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◊ Fifth Dimensional Ascension Mastery Teachings with Meditative Etheric Attunement Journeys as transmitted through Pure Spiritual Frequencies of the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Hierarchy.

◊ Highest level of authentic Healing Energies for Humanity Using the Rays of God within the Unified Whole of Oneness.

◊ During each transmission you receive direct messages from the Ascended Spiritual Beings to learn about the New Earth Ascension energies and what you can do to actually understand and practice Ascension. Each recording regardless of when it was recorded helps you to become exposed to the HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCIES. These sacred New Earth energies are created using DIVINE LANGUAGE NETWORK ENCODEMENTS(sm) so your physical, emotional, mental and etheric bodies can begin to adapt and incorporate more of the higher 5D Light and Love Quotients.

These are the AUDIO RECORDINGS of our Walking Terra Christa (WTC) Ascension Mastery Gathering Public Events* (i.e., Selected Celestial Movements of Gaia, the Sun, Moon and Planets or special events).

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~ 2019 ~

SEPTEMBER 21, 2019 ~ “COSMIC FIRE BOLT OF LIGHTNING” – EQUINOX GATHERING with LORD METATRON and the GREAT CENTRAL SUNS ~ We receive a high energy boost to pave the way for the EQUINOX energies as described by the UNIFIED WHOLE in our article. The incoming vibrations are going to assist in raising the consciousness of Humanity to be more in alignment with the intuitive mind and not the concrete mind, which is essential for an Ascended state of being to be created. The power of the energies can elevate the lower concrete aspects of the self to become revealed, so listening to this audio will help overcome some of that, as well as taking time to sit in silent meditation during the first 12 hours of the Equinox itself in your time zone.

Using the free information for setting up a purer frequency in your home or sacred space before doing so can be found at http://Ascend.Earth.

(Thank you to those of you who donate for these understandings and higher messages to be brought to you.)

SEPTEMBER 14, 2019 ~ “THE PHOENIX MOON” ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON CEREMONY – We return from summer break to receive the messages and energies for the Harvest Moon of Pisces in Virgo. (Read the full description). Master Djwhal Khul, the Native Elders, Lady No Eyes and White Buffalo Woman assist us in the etheric Golden City of Wakensoieka which holds the special energies of all Seven Flames so we can have access to the Violet frequency.

JULY 13, 2019 ~ “EXTEND THE PRESENCE OF LOVE” ~ EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT with LORD ASHTAR, LORD SANANDA, WHALE & DOLPHIN COMMUNITIES ~ In this connection Lord Ashtar gives a better understanding of how the Christed Forces of Light assist Humanity and dispels another misconception that is shared on social media from other sources. With Lord Sananda, we connect together to feel and Extend the Presence of Love within the recharged and higher Ascension Column vibration so that we can be of the Highest Service to All, including the Whale Dolphin communities.

JUNE 22, 2019 ~ SOLSTICE GATHERING BLESSINGS with LORD/ARCHANGEL METATRON and the SOLAR ANGELS ~ A very powerful connection to assist us to be in more balance. We reconnect with our SOLAR ANGELS to gain more balance of the FEMININE MASCULINE DIVINE. Lord Metatron reminds us to relisten and take moments of grounding this energy outside through our feet. It is a time to become very aware of the energies within that we are creating, having responsibility to insure we are creating the highest forms in ourselves to align these energies properly. (Much turmoil and confusion of the opposite can result if we are not diligent in the energy we are being). Thank you so much to all those who are donating and supporting these energies. Happy Solstice Blessings!

JUNE 16, 2019 ~ GOODWILL FESTIVAL OF HUMANITY – “THE GIFT” with LORD KUTHUMI, LORD MAITREYA, LORD SANANDA and MASTER DJWHAL KHUL ~ In this Celebration of the Full Moon Festival of Light, we gather for the Meditative Journey in the Etheric Energies of the Golden City of Havelanchee (5th dimensional etheric city located over Mount Shasta CA) of the 22nd Ray of Platinum. This ceremony is the third of the three Wesak Festivals and the one where we bring forth our own energies of service leadership from the Higher Realms of Consciousness. The Ascended Masters extend to us “THE GIFT” of receiving these energies for our pathway of Light so we can become them for others.

June 8, 2019 ~ EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT with LORD ASHTAR, LORD SANANDA, WHALE & DOLPHIN COMMUNITIES ~ We gather in Oneness to extend the energies of the Ascension Columns to become more intertwined with our own energies as part or our responsibility to assist in Ascension energeis. Lord Ashtar and the Christed Galactics with Lord Sananda bring the Web of Light to a higher frequency as a result. All are asked to share this connection by reposting this audio and asking others to participate on the monthly gathering (now in the 6th year).

MAY 11, 2019 ~ EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT with LORD ASHTAR, LORD SANANDA, WHALE & DOLPHIN COMMUNITIES ~ The energies are very helpful in this connection to assist us in WESAK preparations. We add to the support system that the Ascension Columns are bringing to earth through our efforts. Please join us for the Wesak Ascension Festival next week.

