mike are going through this right now due to the acceleration of their energies.  There can be other energies that can tap into those feeling.  I think Meleriessee is feeling this deeply as she’s learning to shift into that higher consciousness.  Even though they are living in a very accelerated space and time, here in Mount Shasta, in their home, it does not mean that they are not being affected physically because their physical bodies are changing through that process, probably even more so than each of you because of the energetic fields that are here in Mount Shasta.  So please know that no one is kept out of this game.  It’s a process that needs to occur.

If you were to come to Telos and be with us for a week, you would see that you would not have any of these elements because of the sacred space that we have, the environment, and the community that we live in.  Each of you does not have that living environment.  You may have a small community group of people that you interact with, but I do believe that many of you, even if you’re connecting with other light workers, there may be a lack of understanding in what you’re experiencing.  This is a very advanced level, and I want you to step into this power because it means that you are readying yourself for more energies, beyond what you ever thought that you could handle.

So it’s very important for you to realize that some of you who are newer on this pathway may have more of a confusing time because your mental attitudes and thoughts will get in the way of the process.  That is something you cannot do.  If they are, I want you to go back to the other classes that we have done on the Masculine and the Feminine Divine to fully activate those parts of yourself to help you with that.  Sometimes we need to go back to the basics just for a short moment to remember, “Yes, exactly, that is what I need to be doing” because there may be something you did not hear at that time because your consciousness was not ready to accept it.  Please know that your consciousness is changing as you bring in your Subconscious and your Super-conscious into the Oneness that you are.  This is a big process that is happening, but it does not happen very easily.

So let us take a deep breath.  I want you to relax and feel the essences of your spinning Merkabah.  I have given you a lot of food for thought and in this moment I just want you to put your mental mind aside.  Don’t try and figure out where you are, what you’re doing.  I want you to feel your Divine Presence, I want you to feel your masculine & feminine intertwining within you as you spin your merkabah, breathing deeply.  If you ever had a session with Meleriessee, with the Diamond Heart Presence, used to be called Diamond Heart Therapy, you can spin that one large diamond that’s around you and that’ll activate your Merkabah and activate all the other diamonds that are within you.  For everyone else, just visualize your chakras spinning within each other.  As that one beam of light becomes your beam of light.  I want you now to feel a flowing energy, a flowing energy of many colors.  We’re going to assist you to become more at other places without having to go through the physical thoughts of getting in a vehicle, traveling through the airways and then arriving in a space.  Feel the spinning of your Merkabah.


Feel the frequencies of light now as you’re just spinning from one space to another.  You may see star systems, you may see stars, you may feel a vibrancy of sparkling lights going through you.  I want you to see yourself now in a forest, the Telosian forest, walking down a pathway towards the Retreat House, just as if you’re in a dream.  This is exactly what happens to you when you intend to come to a certain place, especially if you know that place from your conscious mind.  If you intend to go to the Retreat House in your sleep state, you’ll start seeing the environment.  As you walk down the steps within the Retreat House, see all the colors of light in the spiral staircase as we walk down the spiral staircase.  So why do we walk down the spiral staircase and why don’t we have you arrive into the Living Area.  Well the reason we do that is more of a process of you moving deeper and deeper into your deepest consciousness, into your super consciousness.  As you actually see yourself stepping, you’re moving into a deeper essence of who you are.  Then you arrive at the doorway of the Retreat Room and we walk into the room and the room is lit with frequencies of lights, many frequencies of lights and many mandalas tonight, that represents the spinning wheels of the lights everywhere.

Feel these essences moving within you as you move inside the room.  The mandalas are on the outside wall, they’re just spinning.  Mandalas representing the 22 Rays of God.  Find your special place, maybe the same or may be another space, another couch, another chair, another cushion Find yourself just settling into the warmth of the atmosphere.  In the middle of our presentation area is a flame of light tonight.  This flame of light represents the 22 Rays of God and it is emanating the frequencies of the colors~ Deep Blue, Golden Yellow, Deep Pink, Crystalline Light, White Light then green & Gold, Deep Purple & Violet, Ruby red & Gold, Sea foam Green, Blue Green, Pearlescent, Pink Orange, Golden, Violet pink, Deep Blue Violet, Light Golden White, Light Violet White, Pink Gold, Multi-White Light, Magenta, Violet Gold, Blue Gold and then the Platinum.  You’re going to see these colors all flaming within each other.  Allow those essences and then you feel the mandalas spinning within the room.  As they are spinning in a clockwise manner, they’re all working within each other and as they’re spinning they’re emanating frequencies of light to the middle of the room also.  So let’s just take a deep breath.  I want everyone to just relax right now, not think about what I have shared, and not think about the process you may be at, not think about anything except your beingness right now in this moment.  It’s very, very important.  So as we feel the spinning of the mandalas and the flame of the light within the room, we fully want everyone just to accept their divinity as it is now because each of you are aspiring into these higher elements.

What this process assists with is understanding what you are going through and putting it into practice in your aware state.  We want each of you to realize that what you are experiencing in your meditative level is coming from your super-consciousness, your Higher Self and then activating the I Am Presence because this is an open doorway to allow these frequencies that you are to fully come into your full existence for you to feel it within your body, to feel it within your heart, to feel it within your mind so everything flows for you.  I want you to remember this later when you’re having a moment when it does not feel very happy, does not feel joyful because that is not the aspect to have.  Once we have joy and we bring those essences of the lovely frequencies, you accept God’s light fully within you.  That is your guide.  When you have that, you can achieve anything.  It’s the other parts of yourself that don’t allow the elements to occur.

So the fluidness is important.  I want you to put it into practice later in a task that you do to fully embrace yourself in these fluid colors, in these energies and then when you sit down to do something that is important for your work or for your pathway or your personal involvement~ it could be an exercise program, or a task to deliver an article, it could be your website, working with someone else, a session, being a coach, cooking, cleaning, anything that you are tasking in because what happens is when we allow ourselves to have our Divine Presence fully within us, those tasks are not mediocre, they flow.  The problems humans on the Upper Earth have is that it becomes task-oriented in “I don’t really want to do this and I’m not really happy doing this”.  So how can you feel like you want to do it and do a good job even though the job may need to be done?  And you may have to wait until you allow these energies to fully be within you.  This is what we mean by taking responsibility fully, of allowing your Divine Presence to be fully within you.  So feel these energies now.  We want you to practice with these frequencies.  If you can attune yourself to see a little bit and to sense, to be sensitive, allow the mandalas of the frequencies and the flame to fully blend within each other.  Allow that blending to occur for you, to be the open doorway of your Divinity to flow in the physical body.  So we’re going to start with this first.

To be continued in Part 3.

The Telosian Way is a 10-week program that is available for MP3 download, /classes/the-telosian-way/.  This is very powerful and will assist an individual in accessing the 5th dimensional energies more easily

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Responsibility ~ Accepting Your Role as a Divine Being, Part 1 ~ Telosian Way of Being

Telosian Way of Being
Magic at McCloud Falls

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week course that is available for MP3 download.  Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shared some very powerful tools with the Spiritual Hierarchy assisting during this seminar.  The parts of the classes that include attunements can only be accessed via the MP3 files which can be purchased via, /classes/the-telosian-way/.


It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light in the Command Center here in Telos, right below Mount Shasta.  Let’s just take a moment and allow the frequencies that Meleriessee has brought this evening to go fully through all parts of your self that may not be feeling quite as good as the other parts.  As we’re learning what feels good to us and what doesn’t in the awareness exercises, it’s important to realize these particular aspects that are within us are helping with the frequency of the light, so that we can fully be in knowledge of all phases of that light. 

