Reflecting the Creation of your Highest Self

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It is important to stop and allow your Higher Self to be your guide continually throughout your day.  You will not be able to adhere to the Telosian Way of Being or the fifth dimensional reality within your world without the creation of your Highest Self.  You cannot just walk into this world without first realizing who you are in each moment.

Reflection is the most important factor as there are other lower energies that will try and stop you from believing that what you are experiencing is part of your reality.  Allowing it to come within you each moment is the ability to accept your Higher Essence to be the defining energy within your world.  So just stop and smell the roses within your Heart as they are asking to be acknowledged within your physical self.

This is the first step of your creation within your Higher Mind, Higher Heart, and I AM Presence.  It will help you to create Peace and Light within your world as the four-body system will accept it when you allow it TO BE.  The process is not easy but so very essential for the creation of the New Earth.

Your brother in Telos, Lord Adama

Channel:  Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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The Reunion of the Gods & Goddesses

god_godess-fbLord Adama shares a message about how individuals are meeting their Beloveds and the pitfalls that can happen when we are not ready to be in a Divine Relationship.

“It is a time when the Gods and the Goddesses are coming together, and the Gods and the Goddesses are opening up to each other, but sometimes when they meet, they are triggered by other elements.”

It is I, Adama, from the High Priest of Telos with the Telosian Council of Light. I shared this message in October of 2011 during our New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light call. I wanted to reiterate these energies as so many of you are looking to be with your Beloved or Twin Flame.

Take your time Dear Ones; you must understand that this union is only gifted to those that are ready to receive it. It is a powerful union but can also tear individuals apart if they are not truly ready to see their Divine Purpose of their pathway in their life.

When two such individuals appear together, it is one of growth and requires great diligence to go through the timelines and past remembrances that were possibly not very pleasant. There is also an occurrence of energies to look deeply within yourselves as your mirrors will appear. If you are not ready to have a 5th dimensional relationship, then be friends and partners without sexual interaction. The duality of the 3rd dimensional world can be so conflicting if you intermingle it with the 5th dimensional energies. It takes great diligence and work to get to the stage of pure acceptance of another person in your life.

Know that if such a person appears to you he or she is there to make you go deeper within yourself and expand your energies. Sometimes they can do just the opposite if a person is not ready to accept the pitfalls, failures, and expressions of their darkness to bring it into the Light.

Nurture yourself and take time for YOU to be the full expression that you desire. The other person should also be doing the same and if he/she does not accept your growth then they were there to help you become better than you are. They may not be ready for you. But when they are, it is beautiful and an expression of love like you have never received.

The Goddesses are the receiving agents so the women of the world will be in a much higher state than the men. That is their role to help their partner to become as they have done so. So Ladies, take time to nurture your hurts and past elements that have gotten in the way so that you can fully remember your Divine Essence as a Goddess. Then, and only then, can you be ready for your Divine Partnership within your life.

We walk with you so please ask for our assistance in Telos.

Your Brother of the Inner Earth,
Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos0

Channeled by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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Initiation Is A Never Ending Journey ~ Lord Adama Discourses

LAD initiation-fbMay 15th, 2013

Hello Dear Light Beings,

It is I Lord Adama, speaking to you from the Telosian Command Center with the Telosian Council of Light.  We are so happy to connect with each of you in this moment.

I want to discuss some thoughts of the Initiation Process of Mastery.  We all experience it in many different ways of existence.  In the next week we are coming into the energies of Wesak and right now, each of you are being prepared to take the next step in your spiritual evolutionary process.

Changes are happening everywhere, and now is the time to fully understand within yourself how to best get through the next phase of your development.  The Wesak energies are so very powerful but this year there is an unprecedented amount of energies due to more individuals awakening upon the planet.  Every person that feels something different about themselves will experience this Wesak within their consciousness.  They may not know what it is they are feeling but it definitely is creating change within their thoughts and feelings.

