The Creation of Higher Vibration Energies for Earth is Essential!

It Really Works. Gaia Heals. Humanity is Being Supported. Bringing in Vibrations of the Higher Octave Frequency does actually transform the planet and human awareness.

Reverends Mahlariessee and Ara have seen it firsthand.

In 2012 when they converted the website Divine Language Network ( into Walking Terra Christa ( it was a tremendous leap forward in faith.

On her own Rev. Meleriessee (now spelled Mahlariessee to reflect the higher vibration pronunciation) had previously been publicly bringing forth the real transmissions of the Frequencies of Light (i.e., the Spiritual Hierarchy, Ascended Masters and Christed Beings of the higher dimensions and Inner Earth cities in Oneness) since 2003.

But now she was fully leaving the corporate business world that supported her in order to step fully into being the Voice of the New Earth for this crucial and critical time of the 2012 energies. Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos of the Inner Earth Agartha Network, personally asked her to do so because he knew it was that important.

The hard truth was that if those energies were not properly grounded upon earth, the window of the New Age for humans and Gaia would have been missed and not reappear for another 5000 years.

It was an event that held in balance the very Soul of Earth, not to mention all Her Kingdoms, including Humanity.

To get it right, to do ALL THAT COULD BE DONE, it meant Reverend Mahlariessee could no longer split her own energies between working during the day and also getting the messages of true and correct higher frequencies out to the world. She could not afford to bring less of who she was, what she had trained so diligently for, to be compromised. It was too great a risk that something of immense value might fall through the cracks.

And yet, living on the upper earth even while doing higher dimensional energies does not also mean you are supported just by the spiritual realm. Not at all. After all, this is earth. There is food, rent, clothing. And if you want to use the internet to disseminate your messages as far and wide as possible, there is a business side to it all as well.

But she no longer had job income and, like many living month to month today upon earth even with employment, she had no savings.
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EARTH ONENESS: On a Path of Destiny or Fate?

We pause a moment to consider the Spiritual condition of our home at the end of 2016.

The perspective lens we view from is that of the Masters who long have walked upon her surface with a grand and lofty goal of creating an attainment of Peace and Oneness for all of humankind. They held this as their highest spiritual aspiration for the collective consciousness.

But how are we doing as a species now?

In the last quarter of a century significant gains toward Oneness have indeed been achieved.  We have seen great global shifts.

1964 in the United States realises the passing of the Civil Rights Act granting the end of institutional discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin. 1989 sees the fall of the Berlin Wall ending one of Europe’s strongest holds on individual freedoms bringing both political and economic reform. In 1994 Nelson Mandela was elected the first black man of South Africa ending a half century or more of racial segregation. 2007 in Ireland brings a formal ceasing of the conflict called the”Troubles” between Protestant and Catholic. 2015 ushers in recognition of same-sex marriages in the United States to receive federal benefits in all 50 states ending sexual discrimination of gay partners in a legal rights context. The Paris Accord for global climate reductions to legacy fossil fuels emissions is historically agreed upon and ratified by 116 nations as of October of 2016.

The list of missed opportunities to create Oneness however is much longer. It does really not need to be stated as all know the state of our world. It is perhaps more effective to look at this issue in a directly personal way.

Is the world you live in the one you want to leave as a legacy to your children or your children’s children?

There are a multitude of forces upon the planet that still desire a world of segregation, discrimination, and oppression for the sake of personal agenda, greed or control of resources. The use of political and institutional power promoting the creation of anxiety and fear within the hearts and minds of humanity has not ceased.

On GAIA presently there remains much energy that creates anger and hate among individuals in terms of culture, race, creed, color or sexual orientation.

Can this be changed?

It is always about changing the external condition for humans. This is the “go to” reaction and action. Have not eons of millennia demonstrated this is an endless cycle that does not bring real spiritual change.

Spiritual Truth has always instructed us that falling into the trap of the illusion of the material life’s existence will never lead to our Spiritual goals. Perhaps the wisdom spoken 2500 years ago by the one called Gautama Buddha is one example of the answer as to how CHANGE can finally occur for our world.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”

“No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” 

The words and teachings from the Ascended Masters are not new. What is new is humanity finally putting them into action enmass.

We believe that it is now a crucial juncture of time for humanity to bring the Higher Spiritual consciousness forward so that it becomes infectious, that the personal elevation of thoughts and emotions DOES go out to others.

Join with us to become a personal beacon of Higher Consciousness for Mother Earth and Humanity.

Make 2017 the year of creating something earth has not yet experienced. Begin training your own personal Ascended Master Consciousness. This will make the VISION of ONENESS our collective DESTINY and not leave it up to fate.

Walking Terra Christa has a new study program to specifically assist individuals train on raising their consciousness, (and year-end HOLIDAY specials that will also help). Click for details

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The Cities of Light

Artwork by Daniel B. Holeman at http://www.AwakenVisions.comArtwork by Daniel B. Holeman

by Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), along with various psychics, prophets, channels and seers, foretold (and still foretell) of potential EARTH CHANGES that are directly related to the coming of a NEW AGE upon Mother Earth. A researcher of the information forecasted by these many sources will quickly find various scenarios and happenings spanning varying degrees of land mass alterations, changes and/or catastrophes, much of which is contradictory between sources.

The existence of such contradictions does not mean the information is false, nor does focusing on any one source mean it is true. The discrepancies exist for many reasons. The primary reason is we are a mass consciousness of humanity that has freedom of will. Little changes within our conscious energy field can have massive positive results, or alternatively, if we collectively are failing to make much change within ourselves, we are passively acknowledging that we are in acceptance of whatever needs to occur on the physical plane to force us to change.

Cayce himself had said we always have the power to avoid earth catastrophes of any level. In those days he referred to it as the power of prayer, of tapping into that connection to God. In our work, we refer to it as our core essence as Divine Eternal Beings who ARE ONE with the GOD FORCE through the Journey of the Soul into Full Remembrance, which is the deepest form of prayer one can accomplish.

The NEW EARTH is indeed going to have GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES OF LIGHT. These cities have been referred to 2000 years ago in Biblical terms as “the Land of Milk and Honey”, which was a reference to vast abundance of two items that were considered delicacies in those times. In our modern days of 1989, the I AM AMERICA organization foresaw 5 of these cities within North America.
Well known channel Ronna Herman who works with Archangel Michael’s messages said in 2010 that “You [humanity] have opened the pathways to the Cities of Light so that you can gradually incorporate higher and more refined frequencies of Light.

Another popular channel Michael Quinsey has said: “The Cities of Light of which you are now becoming aware, will give you a sample of what it is like in the higher dimensions. Yet they are more in the nature of Healing Centres specifically prepared to help you raise your consciousness levels. You will take the fast track to remove all the vestiges of your present dimension that have kept you within it.” (Sept. 2, 2011.) A year later he had this to add: “There will be ample facilities, including the Cities of Light, where you can be healed as you are to be fully restored to a prime condition. Eventually you will also be able to reverse the aging process and return to a youthful appearance, and so it will go on until you become a Galactic Being. All of these changes await you and they are not too far in the future. Think positively about them and you will be helping to manifest them much sooner than we have allowed for.” (Sept. 19, 2012).

As Quinsey noted, these Golden Etheric Cities are “healing centers for your consciousness”. Basically what the information is telling us is an emphasis on “consciousness”. Many people simply hear such words and take away the “healing” part and do not consider what the “consciousness” part means, instead feeling it will be something like a free healing clinic. This is not correct.

Louise L. Hay has written and spoken for many years on the topic of dis-ease in the body being directly related to our state of being stating, “I wish the children could be taught early on that our thinking creates our experience.” This is the higher dimensional pathway for healing, and is what Quinsey meant. The Etheric Golden Cities will be centers for learning how to heal all parts of ourselves, not just the physical.

We accomplish this by doing the inner work of self-awareness in our ‘consciousness’ to remove elements within us that have, over eons of time, kept our existence in states of dis-ease or dis-harmony. In short, it is purely about doing inner work just as all the great spiritual Masters have been telling us for those same eons of time.

What form does that INNER WORK take to create this healing? In our Academy teachings, we have spent the last four years tapping directly into exactly what the NEW AGE of the NEW EARTH is all about so that you don’t need to sort through the varied sources out there and patch together an understanding. We have done that for you. We actually visit these cities in our conscious awareness so that we can receive the healing we need. As AA Michael, in speaking about the New Earth, has stated through channel Linda Dillon, “That is a very concrete reality and there are many of you out there who are very conscientiously building and working daily with the Cities of Light. Do not think this is simply a pipe dream, it is not and you are seeing the fruits of this.” (Sept. 8, 2012).