So we are stepping into a new focus this evening of our Telosian Way; I like to call it a campaign because it is an ongoing process.  We’re doing this very quickly in a 10-week time period so I do believe that each of you are probably being challenged in many different ways that possibly you were not previously.  We’re taking this a little step further, going a little bit deeper and we know this is not for everyone because you’re stepping forward to stand with each of us incorporating these energies.  So it’s a very powerful course that we’re sharing, but it is something that will be ongoing as these processes happen.  So I ask you to continue even after we are finished this year and go back to each of the sessions as it is good to reflect where you were before and where you are in the present circumstances.  This is because it is a continual process, like a wheel always turns and there can be more elements that appear that you did not realize previously as you weren’t ready to allow them to come up.  So let us open up the energies with each other in this moment.  I’m going to chant a little bit.


Everyone should be relaxed and ready in this moment.  Today we’re going to be learning about responsibility~ we’re responsible for our own actions, we’re responsible for our own thoughts and our own feelings and when we do not become responsible for those, we cannot fully allow the Divine Essence that we are to be fully incorporated within the physical.  It is there and you tap into it by the meditative process, but in essence you can’t allow these essences to be fully incorporated within your physical body.  We know this process is not that easy; we’re sharing these words with you to help you to understand that in order to walk upon the 5th dimensional frequency upon the New Earth, everyone has to be very aware of who they are.  

We talked previously about moving the mass, the blind spots, about the parts of ourselves that can stop us from really having that full potential in which we truly do not want to be.  We want everyone to understand what occurs on an individual basis to allow these essences to blend within the physical creation and we do know each of you.  This is quite different and many of you have never traveled to Mount Shasta to feel the frequencies; but those of you who have, who have walked the earth here and have felt the energies that are emanating from some of the vortices or in your sleep state that occurs here in Mount Shasta~ there is a complete overhaul that occurs for every individual that travels here, even if they are not aware of it.  So if you come with that intention to fully be more than you were before, you truly will be, and you’ll acquire great achievements in your process. 

So in part of what Michael shared, we need to treat you as a newborn and what does that mean?  While we’re stripping away all that you have known previously, that has held you in a 3D reality, that 3D reality is something that you do not want to bring forth into your physical existence.  We want to strip away those parts that don’t fit your divinity because your I Am Presence, the access of who you are needs to be fully accepted within all parts of yourself.  This  means that the emotional body, and the mental body fully need to be attuned within each other.  They may not like it at times, but that is the process.  When we work with the children, this is what we teach them; so this is what we’re teaching you.  You have  better accessibility because you know yourself more deeply than you ever have before, as we are allowing those essences to change and move through the processes of accepting. 

This is what we’re going to be learning tonight ~ Responsibility & Acceptance and how to walk with that within you.  It is important that when you awake in the morning, you ask yourself “what do you feel like?”  Everyone should feel more ligh-hearted, should be happy, and I know many of you do not.  Our sleep state has to do a lot with those feelings of inadequacy.  I just want to add an extra addendum, what you do the last 15 minutes before you go to bed is very important, if you’re watching the media/ the news/ the 3D drama shows, anything that is going to trigger something within you, it will be triggered. 

So it’s very important for you to accept what is occurring for you in this process because you’re changing greatly.  We truly want each of you to understand this process, and we want you to fully allow yourself to come into a new state of beingness so that the acceleration that is happening within each of us during the sleep process is very powerful.  Each of you are doing a lot of great work in coming together and working individually with some of the teachers that we have presented.  So I thank you deeply for stepping forward and allowing yourself to be in the space that you are. 

I also want you to know that things will arise as you are going through these processes.  You may wake up with a dream, you may wake up feeling insecure, or you may awaken with excitability.  Whatever is coming into your consciousness is for a reason~ so even though you may have been quite sound asleep, it’s important for you to getup, go into your bathroom, maybe even drink some water to get yourself more settled within your physical existence and if you’re having problems with lower energies, then utilize any tools that you know of to clear your lower energies.  This is a very important process.  The other element that is crucial is when you’re awake in the morning carrying all kinds of cobwebs within you is, it’s important to do a clearing meditation or to get into a shower using any sprays or saging yourself to clear the frequencies of your electrons and the energies within you.  You may also want to cut off any energies that you may feel are attached to you.  We also do this.  We go through our cleansing process every morning.  Some of us like to take a little swim in the ocean, or stand under the waterfall or use our personal showers or personal baths to assist in that process.  You will find that when you are cleansing in this way; your life becomes more balanced. 

I know each of you are striving for balance within your lives although it can be a difficult thing with your mental levels.  Once the mental mind surrenders into the process, you’ll see that it will be easier for your to take care of yourself, even though you may feel that there is more you should be doing; believe me, you always shall have something that you need to do.  So allow those energies to flow with you, to flow in and out of you.  It will get done, continue stating that, “Everything is in Divine Order” and allow those essences to be within you. 

Remember you’re losing your 3rd dimensional physicality and that is not easy, my Dearest Ones.  It’s not easy to let go of that 3D reality, because I know you’re being challenged with everything around you by your friends, by your families, by everything that you know; if you become different, step out of the norm.  You’re not going to be looked at very easily but believe me, in time, they’ll be following you.  The energies that are coming forth in the next couple of months are going to help you accelerate with this, although at times you may feel that it’s accelerating too much.  In essence if you’re allowing yourself to grow deeply, you’ll be feeling challenges within your life.  So it’s important to step up to the plate and take responsibility and say, “OK, What do I need to do about this?  How can I make it better for myself?”

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 Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved. 



Part 2 ~ Focus ~ Learning to Master Your Thoughts and Feelings ~ Telosian Way of Being


Lord Adama continues his discussion of creating the Masculine and Feminine balance  of the Telosian Way of Being:


I am sharing these details as I want you to realize how quickly one can become lost within themselves- into something else.  So when you’re looking at those elements, the TV, the computer, the videos, or the sports are not you unless you enjoy so much that you see a reflection of yourself within that entertainment.  Now that’s true entertainment because that is a mirror image, you see that reflection.  Movies that make you laugh are wonderful.  Movies that make you cry are wonderful.  Movies that are full of blood and destruction, completely ruin our brains.

I’m getting into this now, because it’s important to realize how much the outside world affects our inside world completely.  I am not saying that you are to give all these things up, but you do need to give a portion of it in order to find yourself.  Parts of the matrix are entertaining and are helpful, because we can learn from them; but the other parts are very damaging.  They are damaging to our soul’s essence, because let’s face it, we all know it, the matrix is programming.  The Lemurian and the Atlanteans are coming together which means the matrix is part of that.  The individuals of the matrix are fighting within themselves because of the past timelines that need to be rectified.

Technology is a very wonderful thing which is powerful in Telos, but it comes with balance.  Technology in your world is not balanced; it’s knowing what to do with it that causes the balancing act.  I am going to ask you how often do you spend watching this entertainment.  When you work so deeply on your inner self and then you go watch a movie or you go somewhere with individuals that are not aligned with the frequency that you have already brought in, this is going to be damaging to you.  So it’s important to know what being true to the Self represents.

What is our own inner truth?  What is it that we need in our lives to assist us through this process.  You’re all going through a deep cleansing process with this program.  The work that you’re doing with us after just our weekly segment is that you’re fully activating yourself with each of us, so it’s important that you understand that your blind spots are going to be opened up.  And it’s not just the fact that you are too masculine or too feminine.  I first wanted to get into this concept of your environment and how much it molds who you are.  This is where the mastery of thoughts and feelings come from.