APRIL 27, 2019 ~ EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT with LORD ASHTAR, LORD SANANDA, WHALE & DOLPHIN COMMUNITIES~ For this gathering connection Lords Ashtar and Sananda bring in a more personal focus of the energies such that the Web of Light is felt individually to prepare us more deeply for the Wesak Light that is now occurring.

APRIL 20, 2019 ~ FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST FULL MOON FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha and Lord Sananda. Special Meditation Attunements Ceremony and Divine Messages along with the Great Invocation to bring in the Higher Light/Love Frequencies of the Christ Consciousness – preparing us for THE WESAK FESTIVAL. [Thank you to everyone who donates – we encourage and welcome all donations to support these energies.]

MARCH 20, 2019 ~ COSMIC RING OF FIRE EQUINOX SUPERMOON GATHERING – MASTERY DJWHAL KHUL ~ LORD METATRON ~ NATIVE ELDERS.A very powerful connection to bring in the HIGHEST FREQUENCIES for the Sacred Frequencies from the Cosmic level through all the Great Central Suns as given through Helios and Vista with RA the Sun God. Representing the acceleration into balance of the Masculine and Feminine Self. In other words healing our Emotional and Mental Bodies to become more aligned with our Divine Truth. [Thank you to everyone who donates – we encourage and welcome all donations to support these energies.] 

MARCH 9, 2019 ~ HEART to HEART: EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT ~ LORD ASHTAR ~ LORD SANANDA ~ WHALE DOLPHIN COMMUNITY. We join together to support this months energies within the Ascend Earth Project Earth Assistance gathering. Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda bring in the energies of our joint connection together of the higher light energy and we connect that to the seas and oceans to assist earth. A much needed consciousness to help accelerate our personal and global healing!

FEBRUARY 9, 2019 ~ WEB OF LOVE CONNECTION: EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT ~ LORD ASHTAR ~ LORD SANANDA ~ WHALE DOLPHIN COMMUNITY.  Lord Sananda  and Lord Ashtar extend their wisdom to help us understand more about connecting to the higher energies through the experience. Lord Sananda brings in the Web of Love in that frequency. (and many thanks once again to all who are donating an extra amount to support these actions.)

JANUARY 19, 2019 – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON GATHERING CEREMONY WITH THE NATIVE ELDERS, LADY NO-EYES, AND MASTER DJWHAL KHUL ~ JANUARY SUPER MOON. Leo Full Moon with Sun in Aquarius with a Lunar Eclipse; The first Universal Law of Divine Oneness is expressed within these energies – “Be The Change You Want To Be.”

JANUARY 12, 2019 – DIAMOND LIGHT STRUCTURES: EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT ~ LORD ASHTAR ~ LORD SANANDA ~ WHALE DOLPHIN COMMUNITY. A very strong frequency of connectedness is experienced through the energizing of the Ascension Column Pillars of Light for this gathering. Donations of support are encouraged. Please see ASCEND.EARTH to learn about tapping into and spreading these energies upon Mother Earth.

~ 2018 ~


NOVEMBER 11, 2018 – The 11~11~11 CEREMONY GATHERING – THE ANGELIC LIGHT OF MASTERY: THE TRUE DOORWAY OF 11~11 = Here is the audio recording link to listen. (The first minute is blank). Thank you so much for the donations of support and to those who could make it LIVE. Remember that the 11-11 Mastery Frequencies of Light are with us all month, so please re-listen as you are able. It will assist your advancement and also help Mother Earth and Humanity, especially given the tragic events that occur. Please focus on grounding these higher energies instead of reconditioning / re-transmitting those kinds of lower energies using a mental or emotional (or psychic) involved action of energy that gets lost in the lower aspects (which is what is desired by those lower energies so these Divine energies cannot be anchored on earth). It is in using these Divine Energies that your are in Most Service!

