The Initiations of Ascended Mastery

ascension stepsWalking Terra Christa has been asked by Lord Adama to provide a more in-depth understanding of the initiation phases and how they relate to present day experiences.  Many have read about the initiations but there is usually more of an esoteric view of what they mean in an initiate’s pathway.  We are providing a series of blogs on each of the seven initiations, what the understanding may be in simple terms, and how to apply them to our present living situation upon the Earth presently.

Many lightworkers may not understand the concept of initiations, ascended mastery, or how to apply it to their present lifestyle.  Individuals are arriving with amazing gifts but may not be able to ground their energies within Gaia.  It is important to realize that each of us has the availability to walk within the mastery pathway but not everyone will do so.  Ascension represents Mastery which brings forth a great responsibility to give service to this Earth and to others.  It also represents the doorway of deep healing through the physical, emotional, mental, and astral bodies along with the etheric body.  Many individuals may think that this is their first time on this planet but the timelines need to be cleared from the etheric level along with issues from this lifetime.

Each of the first seven initiations representing planetary ascension is a requirement in order to achieve the 5th dimensional body of light.  In order to accelerate within the physical body certain elements need to be addressed through the process.  Just because an individual is powerful with great psychic abilities does not mean that they can walk into the 5th dimensional earth.  There is a pathway that needs to be followed in order to achieve the golden opportunities.

We want to share with our readers how these elements can be achieved.  It is no mistake that we are at a very powerful time upon this planet.  We are being gifted with accelerations continually.  Each of us has a contract to be here even if some do not understand what their contract may mean.  Stepping into mastery means that we  have decided to give service and in return there are great rewards.  But the work needs to be done in order to achieve the desired results. This also requires a responsibility as each initiation will take an initiate into a deeper level of themselves.  This will continue without the body so what an individual acquires during this timeline is only going to help them move up the ladder through the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic levels of ascension.

As each of us goes through this process of acceleration, we work through the four body system to achieve the higher spiritual bodies to be actualized within our existence.  Please know that having as many tools as possible through the planetary accelerations will help this process within our individual lives.  When we don’t work on what is challenging us, that is when the energy will make it very difficult to deal with.   The God Force has asked us to be here as we are the Torch Bearers for the New Earth, but in order for the illumination of the Light to be within us, we must clear the elements that are stopping the process.  We cannot be in Oneness until we achieve Oneness Within.

Ascension can occur through our consciousness and our physical existence.  Many individuals may not realize this fact.  In our conscious ascension it means that we are tapping into the higher energies through our meditations and our aware state.  Allowing physical ascension to occur within us means that the physical body literally goes through the transition of increasing the light and love quotient to remove the blockages from this lifetime and other timelines which are lodged within the Etheric Body.  We must clear all these elements to achieve the planetary ascension.  This includes ridding ourselves of the Lower Ego which is in the physical self to access the Higher Ego represented by the Higher Self or Higher Consciousness.  We cannot ascend past the 7th initiation without allowing the Lower Self to be fully dissipated and removed.  This is why there are seven initiations to Planetary Ascension.

Our work at Walking Terra Christa helps individuals to go through these initiations and help the four-body system to be able to access the higher spiritual bodies; thereby, creating the Full Body System.  It is important to understand the initiations but not to be obsessed by what they mean to each individual on a personal basis.  We are sharing this information only to help and not hinder anyone’s progress.

Meleriessee has been on this pathway for over 20 years and she feels that it helps to understand where you may be within the initiations to help get through the challenges and accept the accomplishment of allowing mastery to be your guide.  It has assisted her tremendously through the years to accept what she experienced as lessons of initiation and to become better within herself as an individual.  The process can be challenging, but it brings forth amazing rewards on a soul level.

The next blog will be entitled, “Initiation 1 – Represents the Physical Body”.

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