Because of the importance of this work, we are releasing a pre-release set of audio teachings from our conscious meditative journey visits to the GOLDEN ETHERIC NEW EARTH CITIES. What occurs in these teachings is rather profound. We are given a vision of what the CITIES look like currently (as they are also in a process of being built and expanded). We then hear from a Being that has a major stake in having the upper earth citizens raise their consciousness (Lord Adama of Telos, capitol city High Priest of the Inner Earth Agartha Network of Cities), so that the Inner Earth citizens can once again walk on the upper earth with their brother and sisters of GAIA. Next the Spiritual Masters and Light Beings, such as AA Michael, instruct us regarding how we can learn to assist ourselves within these cities. Finally, in each teaching journey throughout the transmission, we always receive the higher frequencies that have our Light Bodies learn to shift and accept higher dimensional energies within our full body system (of the physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies) so that it is not just about an informational teaching.

Originally the information received by the I AM AMERICA organization related five (5) cities, their approximate etheric location above the surface of the earth, and the qualities that city would assist us in achieving. They stated the Five Golden City Vortices of The United States are: 1.) Gobean: Arizona and New Mexico; Qualities: Transformation, Harmony, and Peace. 2.) Malton: Illinois and Indiana; Qualities: Fruition (fructification), Attainment 3.) Wahanee: Georgia and South Carolina; Qualities: Justice, Liberty, and Freedom 4.) Shalahah: Montana and Idaho; Qualities: Abundance, Prosperity, Healing. And 5.) Klehma: Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska; Qualities: Continuity, Balance, and Harmony.

We now know that there are 22 GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES that have many more qualities than first understood. These cities of Light in fact each relate specifically to the 22 RAYS OF GOD, as each city is organized to bring forth the entirety of healing from a specific Ray (or Flame). Light, as we know, is a vibrational frequency, and each of the 22 Rays is given from the God Force to assist us in balancing and elevating our full consciousness in specific areas of our existence, in short: raising our frequency.

. . . From the Etheric City that I AM presently serving in with certain Members of the Great White Brotherhood, We are releasing specialized Rays of Comfort, Peace and Healing for the wounds of this dear planet and her evolutions. It is such a Joyous Experience to be able to see, as the result of your Decrees, the instantaneous Manifestations of Perfection brought about by the Light Rays We send forth to do your and Our bidding, knowing that that Light of God cannot fail! – 1959; Godfrey Ray King/Guy Ballard (author of the I AM DISCOURSES) through messenger Mark Prophet.

We have also learned that the names of the Cities are also more complex than first thought. For example Gobean, the earthly term for the first city, is known spiritually as Goloneiah. It is the City of the Blue Ray and is not just overlighted by AA Michael, but his counterpart, AA Faith; as well as the Elohim Masters Hercules and Amazonia. Most importantly one of the main teachers of this city is Ascended Master El Morya, the current Ray Chohan of the Blue Flame. His role is to assist us to fully understand the WILL TO DO which is the main quality of the Blue Ray that is required in order to bring about changes within us.

If you are interested in using our teachings to assist you in understanding and incorporating the healing that can occur in these Golden Cities of Light, we now have a pre-release set of audio teachings of our visits to these cities. It is only being offered for a limited time at a deeply discounted pre-release exchange rate until we can edit the recordings. NOTE: It is a pre-release because these are raw unedited audio format files. If you are one who simply desires the knowledge and frequencies of the teachings, (and are not annoyed from the lower mental mind’s control mechanisms of the imperfection of extraneous noises that can be found in live recordings), than these audio files could be for you. Use this link to view the website details of this pre-release audio set of the NEW EARTH GOLDEN ETHERIC CITIES OF LIGHT TEACHINGS. This is a limited time offer.
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Understanding How to Create the New Earth

New Earth Terra Christa

How do you interpret this?

“The hard part is over. The only thing left to do now is alter your expectations and enjoy the ride. You are a divine being of light and your true nature will soon be all you know. The pace is now accelerating and the coming changes will also be met by shifts in monetary systems, the political landscape and well as modifications in social and economical infrastructures. This will happen sooner than later, but likely before the end of this year. Many of these events will happen simultaneously and when the greater cycles begins, you will know. It will be difficult, but that is the time to be centered and focus on seeing all the good that will come in the age of empowerment. You are a truly empowered human…own your mastery.” –

My interpretation/opinion:
1. “The only thing left to do is enjoy the ride.” – This statement is the deepest type of subconscious programming of the dark agenda. Their role is to have you believe the New Age is going to happen if you just keep high hopes and share meditations of love and light together. There is no work that really has to be done other than that.

2. “…will also be met by shifts in monetary systems, the political landscape and well as modifications in social and economical infrastructures. This will happen sooner than later, but likely before the end of this year. “- This statement is a listing of all the things you already have been preprogrammed to want changed. The message is reinforcing to you that the change in all the crucial areas of your material life you are hoping will change, will in fact do so, and again without you lifting a finger. It does not tell you how they will change specifically, but you will fill in the back story yourself.

3. “It will be difficult, but that is the time to be centered and focus on seeing all the good that will come in the age of empowerment. You are a truly empowered human…own your mastery.” – This defines human mastery for you and lets you know that the message is real. For it is not a fairy tale if they tell you there will be difficulties. But again, they don’t tell you what the difficulties will be, instead the writer allows you to fill in the blanks from your own mind and emotions. But, again, the ultimate take away message tells you “don’t worry, be happy” as you are an empowered human in your own mastery and that means you don’t need to work at it, the universe itself is here to serve it to you as you are, after all, a divine supreme being who deserves it.

Disclaimer and Conclusion:

This is 100% my own opinion. It is not meant to disparage or be critical of any person. The writer/author of the linked article, like most visionary channels who desire to share information on the New Age is 99% correct in what is being said in terms of human consciousness and how it is changing. I simply found this article useful to demonstrate the very subtle subconscious programming that goes on within the vast majority of visionaries who are using only the gifts of intellect to share their information. It is not their programing, they are simply passing on and continuing the established dark agenda without knowledge that they are doing so. It is all part of the “just be the love and the light” packaging of disinformation by the dark agenda, who are very much still planning on having every human on earth NOT experience the true New Age, but their own Theme Park version of it.

What about the subconscious messages? At the end of the day, the only element the human system takes away from these types of writings, as brilliant as they are, is that things will get better if we just relax and allow them to happen. And while this is true in a Universal sense, it is not sufficient to change anything any day soon with regard to the specific types of change really required to create a New Golden Age that is universal and in unity for all humans.

Human Mastery in a New Age is affecting change by BEING the change. It means WALKING the talk, not just meditating and visioning ON the ideas of change. There are 1000’s of awakening humans who now have the gifts of tapping into the universal field and sharing tremendously great writings and ideas. But if they do not have a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of control, a true understanding of the ones that have been in control for 10,000 years on earth, they will simply become pawns for facilitating the actions of those controllers.

The TRUE SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS is the same one spoken of by the visionaries throughout documented human history: Lao-Tzu, Confucius, Buddha, Jeshua, Muhammad, Ghandi, et al., who all spoke of going within to know what is without.

Mastery is just a potentiality unless each soul discovers who they are and how they manifest who they are in their physicality, for it is physicality that creates. Do you WALK THE TALK OF THE MASTER? Or do you still have weekly interactions with each other than cause you irritation, disappointment, anger, pain?

All the lower negative emotions are not caused by another, they are caused by your interpretation of another. The are simply MIRRORS of your level of consciousness being revealed to you. Invest in those reflections instead of being distracted by the ideals of visionary thinking, and then you will be on the road to empowerment and mastery, not just speaking about it. Do not disregard visionary channels, just understand that they may not fully understand how to create the visions they are perceiving.

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Planning in Action


This month is going to set a huge opening of many events to change upon the world.  Many are writing about it and I share it from the information that as been provided through our teachings from the Ascended Masters.

Wesak in May truly set the stage as the enfoldment of the Three-fold flame of the Will, Love and Power was actualized within the essence of Gaia.  We then experienced an amazing Solstice in which a doorway opened for every human on earth to blend their three minds of the Consciousness, Sub-consciousness, into the Super-consciousness of our Higher Self.  This is a pretty tall acceleration which will continue through eons of time.