OCTOBER 24, 2018 FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON GATHERING CEREMONY with the NATIVE ELDERS, NO-EYES AND MASTER DJWHAL KHUL:  Embracing Personal Peace within the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam ~ Taurus Moon with Scorpio Sun ~ We make a special visit to the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam (which is located over Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Kansas). Master Djwahl Khul’s keynote:   “The warrior I have been no long exists as I allow the transformation of my Heart Essence to become One within my Three-Fold Flame of the Will, of the Love, to create the Empowerment within me.” The Moon of Taurus is the Feminine essence to create a new Foundation while the Sun of Scorpio is bringing Transformation and removal of old forms of living.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2018 FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON GATHERING CEREMONY with the NATIVE ELDERS, NO-EYES and MASTER DJWHAL KHUL: Letting go of Fear – Aries Moon with Libra Sun ~ Libra is about compromise. The energy of the Libra Sun is the awareness of the need for relationships and all that comes with maintaining them–compromising, negotiating, graciousness, and balancing. The Aries Moon, on the other hand, is self-assertive, leading, and personally courageous. So this cycle is SELF VS OTHER: The Full Moon illuminates the conflict between “me” and “you”, and between autonomy and sharing. With the Moon full and bright in the sky, symbolic “illumination” occurs in our own lives. It’s time to express ourselves and to let things out of our systems. “Allowing the Illumination of the Higher Self to Create Harmonious Relationships with courage and self-assurance”. The physical self desires to have relationships with in their life but it must first start with the Relationship of the Self. This cycle of Libra and Aires is allowing the Higher Self consciousness to bring forth courage, self-assurance, and allowing the true essence of illumination to be the guide unto the Physical Self. This then will create the Balanced Physical Self with the integration of the Higher Self to be realized. KEYNOTE: I ALLOW THE ILLUMINATION OF MY HIGHER SELF TO BLEND WITH MY PHYSICAL SELF AS I CREATE HARMONY AND SELF ASSURANCE WITH ACTS OF INNER COURAGE. Thank you also for your extra donations of support.

SEPTEMBER 22, 2018 EQUINOX GATHERING BLESSING FROM LORD MELCHIZEDEK, HELIOS & VESTA and the COSMIC GREAT CENTRAL SUN of DIVINE MOTHER FATHER GOD ~ HIGHER LIGHT GROUNDING WITH THE SOLAR ANGEL “PEACE AND SURRENDER” (read the message): We connect to the GREAT CENTRAL SUNS and the SOLAR ANGEL to assist us to ground higher light frequencies into us. This audio can be used ALL YEAR LONG to connect and ground the higher energies, not just at the time of the Equinox. Download and add this to your personal library. Thank you also for your extra donations of support.

SEPTEMBER 8, 2018 – LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ASCEND EARTH PROJECT GATHERING ~ STRENGTH FROM THE TRINITY OF LIGHT: In this important energetic connection we gain more understanding of our role in creating a Trinity of Light that will assist all the earthly changes including the many wildfires in the northwester parts of North America and the many other drastic weather and climate effects that are occurring. In this transmission Lord Ashtar speaks to everyone listening on the importance of their role in employing others to also join in these important energies. (http://Ascend.Earth and joining this gathering live each month it is held.)

JULY 28, 2018 FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON/LUNAR ECLIPSE LIONS GATE OPENING with the LEO and AQUARIUS energies and MASTER DJWHAL KHUL, SIRIAN COUNCIL OF LIGHT, LADY NO-EYES, ELDERS and WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN – We gather together to connect with the Full Moon energies to assist in our transformation for ourselves and Gaia in the GOLDEN ETHERIC CITY OF WAKAN-SOIEKA which resides in North America over the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. A very special event to assist us in going into the LEO and AQUARIUS energies for the next month which is also the LIONS GATE of the Sirian Light Codes; an etheric body cleansing in also given. Please use this audio frequently, especially for the 8/8 of the Lions Gate peak energy. (This is the final transmission for the summer as the summer break now begins. We will resume on September 8 with Lord Ashtar’s Earth Assistance Ascend Earth Project Gathering at 10am PT.) Thank you so much for assisting Mother Earth and your own soul’s essence through these teachings. Many blessings of transformation for the Full Moon and Lions Gate. Thank you also for your extra donations of support.

JULY 14, 2018 ~ EARTH ASSISTANCE GATHERING with LORD ASHTAR, LORD SANANDA AND THE WHALE DOLPHIN COMMUNITY – “Reaffirm The Warrior of Light Within” ~ Lord Ashtar reminds us that at this time upon the planet we must hold extra diligence to our spiritual cleansing and spiritual protection especially building the Ascension Column Pillars of Light and recharging them often. As a group consciousness we then connect together to feel and experience these higher frequencies to greatly heal and bless our earth. Much gratitude to those who offered a donation to support the Ascend.Earth Project and this gathering.

JUNE 27, 2018 ~ THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON CEREMONY GUIDED BY MASTER DJWHAL KHUL ALONG WITH THE NATIVE ELDERS, SPIRITUAL MASTERS LADY NO EYES AND WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN. This Full Moon occurs in Capricorn on Wednesday, June 27th at 9:53 PM Pacific, and June 28, 2018, at 12:53 AM EDT and 04:53 GMT. We gather together to connect with the Full Moon energies to assist in our transformation for ourselves and Gaia in the GOLDEN ETHERIC CITY OF WAKAN-SOIEKA which resides in North America over the States of North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.

JUNE SOLSTICE CEREMONY – LORD METATRON, HELIOS AND VESTA OUR SOLAR LOGOS AND MASTER DJWHAL KHUL – Hello everyone, happy Solstice Blessings! The energies in this gathering were very uplifting. Here is the audio link for you to re-listen or listen. Doing so will be of great benefit and carry forth until the Equinox. Thank you so much to those of you who offer donations of support. We were blessed by Helios and Vesta, and Lord Metatron gave us the Rod of Divine Truth Initiation of the Metatronic Seal.

