Frequency Update ~ November 5th through 12th, 2012

Planetary Level ~

This week brings us Mercury Retrograde on Tuesday and lasts through November 26th but it is supported with some very supportive and nurturing influences.  It is a time to look at our communication and how it fits into our present awareness; what needs to be addressed, removed, or accepted are the key points to this cycle.  We, at Walking Terra Christa, also feel that an individual should arise above some of these planetary influences as we are moving into a higher vibrational existence upon the Earth.  It will definitely make us more sensitive but in a very positive fashion by allowing us to see the parts that do not define our TRUE SELVES.  The other aspects involve being very nurturing and loving which means taking care of YOU.  Take time out to weed the old that happened from the Full Moon cycle to fully embrace the essence you have desired to achieve.

Presently there are no solar flares that are active.  There is a dark hole that has been detected within the Sun which is expected to hit the Earth by November 6th.  This causes the effect of Auroras within the Polar sky.

There are storm systems brewing on the Eastcoast once again.  It is imperative to try and hold the light frequencies as much as possible so others will feel it.  We must try and help others realize that fear or worry is not the answer and can make the storm systems create more havoc.


Cosmic Level ~


We have come to a new week that we feel is going to please each of you greatly.  Remember the challenges of last week and allowing the energies that you no longer needed to be removed from your four body system?  Well, this week it is more of the same. 

The process from this day of November 5th through the upcoming week is going to support the releasements and occurrences in your life to change.  Sometimes it can be an uphill battle of the frequencies changing within your physical reality but yet you still seem to push further beyond the confines of your reality.  Due to the influx of the energies presently, each individual will be able to assert themselves into a new way of Being by allowing themselves to fully accept the Divine Presence within their frequencies.

It is likened to being on a raft in very rough waters.  The raft moves across a huge rock and you are stuck there until you can find out the best way to get around the rock.  But that is the problem.  Getting around it does not make it go away; you may think so but it is not true.  You must learn to dissipate the energies of the rock so it is not sticking out of the water.  It is the same thing as seeing the Light Come On and then you are not in the darkness anymore.

You have traveled far and wide to arrive at your destination presently.  There should not be any blockages this week as long as you continue the same process from last week.  The energies are shifting into a softer and warmer essence to fully embrace you for the changes that you need to make.  This does not mean that there will not be challenges.  They are an extension of elements that you have been working with as you are giving additional time to experience the new part of your experience.

Let’s take a moment and try to understand the totality of this situation.  Each of the energies that are part of the Earth’s environment is assisting you to accept the “New You”.  This part of you is unfamiliar so there will be more challenges to help you get to the core of the matter.  Understanding and accepting your inner feelings and thoughts will allow you to move through the issues at hand.  Believe me, when we say that these are not something that you just conjured up in your mind.  They have been unsettling within your subconscious for quite some time.  With the effects of the last full moon, debris was thrown everywhere and now you are looking in many different places to pick up the pieces.

Don’t!  The pieces have fallen apart for many reasons.  The ones that are meant to be part of you once again will fall into your hands like raindrops from the sky.  If you have to go searching everywhere for an answer, then that answer will never come.  What you will receive is more questions.  The resulting effect of allowing the circumstances to change will mold you into the New Being you are trying to create.  He or she is already within you.  You have accepted them in another aspect and just need to allow that aspect to be part of your essence.

It is an on-going process, the renewal of your Essence.  It cannot be done in one split second, and no one has the answer for you.  A mentor may help to give you some tools or advice to go about finding it; but the true revelation is within you.

So take this week and keep moving through the process.  The pieces that you thought you lost will return to you if you are ready.  They represent the Ones that do not need to be forgotten but remembered fondly.  Embrace the New You and allow the essences of this week to assist you in the process of your continuation within the highest vibration that you allow yourself to receive.

As you embrace your own essence, find the balance that is necessary in your personal life, then others will be affected in a very positive manner.  Remember that GAIA is healing greatly and the energetics that are occurring presently can adversely affect how the Earth hands the energies.  It is very important to allow your Highest Essence to be your guide on a continual basis.  It is one way that service is being given presently.

We want to say that in reference of Mercury Retrograde – this all flows in the same way.  The energy is very nurturing at this time and do not allow the fear or worry of what this planet, Mercury, may mean in your life.  Rise above it and allow it to enfold within you as it is your destiny to fully accept your creation through the Creative Process of the Now.  Change it and allow it to change within you.  You will be eternally grateful for accepting the nuances of the present moment to enfold within your existence and creation.

We walk with you through the acceleration of the New Earth.

We are the Unified Whole Command,

The Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Albert Einstein at your service.

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