So now we are in adjustment phases of allowing all of these energies to blend into our physical existence.   In addition the veil between the worlds of Spirit and Matter are now closer than they ever have been before.  This means that the availability of connecting with the Light Beings is so close within our consciousness.  It also means that the gap of the opposing forces is getting smaller but not without trying to create challenges for each of us.

The New Moon occurs on July 8th, 07:14 GMT, 12:14 AM PDT, 3:14 AM EDT which is in Cancer.  It is a time of inner reflection of truly understanding what is occurring for your pathway by tapping into the old timelines, igniting the ones you felt you want to remember, and allowing the unity of the Self to be blended within you, The One that is Transforming.  Take time for a special ceremony while setting your intentions towards the upcoming full moon on the 22nd.

It is also a time of Mercury Retrograde but we don’t want to center upon those energies as it is a third dimensional reality.  As we are learning to vibrate our physical beings into the fifth dimensional level, we take this time period as a lesson and removing the old aspects that no longer fit our purpose in any form.   Staying stuck on what Mercury Retrograde can do to us physically, emotionally, or mentally must be a gift from the Universe.  So keep intending to raise your vibration through your voice, utilizing the Rays of God, and affirming your Higher Self is your deciding guide in all moments; then, you shall glide through this period with Ease and Grace.




We are the Unified Whole Command of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein at your service.  It is a pleasure to connect with each of you again.

Our message today is one of great concern.  There are going to be tremendous changes and upheavals around the world so it is imperative that each of you understand the process that you are going through to create a balanced Body, Mind, and Spirit.

We don’t want to share what is going to occur because that may change.  Our role is to assist each of you in the process that you are undergoing.  With the upsurge of energies that have occurred on a spiritual and vibrational level it is important that each individual understands their own role at the present time.  Sometimes this may be difficult to comprehend due to the acceleration and change that each of you is undergoing presently.  You see, you are not any different than GAIA.  Everyone is changing all at the same time including each of us within the Hierarchy and the Unified Whole.  More and more light beings are realizing their role in the earth’s changes and are putting themselves into the Unity of the One.

This is exactly what is happening within the Earth and we call upon each of you for assistance.  The more diligence you make to create the unified Being of Light you want to be, the more it is going to assist GAIA.  Areas of the world that will be greatly affected will be the ones that need this light more than others.   This is not to mean that you have to sit and send out energies to certain areas continually.  We are talking about the pathway that each of you are walking upon right now.

What is your focus in your spiritual life?  Do you think about this continually or is it a plan that you have within your foundation?  We like to think of it has “planning in action”.  This means that on a 30-day basis to make an overview of what you would like to accomplish within your own four-body system, what elements need to be healed, and how would you like to acquire these elements within your life?  It is just a simple plan in which you reflect at the beginning of each month of what you have experienced and what you would like to create.  Then within that monthly period you will see elements arise that either assist you or de-assist. This is when you take the ones you do not want and purge them into Wholeness.  The ones that you desire, you thank them for coming to you, and celebrate yourself.

We suggest this tool to help you understand what is happening within your existence through your physical, etheric, emotional, and mental bodies.  The changes are going to happen to you as you raise your vibration; it is all part of the Divine Planning.  You stepped into a world that you assist you with these elements.

We share this because it is going to help you stay grounded and focused when other changes are taking place around the Earth.  These are very challenging times but the more grounding that is created within each of you, the more we can assist.  The energies that you will be exhibiting will help others around the world to receive the Light and Love of God within their hearts.

We all know that the Mind of the Self is now becoming the Super-Conscious.  As this occurs, the old elements will arise.  If you have not worked on them previously, then you will have to do so.  If it is something you already have healed, then it is just a remembrance.  Breathe into it and now that your Higher Self is the deciding factor of it all coming into balance.  You will know the difference.

This is exactly what is occurring within Gaia.  Everyone is experiencing it at the same moment in time.  Each of you, being the Lightworkers, are the grounding force for GAIA so it is your responsibility to stand within your power each moment.  We all know this may be a challenge because the elements will bring up what you have not cleared so it could be a rough ride for some of you.  Learning to hold within the space of your Higher Self will be the deciding factor in how this all occurs for each of you.

We are at the beginning of this phase.  Weather patterns are going haywire due to elements of control.  But it is not your job to complain about it.  It is your job to accept the challenge and change your energies by chanting, meditating, breathing your I AM presence deeply into your essence.  The media is very strong and will want to bring more fear into the design of these changes.  We ask each of you to hold your ground, know who you are, and expand that essence.

This is the pathway of mastery and it is the most challenging times no matter where you may be on that journey.  Each initiate is being asked to step into their Love, Will, and Power to create a joyful and miraculous journey for all individuals on this planet.  Do not let another to set you astray as the powers of this energy are determined.  With all of our assistance, each of us, we can become the Oneness that each of us desires.  But great challenges will ensue.  Take what you have learned and apply with the Light and Love of God.

We stand with you always within the Unified Whole Command.

May the Light always be our Guide in Unity of Light.

Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein at your service

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Understanding the Role of Being a Messenger for the New Earth

_UWO 144Since the beginning of my pathway there have been many new discoveries that I have encountered.  I always took the high road to my spiritual growth and attainment.  It is with this understanding that I share how this has affected my life and the world that I inhabit as it molds who I Am.

First I want to say, that since the onset of the Unified Whole Command writing the Frequency Updates, it seems that myself with Mike Hayden of Walking Terra Christa have become the messenger of Oneness for these amazing Beings of Light.  I was introduced to a man called, IAM, that was the messenger for the Unified Whole.  I am eternally grateful for the day that I met IAM, a young man that would change the way in which I communicated energies to others.  IAM was very special and he shared to us about the Unified Whole Command which was overseen by Master Thoth and in which all masters that wanted to release their pantheons of the past and join the track of Oneness would be invited to join.  He also asked me as Meleriessee to be an additional messenger of the Unified Whole Command as there were no others that could tap into this frequency.  I, of course, accepted my role and Mike and I were inducted as Earth Members into this amazing group consciousness.

Unfortunately, IAM is no longer living on this earth.  His world of accessing many dimensions at the same time left him with an ungrounded state of being.  His was newly awakened and very powerful with his gifts but did not know how to take care of his baggage of this lifetime.  That is why this work is so important for us to share; to help the ones that come in as Starseeds and do not understand how the ways of the mastery works upon Gaia.  I believe there are many that are going to be needing guidance in how to allow their energies be grounded within the physical world as we are within such a strong transitionary phase.

My meeting with IAM took place in October of 2011 shortly after arriving in Mt. Shasta.  It was also the time when Mike Hayden and I myself would partner together to create Walking Terra Christa.  The Unified Whole Command is our guidepost of information of light entering the planet as it represents the Spiritual Hierarchy, Intergalactic, Inner Earth, Angelic Hosts, Divine Mother and Father God, and all God Force activities working within the Christ Consciousness.  We realized that work with less than this frequency would put us in harms way of the many lower energies that want to stop GAIA from ascending and each of us living within her consciousness.  They have helped us tremendously to understand what Oneness represents in the physical context and not just in our thoughts, emotions, and actions.  We have learned how to integrate the highest levels of vibration within a physical body and in our environment.  Any less than that would take us back into the world of duality both personally and professionally.

This is why we are living in Mt. Shasta, California as it is considered one of the most powerful spots in the World.  I traveled here extensively doing ceremonies for many years, and it would mold the opportunity for me to relocate when it was synchronous for all elements to come into place.  Lord Adama, the High Priest of Telos and Saint Germain orchestrated the plans for me to arrive and for Mike to do the same unbeknownst to both of us what was occurring.  Then IAM came into the picture to widen the horizon.

We stepped into a world that only a few would understand.  We did not even realize the depth of our work together and the pathways that our Higher Self’s had chosen for us.  But in time we would learn, and this we have done.  We were asked to not interact with others within Mt. Shasta as there were many different energies and we were being guided by the Team of Light headed by Lord Adama within the Unified Whole Command to be the best we could be.  Lord Adama said we were under “quarantine”.  We were told to create ceremonies, go through initiations with each of the Lord and Lady Masters to assist us to become the Best We Could Be.  It was challenging and continues to be so.