In this gathering we gain a better appreciation of how our participation in the WEB OF LIGHT is making a difference. It is a direct evolution of how we connect to these energies using our higher consciousness. The Whale/Dolphin communities resonate the energies along with Lord Sananda and Lord Ashtar.

Lord Ashtar speaks about the FIFTH DIMENSION and Lord Sananda brings a Gratitude Blessing we can really feel to help ground the Rainbow Arcs of Light through the WEB OF LIGHT. The Whale and Dolphin communities also speak of gratitude and acknowledge those who are creating the Ascension Column Pillars of Light around the world so they can receive them also.

APRIL 14, 2018 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – BUILDING UPON THE RAINBOW ARCS OF LIGHT FOR WESAK.  Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, the Whale and Dolphin communities unite with humanity and Lightworkers around the world.

MARCH 31, 2018 ~ FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST, FULL MOON OF LIBRA IN THE SUN OF ARIES CEREMONY ~ DELVING DEEPER INTO THE CHRISTED SELF WITH THE RAINBOW ARCS OF LIGHT. This Festival of Lights Ceremony brings forth the 1st Ascension Festival of Ascension for the Wesak Energies with Master Djwhal Khul, Lords Maitreya, Kuthumi, and Sananda with a special blessing from Lord Buddha.

MARCH 19, 2018 ~ MARCH EQUINOX CEREMONY ~ RAINBOW ARCS OF LIGHT WITH LORD METATRON.  We visit the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia (over Mount Shasta) in the I AM Temple to receive clarification and Divine Language Network Encoding of the Rainbow Arcs of Light.

MARCH 10, 2018 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – EMPOWERING CHANGES.  Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, the Whale and Dolphin communities unite with humanity and Lightworkers around the world.

FEBRUARY 28, 2018 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON OF VIRGO IN SUN OF PISCES CEREMONY.  In this Festival of Lights Gathering we once again visit the special Golden Etheric city of Wakansoieka to ring in and ground the Cosmic Frequencies of energy for Gaia and Humanity, but just as importantly for our own higher vibrational essence to become more of who we are. We are guided by Master Djwhal Khul, the Native Elders, Lady No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman. [The actual full moon occurred on March 1st 2018.]

FEBRUARY 24, 2018 ~ ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT-PROSPERITY CIRCLE ~ LADY MASTER PORTIA, THE 7TH FLAME RAY CHOHAN.  Lady Portia ignited the 7th Flame of Ceremonial Structure through the Etheric Self to assist us to balance the four body system in order to be the Personal Alchemist.

FEBRUARY 10, 2018 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ ASCEND EARTH – OLYMPIC LIGHT.  Another highly appreciated blessing for Humanity and Gaia with Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda with the energies of the Whales and Dolphin communities of Light. Lord Ashtar shares some insights as to how your efforts are assisting.

JANUARY 31, 2018 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS ~BLUE SUPER MOON-INAUGURATION OF THE GOLDEN ETHERIC CITY OF WAKEN.SOI.EKA.  WakenSoiEka is infused with the First Seven Rays of God and the Native Indigenous energies. It is in the 5th dimensional Etheric Earth over the area of North America in the United States encompassing North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana. This was a great ceremony to set the stage for the Cosmic frequencies to assist us in 2018.

JANUARY 27, 2018 ~ ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT-PROSPERITY CIRCLE ~ LORD SAINT GERMAIN.  We travel to the Sacred Heart Temple of Oneness to receive blessings from a designated Ascended Teacher or Light Being. We conclude the circle by stating Ascension Prayers. Lord Saint Germain was the guest teacher and gave a 7 Flames meditation to help us relax and feel the higher energies in a simple direct manner.

JANUARY 13, 2018 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ ASCEND EARTH PROJECT. Lord Ashtar, Lord Sananda, the Whale and Dolphin communities and the deeper connection to the Christed Inner Earth cities.

~ 2017 ~

DECEMBER 21, 2017 ~ SOLSTICE CHRISTMAS GATHERING AT THE GOLDEN ETHERIC CITY HAVALANCHEEIA (located over Mt. Shasta). Messages and teachgins from Lord Adama, Lady Galactia, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Lord Metatron, Jeshua, Lord Sananda, Lady Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Lady Nada, and Lady Meleriessee.



NOVEMBER 4, 2017 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ TAURUS MOON IN SCORPIO SUN.  KEYNOTE: As I allow the Feminine Divine to bring me transformation, I ground a new foundation within myself. Taurus – Grounding – practical peace loving, emotional fulfillment through simple, tangible form. Scorpio – Emotional, Transformative, complexities, intangibles, and mysteries

OCTOBER 14, 2017 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ BEING IN ONE CONSCIOUSNESS OF LIGHT. Lord Ashtar talks about the importance of the LIVE gatherings on a monthly basis and how important it is for each of us to expand our energies to assist GAIA and humanity. Lord Sananda brings forth a blessing within the Web of Light to connect all Beings of the Spiritual Hierarchy, with Humanity, the Whales and Dolphins, along with the Inner Earth Agartha Councils of Light. A group consciousness message was given by the Whales and Dolphins.