If you’re being geared from another controlling factor, your thoughts and feelings are going to be very confusing.  There will be no clarity.  You will not be able to tell who you are and what they are; this is why I pose the question.  Are they yours or are they someone else’s?  They can be someone else’s without you even realizing that they are someone else’s.  So we are going to do some work this evening to assist in this process.

I also want each of you to realize that you have been on both sides of the fence.  I know Michael has spoken about this and it’s a very true fact.  If you hadn’t worked with the darker energies in other timelines, you wouldn’t be on the Upper Earth.  You would be here in Telos, you would be in angelic form, or you’d be in mastership form working through the masses.  You are also here because we need you.  So that process that you’re going through is balancing out your Soul’s Essence very deeply, but in truth you’re going to assist others with learning about this.  So whatever process you’re going through in this learning experience, know that you have something to add to that learning experience to assist someone else.

You have moments of thoughts and feelings which can be a fear factor, anger factor, they can be jealousy, or they can be envy.  These are all part of the lower ego issues that occur and you fully have to rid yourselves of those elements.  You may not like to think that you have any of those thoughts so we’re going to make sure that you don’t.  That is our goal in assisting you in this process as we don’t have any of the lower essences in Telos.  You cannot hold onto those elements within the 5D body.  It is not possible.

The first thing you are going to learn is how to do it yourself within yourself.  To be true to yourself, you have to think of yourself as both masculine and feminine.  As we do this, we can begin to dance with each other.  The aspects within you are two different personalities within.  We want to blend that personality into the Oneness that you are.  Until you do so, you’re not going to be able to have the balanced relationships you desire because there will always be issues, elements, thoughts or problems that arise.  So let us go deeply into those parts of yourself that fully do not understand each other.

At this moment I want you to think of a name for your feminine side.  You could call her Hazel, you could call her Joy or you could call her Happiness, you could call her Miserable if you want, so you’re going to go deep within yourself and feel your feminine side to fully bring her out and I am sure you’re going to pick up the names that is relevant to how your feminine side is.  I’ll use Meleriessee as an example on this one.  Her name for herself on this is Miss Sensitivity.  Think about that for a moment.  What does that mean, sensitivity?  Now we each could have a lower aspect and a higher aspect within that personality.  Within her aspect of her sensitivity as a child she was told that she was too sensitive because she felt things, she saw things, experienced things from people and family members, and they did not like it most of the time.  This caused her to feel very hurtful and she was insecure about that.  Now if you take that sensitivity~ it’s a good thing that she is sensitive on her feminine side, because that enabled her to do the work so deeply ~ that we, as the Team of Light, can work through her.  So she has allowed that to blend although at times she can still feel that inner insecurity of being too sensitive.  Although she is a whole lot better than she ever was before, I’ll say its 95% but it’s always a work in progress.

Do you think each of us in Telos does not have our problems?  But we help each other see and work through them.  That’s the process of community which is also seeing within yourself that you need assistance and that you can give assistance.  That’s a balanced personality within each aspect of the male and the female essences.  So now let us go to the male energy.

Take a deep breath and I want you to feel within your male essence, exactly what is his name?  Let it just come to you.  What does your male essence say?  And I am going to use Michael as an example.  I’m going to ask him to say what name he picked for himself?

Mike speaks: I was reminiscing through the old self and the new self.  The old self, even though I did not know on the outside but on the inside, it’s a tough guy but I would have to say, “Mr. Nurture” now.

Lord Adama: Well OK, so let’s look at that.  So, “Tough Guy”, what does that mean to you?  I’m going to add a little bit to the class format here to have an interaction.  “Tough Guy”, does that mean tough on others or you are tough on yourself?

Mike: I was tough on myself; I wasn’t so tough on others but I never shed a tear.  It was about getting through it all, taking control.

Lord Adama: So what does the mechanisms of that control do on your inside?

Mike: It creates a huge amount of stress that I just carried all the time, not realizing it which manifested in chronic fatigue that lasted from the age 16 to 35.  This was the inner self so the conscious self didn’t realize fully that this process was occurring.

Lord Adama: So you would say that’s your blind spot.

Mike: That was my blind spot.

Lord Adama: OK, so that was your blind spot on your male side.  So now you call yourself “Mr. Nurturer”.  How did you find the balance between being “Tough Guy” & “The Nurturer”?

Mike: The process of healing physically through the chronic fatigue was the beginning of nurturing.  In that I learned to nurture others.  The great service that I did not see at that time was just in the last six years or so, caring for my mother.  But then I had children, so caring for my children.  So that opened up another whole avenue into my existence that I wasn’t aware of.

Lord Adama: So how does that assist your masculinity, what happened to the control within you?  You allowed yourself to have self control or you allowed yourself to relax into what you were experiencing?

Mike: That would be the key, not looking for the question, I mean I was huge on the question of why is this happening, what does this mean and the realization that you face things as they come and you don’t know if you’re going to yield, surrender or it is going to be something you need to step up and accelerate through it.  So it was me much more in flow, and the flow required, just by its nature, to be able to access the balance of those sides.  It was not easy.  It was probably the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.  But that’s what revealed to me what I would say is my true self, my true nature to be in balance.

Lord Adama: Thank you, Michael.  So I hope this gives some reflection exactly about Christine’s blind spot in her feminine side, I would say is not accessing her inner power, because of the sensitivity issue and her being told she was too sensitive.  Until in the later years she realized that sensitivity was her guide in this profession, in this pathway that she chose.  So her blind spot was not being able to speak up well enough which goes to the male side.  That’s what we want to look at here~ of how each side, like Mike explained of the “Nurturing” that’s actually a feminine trait.  You allowed the blind spot in your early days and are now allowing that nurturing to come back into your masculine side.  So you can see we talk about the Feminine & the Masculine Aspects but they need to blend together to assist each other.  This is how we become more intertwined as one being of light between the male and the female, so that we can feel those full aspects within ourselves.  So I want each of you to think about this now, possibly make some notes of where you have been previously and where you are now along with understanding that you still may have some blind spots between the masculine and feminine essences.

Mike: My external reality contributed to that greatly in the environment that I grew up in because there was not much nurturing.

Lord Adama: This is what happens also.  I think in Meleriessee’s standpoint is she became the “Nurturer” because in her circumstance she was one of the youngest in the family and had sisters with children and she became the instant caretaker.  So as a young child she did not know that she wasn’t being nurtured.  It’s the same thing with her too.  Her external circumstances made her to go inward.  So she learned through her own self awareness because she was not getting it from outside.  But in retrospect that can be a gift because then she saw that she needed to take care of herself although in the society, that era of the 50’s, 60’s, and the 70’s, individuals were not taught that you needed to nurture yourself especially in women because women were the nurturers.

So we want each of you to look at your mirrors, and see where the blind spots are; what parts of yourself have not been accepted or nurtured or allowed the growth process to happen because this really has a major component of allowing the feminine and the masculine to be fully active.  It’s very important that we can look at those blind spots and allow the other side to assist, to allow the male aspect because in Meleriessee’s point, she couldn’t be strong enough because she felt too weak, of being sensitive to other’s energies.

I want everyone to understand how this process can work within each of us individually.  These are teachings that we work with here, it’s not something new.  We’re not creating programs for third dimensional beings.  These programs are worked to assist. There are many souls that passed away and we allow them to come back into Telos into physical bodies for these reasons.  And there are many who are preparing themselves for the fifth dimensional New Earth; and these are the processes that we give to them to assist them.