I would not have chosen it any other way.  In fact, upon my arrival I had no idea why I chose to be here except I wanted to be closer to the Telosians living in the mountain and New Jersey did not hold a frequency I could handle.  I was literally dying in New Jersey by accelerating my light quotient and not wanting to exist physically.  It was time to make a change.  Having Mike arrived helped me to be grounded, and I was to lower my light quotient in order for us to be together until he could accelerate himself. This he has done in a way that Lord Adama shared “No one has done it in quite the same way”.  We work with the teachings of Joshua David Stone and I am ordained under his organization since 2003.  In fact, we communicated quite often as he became my mentor for this work.  I also volunteered for his Wesak Events here in Mt. Shasta for a few years.

So when the Unified Whole Command asked me to write a frequency update for the New Earth changes I felt it was important to do so.  All the work that we have done in the past 18 months molds who we are today and what we share.  It is powerful work and we live it consistently.  Living in Mt. Shasta can be difficult on its own due to its powerful magic but compounded with the level of dimensional work we do, it is like none-other.

Through the process of the messages I found that they needed to share the truth of Oneness from their perspective.  We adhere to this truth as we are their messenger of Light unto this Earth.  We know that not everyone will understand the message or the underlying tones associated with it.  I was one of those individuals a few years ago that was sure that this Earth would split into the New Earth just as the Sirians experienced with Planets A and B.  I learned after arriving that it was changing and it would not occur in that manner due to the lightworkers upon the planet.

It was at this time that I realized personally that the work I have done and preparing for this pathway has been arduous but so rewarding.  I cannot tell you what I had to go through to be in this stage of my life.  I experienced many levels of duality, loss of jobs, loss of housing, living where I did not want to live, traveling and experiencing heights of awareness that were being offered to me, two major death experiences that would reshape my existence, and several healing modalities, sweat lodges (12 in one year) to just be able to sustain myself upon this earth, along with a full physical integration of the essence of Divine Mother and Father God known as the Cosmic Great Central Sun.   The one pathway that saved my life were the Ascension Teachings brought forth by Dr. Stone.  I learned to breathe, exist, and be on the pathway of mastery while learning how to grasp the magic and beautiful gifts that were shown to me.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, are taking the lineage of those ascended teachings as our structure but then arising to the ability to utilize the higher vibrational levels in achieving the goals of mastery upon this earth.  We work on many levels to assist individuals to follow the same pathway and we know that this is not for everyone.  It is the HARDEST PATHWAY that one can choose and not every one is ready to do so.  I have been teaching ascension classes and groups for over a decade before I arrived here and saw many individuals come and go out of my living room.  But they left changed because of this work as it gets right to the core of God and our essence.

So now with the Unified Whole we merge into a completely new reality.  One that was based on the other but does not hold the old timelines of the teachings.  They become more purified in the message with a sense of deep truth.  This truth comes from the consciousness; I am only able to give these messages because of my pathway to arrive in this state of conditioning. Without all the challenges that I endured, I would not be here today sharing and writing my personal essence.

So I hold reverence to the Unified Whole and allow their message to be as pure as God’s Light is to each of us.  I do not hold back the message although at times I feel it is harsh.  Master Thoth the overlighting energy with the Great Divine Director shared with me this morning that I must speak my truth just as they do.  So that is the reason for this writing.  I flow with the energies and allow them to speak from their Truth which is the Truth of Oneness.  We need guidance in how to get through these accelerations and we don’t need to be told it is going to get better at this moon or cycle.  We need to understand what is behind the frequency of light upon Gaia so we can be prepared.  It takes a lot of work, study, and introspection to acquire mastery, but it is necessary for the 5th dimensional world.

We are experiencing the 5D energies etherically as they filter from the Etheric Earth as that dimension is very real.  But we are still within the duality and it is up to us in how we experience it.  Mt. Shasta is full of many types of people and represent all life forms living right here.  We have learned how to interact, how to protect ourselves, living in magic and sometimes bad magic touches your doorway of light.

You then learn how to stand up to it without aggression, but with living in a higher vibrational state.  Lord Adama and the Telosoian Council of Light have taught us how to do this.  But we are still living with the duality so we must learn how to change it by being better, more than we ever thought we could be, and accepting our role as an initiate or Ascended Master upon this earth.  This is the only way that we are going to move from the 4th dimension into the 5th.  And sometimes, we have to Fake It Until We Make It.  So that is what Oneness Consciousness is about ~ learning the rules of being in mastery, walking in love, but actually feeling it deeply through all parts of our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies as One Body of Light.

So the messages from the Unified Whole Command will come with all of these elements in one package.   They are showing us how to live without duality but being honest about the transitionary phase which is shown each week.  I strive to give only the highest and the best information from the higher frequencies into our reality.  I needed to share this background information as it helped me to understand it along with others that are reading the weekly posts.

It is a beautiful time on this earth as we work hand-in-hand with GAIA to meet Terra Christa.  Thank you for supporting Walking Terra Christa and myself as the messenger of the Unified Whole Command.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

2013 Walking Terra Christa/All Rights Reserved





In a unique and mind-body-spirit expanding 10-session event now available for Mp3 Audio Download, we experience a teaching forum where we etherically travel to the 5th Dimension itself. In the Lemurian Retreat House which is in the City of Telos, we gather with the Team of Light and Lord Adama. This exceptional course is ever poignant in what it teaches as no upper earth being fully understands what they need to acquire to Walk as a 5th Dimensional Human.

THE TELOSIAN WAY OF BEING is the one course that instructs you on the intricacies of releasing what you have learned in the 3rd Dimension so that you can discover exactly what you need to Master to get to the 5th.


2013 ~ The Year of Synchronization

As we reflect back on the year of 2012, we have come to a new place of awakening.  2013 will represent to each of us individually how we can be better as we assist the planet in the transition of darkness into light.

We have all chosen to be here in this juncture of time no matter where each individual soul may be experiencing their reality.  We must all admit that this year of 2012 has been the most challenging on a personal and global basis as we are being assisted in learning about our Divine roots as our Souls are being more active within our physical essence than we ever thought could be.

The activations of this year and in particular, December 2012, were very life changing for every soul upon the planet.  These changes are directed by our free will and the deeper we allowed ourselves to go within, the more acceptance that we have felt.  The upcoming year is a new level upon 2012 as it will be up to us, individually, in how we want to accept our pathways of Light into our physical existence and the world around us.

We, at Walking Terra Christa, held a most powerful retreat of seven days from December 12th through the 21st.  We learned that we came together to heal our wounds from the past in order to be in the present as we walk together into the higher level of existence upon this planet.  We healed previous timelines to help us acknowledge our Higher Self as the commander of our ship.  Elements arose that we needed to address, and we did it in love and compassion for the journey that we were on together.  It was not easy as we were confronted with challenges in each moment.  We stood with courage to hold the Light and some walked away not understanding the process that each of us had gone under.  This happens while being in Mt. Shasta as we are continually being pushed to get deeper into the essence of our souls.  That is the beauty of this journey as it is a gift that we receive to help us to become better at our jobs, being a Light Worker.

The essence of the Christ Consciousness becoming fully integrated within us is a personal journey.  It is up to us to allow the highest optimal experience; and if we do not allow the process to continue through our physical body, then it will become a struggle as we move into 2013.  From January to the Spring Equinox we are going to be asked to hold as much light as possible to assist Gaia in her transition.  The forces of the lower energies are doing the same on their end so our battle is not finished yet but we are much further along the way than we could have ever hoped.  It is going to be up to us to work through our judgments, fears, and lower thought forms that keep us stuck in the lower dimensions.  Many are still in this space and we as, the Leaders and Torch Bearers of the New Earth, need to be very diligent in our spiritual practice on a daily basis.

This means that not only is the human race changing, we as the leaders, must go deeper into our core essence to remove all the old timelines that have stopped us previously.  These thought forms that come to us are not from our Higher Self and have been engineered to keep us in bondage.  It is up to us to fully accept that we are higher beings of Light and share this Light with others through our vibration.  All of this must be done with our frequency that we have inhabited within us during the powerful activations in December.  Otherwise, they may get lost in the process.  It is a very powerful time to realize our dreams through thoughts, visions, and expressions that may seem unusual.  We must write them down immediately because the energies we have experienced are not grounded into Gaia yet so we have to help in the process.  Each of us may forget as we are still experiencing duality around us; the planet has not ascended but is in the transition of doing so.  It is a wondrous journey of Light.

2013 represents Synchronization and in order for this to occur we must fully allow the old timelines, thoughts, and remembrances of the past to be fully removed.  Otherwise, this synchronization cannot happen and there will still be discordant elements that we have to deal with.  This has to do with not only ourselves, but the environment, the planet, and everything around us to allow Heaven on Earth to occur.