OCTOBER 4, 2017 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON CEREMONY – MOON OF ARIES IN SUN OF LIBRA.  Enjoy the energies as we visit the Golden Etheric City of Goloneiah to receive the assistance of the Blue Flame in holding our courage to meet the current energies within our Divine Masculine and Feminine. Master Djwhal and the Native Elders with Lady No-eyes along with a message from Master El Morya.

SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 ~ SEPTEMBER EQUINOX CEREMONY WITH LORD METATRON IN THE GOLDEN ETHERIC CITY OF HAVALANCHEEIE. Hopefully you can feel the energies of this event as ALL the GREAT CENTRAL SUNS are in community of Oneness for GAIA and Humanity to feel the HIGHER LIGHT FREQUENCIES OF ONENESS in your consciousness and physical structure through your connection to your ANGELIC LIGHT. The energies in this celebration are very strong to assist. We visit the TEMPLE in the Etheric Golden City of Havalencheeie (in the etheric earth above Mt. Shasta) for this gathering.

SEPTEMBER 9, 2017 ~ LORD ASHTAR ASSISTANCE ~ CALMING IRMA AND HARSH EARTH CHANGES .  This recording is very helpful to use continually to help create healing energies within Gaia and humanity.

SEPTEMBER 6, 2017 ~ SEPTEMBER FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS WITH MOON IN PISCES IN SUN OF VIRGO WITH MASTER DJWHAL KHUL, MASTER SERAPIS BEY REPRESENTING THE CRYSTALLINE FLAME, NATIVE ELDERS WITH LADY NO EYES AND WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN.  – Master Djwhal Khul has chosen to visit the Golden Etheric City of Shashwam on this date so that the crystalline flame may be sent to all the areas of the United States and the world that are suffering from extreme circumstances at this time. We will focus upon utilizing this Flame for Resurrection and Purification of all environments but most importantly, for humanity and each of our souls to fully step into a new experience of Rebirth.We celebrate the Festivals of Light and Full Moon embracing the Feminine Divine to come into more alignment with the Masculine Divine within the physical structure of each person. Along with Master Djwhal Khul, the Native Elders, Lady No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman bring in Blessings for the Healing of Mother Earth as she is experiencing so many extreme environmental and energetic challenges.  [Note: the volume in the beginning may be low so please adjust accordingly.]

JULY 15, 2017 ~ LORD ASHTAR ASSISTANCE – REFINING OUR CONNECTION TO UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS THROUGH PROTECTING, RAISING, AND SHARING OUR LIGHT.  An audio message from Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda with the Galactic Federation of Light urging Lightworkers to refine their connection to true Universal Consciousness to co-create the New Earth.  Lord Ashtar shares information on our ability to connect accurately to the Higher Realms. As we go through a rebirth in our energies, we have the free choice to come into more understanding or to remain in a denser way of viewing life.

The higher frequencies of the Web of Light unfortunately cannot just be forced on humanity and Gaia. Instead each soul must access it individually and become those higher energies. He lists the qualities of embracing those abilities found within the Seven Rays/Flames of God so that each person can become more. He realizes it requires great effort and reminds us that the Federation of Light is here to support us on many levels. As we approach all the transitional energies (including this full moon, the new moon, lions gate, eclipse and the next cycles of the moon) over the next few months, he talks about the importance of being only a warrior within to protect and increase our Light. It is real and many souls are leaving earth much to early due to lack of correct knowledge of practicing how to be a higher being of Light. Lord Sananda then gives each of us a personal connection to the Higher Realms of Light so that we learn properly how we can do so. He reminds us it is not about others but each of us. We must embrace our own belief in healing and oneness of the most expansive level of Light is available to  us. We then receive the Divine Light Language Codes to assist our true connection to Universal Consciousness.  

JULY 8, 2017 ~ JUNE FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – MASTER DJWHAL KHUL – REBIRTH – Master Djwhal Khul, with the Native Elders, Lady No-Eyes, and White Buffalo Calf Woman assist in bringing forth a ceremony for the Moon of Capricorn in Cancer which represents the Phoenix Arising Out of the Ashes for Rebirth.

JUNE 19, 2017 ~ JUNE SOLSTICE CEREMONY – LORD METATRON – We travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeie residing over Mount Shasta, CA in the 5th dimensional level for a powerful ceremony with Lord Metatron.

JUNE 10, 2017 ~ FESTIVAL OF GOODWILL / HUMANITY / WORLD INVOCATION DAY Global Ceremony Gathering with the Office of the Christ Lord Maitreya and Lord Kuthumi, Lord Buddha, with Master Djwhal Khul and Lord Sanada.