In this moment I ask of you, “What is it that you are feeling differently within your emotional and mental bodies that are coming to the surface?”  It is a period of great reflection.  As we, as initiates and Ascended Masters, go through a transitionary phase, we must take moments of understanding the process within the conscious mind.  You see, this is not always something that individuals within the human body think about as it is a reflection within their dreams or meditative state.  But that needs to change.  We need to acknowledge within the physical self what the spiritual self is going through in order to transition into the full body system.

If every individual person could do this process on a daily basis, they would find that the integration of their Higher Self into the Physical Self would be a much softer and gentler process.  We are consistently going through intiation processes as a human.  It is designed from our Higher Self to allow the Physical Self to remember the soul contracts and timelines that are important to be integrated through the present lifetime.  If an individual allows the lower self to stay intact, then the higher self cannot orchestrate the energies for the pathway to be opened into an awakening state.  It also depends upon the work that is done in between lifetimes within the Inner Plane Existence and how much an individual will allow themselves to remember the most important elements for their spiritual advancement.  So every time an individual goes through a trauma, a challenge, or a life experience that is challenging, these are considered initiations to prepare the physical self to look more within themselves for a deeper meaning along with understanding the entire process.

So this Wesak Moon will be reflected within each individual person upon the planet.  It is a time for inidivudals to move into a higher essence of their spiritual awakening whether they are awakened or asleep.  Initiates that have already awakened on the path will help themselves on a deeper level by taking this time to do some self reflection, i.e., what needs to change, how they are feeling, what is their life like, what do they need to be better for themselves, etc.  Each step in the initiation process takes each individual into a deeper part of themselves to become the Reality of God.  It is the plan in Divine Order to allow this essence to be the defining rule of ascension within the Earth.

I share this knowledge as I think it is very important for individuals upon this pathway to understand what they are going through.  You are not different from one another; just accepting yourself in a different manner by the depth of your soul’s capacity to get into the core essence of your Beingness.

Know that you are being prepared at this time for the Wesak energies.  The full moon occurs on the 25th of May with a Lunar Eclipse that will compound the focus for enlightenment and acceleration to be accepted within the planet of GAIA.  She is preparing to receive her full embracement of the Divine Feminine and Masculine essence to prepare for her acceleration.  Every human being is doing the same whether they realize it or not.

Prepare, prepare, prepare by understanding who you are now so that you can move forward with ease and grace.  Ascension is the process of de-accelerating the energies within the physical creation.  Allow this energy to help you through this process by understanding what you are experiencing presently is for the good of your enfoldment within this planet and your Soul speaking to you in a way it never has done before.

Blessings on an amazing journey.  Call upon me to assist you if you feel the desire to do so.  I am always your brother of Light.

I AM Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light

Join us for a monthly course with Lord Adama held on Thursday evenings, 5 PM Pacific.  Our next meeting is May 16th in which Lord Adama will talk about preparing for Wesak in 2013.  Details are available on Lord Adama Discourses, /classes/lord-adama/.

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Reflection ~ Part 2 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB ReflectionThis is the second segment of our class with Lord Adama on the Telosian Way of Being of REFLECTION.  Master Babaji shares a very important message of love through the eyes of the Child.

It is my divine pleasure to be here as Master Babaji in this beautiful Retreat House with such beautiful souls.  What a blessing for each of you to feel these essences in your physical consciousness.  I ask of you, in this moment, let us just take a breath and bring in the Om Namah Shivaya which also will help to rip away some of the frequencies.