Take time during this period to reflect on your past and how you have changed.  Then go a little bit deeper to see the rebirth occurring in your experiences of your Mind, Body, and Spirit as you become One Body of Light.  The power of this exercise is going to help every living cell and molecule around you as you illuminate it outwardly.  BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO BE and you will see the direct result as we become One Within Ourselves to allow Oneness to occur on the planet.

We are all healing deeply and we still have an incredible journey with each other in order to achieve the Unity Consciousness that we all deserve.  It is not going to happen automatically just by wishing it to be.  We all still have incredible challenges to conquer so that we can fully accept our New Divinity.  This is a new role for each of us and just saying you are Love and Light does not make it so.  It must be 24 hours a day and every day.  This is when true miracles will happen to each of us individually and as a beautiful planet of Light.

We have been given wonderful opportunities to be here and assist in the ascension of Gaia.  Changes will happen but they are at a much lesser degree than ever thought realized by Man and by Spirit.  Our pathways are completely open to receive and give more to each other than we ever could imagine.  The Beauty of Life and Joy is within our reach.  Take the time to dig deeper into your essence of Light and allow it to illuminate to the world.

Wishing everyone a magnificent 2013 ~ as we synchronize all that we have received to be more than we ever realized could be.

Love and Blessings,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden

The Telosian Way of Being ~ Introduction to the Seminar Series ~ Sept 19th, 2012

This is the transcript of our first meeting with Lord Adama for the series:  The Telosian Way of Being.  Lord Adama along with the Team of  Light have put together an amazing seminar series to fully accept our 5th dimensional body of light.  We meet on Wednesday evenings to travel to Telos the City Beneath Mt. Shasta with Lord Adama as our guide.  We will be providing excerpts for each of the classes as we feel that this is probably the most important series an individual can attend. This series is available for download via MP3.

©2012 Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, Vibrational Ascension Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the link to this page.


Let’s take a deep breath.  We are going to center ourselves so that we all meet in the Mount Shasta with our intent.  Just allow your intentions to be your deciding element even if you may not know where it is geographically from your location.  Just imagine yourself going to the majestic mountain.  We meet at the top of the summit, at the very top of Mount Shasta.  We gather together.  We are just going to intend that we’re going to move down through the mountain, into the core of the earth and we are going to meet in the garden which is the lowest level of Telos.

Let us just walk around the garden and feel the essences of the flowers and the beauty that is here.  Birds singing.  You can hear water running, the waterfalls in the distance.


I am Lord Adama here with the Telosian Council of Light.  Thank you everyone for being here with us in Telos.

I believe that it is going to be a very important program.  I have with me here all the Ray Chohans as we gather around you:  El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Master Hilarion, Lord Sananda, Saint Germain, along with all the Lady masters, Mother Mary, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Lady Isis, and Lady Quan Yin as they all join us in this beautiful circle of light.  We will show you what the Lemurian Retreat is like.  It’s also part of Lemurian Healing House.  This is a place where we have teachings where each one of you comes in your sleep state.  Right now, let’s center within each other as we all sit with you.

Let’s just take a breath and feel the essence of each of us coming together.  As you represent the Team of Light of the Upper Earth, we represent the Telosians here in the Inner Earth and the Spiritual Hierarchy.  We have on the outside of us, the Inner-Galactics, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, all the Great Beings of all time and Divine Structures.  We are also met by the Angelic Essences.

We have been in council for several days trying to decide what is our best way to fully assist each of the Lightworkers to move more deeper into the processes of their own creation of their Divine Essence..

12:21:2012 is going to be a huge shift and within the shift, it’s going to be very important that every individual understands what they are going through beforehand.  So we want to be of greater assistance than we already are.  We know that visiting the New Earth Cities is assisting everyone deeply and we’ll continue this after the New Year, in 2013.  We may also revisit some of the cities once again but we’ll finish with them first.

This program that we want to bring share with you will assist each of you in finding some unanswered questions on this pathway with us as these changes occur.  The Lemurian way of Being and living is allowing these changes to unfold.  Then, when something comes to you that needs to be created and you already have made plans, how do you handle yourself, this is our first lesson today.

Melereissee is remembering our discussions in Telos.  This morning in her sleep state, as she awoke, she had a remembrance of something that was about to occur and through my interaction with her today, she knew that we needed to speak.  We were about to go to a new city and we needed to make a change at this time because the next 90 days is crucial.  We’re also at an ending point from one city to another.  So the first lesson in the rule is “How do you shift into a new thought, or  a new creation that you didn’t think of except within a timeframe of a few hours earlier?  How do you adjust, this is one of the most important roles because we need to be adaptable.  This is completely necessary.

We want to bring forth these teachings, this program to each of you and others, that would like to listen in or be a part of it, to understand within themselves the changes need to be made.  If these changes are not made, December 21st will not go very well for you.  Possibly, not exactly on that specific day but definitely afterwards.

So if each of you are here, being part of these lessons, and you bring these frequencies unto yourself, just think how powerful it’s going to be for others.  If you share what you’re experiencing with another, of how you have made these changes, you will see a direct result occurring.  We want each of you to realize that you are not walking into this program, without knowing what you are doing, because each of you have been with us and have accepted this.  We would not make the changes unless each of your Higher Self’s has said it was OK.  And since you’re already coming with this on the cities, you’re going to be getting an added frequency to assist you in accepting the down-to-earth energies of the 5th Dimensional level.

Some may think that the 5th Dimensional level is so far away that they do not have to worry about that but this is not so.  The changes that are going to occur geographically around the world are going to be affecting everyone, and it is important for individuals to realize that you’re making a contribution to assisting the planet in these energies.  So I ask of you, if you can share with another or post it on your networks and say how much you have accelerated through this program, you’re going to do a great justice to many lives, many souls because this frequency will blend within each of us and beyond.

So that is the importance of this program.  The depth of this program is going to help initiate you on a deeper level that your Higher Self has already deemed it is appropriate.  So, I want you to relax.  I want you to enjoy yourselves here on these teachings.  It is going to be like if you walk through the doorway and came in to the tunnels from Mount Shasta into Telos.  We will guide you into these teachings.  I am unable to come to you physically but this is the next best thing that each of us want to do for each of you.

So let us arise, and hold hands for a moment.  As each of us hold hands within each other, within masters within initiates, within students within teachers, within teachers within students as each of you is teaching each of us at the same time.  Let us make a pact within each other that in these moments we shall never loose our sight of our Oneness and what we are trying to achieve in these moments.  I ask of you to blend in within your Hearts and allow this light ~ this frequency to come to you in this moment.  As you’re being blessed, by being here with us in Telos as many other Telosians are now joining us.  You’re known very well among the community even though you may not realize this.  Each of us loves you deeply just as much as you love us and would like to be with us.  This is because of what we are doing presently ~ we’re joining hands-within-hands to allow this to occur.  So our hearts are open unto each other.  Let’s take a moment and feel this energy with each other.  As we bring in many different levels of society,  many different levels of frequency of inner-Planetary, of the Solar, the Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, the Inner Earth as we come together as One Being of light.


Please follow me.  We’re now going to leave the garden, walk down the garden pathway.  You’re seeing vines along your right-side, as we walk into a grove of palm trees they represent the essence of tropical energy.  Then we’re going to walk through this beautiful garden and see many more flowers; you will see streams running down each side as we walk down this windy pathway ~  just for a few steps.  Then we walk down a set of stone steps into the Lemurian Retreat House.  To the right side of the Retreat House stands the Lemurian Healing House.  Some of you may have visited here to travel in your sleep state to receive healing.

This is our meeting place, gathering place, and retreat place.  We also have cabins where people do come and they stay here.  They leave their residences here in Telos or other cities to  experience the essence.  Now you’re going to feel as the air opens up, it’s going to be changing from a more tropical energy which is intertwined, to more of the Mount Shasta energies, of the frequency of the pine trees and lots of groves of bushes and it is beautiful.  The sky is high and you’ll see Hawks and Eagles flying above along with many Ravens and Crows.  There are many types of birds that are flying around as we now walk into the entranceway.

The Retreat house is an octagonal type of building, there are steps all the way down from the land which means individuals from the Retreat House can go up the steps and sit and you’ll see there are benches and there are areas to sit while enjoying the flowers and the land.  We have many beautiful relics that represent the spiritual hierarchy of Lord Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin and angels.  It absolutely represents all creation right here.  We have created this here    because we wanted to remember the Earth energies and the Spiritual Hierarchy, because we are all part of that essence.

