True Correct Ascension Mastery Training

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos shares his wisdom and knowledge for Ascension Mastery Training in relation the challenges that are occurring upon the Earth presently. The Telosians and Agartha Councils of Light realize the importance of bringing forth the Truth of Light to assist humanity. Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden is an Integrative Channel who works exclusively with Lord Adama of Telos and the Agartha Council of Light.

Greetings My Dearest Ones,

It is I, Lord Adama. Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

I am here with the Agarthian Council of Light as each of the members of the Agarthian Council are here within the Command Center of Telos within this moment as each of them want to participate in our Wednesday evening meetings.

We are now starting a new semester with a new phase of our program. We have gone through tremendous movements of accelerations and changes upon the Earth. As a result, Gaia is feeling these changes. There is the continual duality occurring on many levels. It is happening in humanity, in the Earth, in the Star Systems, and the Planetary Systems.

The most important focus I want to bring to you this evening that is occurring presently is to connect fully to your Truth of the Light.

This evening the program is representing each of your own Inner Truths and how you feel about your emotions and thoughts to help you bring your Divine Light of your Truth; I want the same to be accessed through the Divine Light of Creation for all of humanity in each moment that no matter what is happening in the outside world as we see many changes occurring, along with many deaths happening with the environmental conditions. Some are natural and some not so natural as each of us knows this fact. The duality that is happening is being assisted by Lord Ashtar who has had his Legions of Light assisting in the Star Systems, in the weather patterns and helping the Earth to come into a new place.

We are in a very intensified period of acceleration.

Every time there is a climax like this that occurs it brings up many fears, anxieties, and untruths. It is important for each of you to realize your own Divine Truth of what you believe from the higher realms of light. This is what is really going to assist each of you individually and collections and globally to be in this space of light, to bring in that extension and to help the souls that are hurting from these energies to come into a new state of awareness.

I believe that is what Step 8 represents (Self Forgiveness) in which each of you are working upon personally in your own pathway and what it means for you.

Together globally we have to hold this light; we have to bring forth that Divine Truth that we as a Global community we can fully come into a state of healing, to a state of compassion, to a state of hope that these experiences that are occurring around the world and upon the lands can heal instead of being a direct result of what can be.

You see, we have all lived it before. We experienced it in Lemuria, and we lived it in Atlantis. It is happening once again whether you want to accept that fact within your consciousness. Yes, things are changing but what I see around the world amongst all lightworkers and awakened souls, is that many them are not seeing their own Divine Truth.

Many of the attitudes that occurred in Atlantis are being fully accessed once again. It is our hope with the Spiritual Hierarchy to help you realize that you are not your old self and the patterns that occurred during those times periods are arising for a reason. It is time to clear the old elements so that we do not have the same situations occur as it did in Lemuria and Atlantis.

We want to wake everyone up and see within themselves that it is time to be very diligent in what feels aligned with the Christ Consciousness and what does not. History is repeating itself as many old ways of doing things are coming into creation once again. But it is within each of you, that you can make the distinction of what feels right within your consciousness.

I will tell you that the reason we are not on the Upper Earth is because of this duality.

Elements have not occurred that allow us the purity and confirmation that it is okay to walk upon the Upper Earth. When we do come up for visits, it is very short and we have to go through a huge cleansing process to get our energies back to its original Divine Blueprint. Contrary to what some may believe, we as the Agarthians, are not walking the Upper Earth at this time. Please know this to be true as we are the Christed Beings just as each of you are.

The Earth is still being controlled by energies that are not in the Christ Light. They are very apparent amongst many lightworkers especially individuals that have not walked the Ascension Pathway of the Initiations. Many of them are sharing words from other worlds that are not in alignment of the Christed energies, but yet their information can be very powerful and convincing.

We, of the Agarthian Council of Light, are truly not going to allow the same experiences to happen once again.

What I ask is that each of you to be strong within your own convictions to realize the opportunities that are being opened to change this world, to change this earth. We have talked about the New Earth for many years since the Millennium to bring forth that ability to experience an energetic exchange upon this earth into a higher dimensional frequency.