This is going to help us to know who our true self is because as Michael shared, he now understands himself to be a nurturer and in those capabilities he’s starting to accept that part of himself.  Where previously in many men nurturing was not something that in your society was allowed to be, although there are many men that are nurturers.  And now that’s changing as the feminine divine is actualized.  This is part of the process when we talk about the Feminine Divine becoming more active in society that individuals are waking up onto these aspects of themselves.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10 week course with Lord Adama as our guide.  This is Part 2 of Focus; the attunements will not be shared in written format.  You may purchase the MP3 downloads of the course, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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Focus ~ Learning to Master Your Thoughts and Feelings, Part 1


Greetings, it is I Lord Adama once again with the Telosian Way of Being and thank you all for being here.  Let’s just reiterate a few thoughts.  We would like to go deeper within the essences for you to have a trigger within it for you to fully acknowledge what you are going through.

I know there are a lot of things going on environmentally, planet wise, cosmically with the energies but each of you is creating these parts of yourselves to be reopened.  You are allowing them to fully come into full balance within yourself and it’s almost like you’re at a play and the curtain is now opened and you’re in your raw form.  There is nothing else that you can do, your costume is not what you thought it was going to be when you looked in the mirror in your dressing room and now you’re on the stage and you find everyone is looking at you quite differently.  So this is what we are going to be focusing on.

I want you to have these realizations that you are changing deeper and that your relationships are going to change.  Some of you may have had old relationships that seem to come into balance but then they become imbalanced.  As the stripping-away layer-by-layer is occurring, these exact elements are going to be happening for you.  So what we worked on last week is going much deeper than you realized, than what we worked on the previous weeks.  This is because there were just layers upon layers within each other as we get deeper to the core essence that we are.

This is a very accelerated program.  If you were to come to Telos for six months to a year, you would go through these programs.  We are giving you an accelerated phase within the 10 weeks.  And if like Meleriessee, a part of you came to Telos for a while, then those parts were worked on in that process.  This is something that she experienced in one of her visits here, although at that time, she did not realize what was happening until probably a year later when things were shifting for her and that essence part of her came back.  So there were aspects within her that needed to be fully worked upon.  Her soul agreed to allow them to happen in that manner.

Some of these elements may be happening to each of you.  You may feel that there is a part of you that is coming into Telos but the other part is staying in your 3D world because that’s where you need to be because of your family or the structure of your life situation.  So know that what we are giving you is just opening up the consciousness on a surface level.  On a much deeper level, you’re going through these processes and allowing these essences to come fully within.


We’re going to talk a little bit about how to be true to ourselves and what does that mean.  In order for you to be true to others, you have to know who you are within yourself.  That is going to shift and change with each of these classes that we’re doing.  So the next element we’re going to work with is allowing that frequency of light to come within us.

Take a deep breath.  Spin your Merkabah vehicle in a clockwise direction.  Feel the spinning lights of all the Rays, the Pinks and Yellow, Green and Gold and White, Blue and flecks of Green, Ruby Red and Golden, Purple, all flowing within each other; Seafoam Green, feel those essences.  Then we’re going to focus on the Higher Rays~ Blue Green, just feel these colors swirling within you~ Pearlescent, Pink Orange, Golden, Violet Pink, deep Blue Violet, light Golden White, light Violet White, feel them spinning and spinning and spinning within you~ Pink Gold, Magenta, Violet Gold, Blue Gold, then the Platinum.  These colors are now swirling within each other.  You’re going so fast, so fast, so fast, and then you just feel yourself moving out of the space that you are in physically.  You’re going to take that other part of you and just travel through the hemisphere moving towards Mt. Shasta.  I want you to just feel the essence, feel yourself just coming into the creation of Telos, feel that energy.

As you walk on the Telosian lands, as you step into the garden and in the forest, you walk down the pathway through the forest.  There may be individuals that you have seen before.  They acknowledge you, there may be an embrace, shaking of the hands, nod of the eyes, as you walk down the golden pathway; it swirls through the forest, you see the Lemurian Retreat House, and we’re going to walk down the steps and go into the doorway.  As you go through the door, you’re going to smell the fragrance of Frankincense and Myrrh.  As we bring in those essences and walk down the spiraling staircase to the bottom floor feeling the essences of song movement.


As we enter the Retreat Room, we walk in and find the seat amongst the living quarters here.  As I will now walk down the stage, we have with us here tonight all the Ray Chohans, Master Kuthumi, Dhjwal Khul, Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Master Joshua, Master Hilarion, Master Serapis Bey, Master Paul the Venetian, Lord Sananda, Lady Nada, Saint Germain, Lady Portia, and Master El Morya.  As they all circle around us on the stage and they take their seats.  I am going to sit tonight and I have with me Lady Galactica, my beloved.  Let’s all just sit for a moment.  I want everyone to feel the frequency & the essence that is here this evening.


Breathing deeply.  You should all now be feeling more of your Higher Essence coming completely within your being as you acknowledge all aspects of yourself, allowing these frequencies of light that you’re feeling to be accepted fully within you.  I now stand before you.  As I do stand and I take my hand across the room as I ask each of you to feel your own essences in this moment.  What you’re feeling in this creation, in this moment of time are the aspects of your Soul’s Essence in complete balance, allowing those essences to fully be within you.

Let us talk about the parts of yourself that don’t fit into who you are.  We are going to reflect for awhile.  It’s important to take moments of time and to experience remembrances of what you have been before and allow your own remembrance to come into you for you to see how different you are now from then.  This shows progress and within this progress, you start to see there is an unfolding frequency of light.  That light was not there before and why do you think it was not there?  Because you were not ready to see it.  There were other parts of yourself that did not allow you to go deep into that essence because possibly you fully were not ready to accept it.

We’re going to get a little bit into the nitty-gritty this evening about what you don’t want to see.  Those parts of yourself that have attracted elements in your life situations, people that you thought were in the moment had very good ideas and all of a sudden, you come to a realization that that person or group of people, or even a work situation does not fit you anymore.  I know those of you who have changed jobs will understand this process.

All of a sudden you start to feel uncomfortable in a job, not happy, maybe you were happy previously whether it was a year, five years or whatever the time frame, you become non-complacent.  You don’t want to do the work that you did before.  What does this really mean when these elements happen in our lives especially in your 3D world?  Because there is no growth, you get to a point and you start stagnating, your intelligence is being thwarted.  We must always grow and learn from each other.  This is the process of life whether that life is within a physical life or whether it is in a spiritual life.  It doesn’t matter if you are in a body or out of body.  Stagnation can occur and that is our deepest, darkest part that can envelope us.

Some individuals that are not awakened, love their stagnation.  They love being boring, they love not reading books or learning from others.  They love watching their TV, they love watching their football games and sports and allowing their energies to move into something else that is not part of them.  It’s entertainment.  What is entertainment?  Entertainment is a fact, an element that takes us away from really knowing who we truly are and it doesn’t mean that entertainment has to be taken away from us, it’s just how much entertainment you bring into your life.  How much do you need to hide away from what you really are feeling, doing or going through?  We say a very minimum part of your existence because in truth entertainment to us is individuals laughing with each other and understanding one another.  That’s truly entertainment but that’s not the kind of entertainment I’m speaking about.  I’m speaking about the way that society on the 3D and 4D level pull people in and they loose themselves.  They are lost souls.  They think they’re doing fine because that is what the media teaches them, that is what the commercials teach them, and that is what the others within the matrix teach them.  The most important facet to understand is that you are not within that matrix or you’re trying to get out of it.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

The Other Side ~ Part 3 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB Other Side

Now let us look at the male side, the analytical side.  The first aspect that we would like to look at with the thought processes is within the male energy:

  • Are you able to have your own power?
  • Can you speak up for yourself?
  • Do you allow yourself to do this in your physical world?
  • Or are you afraid to speak and show who you are?

Many individuals that are highly emotionally balanced have a tendency to only speak up until the time is very crucial and then what comes out, is only emotion.  So that can cause a problem.