As we walk down the steps into the doorways of the retreat (the doorways are like French doorways that go all the way around), we now are going to step into the retreat house.  When we first walk in, you’ll see that you’re at a higher level, like a balcony and you look down, there is a railing which is where our conference room is where we will meet for each class.  You can return here at anytime to work on any part of yourself.  Please ask us to assist you.  We can take you to the Lemurian Healing House and we can also take you to the cabin area for you to rest for a while and to rejuvenate yourselves.

As we come down, you will see there is a winding staircase which is going to take us to the left in a spiraling motion all the way down to the bottom.  There are three levels.  There is a second level where we meet for ceremonies when individuals are going through healing processes, we may go in there sometimes on some of the weeks.  Then we go all the way down to the bottom to the first level where there is a lobby entrance.  Within this entrance there is greenery with water that runs in the middle representing an atrium that goes from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor.  You’ll see that there are doorways that are going to opened up into the hallway area.  We are actually underneath the earth right at this point.  We are going deeper than we were at the first level of Telos.  This helps us just to feel the essence of Gaia, with the frequency as we walk into the room.  It is a very large room.  There are many areas of rooms around the main entrance hall in a circular fashion but we walk into this huge room which is about 200-300 feet in width.  This huge room has many banners which have many different colors which represent the different rays of God which represent the frequency of the Light.  We walk into the area which looks like a living room setup.  We don’t believe that everyone should be sitting in a hardback chair.  We want everybody to be comfortable.  So all around the room are chairs, couches, cushions, or you can sit on the floor if you want.  Just feel the essences of these energies.

In the middle of the room is sunken floor which is where our speakers will present their teachings so that everyone is up a level above the presentation area.  Here we have our ability to transmit to you frequencies of Light.  We are going to be accessing different areas from this room that will take us into Corridors of Light to assist in the process of activating these energies.

We are giving to you, through these classes, an ability to walk into the retreat house and really experience what you would experience if you were coming on a physical journey for a retreat into Telos.  We also may be meeting other individuals from other cities that may join us and their energies are going to be combining with each of us.

So, as I step down, each of you should find yourself a seat in our beautiful living room area.  You see candles all over the place.  We believe in the candles.  There are many colors of the frequency of banners.  Allow yourself to just sit for a moment and we are going to just receive the healing energy in this room.

(((Crystal bowl rings)))


Welcome, Welcome to the Lemurian Retreat house.  This is our initiation to open your energies up for you to feel as if you are in a fully trustworthy place where others are experiencing the same as you.  We want to take your soul on a journey which is going to represent the totality that you are and to allow that to unfold within your physical body.  Each of you is a part of these vibrations on a weekly basis.  Each of you comes to the temple.  You receive frequencies of Light from the Divine Mother & Father God.  What we want for this program is to put those elements into practice.  Not just an attunement that you receive and now are healed.  That may be true but sometimes it is not true.  We want each of you to feel the completeness that is you, because this is what we need to assist in this time of great change.  The time of great change is going to be bringing essences of elements you’ve been thinking about, that you want to accept in your life style.  We know it is a transition that you can come here and you could feel these essences, these beautiful energies and to incorporate within yourself, to fully open up your heart and that’s what we are going to do this evening.  We’re going to give you an attunement to help you open up your heart, to fully be able to see within yourself what it is you’ve been missing in the totality of your essence.  This is the same initiation that we will give to you if you come into Telos physically.  These are the parts of the same initiations that we have given to each of you, as souls, when you travel in your sleep states.  Of course, it is not always remembered.  And that is because there are elements within you that don’t allow you to remember or you are not ready to fully receive it.

During this next three-month period, we’re going to work with you individually and collectively.  Your Soul has opened up a doorway for you to access these energies.  Whether you feel that you’re Lemurian, Atlantean or whether you feel that you were here at that time.  So each of us has parts of ourselves that need to fully feel the recognition that We Are.  This is our goal to allow you to recognize the essence that you are and then to work through it in your physical world.  Others need to see how you are; others need to see how you don’t react, or how you stay in the full completeness within your being.  So yes, you’ll go through a great transformation through this process, depending on where you are and what you need to work on.  But the most explicit part that you will receive, is allowing your Heart to be in a deepness of your Soul within your body as we walk through a stage of completion, allowing your I Am Presence to fully be your guide.  We are not saying that you don’t allow this presently, but your mental thoughts and your emotional feelings get in the way of this process.  So this will be a connection for each of us.  When we cannot meet due to the other elements happening like a Full Moon Ceremony, in the retreat we will continue the following week.  I have asked Melereissee and Mike to share a list of the elements that we are going to be working with and the names of the masters that are going to be coming forth.  This will be brought through later this evening and shared with each of you through the internet so that you can get an idea of what you are going to be working with.  It will be important to recognize if you have issues in this area to put them down on a paper and get them out of your mind.  Be prepared when you walk through, that you’re going to change through these processes.  As always, it may not always be a first time event; so it will be important for you to listen to the recording each time thereafter.

We’re very happy that each of you is on this call with each of us, and we are happy to extend this energy through the New Earth Consciousness Circle Of Light because it truly is a Circle of Light.

We are now going to dim the lights in the room.  You’re only going to feel the candle light; you’re going to see the essence of the illumination of the light in the room.  At the top of the room is a reflection and it shows the water that is running through the entire retreat house.  This water will reflect the periods of movement.  Allow yourself to just feel the essence of the water as you feel the energy surfacing from the top of the room.  It is now going to spin downwards into the base of the room.  Allow yourself to accept whatever colors or frequencies that are coming through your Being.  This room not only represents the 22 rays of God but it represents all Rays of God which goes way beyond what your physical mind can extend.  So the many colors of many colors are blending within each another.  Use your intuition and breathe in these frequencies as we are now going to work with opening of your heart.  Receive the best optimal experience for this initiation.

Breathing deeply ~ feel the essence of the colors blending within you from the top of your Crown all the way to the bottom of your feet into your Root, into your Sacral, into your Solar Plexus, allowing it to blend in your Heart, in your Throat, in your thymus, in your Third eye, and into your Crown.  Feel the essences of all the Great Masters with us, all the Angelic Beings, all the Inner Earth Beings, all the Inner Galactics, and all the frequencies of Light, as we bring forth this frequency.

Marc Eden ~ 7th Dimensional Art


The middle of the room represents the 144 Dimensional levels.  If you were to look at it, it is a hologram which is a frequency of essences of colors & bubbles of light, coming down from the top swirling.  And if you’re looking through your Third Eye, it would be like a projection screen as you feel this calm of light coming down in the middle of us here where each of us are sitting.  Now it is going to filter where each of you are sitting.

Allow yourself to receive what colors, and what frequencies are important to you.  You may see a specific Master that is assisting you to open up your Heart more fully.  With this we’re going to go back into our Lemurian heart.  Each of you has experienced Lemurian energies even if you came here only for a short time.  This is the pure expression.  If you could take all your essences of 144 dimensions and from feeling your Formlessness of Angelic Being you are, into the Galactic forms, and the Human Forms, feel it spinning and just put it in a ball of light.  Feel that Ball Of Light coming to you from the Hologram as you feel it in the palm of your hands.  You cup your hands together and allow that ball to be within you.  You’re going to take a deep breath.  Now feel that ball of Light coming into your Heart.  The colors upon colors are going to be spinning with you as you breathe in these frequencies and allow them to blend within you.  As you open up your Heart, allow it to expand within pockets of your Cellular Structure and in your Physical body which is how thought forms and essences of this life time are held within you.  Then let’s go beyond this process as we want the Divine Heart to be opened for all lifetimes, for all essences.  Allowing the Divine essence that you are as the Male and the Female to accept these elements blending within you.  Colors upon colors bring forth the frequency of light.


Now feel the energies circling around the room.  You are part of the room.  You are part of these frequencies.  The hologram now changes to include each of you.  It moves out the circumference of the hologram, from the top of the ceiling all the way down to the walls and to each of you because you’re adding your Heart’s Essence.  You’re being initiated into the Oneness that we bring forth in this Retreat House.  Once you come in, each time you will feel your essence as it comes to you and allows you to remember who You Are.  Now allow this frequency of light to be fully within you.


Now the hologram changes.  It’s going to be a reflection of illumination of colors upon colors.  As you look into this hologram, I want you to fully see the reflection that is within you.