Presently there is destruction in many parts of the world. There is destruction in the minds of people, destruction everywhere you turn, there is animosity, there is dissension, and there are those elements of feeling that darkness. So, it is imperative that each of us as the group of souls that we are to bring forth the highest light frequency possible to assist not only the planet as a whole but each of us individually.

We, in Telos, are also very sad and disheartened as what is happening on the Earth but we know that it is just an opening of a doorway.

The battle is not being lost and I don’t want any of you to think that it has. It may seem very dark and you may feel that it is never-ending; we must not go into that space. We must allow the higher consciousness that each of us is to guide us in each moment, to be the shining light, the Beacon so that more light can be attracted to that energy. So that the places of darkness can be dispelled and integrated with the light, and this represents the People. But each of you must take a responsibility in your own way to uphold this Light and the best way you can do so is within yourself.

There is a reason why the Unified Whole Command was created. It was foreseen by the Spiritual Hierarchy that there needed to be a Source of Light in which nothing could interfere with the Creation of the New Earth that was a lesser energy would try to fool many souls, and believe me, they are very convincing. Each of the masters from the Spiritual Hierarchy agreed to set up the Command Center within the 144th Dimension, every Master, Angel, Christed Intergalactic Being, under the guidance of Divine Mother and Father God fully gave their pledge to step into the Unified Whole Command. This way the movement of the energies could be readily available to any individual that chose to connect with us in this manner.

Lady Meleriessee was asked in 2011 to be the spokesperson for this energetic exchange and she was given this opportunity to utilize the higher commanding energies in this manner for a reason.

It was time – that all awakened souls be able to connect to this channel of light so that it would assist in removing all other lower energies that have been trying to interfere in the process of the New Earth as has been shown to each of the members of the Spiritual Hierarchy. This commanding energy must be utilized for any awakened soul to raise their vibration so as to bypass the other conflicting energies that are trying desperately to get to the masses

I share all of this as I want each individual that is reading this material to connect to the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimension by counting upwards from the zero level to the 144th level in increments of ten. This will allow each person to raise their consciousness into that higher level that is necessary to overcome the lower energies that are becoming very prevalent in our present circumstances. Not doing so allows the lower frequencies to interact with your consciousness and may cause you to think or act differently away from the lineage of the Christ Consciousness. This process cannot be done with your lower mental mind; it must be accomplished by feeling the energies through your breath and becoming part of the higher dimensional frequency.

We want to gather with each of you in unity of the Spirit of the Christ so that we do not loose souls to this other energy that is occurring presently.

How do we utilize Self Forgiveness on a global level for the Earth and all her inhabitants?

We have to fully forgive ourselves for what we have created in all of our timelines, because that is what is happening now. There are millions of souls that do not understand this concept. We, of the Higher Realms of Light, and you, of the Inhabitants of Lightworkers upon the Earth must uphold this energy and to realize the potential within yourself, as you walk this Pathway of Mastery.

We are at a crucial stage presently upon the earth, within the earth and around the earth. We know in the Agarthian Communities of Light that we are all going to be able to combat these energies and you are all a major part of this process.

We must call upon the availability to surrender to the darkness that is trying to stop us. Some of you may be feeling it more than others. You may be perceiving it energetically. There are many individuals that are posting things on social networking that is not of the highest light, but we must not pay attention to those words or those energies.  Those of you that have been on this pathway for quite some time can understand that when elements come to this point of reference, it means something has to break open.  It means the people of all races and all kinds are being fearful, so they will try their best to interfere.

So I extend unto you once again the beacon of Light that you are from the Divine Consciousness, from the Higher Realms that we are all together of the 144th dimension, of the Creative Source of Oneness. To call upon that Creative Source of Oneness to assist each of us individually and each of us in the Capitol Inner Earth Cities also in Telos and all the Agartha Capitol Cities that are holding this energy which are: Shonshe, Rama, Shingwa, and Posid.