I ask of you to think of yourself in this moment as a child that has just been born into this world and has no awareness of anything else except the purity of their light, the will of their light, the love of their light, the essence of their knowledge, the power within them.  There are no outer forms in this moment.  All that exists is the purity of your essence.  Breathing deeply, allowing this energy that you are to blend within you.  It comes down within you, into the source, into the aspect that you are.  Think not of your physical existence in this moment.  Think of each of us in this room, in this beautiful Retreat House, of the blazing energies all around us, of the Rays of God- many Rays of God and allow those frequencies to blend within each other.  There are many numbers of the Rays, some say there are 320, some say there are 330, but in essence there are thousands and thousands of Rays infiltrating your essence right now.  Allow it to go to those aspects of yourself that feel uncomfortable.  Allow it to move into your Physical existence, into your Mental existence, into your Emotional existence.  Allow it to blend fully with the Etheric body, because as a soul comes into a new existence, it brings all these essences of purity but then the mind is created and it forgets.  The Etheric body has its Higher Mind and its Higher Ego, let us embellish this energy in this moment.  Breathing deeply, feeling the frequency that you are.  There is only love and the pure joy of having God within yourself, feel this essence running through your entire existence, allow it to run in all parts, allow it to go into the feelings, into the thoughts.  There is nothing but pureness right now.  You are in the royal state of condition in this moment ~ the blessing of the role of vulnerability.  Thus you are vulnerable.  The vulnerability is love.  This is the purest form that you can bring through.  Do you feel tears, allow them to arise.  Do you feel joy, allow it to come forward.  Do you feel pain, allow it to be healed.  By the purity that you are, allow this essence to fully be your guide.  Bring forth the completeness that you are.  Let us take a moment in silence and feel this frequency.


What is it that you are feeling in this moment?  What are the thoughts that come to you?  What is the expression of your light?  Allow that to permeate within you.  Allow the silence of your love to run through your physical veins.  Allow it to move into your cellular structure the emotional and mental as this is the true you, this is the vulnerable state, you must feel the vulnerable state ~ embrace these feelings of light as you are a new wave and a new energy.  The light is so bright, it feels so intense to you, fully allow the expression to run through your veins and feel the essence.  Allow your Higher Mind to fully reactivate it in this sense.  Allow yourself to express it in all ways of being.  There is nothing more important for you in this moment but to express unto yourself what it is that you feel within your heart.  Allow it to come out of you, to permeate with you.  It will erase all fear, all pain, and all those elements that stop you from the full completion that you are.  You must fully allow it to permeate every part of you because there are parts within yourself that want to fight it ~ do not allow yourself to fight.  Stay in this frequency everyday just for five minutes and you shall find that your essence, your expression, your love and your frequency of light shall change.  It shall help to heal the four body system, the mental body, the emotional body; it will help heal and bring aspects of yourself into the one being that you were in the beginning.

You have come into this physical body with certain pathways but yet they have been interrupted because of your inability to heal these pathways because of outside circumstances.  Remember the veil of forgetfulness is now gone, you have the veil of remembrance.  Feel this veil coming down upon you now as you express within yourself.  Feel the ability to fully feel these frequencies.  It is your divine right.  It is your desire.  It is the expression within all that you are.  Walking upon the pathway of an aspirant, an initiate, to be on the path of mastery is one of great rewards, but it is one that must have trial and error.  Each of you had these elements of trial and error previously that is why you’re awakening at this time to assist the masses, to assist the many.  Allowing yourself to be in this state of being on a daily basis is going to assist tremendously.  You may listen to music, only silent music, instrumental music, you may listen to chanting and Om Namah Shivaya would be the perfect one because it is an element that brings in the essence of God.  It tears and strips away anything that does not serve that purpose and brings out the rawness of being the new being that you are.  Let us take a deep breath.

As I look around this room, I now see the child that you are.  I see the embryo of the light that you are and have been for eons of time.  Express this within your own essences in this moment and allow this frequency of light to fully be within the composition of who you are.  I walk with each of you.

I am Master Babaji.


The Telosian Way of Being was a 10-week series with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  It is available for MP3 download.  The attunements will not be shared in written format and only provided through the recording.