What words do you feel~ Do you feel joy? Do you feel ecstasy? Do you feel serenity? Peacefulness?

What are the components that are deeply within your Heart, because this makes the basis of your Light.  This makes the frequency of the ability of bringing in your Soul’s Essence from the highest 144th dimension into this body now.  This is going to assist you when you are having periods of going through transitions, you tap into this level and it is going to assist you and make the change necessary.  Feel that essence now unfolding within you.  As it becomes You, you are not only feeling your Heart but you’re feeling all parts of your body.  We’re now going to ask the Cellular Structure of the body receive this frequency.

As the room is vibrating in a very high energy, you allow this vibration to just run through you. This is imperative for you to move your vibration into a higher ray and allow these frequencies, swirling colors of light within the room.  Now they are all switching as you see others around you with their essences.  You may want to dance within their Essences.  Let’s all get up and dance within the frequencies of everyone that is here.  There are Telosians, there are other Inner Earth Beings, there are the Inner Galactics, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the essence of All That Is in this moment.  Feel that.  Feel that Divinity that we are together.  And allow whatever someone else has, bring that to you now.  Breathe it in and allow that essence to be within you because this is a part of you that you need for the Heart and the balance.  This is your initiation in the physical body to remember your Lemurian essence but also to remember your Beginning essence.  What it was like for you in those frequencies of light as now they spin within you representing the Sparkles of Light and that is you.

Let us just take a moment and breath as you feel these essences blending within you.

We have a special message coming forth.

We are the Divine Mother & the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun and we want to thank each of you.  Thank you for accepting this world, accepting this essence within you, because it is going to assist you when you walk away from this Retreat House, when you walk into your own world, you allow this frequency to run through you without even doing anything.  It’s going to emanate out of you, because that is the beautiful quality of this frequency of light, to allow the illumination to run within you and then in circles around your field as others will experience What You Are, Whom You Are.  Allow this initiation Now to be fully within all parts of your body.


We are the Angels.  We are the light.  Embrace your light.  Embrace this essence within you.  Allow these to come through you in a frequency to Accept.

We are One Being Of Light.

We are the Divine Mother & Father God.  We are the Angels.  We are the Formlessness.  We are all Lifetimes.

We are the Unified Whole Command of the Light of Oneness.


We are One.  We are Light.  Open up your Hearts onto it and allow it to be expressed within your Physical, within your Emotional, within your Mental, as you Accept It.


Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply and allow these essences to be fully within, fully within in the completeness that We Are together.

Let us all feel the essences now.  It is time now for us to leave the Lemurian Retreat House.  Let us stand up and reflect within each other.

I am very grateful, as Lord Adama speaking for the Telosian Council of Light, and say thank you deeply for what you have brought forth until this time.  I know that you’ll receive great rewards for receiving these energies, allowing them to be intertwined within you and to ground them deeply.  Take time in the next week to put your feet into the ground and put your hands to the ground.  If you could put your feet in a body of water, especially within nature, allow these essences to blend fully within whatever is around you.  Put it into a stone and allow the stone to go into the air with the beautiful essence that you have brought and opened up onto yourself.  Let it go into waters, let it go into lands, it does not matter where it will go.  But it will go.  It does not have to be an expensive stone, it can be a rock that you see and ask the rock that “If is it OK to intertwine your energies with theirs”.  I’m sure, they’ll say “Yes”.

So, let us just rejoice within each other.  Let us rejoice that we have come together in this way as this is your initiation of Opening up your Heart Essence unto the Lemurian way of being.

Breathing deeply, it is now time for us to exit.  Each of us from the lower level will come up to you as we want to acknowledge each of you for taking this walk with us.  We know it is going to assist the planet greatly and assist each of you individually of getting through any elements that you have been trained to deal with on your own.  You are not alone; you are all here with us.  As we leave the room, we walk up the staircase, the circular staircase that goes up to the third floor and we see the beautiful atrium and the water running down in the middle feeling the fountain and the essence of the water just going through the entire structure of this building,

We are now to the third level.  We walk out the door and see many elementals and animals.  The pure Lemurian Way of Being is just right here.  We walk up the stone steps.  Now I am going to ask each of you to gather together.  You could leave from this point forward.  You can come in at this point forward.  You can come in through the garden, and down the walkway.  Whatever way you would like to do it will work.  Let’s gather together as we create our Group Merkabah together.  I’ll travel with you to the summit.

Take a deep breath.  We feel our group Merkabah.  Many Masters are with us.  Many other Beings of Light are with us.  Others are all waving on the staircase and they cannot wait until our next visit with each other.  Feel ourselves spinning upwards- upwards – upwards and upwards out of Telos beyond the core the earth as we feel ourselves coming upwards.  Then all of a sudden, we are at the summit, all gathering together.

I want to shake each of your hands, give you a hug, a kiss on the cheek and say “thank you”.  I give thanks to Melereissee & Mike for allowing this work to be done, and I thank each of you for participating greatly.  I look forward to our next visit with each other.

I am Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light and the Hierarchy of the Inner Earth Cities at your disposal.


Everyone feel the Merkabah vehicle now, moving in a clockwise direction.  Then I want you to center yourself back into your present location.  Just take a couple of moments with that.

(((Crystal bowl rings)))

This is Christine Melereissee with Mike Hayden.  Namaste and thank you for being on this journey with us.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar series and available for MP3 download.  Details are available on The Telosian Way.

A Message from Albert Einstein – Father of Relativity* ~ THE THEORY OF ASCENSION AS IT FITS INTO THE PUBLIC ARENA

There are three Phases of Development in reference to an Awakened Soul within the Human Construct.  They are:


The Hall of Ignorance represents mankind; unawakened mankind; those that have no clue that they are beyond just their physicality.  There are fully within the third dimensional world and are considered Unaware people,  they are asleep in reference to their higher consciousness, have a tendency to blame others for their problems, they do not look within, they are egotistical, they are addicted to their things in life:  drugs, alcohol, dysfunction, etc and do not see there is a way to get out as they never look within to their problems.

The Hall of Learning is when an individual starts to realize that there is more to themselves than their physicality, their body, their mind and their emotions.  Many individuals just waking up in the last 20 years represent this level.  It includes those that have many gifts as the Indigos, Star Children, Crystalline, Golden, and Rainbow children.  They can make things happen easily and effortlessly without the physical world’s outer creation.  They have strong psychic gifts.  This level can also pertain to individuals that are in the self-help programs; they learn the skills to change their thoughts, like “The Secret” teachings; but it does not go beyond that until one day they are met by a master or master(s) usually within the physical world, but Spirit can also have this affect on these individuals through their dream states and visions.  This is when they awaken up to themselves and realize they have much more potentiality than they ever realized, but with that realization comes responsibility.

The Hall of Wisdom is when an individual becomes an initiate; they walk unto the pathway of Mastery; learn about teachings of the Masters through the ages, search within books and knowledge for more information.  They learn that there is much more to being aware than psychic abilities; they become very involved in global healing and accelerating that healing as they become more aware themselves.  They are a master in training.

Now there are several sublevels within the Hall of Wisdom.  It includes the initiatory process but each individual has free will to go as far as they choose.  Some will stop and not move forward.  When an individual gets to the 4th initiation, they have stepped unto the process of Mastership.  Now this can include individuals on the self-help level; it depends on what they want to access in their lives and how they want to go about doing it.  Each step of the ladder is an acceleration of the Light of the Christ.  Individuals are becoming the Christ within.

Once an initiate decides they want to continue, then they accelerate themselves to receive more frequencies.  When they reach the 5th initiation, their Higher Self is their guide.  There is no turning back and the initiate is indoctrinated into the Brotherhood of White Light.  But there are requirements and prerequisites to stay within the Brotherhood.  They must follow the rules of selfless service by serving themselves first.  They must go through each of the initiation processes to fully accept their own mastery within.

Now many get to this space and hold themselves there.  It means that they can help individuals but truly do not step further upwards into the ladder.  Everyone has the ability to acquire this level but not all choose to do so.