APRIL 15, 2017 ~  EASTER BLESSINGS, 2017 ~ MASTER JESHUA/LORD SANANDA . We traveled to the Sacred Heart Temple of Oneness in the Heart of All Hearts. He ignited the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power within our Heart as we connected in Oneness to the Divine Consciousness of the Christed Self. There were blessings from the Angels as Divine Mother Father God overlighted the energies. Lord Sananda gave an Invocation of Peace, Love and Joy for all of humanity within this Circle of Love. This is a very powerful meditation and can be used throughout the year.

APRIL 10, 2017 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST – LIBRA FULL MOON IN SUN SIGN OF ARIES. I COME FORTH FROM THE HIGHER MIND TO BLEND WITH THE LOWER MIND AS THE FRUITION OF LOVE BECOMES ME: Master Djwhal Khul is our guide to the Office of the Christ Temple within the  49th dimensional frequency. We are met by Lords Maitreya and Kuthumi within the temple to offer their blessings and attunements of the Christed Self to be embodied within our physical self. Master El Morya offers his Rod of the Blue Flame to be placed within each individual to utilize the energies of Strength, Courage, and Fearlessness as this cycle represents Resurrection and Restoration of our Divine Self to become manifested within our world. This process continues for a 3-day cycle.

APRIL 8, 2017 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE ~ BRINGING MORE LIGHT TO EARTH –    Experience this transmission as a VIDEO .

MARCH 20, 2017 ~ MARCH EQUINOX FESTIVAL WITH LORD METATRON & HELIOS AND VESTA  – We journey to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeie meeting up with Lord Metatron in the Temple of the One which represents the 22nd Ray of the Platinum Flame, of Divine Oneness. Helios & Vesta, the Solar Logos for the Solar Level (10th dimension) bring forth a powerful Divine Language Light Encoding as we connected with Gaia and the light infractions of the Solar Level being sent into the Ley Lines of the Earth. Lord Metatron gave an invocation to hold these frequencies within our full body system.

MARCH 2017 – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS VIRGO FULL MOON IN THE SUN SIGN OF PISCESMARCH 12TH 7:54 AM PACIFIC, 10:54 AM EASTERN 14:54 GMT. MASTER DJWHAL KHUL, LADY NO EYES, NATIVE ELDERS, AND WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN.  MANTRA FOR THIS MOON IS: “I look within to see the emotions I hold and I embrace the Light I Am. I then allow my thoughts to reflect these feelings, as I allow the Feminine and Masculine to flow into Oneness.”

MARCH 4, 2017 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – LIGHT MASSAGE FOR ASCENSION.  Lord Sananda brings forth a Light Massage so that each individual can feel the blessing of their light; Lord Ashtar calls in the Web of Light to connect with the Love Sea as we send it to the Whales and Dolphins along with all of humanity.


FEBRUARY 4, 2017 ~ LORD ASHTAR EARTH ASSISTANCE – Love Seal Web of Light – We connect to the strong energies of the web of light to bring in the Love Seal. Lord Ashtar gives an understanding of why this is so important and Lord Sananda brings in the Blessings. We then complete the energies with the connection to the Whale and dolphin communities of light.


JANUARY 14, 2017 ~ ACTIVATE THE RAINBOW OF LIGHT FREQUENCY.   Lord Ashtar shares how with the planets in alignment during this cycle, it is imperative to allow all elements to come into balance. The Whales & Dolphins spoke in group consciousness of how they are receiving our blessings and healing; while Lord Sananda gave a blessing to continue these energies within the Web of Light as we are all in Oneness.


Listen to these to bring forth the elements listed in each event to be more present within your Light body and cellular grounding. Even if the energies of the earth are not current with the date of the teaching, the messages and Divine Language Network Light Code(sm) attunements given are invaluable to each soul on earth to personally partake in receiving them.

Click here for our prior LORD ASHTAR audio recording teaching meditations gatherings.

~ 2016 ~

DECEMBER 21, 2016 ~ ANNUAL SOLSTICE BLESSING WITH LORD SANANDA/YESHUA, LADY MARY MAGDALINE/LADY NADA, LADY ARCHANGEL MOTHER MARYThe DECEMBER SOLSTICE is HUMANITY’S time of calling for the CHRISTED CONSCIOUSNESS more fully into their lives to become grounded. It also brings a huge doorway in which more accessibility of our Angelic Multidimensional Self to be grounded within our Being. (It will prepare us for the next upcoming energies through the NEW YEAR to the next Celestial Movement of the EQUINOX). This SOLSTICE occurs on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 21st, 2016 – AT 12 PM (NOON) PACIFIC, 3 PM EASTERN, 19.00 GMT/UNIV. For this Etheric Attunement Meditation Blessing Journey with the Ascended Beings, we will travel to the Golden City of Havalancheeie which resides in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Mount Shasta. It represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion of the Feminine/Masculine Integration with the Cosmic Great Central Sun of Divine Mother and Father God.