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Lord Adama speaks on Balance & Daily Energy Tracking

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A brief audio excerpt of Lord Adama via Meleriessee speaking on this:

In the first meeting of the Lord Adama Discourses we hear a teaching about examining our day to see how well we are consciously aware of the energy we are holding within ourselves. Lord Adama explains how to tap into the particles inside us that we may awake with, or experience during the work day. The particles can be in the subconscious or the conscious mind and that is where we need to focus in order to change how we are with it, especially if we feel out of sorts or unbalanced in a dysfunctional state.

Lord Adama shared this after the live call:

I ask of you this also, ‘What are you doing for yourself presently’. Do you have balance in your life? Let’s take an example: when you are working, do you take time to stop and smell the air outside? Or do you continue working through your day without stopping? This is not a good sign and it is important that you understand the process that you are going through. Just as you have been working with the changes within you consciously about your attitude, you must work within the physical structure. Understanding the 5th dimensional experience is to take the time during the day, at least 10 times to stop and allow your higher essence to enfold within your body. Just because you take time to meditate, does not mean that energy stays with you. It is quite the contrary due to environments you are living and working within. The 3rd dimensional arena is still around you. You may have the consciousness of pure love in your heart, but how well do you expand upon this within your daily life?”
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What We Do on the Tele-Teaching:

As always, we will call upon the Unified Whole to remove any elements that need to be put into wholeness while activating our Higher Self and I AM Presence. Lord Adama wants us to experience the beauty of Telos so we will travel in a journey to receive the lesson of the month. We may meet in the Garden, at the Telosian Retreat House, or a number of other places within Telos. Lord Adama will give an introductory talk about the topic we will be discussing. So it is a good time to have pen and paper handy for any of the exercises that he may give to us. He may also invite any of the Ray Chohans to assist in the activation of the lesson plan.

There will also be an attunement to assist in the lesson plan so that we can actualize the energies not just through our physical self but allow the four-body system to assimilate it through the energetics. We will work with the 22 Rays of God; he may choose to pinpoint certain rays for each of the classes.

Lord Adama has asked us to put this together as he truly wants to work with everyone on a more personal basis to get a chance to address some of the individual concerns attendees may be experiencing. An MP3 file will be available after the class for your personal use.

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Spring Into Action ~ Lord Adama’s Discourses


Today I want to share with each of you about the seasons and what we are experiencing presently, the Spring.  Ahh, yes, this is Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light within Telos.  I present this subject because the beautiful energies are changing within Mt. Shasta to reflect the Spring which comes later for Northern Californians.

I don’t want to talk about the weather per se but what spring would represent for each of you individually.  We feel different when Spring occurs in the environment.  The birds are chirping, flowers are coming out of the ground with beautiful colors, and the air is fresh with the warmth of the sun.  Outside influences can mean so very much to our well being and that is why I shared about Balance a few days ago.

But let’s concentrate on how this affects you physically and how you can change the reflection of your experience not only within your environment, but your physical self.  Rebirth must occur continually and especially within this time frame.  We are preparing for the Wesak energies in another three weeks.  We cannot experience the highest energies for Wesak unless we take care of elements that are within the four-body system.

Let’s talk about what Wesak means for each individual initiate.  It is a time when each of us, all Ascended Beings, rise to a new level of awareness as Lord Buddha celebrates his Rebirth.  We cannot move into the next stage of this development unless we take care of the present out-molded ways of thinking and being.  Rebirth is a continual process which you are already experiencing even if you do not call it by that name.

As you awaken each day, where are your thoughts and feelings?  As I have shared before, it is about the renewal stage of each day from the sleep state and taking what you have learned from the Innerplane levels into your present reality.  So it will mold how you feel about your day and the inward journey that you are presently embarking upon.  It will also set you up for your day and if you don’t take care of the elements that need to be processed, then it will set you up for mishaps in your day.