  • How are you analytically?
  • Do you think about things too much?
  • Do you worry consistently?
  • Do you worry about everyone else?
  • Do you think that no one likes you?
  • Do you think, think, think too much.

There needs to be a balance within these aspects.  The male side has this tendency because he is the one that has ideas but what happens is that these ideas have a tendency to stay within that male energy.  The other thing is that you over analyze everything that you do.  It is important to think about and go back and say, “I did this at this time, I did this at that time, did I put it in perfect order.” This creates a pattern of going back criticizing themselves.  Criticism is a very strong facet for the male energy.

So as we move from the physical self we want to move into more of a personality.  What is your personality in your mental?  You can have a good mental level and be strong in your work.  Say that you’re an accountant by profession or you’re good at tasking.  A lot of administrative people are good in their mental level, because they can organize and put things in perfect order but does this go the other way.  Are you too overly fastidious about putting everything in order, not allowing things to flow because within this we want a fluidness to occur too.  So what happens within this is, as we get into the spiritual aspect of the mental level, of the Masculine Divine, those energies and those thought processes come in but then they are handed to the Feminine side to create it.  What happens most of the time is that side of the body does not receive those messages because the male part wants control.

Another aspect is, a person that is overly critical and overly in control of themselves will be very critical to others.  So what you’re feeling inside of yourselves is going to react outside of yourself.  These are the aspects we want to bring.  We totally want to bring forth, the parts of ourselves of the male and the female to be in balance, because we cannot bring them together without knowing the aspects that need to be realigned.  So let’s look at some other parts that can occur.

Let’s say that you’re in a work situation and you’ve tried to do your best but things do not go as well as you would have liked to, your mind was on something else, and you just couldn’t concentrate, maybe you were too tired, maybe you were too stressed out and your boss or your co-worker criticizes you.  What happens in that criticism for you personally is that an individual that is an emotionally-based person would totally take it all on and would say it was completely his fault.  The mentally-based person would be over analytical and go back and look at all little details that occurred to see what the problem is, would still blame himself.  We want is to have a balance within those elements by reflection on them, and say, “Well this is what occurred, I was going through stressful times, I was not balanced within myself” and instead of becoming angry you give it to the feminine side, the emotional side of the body and allow a release to occur.

So the best way for the release to occur is to not hold on to this element that happened in your life and not worry about that consistently.  You do something for yourself that will release it.  An emotional person would cry about it.  Another problem would be addiction, you would drink, you would use some drugs, would go shopping, or you would eat food; whatever that addiction is in your personality, which would represent acting out an overly critical personality trait.  A balanced personality would do something nurturing for themselves.  Maybe it’s just to relax, have a glass of wine, some candles, have a bath, maybe talk it out with a friend or take a walk or go running as long as it is not something in excess.  Do some exercise which will help you to start to feel the balance.  This is what we want each of you to understand.

I’m going to use Christine as an example again because I’m right in her head so these thoughts are coming up.  Her last position as an Administrative Coordinator, she was working on a proposal and she was the proposal coordinator putting the proposals together and there were two proposals being done in 24 hours, a massive job for all the people that were involved but very, very critical for her because she was the end result of those proposals getting in the right format.  There were a couple of mistakes that were made.  She was criticized very deeply for that and in the process what occurred is that she had a car accident the month before and was totally not in the state she had been previously as she went through a transformation in that car accident.  Her spiritual body was becoming more active in her physical body, so it created these elements to happen eventually for her to no longer to be at that job but in the process of this, she was no longer considered the perfect employee that she was previously.  Her mental levels were not fully focused; so what did she do for herself? ~ This helped to create the balance within her life.  Previously in many years before if this might have happened to her, she probably might have cried, probably would have been upset, probably would have wanted to have a confrontation with the higher-ups and talk about how sorry she was but no discussion was ever made.  They just criticized her and talked about her behind her back which she knew, so what did she do?  She let it go and said, “I’m transforming.  I can’t do anything about it.  And it’s going to open up other doorways for me to no longer be at this shop because this is truly what I wanted to be.” This is a balanced self.  What she did was she slept, she took a bath, and she relaxed and when she went back to work, she only stayed for a couple of hours and when she had interaction with her supervisor, it was not of a detriment.  She allowed herself to be Ok.  When communication needed to be done, she spoke about what had happened to her and they didn’t receive it very well.  She was fine with the way that it happened.  This shows a balanced personality of the Masculine and the Feminine.  Previously she would not have had that reaction, so this shows the transformation she had gone through.

I’ve just used this as an example, and I am sure each of you have your own examples where in previous circumstances, you would have reacted completely different than you’re reacting now.  This is the process we want.  The main thing about this course is Awareness.  We fully want each of you to be aware of how you are acting in certain situations and that you’re not taking on something that is not yours.  This is what happens a lot of times also that we take on too much energy.  The individuals are all part of something that occurs between them.  On the Upper Earth this is very difficult because your inner workings and your living in your community is so much different than what we experience.  This would never have happened on our level because there is open communication continually; we look at each other as Divine Beings and we don’t criticize others.  We all fully understand each other.  Each of you have a more difficult task because where there is an interaction, there is a great misunderstanding because individuals are at so many different levels in consciousness and awareness.

Each of you on this series and on this pathway is stepping ahead, and we are giving you tools to assist others.  They are going to come behind you and you’re going to need to work with them.  Many of you are working with the inner earth cities, so this is going to be very important because you are the first people that these individuals are going to see.  We have to live by example; if we can’t live by example, then we can’t live together at all, because individuals may come and see that you are not living by their rules and standards.  How can they understand to do it for themselves?  They will try to weave in and out through deceit, dishonesty, not being trustworthy, and this creates the dysfunction that you’re all dealing with now.  So we’re trying to right many eons and eons when these traits have occurred.

So let’s move on with the program.  This gives you the basics of what you need to look at and how each of your aspects of the Masculine and the Feminine can blame each other.  They may not come out and say, “I blame you”, inside of yourself or probably you may have said,” I am too emotional or I am too analytical”.  So that is the blaming that occurs.  You are taking on that criticism.  It’s an inner criticism that is occurring within you, which causes the other side to feel deflated.  If you can think of your male and female actually being separate personalities within yourself, they can create this.  Many of you have conversations between both and you have gone back and forth and battered between them.  This is also a sign of imbalance because what we want to do is we want to stop that process.  We want to stop those lower energies, that criticism, that doubt, and the insecurities; because what happens is that the emotional body takes on the other one.  So if your emotional body isn’t in the spiritual level, what happens is that it will be infiltrated within the physical part of your body.  It’s going to be internalized.  If you cannot access it through the emotional body then that part of yourself, the feminine aspect shuts down and says, “Well, I don’t want to listen.”

The same thing can happen with the masculine energy when the mental body doesn’t want to listen.  When the mental level wants all that chatter and does not want to stop, continually, continually, continually, continually, continually, then there’s a shutting down that occurs.  This is when it goes in the cellular structure and different parts of your body.

So I also want you to think about where you may have physical pain and how it manifests within you.  I also want you to be very aware when these elements occur for you, if you receive physical pain immediately because that is representative of the thought process, the action that happened or the reaction or the interaction with someone else and then you immediately internalize it within yourself.  We totally want to have a full body system that is very healed and we fully need to understand these thought processes and these emotional feelings that occur and not allow them to be like falling into quicksand.  Think of your body as quicksand and these elements occurring as they just seep right into the physical structure.  It seems like it takes a very long time for them to become unstuck which is true.  This is the process that each of you is going through.  So this now concludes our discussion part.  We will now assist you with this process with the attunements.