As all of our communities come together we are in alliance ~ a Unified Whole exchange of light.

I want everyone to feel that in this moment and to call upon this energetic exchange to assist and bring forth the ability to fully command the every continuing source of light that is within each of us, that is around us and nothing else can interfere within this energetic exchange.

What is occurring presently is meant to bring fear. It is meant to bring those elements of uncertainty to the Hearts and the Minds of all souls upon this earth.

I extend to you right now the strength, I extend the hope, I extend the beauty of Grace and flowing Light energies, the most powerful sources that you have ever experienced to come fully within your Etheric Self, within your Chakra System, holding that light frequency within you and nothing can interfere with this energy.

Along with this light frequency comes the ability to work through the issues within yourself to realize the potential that you have to become more than you ever have before, to walk as an Ascended Master, just as the Masters did in Lemuria and Atlantis.

Each of you are the Saving Grace of this Earth.

Sometimes you may not feel like that because the outside energies can hit you like a gust of wind as you feel like you can fall down. If you do, you must get up once again, because if you allow the Light of the Source that we are together, then there is nothing that you should fear, be angry about, but to hold strong within this Golden White Light that is a multitude of many colors. We bring this extension to you from the core of Telos into the upper Earth for each of you to embrace it within yourselves, to feel it within your Heart Center, to allow the extension of all that you are to be embraced by your physical self.

We extend this energy around the world to every soul upon this planet especially the ones that may not understand what is occurring at this time. The minds within the physical self will try to explain what is happening, will try to agonize over it, will try to put it in its perspective.

I, as Lord Adama, ask you to put it in the pure essence of this Golden White Light that we are all together. It shall be dissipated, it shall be cleared, and it shall be healed as a Rebirth will occur. The death cycle is very strong presently, and the only thing that we can do together is to extend this light to each other, to bring forth that beautiful essence of Light that we are as it makes the flame even stronger through the entire Earth, through the inner Earth of the Christed Beings, to the Upper Earth of the Christed Beings, to the Cosmic Light Frequencies of the Christed Beings, to the 144th Dimension of the Christed Beings of Oneness. Let us not let anything interfere with this connection, this strength, this power, within God’s Love and Gods’ Will and Power.

I share these words because there may be things that you see or read in your travels throughout your day. I ask you to call back upon this Force of Light that is a true light emanating from the Capitol Cities of Agartha, of the Councils of Light through each of you and then beyond into the skies, into the hemispheres as Lord Ashtar is protecting all of us through these transitions that we are going through.

The other element that is occurring is that karma is being erased; it is being healed. If you ever thought you have experienced these elements from Lemuria or Atlantis, you most likely have and what occurs when you allow yourself to state that you are part of the Ascended Master State of Consciousness within your own physical being is that you are transmuting all those thoughts and actions that occurred millions of years ago. It will change this earth. That is what we must do presently.

I ask you to take this energy and fully incorporate it within your Heart Essence; to realize that something has occurred for you that you have to clear or you have to change, to know that only makes you stronger.

That is what the lower elements that are trying to take this earth do not realize.

We are not losing strength, we are gaining it in each attack no matter the form of the attack – if it is through the weather patterns, the massive amount of fires or storms and wind gusts, if it is through the massive amount of challenges that each person has to go through, and most of all your protective energies in your field, that only makes that soul stronger to continue, to be more to their physical self that they ever thought they could be in any other time frame. That is the power of these energies.

So I ask each of you to connect with this Light Force as it will help you tremendously to realize that you are safe, that you are loved, that you are completely in a state of community. We may not living with each other physically, but we are living within each other etherically.

I ask you to take this Light Force into your Heart, allow it to expand within your chakra system, allow it to heal the parts of yourself that need to be revealed and put into Wholeness so that you can fully feel your Divine Self.

Trust in this process and you shall see that it is the way that we all need to be in these moments. We must come together energetically. I watch over every one of you and I thank you to your service to this pathway.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna

I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos

The Agarthian Council of Light

Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

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