DECEMBER 12, 2016 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – FULL MOON SUN SIGN OF GEMINI SAGITTARIUS ~ This moon is a test of how well each of you will handle the challenge that you are experiencing. If we look at it globally, then the mountains that each individual has to climb in order to receive the blessing that they are looking for can be overpowering. It can bring a person into a state of disbelieving everything that is occurring within the world and then affects them tremendously on a personal level. The Keynote through Master Djwhal Khul for this month in Sagittarius brings forth the statement: “I SEE THE GOAL, I REACH THAT GOAL, AND THEN I SEE ANOTHER.”

NOVEMBER 14, 2016 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON OF TAURUS SUN SIGN IN SCORPIO – TELOS CELEBRATION – LORD ADAMA, MASTER DJWHAL KHUL, NATIVE ELDERS, LADY NO-EYES AND WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN ~ This ceremony brings forth the connection to the earth and the moon within the energies of the Unified Whole, Great Spirit, Creative Source. We receive messages that now is the time to go even deeper into our spiritual self and use the spiritual tools to build up our strengths and our connection with the Spiritual Hierarchy.

OCTOBER 15, 2016 ~ FULL MOON IN ARIES WITH LIBRA ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS – Master Djwhal Khul is our Master of Ceremonies with the Native Elders including Lady No-Eyes and White Buffalo Calf Woman. This moon is in Aries with the sun sign of Libra which reflects the Masculine Divine coming into the union of the Feminine Divine even deeper. It is a time that could herald intense challenges but it represents how you deal with those energies. It is about balance both aspects of the Yin and Yang to accept the element of Free Will to be in balance. The mantra from Master D.K.states: “I CHOOSE THE WAY WHICH LEADS BETWEEN THE TWO GREAT LINES OF FORCE.” We travel etherically to the Inner Earth capitol Telos as we connect with the Universal Consciousness of the Unified Whole Command and all the Beings of Light to bring forth a powerful moon experience. (THE ACTUAL FULL MOON OCCURS ON OCTOBER 16TH AT 9:23 PM PACIFIC, 12:23 AM (OCT 17) EASTERN, 04:23 GMT.)

SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON IN PISCES WITH VIRGO & LUNAR ECLIPSE ~ INTEGRATION OF THE FEMININE DIVINE – Master Djwhal Khul hosts this call as we journeyed to Mount Kailash in Tibet which is the Crown Chakra of the Earth. All of the Inner Earth Beings, Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, and Native Elders joined us on Mount Kailash. The middle of the mountain was a vortex of the Crown Chakra energies of the 330 Rays of God. We were blessed with Lady No Eyes, White Buffalo Calf Woman and a special attunement with the Holy Kumaras of the Seven Flames of Venus.

JULY 18, 2016 ~ FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS FULL MOON IN CAPRICORN WITH CANCER ~ EMOTIONAL REBIRTH – Master Djwhal Khul hosts this call within the Etheric Earth. We meet at a Medicine Wheel of Oneness has many souls of all walks of life join us in the ceremony: Inner Earth Beings, Galactic Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels to celebrate Peace upon the Earth and within each of us. Lady No Eyes speaks of the changes that are occurring presently with the Native Elders giving a blessing. Included was a prayer from White Buffalo Calf Woman along with drumming and chanting.

JUNE 20, 2016 ~ FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS SOLSTICE AND FULL MOON BLESSING – Lord Metatron is the host of the ceremony – we etherically travel to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeiah which resides in the 5th dimensional earth of Mt. Shasta, CA, USA to discover the new earth energies that are now being incorporated upon GAIA. This is a very powerful event as a full moon and solstice has not happened for many years. It is bringing huge light infractions into the earth. We are celebrating within the City of Havalancheeiah in the TEMPLE OF THE ALL because it represents the 22nd Ray of Divine Completion and there will be an unprecedented amount of light energy that will be ignited during this time. Lord Metatron also blesses participants with the first 5 Metatronic Seals to open those energies into being able to be accessed in a totally new manner not previously thought possible. The Great Cosmic Central Sun as Divine Mother Father God also bring forth a special blessing.

MAY 22, 2016 ~ WORLD INVOCATION DAY – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS OF GOODWILL/HUMANITY ~ Etheric Journey Meditation Gathering to visit the TEMPLE OF ASCENDED BEINGS OF LIGHT with the Invocation Prayers, and channeled messages from the Spiritual Masters Lord Kuthumi, Lord Buddha and Master Djwhal Khul with the attunement from the Ray Chohans of the first seven Rays of God including Divine Light Language codes.

MARCH 23, 2016 ~ FESTIVITIES OF LIGHT – FESTIVAL OF THE CHRIST with Master Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Lord Kuthumi, Divine Mother Father God and the Inaugural connection with the AGARTHA NETWORK of INNER EARTH CITIES to bring in the higher energies and blessings of the CRYSTALLINE FLAME with MASTER SERAPIS BEY and the THREE-FOLD FLAME. A very powerful Festival of Light to prepare for the WESAK energies.