The Telosian Way is a 10-week course hosted by Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos and available for MP3 download,.

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The Other Side ~ Part 2 ~ The Telosian Way of Being

TWOB Other SideWe are now going to infiltrate the Pink Ray through the entire room.  We want everyone to feel very, very harmonious, balanced and loving.  Feel that frequency coming into you as the room is emanating the Pink Ray deeply.  Take a deep breath, many deep breaths.

First we’re going to talk a little bit about the traits of the mental and the emotional levels so that you can feel exactly what needs to be done for yourself through this process.  How do you tell if you’re emotionally or mentally based, because everyone has one that is stronger than the other?  Those of you that become overly emotional at weddings, movies, TV shows, allow your emotional balances to fully be within you.  How do you work through those feelings in your own experiences when you go through a release?

  • Do you cry easily to allow yourself to fully feel it internally?
  • Do you feel that your characteristics are very intuitive?
  • Do you receive messages?
  • What are your dreams like?
  • Do you dream a lot, receive messages in your dreams?
  • Do you feel energies around you, outside energies that are unseen?
  • Are you a medium, or you have psychic abilities?
  • What are the frequencies that you fully bring forth?

There are different phases in each of these levels, each of the aspects.  The first thing I’ll say is, if you cry at weddings, at movies, or when things happen to family members, your emotional side is at the beginning stages to be open.  So we go to the next step concerning yourself, do you cry easily when you bring up your issues to allow yourself to feel them through all parts of your body.

  • Do you have a tendency to hold things in your Solar Plexus?
  • Do you have a tendency to hold things in your Heart Center?
  • Do your shoulder blades ache?
  • Does your back ache around the Heart area and the Solar Plexus area?

This means you’re not allowing yourself to release enough, you’re internalizing it.  So the person that is well into the next stage of openness will be very flowing with this.

The next stage would be:

  • Are you able to perceive other energies?
  • Do you feel spiritual entities, good or bad?
  • Do you see the elementals?

All these factors come when you become more in tune within your feminine aspect.  We move into that aspect when we connect with the spiritually-based essences.  We first feel move into the physically-based, then we move into the personality-based and then we move into the spiritually-based.  What do we want?

We want to be spiritually-based but we want to be balanced.  There is also going to be an imbalance that has occurred within the feminine level, when within the emotional level is off center which can result in a tendency that you cry too much.    What would happen is that the emotions would take over so heavily that she would be incapacitated if something emotional happened to her.  This can occur when a relationship ended or she was hurt by someone as sometimes those hurts go so deep on multi-levels of past lives that the timelines can be opened up.

It’s what you do with them that is important.  How do you take care of yourself?  If you allow yourself to be in that state for days on end then you’ve a problem.  If you allow yourself to go through a healing process, do something nurturing.

Nurturing is another aspect.

  • So are you nurturing to yourself?
  • Do you take care of yourself?
  • Do you do things for yourself like take a hot bath?
  • Do you meditate when you think you need to do something else?
  • Do you take a walk or do you call a friend?  Calling a friend is a co-dependency trait because you’re moving outside of yourself.

It’s important for you to realize that there is an imbalance and overbalance within each of these aspects.  This is what we want each of you to look at within yourself.  So take time next week to go over this material as you make a checklist for yourself of your emotional body, the traits that you have within yourself and how you’ve changed through your healing process, through the rites of passage ~ especially those of you who have been on this path with Meleriessee for several years and now with Mike, or what you have done with other healing tools to assist you.

I want you to look back to five years ago.  How were your emotions at that time, because we want to see a progression of the next two to three months.  This is going to be very fast and quick.  We’re going to see great changes happening through this process.

So that’s the emotional side because what we really want is the Feminine Divine to be active and what does that mean?  The Feminine Divine is completely balanced.  The Feminine Divine within you is your nurturing person, it’s that part of yourself you take care of; if you’re sensitive for yourself and for others, you’ve learned to create balance through these aspects.  If you don’t have a fully balanced emotional side, you cannot create, you cannot manifest.  You may manifest periodically but you couldn’t have the full amount of manifestation abilities, because it just comes in portions.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-part series available on MP3 download.  The attunements are included in the recordings and not within the text.  To learn more about this special program, please click the link, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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The Other Side ~ Part 1 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB Other SideGreetings,

It is I Lord Adama once again with the Telosian Council of Light in the Command Center.  Thank you so very much for being with us once again.

This is very exciting what we’re doing presently and I hope that each of you are gaining benefits as you are working through each of the classes ~ time and time again by making your notes as each time that you do go back on what you have experienced, I am sure that you have changed/ shifted in your consciousness.  You realize that you are different but don’t realize how that has occurred.  That is what these frequencies are going to assist you with.

So tonight we’re going to work with each of the Feminine Divine & the Masculine Divine but more on a physical basis.  What does that mean?  We talk about the Divinity of the Masculine and the Feminine, of coming more consciously into the planet but how is that correlated within our physical bodies ~ how do we react to certain things through each of those aspects and how we do that in the totality when they fully become balanced.  I’ll tell you it’s a process.

You’re not going to be doing this work and then all of a sudden you realize that you want totality within your Being.  There are going to be times that you still think about the aspects or how you’re feeling when something happens more on the emotional side and sometimes more on the mental side.  What we want to assist you with is learning when you’re doing so, how this occurs and also to stop blaming the other side for the problems; this is what happens as a human condition.

We have a process that we give to children that are born into Telos because it’s part of the human conditioning even though we live in this environment.  Our society is geared to learning these things immediately; we have to teach the children how to do so themselves, not to fall into that.  Of course, we live by examples so it is much easier to do so than being on the Upper Earth.  So we’re going to just treat you like all the children tonight and give you some tools and some vibrational changes to assist you in this process because this is not easy.

The fact is that you’re stepping into this program, but there’s a reason for that.  I know I already have a small group of people that are my audience and this is very exciting when we can come into a focus like this.  So let’s talk a little bit about last week’s events.

You experienced the unmasking of the parts of yourselves through the vibrational changes.  I also want to say that the mandala that you experienced will be more of that in each of these sessions.  It’s pretty exciting that there’s a whole new phase of another person’s work coming into our existence with this.  Marc Eden ( is a very gifted artist and he’s been working with the 22 rays of God.

Let’s talk about the processes that you’ve been going through ~ Are you taking notes about how you’re feeling?  This was going to happen with each of the classes when you repeat it again you’re going to change as I was just explaining about shifting.  You’re going to shift into a new reality because remember that this is a vibrational frequency that we’re bringing to you.  It’s not just teaching you tools but how to get through it yourself. It is allowing the vibrational levels to come within you so that you can fully stop questioning yourself.  Thus, it will create the ability to have confidence to go deeper core into your reflections.

As I spoke to you last week about a scenario:  if I was your neighbor and you were Mr. 3D reality that had no concept of what a 5D being would look like, I definitely would be very strange to you.  So this is what we have to get used to.  It’s not just about getting used to seeing what people look like on a 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensional reality but the New Earth is going to be multidimensional.  You’re going to be seeing a lot of different beings that are from other planets.  So we need to fully have the faculties within place that we’re all part of the same essence of God.  But when it comes to the reality of someone knocking at your door and he comes with horns on his head and a big smile, in a purple body, it’s going to be quiet a shock to everyone.  So we want to prepare everybody for that also (with a chuckle).

Let’s all go to the Lemurian Retreat House.  Take a deep breath.

Feel your Merkabah spinning, we’re going to practice more of the teleportation and also visualizing yourself in a different reality.  Some of you already have that gift and can do so, especially the one’s who do long distance healing work.  It’s very, very important to practice this as much as possible.  Do it in your meditations.