It is important to take inventory of yourself and this is where the element of Spring comes into the focus.  Spring represents new growth.  I ask you to stop each day and look at your own growth.  Have you allowed the seeds of yesterday to be planted and feel their fruition within your life.  What you experienced the day before can mold who you are the next day.  They are building blocks upon creation to help you acknowledge all aspects of your Beingness.  As more elements are removed, it gives the new essence a chance to be integrated within you.  Otherwise, it becomes a duality-based consciousness.  Isn’t this something that you are trying to remove from your life?

It is important to take the time each day to see the new growth so that you are not dealing with many issues all at once and then it become insurmountable to achieve optimal results in creating a healthy psychological full body system.  As we go through the weeks until Wesak, you will thank yourself immensely of purging almost daily either physically, emotionally or mentally as the energies of this Wesak in particular are going to take us to new levels of existence within this Earthplane.  Never before have we had the amount of initiates stepping forward.  This means there is going to be more duality to deal with as the newer initiates may not understand the power of the energies presently in their existing world. Elements will change and you will feel the higher essence of these changes.  So if you do not purge daily, then you will be bombarded when the time comes at the end of May.

So Spring into action and allow the essence of your Soul’s desired destination to be fully embodied within you.  As you do you will thank yourself for understanding the process before it actually happens.  Preparedness is essential in your growth.

Blessings of Love in Oneness

I AM Your Brother from Telos, Lord Adama

Channeled Through Rev. Christine Meleriessee, May 2nd, 2013

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Accepting Balance within Your World ~ Lord Adama



It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light from the Command Center in Mt. Shasta.  I ask of you to relax within your energies presently as this is a very powerful week of adjusting from the energies of last week into the physical being that you are.

Sometimes when we go through accelerations we are so used to feeling the higher energies that when we are integrating the essences, it can seem as if there is nothing occurring.  I want to assure everyone that we are coming into a very powerful cycle and this week is to fully relax into who you have become.

Do you know who you are presently and what state of consciousness your are inhabiting?  This is a question that I pose to everyone as it is always important to take some moments of reflection of where you are standing in the midst of your initiations and acceleration of the Self.  Balance is essentially important and until an individual fully knows the tides within themselves, it can cause more confliction by just worrying of where you may be.  This is a reflection of the lower self, lower ego, and the old way of thinking.  It will try to come back into your consciousness so it is very important to fully know who you are in each moment.

I ask of you this also, “What are you doing for yourself presently”.  Do you have balance in your life?  Let’s take an example:  when you are working, do you take time to stop and smell the air outside?  Or do you continue working through your day without stopping?  This is not a good sign and it is important that you understand the process that you are going through.  Just as you have been working with the changes within you consciously about your attitude, you must work within the physical structure.  Understanding the 5th dimensional experience is to take the time during the day, at least 10 times to stop and allow your higher essence to enfold within your body.  Just because you take time to meditate, does not mean that energy stays with you.  It is quite the contrary due to environments you are living and working within.  The 3rd dimensional arena is still around you.  You may have the consciousness of pure love in your heart, but how well do you expand upon this within your daily life?

This is why in Telos we do not sleep for more than six hours at a time and most do not spend that much time in the dreamtime.  We take long duration of naps and in between that is when we work or go about our business in our world.  This is what each of you is going to have to adjust to as we move into the 5th dimensional arena.  There is so much more to the essence of balance than you may realize.

We know that these changes cause quite a stir within your thoughts and feelings.  They cannot all happen at once so you must be reminded.  Allow me to help you and this is your reminder, “YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND MUST STOP TO REFLECT YOUR TRUE ESSENCE IN MANY MOMENTS OF YOUR DAY.”

It will take some time to accomplish but begin now so you will be ready to fully accept your fifth dimensional way of living.

It is my pleasure to communicate to you in these moments of transformation.

I Am Lord Adama at your service within the Light of Oneness.

To read more and get the 1 hour teaching by Lord Adama on Balance and Daily Energy Tracking including options for a mini-session.

To enroll in the next live session and possibly have your own situation addressed.

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