When an individual starts to realize there must be more to their life than what they are living, they leave the Hall of Ignorance and walk into the Hall of Learning.    This level is massive as it includes many types of individuals such as: Self Help students, Newly Awakened Lightworkers and/or Rainbow, Crystal or Indigo’s, who possess many gifts and share them with others. (They can create teleportation, telekinesis, are mediums, psychics, healers, etc.)  As Newly Awakened Ones, they do not necessarily take responsibility for their actions; they can be very controlling with energies, lower entities can be in this space.  The Universe is at their command and they feel the will to do whatever they want it to do.  They have free will but also may lack compassion or responsibility about what they are doing or creating.  It is on a momentary basis and can fall and crumble just as much as it can be built.  The lower energies are typically guiding them completely.  Some stay in this area for a long time and other individuals see that there is a deeper level to who they are as a being.  (This area of expertise would be considered the lower aspects in each of the Seven Rays of God for those of you studying them.)  These Ones are bringing forth the dynamics of Universal existence, but there are too many other influences that are getting in the way of their full progress.  Not to say that these individuals are not powerful; in fact, they probably are very gifted in many ways but they don’t use it with Universal Laws.  This school of thought I put forth is to help individuals to see that there is a deeper reasoning process with what they possess which helps them to wake up even more through the process.

When the Learning phase has been initiated, and an individual sees that they must go further in their studies, they step into the Hall of Wisdom.  This is where an initiate starts to walk the pathway through their Higher Self and not just their intuitive self of the physical body.

The types of people include self help teachers, gurus, and individuals that follow higher learning.  They have now walked into the pathway of mastery as an initiate.  They teach about responsibility and learn that everything has a purpose in life.  The initiate that is growing through this learns about the Spiritual Hierarchy and the reasons behind why things happen, they apply the teachings to their life and step unto the initiation pathway.  Each step on the pathway will take them deeper unto their mastery within.

Once an initiate has walked into the 5th initiation, they are accessing through their Higher Self.  THIS IS WHERE MANY STAY.  They feel good; they have accomplished a way of being that satisfies them as compared to where they were, so they don’t move further, they think this is the epitome of everything.  Most Lightworkers are in this space.  They do not go further through the process.  This is where the deep work gets deeper.  Some may go further; but if they are not ready to handle what they need to acquire, then they will feel lost. The Higher Self will slip backwards, and they will see-saw through the initiations they had already gained.

When one moves to the 6th initiation, everything is stepped up deeply.  The initiate is now inducted into the Brotherhood of Light on a trial basis.  They come in and out of Shamballa in their dream-state for teachings and wisdom.  This is the hardest initiation as there is more responsibility which is put upon an individual in this level.

Once an individual moves into the 7th initiation, then they are fully inducted into the Brotherhood of Light.  Now you can be at the 7th and not be fully indoctrinated into the Brotherhood.  You must prove your worth to be part of the organization.  Many masters do not make this level and filter back into the 5th and sometimes the 4th level due to the extreme responsibility that is put upon the soul to act within their highest wisdom through the physical existence.

This correlates with the dimensional frequencies.  Second and third dimensional beings are unawake, fourth dimensional awaken but still fight their process including the old demons within and around them, fifth dimensional beings see that love is the only answer but their full I AM presence must be accepted within the bodily structure still.  Some choose to stay at this level as they do not realize the potential to move through the processes.  It must be understood that mastering the first seven Rays of God are a pre-requisite for this level.  Many are not able to go deeper with that work but still access their Higher Self in certain periods of time.  Nothing is guaranteed within the ascension process and this is why so few have done it as yet.

Many will not make the 5th dimensional level even in their consciousness by 12-21-12.  Some may feel it and go back and forth through the process.  Ascension is truly the full activation of the physical merging of the Lower Self with the Higher Self.  It can be done on a consciousness level and yet not be fully actualized within the physical.


I wanted to share this information to the public arena and have chosen Meleriessee, as the messenger to apprise individuals of where they might be in the ascension process, so that it can be seen that work needs to be done in order for more awakened souls to walk physically into the arena of the 5th dimension.  The level of physicality is something needing to be realized; that it is a Learning Process and a Privilege to acquire it.  People cannot simply say that they are arriving in the New Earth just by being positive and showing love in many ways.  This is a major part of it but the true depth of this information is about interacting with others on a personal and professional level.

Many individuals are deepening their skills of awareness and allowing the energies to fully infiltrate within their physical existence but the process goes much deeper than they realize.  The depth of the work needs to be done in order for every individual to fully accept their physicality which allows the lower mind and emotions to no longer exist in that world.  It has a lot to do with the Cellular Memories within the Physical Body and the Etheric Body to co-exist with the Higher Self and I AM Presence.  These memories can be painful and erratic which can cause an individual to not be able to access the “LOVE BUG ENERGY” each moment.  Then, at this point, there comes a creation of division between all the four bodies instead of them merging into the One Light that each of us has the ability to create.

I believe it is time to share this information in depth because individuals need to take a look within their essence and see where they might be holding other parts that they thought had been taken care of previously.  The process of initiations is necessary and cannot be side-stepped to move into the New Earth frequency.  At this moment in time, November 8th, each individual is being prepared for these cycles of rebirth.  It is up to each individual soul whether or not they will walk through the process.  We know that the energies are going to split starting in December and moving forward towards 2013, 2014, and 2015.  The Christ Consciousness will be the consciousness of the New Earth and this earth is going to either reflect or deflect that essence.  It will determine the cause and effect that happens within the planet and how it is going to change.

Individuals that choose to accept their new roles as deemed appropriate from their Higher Self’s will fully have the capability to access so much more than they realize.  Some have gone through these processes and still have a lower self activating within their higher self.  This is a dangerous combination as the warriorship attitude results in the process which then causes great confliction.  There is no confliction on the New Earth frequency so all these elements are going to be weeded out.

I know you want me to share my views on December 21st on the effects upon the planet.  I will tell you that there will not be major destruction of the planet as previously foretold.  There will be areas that will have tremendous upheaval and this goes along with the individuals that are accessing the panic, fear, and uncertainty within their world.  This six-week period is a warning signal for each person to fully step into their own essence as the Earth is now going to be allowing that frequency to permeate within her essence.  It is important to be in places of power energies; vortices in order to connect with the integration of the changes that will be happening.  Many will not be happy as what they think will arise out of them is like a bad virus that has been brewing for eons of time.  The more positive an individual allows themselves to be, the more powerful the energy for them.

I suggest that each person takes this time to fully activate their Higher Self and accept their divinity of Light that they are.  They will be affected because what does not serve the energies will be expelled from the body.  And many people upon this planet hold within them a seed of de-struction and dis-ease within which flows into the Earth.  So we require as many individuals as we can muster up to understand this process; the better Gaia will accept her new Divinity.

This is just the beginning of the frequencies.  It is not going to happen all at once as it will be a process time to integrate the essences for each human being upon the planet.  Now is the time to learn more about your inner self and walk with others that are doing the same.  The Mastership Pathway is available to each and every one who chooses to walk within it.  The challenges are great, and the rewards are greater.  But it goes into the depth of your soul to be able to access the changes and allow it to happen.

We have many new awakened individuals upon the planet who are very gifted and want to share their gifts.  But this pathway must be acquired through great responsibility and diligence within their spirit to allow the changes to come first within and then share with others.  It is a most imperative stage of development.

The Ones that are doing this work now are being considered for leadership roles within the New Earth and within the Golden Cities of Light (in which there are 22 of them).  They are areas that represent the 22 Rays of God and will be considered the High Priests and Priestess Domain upon the New Earth.  There are many other cities of light that are also part of the New Earth energies but the cities I am referring to are the Domain of the New Earth Brotherhood of Light and are considered the High Order of Oneness and all the other cities will be the Light Cities underneath of the Golden Cities.  The 22nd City of Havalannchee will be the highest frequency of light representing the Platinum Ray which is going to be ignited on December 21st over the Mt. Shasta, California, USA area.  This city is aligned with Shamballa and will house all the Spiritual Masters of the New Earth.  The other 21 cities fall under the domain of this Crystalline City of Light.

I feel it is important to share as much information and to as many individuals that it is possible.  The Gateway to the New World on December 21st is just our beginning.  It will be an internalization of mass consciousness that has never occurred previously and we want to share as much information as we can to help everyone through this process.  It is very exciting for each of us within the Unified Whole and the Spiritual Hierarchy that Heaven on Earth is occurring now.  It is imperative to understand that it will not just happen and individuals must be prepared for their own awakening of Light in each moment.

In Reflections of Oneness,

I AM Albert Einstein Extending My Essence Unto Yours

Blessings and Love

*Photographer: Johan Hagemeyer

(American, born Netherlands, 1884-1962)

Title: Albert Einstein

Date: 1931

Medium: Gelatin silver print

Collection: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York


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