So let us all take a deep breath.  Remember all those colors that Meleriessee brought within you, of the Blue, the White Light with Green and Gold, the Golden Yellow, the Pink, the Purple, the Ruby Red, Crystalline colors and the Sea Foam Green.  Feel all those colors swirling within each other as the first seven rays are being activated fully within your body and then feel yourself walking through the forest, you’re still incorporating all the rays of God that we’ve talked about.  Then we see the Lemurian House in front of us, we’re going to walk down the steps into the lobby of the Lemurian House and then we’re going to go all the way down to the bottom on the spiral staircase looking at the environment, feeling the essences that are here, going all the way to the bottom floor and we see the double doorways, triple doorways open all the way up into our special living area.

I want you to remember that if you come here on your own, there are special rooms that you can fully experience the energetics of the meditations that we are giving you.  Now visualize yourself going in one of the side rooms, this is a part of Lemurian Healing House for those of you that have come to receive healing.  There are many different levels and many different rooms for the many different individuals; there are also cabins on the outside, so it depends on the level of the healing that you need.  The ones that are closest to this room are the ones that we have to watch more closely and the ones that are in the outline area are for when you’re integrating different frequencies and you’re acting through your own consciousness to allow them to be more fully integrated.  I just wanted to explain that because I know that some individuals have used the healing House just as a Healing House to come to but this part of it is the retreat house.  This is where we do our retreats.

Let us step into the room, pick your special seat, if you want to try some place else today, please do and I am going to walk down onto the stage at the bottom which is just about half a dozen steps.  Let’s just take a moment to really relax.

Continued within Part 2.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week series which is available for MP3 download, /classes/the-telosian-way/.  This is a very powerful program which will assist in bringing the relationship closer with Lord Adama and the Telosians along with changing an individual’s third dimensional reality.

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Reflection ~ Part 2 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB ReflectionThis is the second segment of our class with Lord Adama on the Telosian Way of Being of REFLECTION.  Master Babaji shares a very important message of love through the eyes of the Child.

It is my divine pleasure to be here as Master Babaji in this beautiful Retreat House with such beautiful souls.  What a blessing for each of you to feel these essences in your physical consciousness.  I ask of you, in this moment, let us just take a breath and bring in the Om Namah Shivaya which also will help to rip away some of the frequencies.


I ask of you to think of yourself in this moment as a child that has just been born into this world and has no awareness of anything else except the purity of their light, the will of their light, the love of their light, the essence of their knowledge, the power within them.  There are no outer forms in this moment.  All that exists is the purity of your essence.  Breathing deeply, allowing this energy that you are to blend within you.  It comes down within you, into the source, into the aspect that you are.  Think not of your physical existence in this moment.  Think of each of us in this room, in this beautiful Retreat House, of the blazing energies all around us, of the Rays of God- many Rays of God and allow those frequencies to blend within each other.  There are many numbers of the Rays, some say there are 320, some say there are 330, but in essence there are thousands and thousands of Rays infiltrating your essence right now.  Allow it to go to those aspects of yourself that feel uncomfortable.  Allow it to move into your Physical existence, into your Mental existence, into your Emotional existence.  Allow it to blend fully with the Etheric body, because as a soul comes into a new existence, it brings all these essences of purity but then the mind is created and it forgets.  The Etheric body has its Higher Mind and its Higher Ego, let us embellish this energy in this moment.  Breathing deeply, feeling the frequency that you are.  There is only love and the pure joy of having God within yourself, feel this essence running through your entire existence, allow it to run in all parts, allow it to go into the feelings, into the thoughts.  There is nothing but pureness right now.  You are in the royal state of condition in this moment ~ the blessing of the role of vulnerability.  Thus you are vulnerable.  The vulnerability is love.  This is the purest form that you can bring through.  Do you feel tears, allow them to arise.  Do you feel joy, allow it to come forward.  Do you feel pain, allow it to be healed.  By the purity that you are, allow this essence to fully be your guide.  Bring forth the completeness that you are.  Let us take a moment in silence and feel this frequency.


What is it that you are feeling in this moment?  What are the thoughts that come to you?  What is the expression of your light?  Allow that to permeate within you.  Allow the silence of your love to run through your physical veins.  Allow it to move into your cellular structure the emotional and mental as this is the true you, this is the vulnerable state, you must feel the vulnerable state ~ embrace these feelings of light as you are a new wave and a new energy.  The light is so bright, it feels so intense to you, fully allow the expression to run through your veins and feel the essence.  Allow your Higher Mind to fully reactivate it in this sense.  Allow yourself to express it in all ways of being.  There is nothing more important for you in this moment but to express unto yourself what it is that you feel within your heart.  Allow it to come out of you, to permeate with you.  It will erase all fear, all pain, and all those elements that stop you from the full completion that you are.  You must fully allow it to permeate every part of you because there are parts within yourself that want to fight it ~ do not allow yourself to fight.  Stay in this frequency everyday just for five minutes and you shall find that your essence, your expression, your love and your frequency of light shall change.  It shall help to heal the four body system, the mental body, the emotional body; it will help heal and bring aspects of yourself into the one being that you were in the beginning.

You have come into this physical body with certain pathways but yet they have been interrupted because of your inability to heal these pathways because of outside circumstances.  Remember the veil of forgetfulness is now gone, you have the veil of remembrance.  Feel this veil coming down upon you now as you express within yourself.  Feel the ability to fully feel these frequencies.  It is your divine right.  It is your desire.  It is the expression within all that you are.  Walking upon the pathway of an aspirant, an initiate, to be on the path of mastery is one of great rewards, but it is one that must have trial and error.  Each of you had these elements of trial and error previously that is why you’re awakening at this time to assist the masses, to assist the many.  Allowing yourself to be in this state of being on a daily basis is going to assist tremendously.  You may listen to music, only silent music, instrumental music, you may listen to chanting and Om Namah Shivaya would be the perfect one because it is an element that brings in the essence of God.  It tears and strips away anything that does not serve that purpose and brings out the rawness of being the new being that you are.  Let us take a deep breath.

As I look around this room, I now see the child that you are.  I see the embryo of the light that you are and have been for eons of time.  Express this within your own essences in this moment and allow this frequency of light to fully be within the composition of who you are.  I walk with each of you.

I am Master Babaji.


The Telosian Way of Being was a 10-week series with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  It is available for MP3 download.  The attunements will not be shared in written format and only provided through the recording.

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Reflection ~ Part 1 ~ Telosian Way of Being with Lord Adama

TWOB ReflectionDearest ones,

This is Lord Adama once again for this amazing series that we’re presenting.  Thank you for being with us and for participating in these frequencies.

Let’s all take a deep breath.  We will refresh the energy Meleriessee had brought forth earlier.  Breathing deeply, feel the frequencies of the Rays of God, the Golden Yellow; the White, Green and the Gold; the Deep Blue; the Deep Pink; the Ruby Red, the Deep Purple, the Crystalline Light and the Sea Foam Green.  Feel the Merkabah vehicle spinning in a clockwise manner.  We’re going to practice intention, instead of making so much of a journey we want your energies just to transfer.  So, let’s feel the spinning of the Merkabah vehicle, it spins in a clockwise manner and we’re going to bring in some frequency that’s going to assist in this process.