MARCH 17, 2016 ~ VERNAL EQUINOX BLESSING CELEBRATION GATHERING WITH LORD METATRON – The Divine Light Code Frequencies in this gathering bring forward rejuvenation and learning to be in a state of acceptance to rebuild the energy body into the physical body. Lord Metatron explains the current energies but also the wider context of bringing in more light into the earth.

FEBRUARY 22, 2016 – FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS OF PISCES with Master Djwhal Kuhl and Native Energies, NO-EYES, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN – Sacred Earth Ceremony to celebrate the energies of the Festivities of Light of Pisces in a guided journey; this month we go etherically to the GREAT PYRAMID OF GIZA IN EGYPT as it represents the Throat Chakra of the Earth.

January 23, 2016 – Festival of Lights of Aquarius with Master Djwhal Khul and Native Energies, NO-EYES, WHITE BUFFALO CALF WOMAN – Sacred Earth Ceremony to celebrate the energies of the Festivities of Light of Aquarius in a guided journey; this month we go etherically to TOR TOWER in Glastonbury as it represents the Heart Chakra of the Earth, (read the full information).


March 3 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Waves of Light – Master Einstein is our guest speaker. He, along with Divine Mother Father God, bring us the most vibrational set of divine Language Light Coding through Meleriessee that we have ever experienced. In this teaching we are told these “Light Waves” will assist greatly in preparing us for the energies this month [spring equinox, full moon, and moving us toward the WESAK festivals.]

February 17 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~  “Walking with the Rays in Ceremonial Magic” – In the final Ray Chohan Teachings of the Seven Rays, we are blessed with Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun offer us a full understanding of our true ability to walk in transformation.  Saint Germain and Lady Portia both bring us a teaching and more Divine Light Language codes to not only assist but have us experience our divine purpose using the 7th Ray as both the key to releasing our personal gifts to Gaia and humanity, but to create sacred space within.

February 10 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “The Magnetic & Electric – This week we are doing a deeper experience into the Ruby Red and Gold of the 6th Ray of Inner Devotion. Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun introduce the lesson as Lady Nada and Lord Sananda all allow us to feel the deep peace and understanding from the Higher Essence.

February 8 ~ LORD ASHTAR – The February 8, 2014 Teaching / Light Group Gathering – Lord Ashtar emphasized why we each need to raise our vibration first before doing this high frequency energy work to effect correct change within Gaia.
[ Comment from Reverend Ara: this recording is almost an hour and we know not all those who call themselves the Wayshowers, Lightworkers, Torchbearers, Awakened, or Enlightened ones are currently able to allow themselves to be in a role where they accept the deeper responsibility of doing that Light work. We know it requires devoting such an amount of time, effort and energy to carry out this practice. In time we hope this will change and more will be able to clear themselves of the lower dimensional frequencies that hold so many in distraction, and even judgement and fear.  As Lord Ashtar asks us in this teaching, “allow yourself to just experience”.  Since it is often not understood, we can share with you that Divine Language NetworksmLight Codes bring frequencies of Light into our physical domain, (something that we do not understand, and are not used to doing) that are very new energetically. For many, the lower mind interprets the experience and, since it is unusual, classifies it as strange and therefore uncomfortable, or even negative. This is to be guarded against if one desires to truly raise their vibration. However, this negative reaction from the mental mind to the higher energies is why there still exists many forms of lower frequencies upon Gaia: because we are actually quite comfortable with them (even while a part of us wants them to go away). It takes work however to make change occur, and we ask all who are even a tiny bit drawn to this level of work, to go farther and access that deeper level of responsibility through listening to these audio recordings as often as possible. This will create the opening needed to actually begin raising your frequency.  ]

February 3 ~ CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS ~ “Understanding the Scientific Ray – Divine Mother Father God as the Cosmic Great Central Sun  and Master Hilarion open the 2nd month of 2014 by bringing in the Divine Light Language Codes at a new level of depth we were not ready to receive before. The White with the Green and Gold is the Ray that cannot be comprehended with the lower mind. We learn that the mastery path requires us to first know that we can only know from the Divine Mind.


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  1. Dear Meleriessee and Mike.
    Thank you for the radio show last week. It reaffirmed that I need to make peace with my family. I haven`t wanted to spend time with them and I have only seen them three times in the last 11 years They really aren`t very pleasant to be with and I have found it difficult to be with them. My family taught me who I didn`t want to be.
    But it is time to make peace with everyone including them and I know I am now strong enough to be with them and be unaffected by them, and stand there in all my beauty, love, wisdom and peace. I know it`s time for me to set the example of Love and Wisdom and to expect this to set the tone of my relationship with them.
    Great things can come from healing these relationships. It will free me.
    Love to you both Lynette

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