Just feel the frequencies of Light, feel the higher levels coming to you in all the essences.  Feel that blending within you as you move higher & higher through all the elements.  Allow yourself to just spin and keep spinning and spinning and spinning, the next thing you know you’re not feeling your body very much.  Allowing yourself to spin higher, higher, higher and higher out of the earth’s atmosphere.  Feel the intention of your frequency, allowing yourself to bring in these essences deeply & more fully.  You see the expansion of your joy as you find yourself right in front of the Telosian garden.   This is a very large garden, just breathe the fresh air, and breathe the air that is here.  So, you’re feeling yourself part of your body but not a part of your body.  This is a frequency, you may feel some vibrations, sometimes you feel it in your joints, allow yourself to just flow with it as we meet many other Telosians.

They have been awaiting our arrival.  We’re going to walk through the forest and let’s just breathe the essence of the forest, the greenery, the elementals and the magic that is here.  As the pathway winds around in many different directions, you may see different animals.  Allow yourself to just imagine deeply, imagine the essences occurring for you and then we’re coming up to the space where the Retreat House is.  We see its light shimmering and many Telosians are awaiting your arrival.  We walk down the stone pathway into the entrance way of the Retreat.  And we’re going to step down the spiral staircase that is a very large wooden staircase.  It is adorned with greenery and flowers.  It’s very exquisite and very magical.

Let’s take a deep breath.  We’re going all the way down to the first floor and there are many doorways and many beings awaiting our arrival.  We walk into the special living area, find your special place, maybe it’s the same place where you sat last week.  Notice what kind of seat you are on, the colors, is it cushioned, are you sitting on pillows.  We have a fire place in the corner, see the fire blazing of all the different sparkles of light and I’m going to go down to the center stage and talk a little bit about what this evening represents.  We’re in a process with the second class of this series.  Within this process we’re now getting deeper into the core of your reflections which truly shows with all your questions this evening, what each of you are experiencing and wanting to go further in questioning yourself.  This questioning process is a major process because it is very much part of a third dimensional reality, the analytical mind wants to question everything that we are doing.  It is not easy to step into a consciousness, as a Telosian it is to just be in each moment and not worry about how much you did not get done or what you still have to do, just allowing yourself to be in that space of Beingness.

We want to talk a little bit about that this evening.  What that truly means for us is we need to fully accept our own reflection because our inner reflection is being projected outwardly into the world, to everyone else.  We truly want that reflection to be of the best quality of what we think the highest purpose is for us or the highest essence of our personality that we as a human species want to please others.  Let’s look at ourselves first; I think this is an important aspect because in pathways of psychology in the past individual human beings were not allowed to be selfish with themselves because this made them more important than anybody else around them.  In truth, there needs to be a balance for that because each of us that walks this pathway needs to find out who we are, we come in this body ~ let us say, I am your neighbor and you look at me being very strange and within this strangeness, I think of you as being very strange at the same time.  We don’t interact with each other because that strangeness keeps us apart from one another.

What we don’t realize is that we as a human species blame others for our problems.  We blame the President of the country, we blame the leaders, we blame the grocery clerk because they didn’t do something when you wanted it to be done or they didn’t read the pricing correctly or they scanned it in the wrong way, or you’re blaming the mother for the child’s screaming when you want silence.  So these are all aspects that assist us to look in our self reflection and what we want to do this evening is to assist you with that self reflection.   I see from your comments of the Question and Answer period that you are seeing changes just by what each of you are speaking about and are truly seeing the difference within yourself.  This is very exciting.  I’m very excited just with the one meeting we had and I know most of you have been working with Mel and Mike for awhile, some of you not as long, and listening to the calls and being part of these elements, also doing your own inner work within this process and this is what it truly is.  We’re going to give you tools.  We’re going to assist you with vibrational changes but you’re the ones that need to make the changes within yourselves.  You may not even realize what these changes can be because the frequency of the light right now is very strong to prepare everyone.  The elements that are happening with the earth changes are assisting the planet as a whole to move into wholeness and there are many who don’t even know what that means.  So as I stand before you this evening, let us just take a moment, and allow your own inner reflection to fully be in the capacity of your acceptance.

As we take this breath, we’re going to allow ourselves to be unmasked.  What happens when the mask comes off of us?  It feels uncomfortable, little bit scary, vulnerable.  What if you kept this mask off all the time and you allowed yourself to be in that vulnerable state?  What would happen to your psyche?  What happens with the way you need to fully accept what is occurring within you?  Well I’ll tell you what will happen, you’ll find yourself.  What occurs in keeping the mask on?  Many of us have many masks, projections with friends, projections with a lover, projections with your co-workers, your boss ~ if you are in your own business, with your clients.  We are allowing that projection to come across, because in the aspects of this frequency in a society of this earth, that is what we have to do to be professional, to be friendly.  That you are not friendly with people you’re professional with is not like us.  We do not do that.  That is not the Telosian Way of Being.  The Telosian Way of Being is that we know everyone deeply; we also have the ability to tap into those energies, because of the frequency that we have and the consciousness that we have embodied.  So this is the ability of fully activating your Higher Heart, your Higher Mind, and having that full capability within yourself to grow from that period.  So let us all just take a moment.  I want you to relax.

We have the Telosians, our helpers here who are the young Telosians and they are serving tea to everybody.  Why are we serving you tea?  No, we’re not drugging you (with a chuckle).  We’re not giving you Kool-Aid.  We’re serving you tea to help you to relax.  This is a special tea for each of you and it may be a different tea for each of you.  I want you to take a sip of the tea.  As you take a sip of the tea, I want you to fully relax.  Allow your essences to completely be embodied in your Higher Sense as this room is now bringing forth the frequencies of the many Lights of God as we shared last week ~ all the Rays Of God, not just the 22 Rays but all the Rays that encompass the Essence of God on many levels and all the many colors on top of colors.  Bringing in that frequency of light, allowing yourself to fully feel the many colors of blues, greens, oranges, reds, browns, grays, white lights and beiges and feeling the frequencies as they go higher and lower and higher, higher, higher.  Allowing yourself now, in this moment, as we have a special gift for you in this moment.

Graphic Art by Marc Eden
Graphic Art by Marc Eden

I hold in my hand, a mandala.  This is a very special mandala.  It has been designed by an artist who lives on the earth plane that Mel & Mike are working with.  This mandala brings forth the frequency to remove your old mask.  This man, Marc Eden, doesn’t know what he has created.  We’ll ask Meleriessee and Mike to look at the mandalas that they have because each of these mandalas represents this program.  In his creation this mandala is going to represent removing the mask of your lower ego and your lower mind.  I hold before me this mandala.  If you can feel the frequency of this mandala, it is many colors, many frequencies of colors, and there may be colors within there that may not feel very comfortable because this mandala is going to assist in removing those aspects that you have been holding onto.  So I have this mandala in front of me on an easel, and it is actually on a wheel and I’m going to spin this mandala and Meleriessee is going to bring forth the vibration.  Each of you shall look at the mandala and see the frequency of light changing within all your aspects.  So let us begin this journey.  You may also feel that you go inside the mandala because that is going to assist you to go deeper and deeper.  What does the mandala represent?  Well, it represents removing of the lower ego, the lower mind, the lower mask you’re holding, and many masks, and allowing that frequency to just change.  As we spin the wheel of the mandala, it is going to spin in a clockwise manner.  Feel the frequency of the light changing within the room, and the colors upon colors.  Allow these essences to come fully within.


Now just breathe deeply.  Feel the outer layer peel away from you.  You may even feel a tingling of your skin.  You’re going to feel the essences of the core of your being in this moment.  Allow the core of your being to be the most essence that you want to share, that you want to bring forth, it is such amazing energy.

Breathe deeply.  Breathe in this essence deeply.  I’m now bringing forth our guest speaker this evening.  Master Babaji is coming forward to talk about the silence because now that you have ripped away the outer core lining, it’s important to fully bring in the essence of silence within your frequency of the light.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar series and is available as an MP3 download, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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