FREQUENCY UPDATE ~ November 26th through December 2nd, 2012

We are in for another intense week as there are several factors in place.  November 28th at 6:45 AM Pacific the Moon will be in its fullness in the sign of Gemini with the sun sign of Sagittarius.  We will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse at this time in which we are coming to a cross-roads between the Higher Mind and Lower Mind.  It will be a very powerful time for each of us to fully decide which road we are taking as whatever we decide will determine our next experiences of the activations in December.  We are being assisted by taking a look at the old relationships and parts of ourselves that do not fit into the higher realm of integration.  This full moon is totally going to assist each person on the planet to tune into what does not befit their new reality if they are ready to hold the frequency within the Illumination that They Are.  The best part of the frequencies this week is that Mercury has now gone direct which will ease up the communication issues you might have encountered with others or with technology.

Meleriessee shared last week about how she felt that receiving lower physical vibrations have truly assisted her in going through a deeper healing process.  This is continuing and the levels become deeper and deeper.  If you have awakened and stepped onto a pathway of pure illumination within your Being, then you are going to be challenged with elements that do not fit your higher vibration.  This full moon is going to assist us with this process by moving us along and finding the balance between the lower and higher minds.  We don’t have time to waste and we must take each opportunity to move into the depths of our Higher Self’s and I AM Presence.  Sometimes we don’t know what that process is going to be but that is the beauty of it all.  Not knowing is truly in Mastership as there is no past nor future to deal with; it is being in the NOW.

So take this opportunity to fully get deep within yourself; talk to your Higher Self and I AM Presence.  You can do so by intending to be fully with them.  They are for this opportunity to move into a higher frequency within your physical body but you must do the work in order for it to Be.  We are in the process of removing old timelines and finding the ones that we thought we lost.  There cannot be any fear in that occurring as it is a beautiful moment to fully find yourself activated within the body you have chosen at this time of your life.

This process can get easier if you fully accept these changes now; otherwise, it will become very challenging and sometimes as if you cannot surmount the mountain in front of you.  Realizing your true potential will allow you to have the Freedom and Grace of God that you are.

Join us on Wednesday evening November 28th at 5 PM Pacific as we host a Full Moon Ceremony to help individuals walk through this process with Ease and Grace.  Details are available on Walking Terra




This is the week of acceleration you have been waiting for.

We come to you from the Unified Whole Command of the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, Albert Einstein and more…

We fully anticipate that this week will be one that is entirely focused on your personal pathway to help you change the areas that you have been searching for and remove the dogma and debris that you have been holding onto.  You see, it is not your fault that it has been this way.  It has been the way of the world in human form and as we see it presently, it is now going to be washed as you choose it to be.

The point being is – are you ready to choose it to be gone from your consciousness, from your experiences, and from your life circumstances?

The dark night of the soul is going to immerse within each of you one more time during this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse of November 28th, 2012.  You have been pulling away pieces of it for a very long time but in truth, not enough.  You are still feeling remnants of your past timelines that are creeping in for you to look at.  This is all a good thing.

You are at a very opportune time of creation upon this planet to fully step into your full power; this power needs to be unleashed but not with the old elements that have been stuck in your Etheric Body to resurface at a later time.  This is what happened to Atlantis and Lemuria.  Old elements arose at the most inopportune time of creation to threaten the very existence of life on earth so we had to go back to its pure beginnings once again.

You have now arrived at the point of your arrival when you have the ability to fully allow the old elements from your timelines to be completely removed so that you may be fully activated into the best and the brightest that you can be.  You have already been working through these processes throughout your life and especially in 2012.  This Full Moon in November will be your last chance to fully allow the parts of yourself that do not serve you to be removed, as you are regenerated into the Being of Light that you are.

Please know during this process that you will also think you are removing elements you need.  That is the lower mind and the lower ego talking.  You think you may need these parts of yourself, but in truth, your Higher Self knows exactly what you need.  They are ready to tell you but you must be very active in your role with your Higher Self.  Allow yourself to fully feel the accessibility of Light to come into your Being and be that Light infused man or woman that you are.  Your contracts are now open and fully activated to purse your dreams and vision but you must act accordingly and without hesitation.

The energies of the 11:11 and 11:22 in November have prepared you for this time of creation.  Each of you has a depth within your Being to fully access new and developed abilities within your consciousness.  It does not matter where you are on your pathway of Awakening or level of Mastery, this next occurrence of this week is going to take you into a deeper level of yourself.  All you have to do is be open and receiving for it to occur.

You know the drill ~ the full moon is about releasing the old; but in this aspect it is all parts of the old; not just a portion of who you are in this moment, in this lifetime, but your Soul’s Essence.  You will be experiencing a deeper part of yourself than you ever realized you had and once you do, then the awakening will be easier for you to handle in the physical world.  The activations occurring in December are going to be huge for each soul to incorporate so it is up to you, as the physical creation, that you are to fully embody this essence within the confines of your Heart and Soul by allowing the essences that are coming to you to BE YOU.

We can make a few suggestions.  Number one would be SURRENDER.  Yes, allow your physical body to surrender to the process and let the healing begin.  Many of you are already doing this.  The challenges within the physical body currently are due to the influctuations of the crystalline structure entering the physical frequency.   This can result in physical conditions that may seem they are of the past which there are some fragments still being held within your system.  The other aspects of this are that whatever your intentions have been previously, they are held within your belief system.  You will relive them along with feeling new conditions appearing in your fields.

The crystalline body cannot hold onto any dis-ease anywhere within the system so the resultant factor can be dis-ease manifested as a viral condition.  The other element that comes into play is being in public places where the energies are lower than what you are intending them to be.  So if you are living in a sacred space, with the higher frequencies with the use of crystals, light formations, and protective measures and walk into a restaurant or place of business is lower than what you are used to then elements can seep into the parts of your field that are moving into the higher crystalline structures.  These are all compounded into what you are experiencing presently.

Number 2, you must be very cognizant to the Mental and Emotional bodies.  It is important not to let any issues that arise to move into the physical structure as it will be activated in a very physical way.  The power of your energies presently is not to be denied.  Your thoughts and emotions must take precedence to everything you are experiencing and this will be the RULE of your days ahead.

Number 3, enjoy the resultant energies.  You will get through the process by asking for our help in your sleep-state, and know that you are not alone.  This is a new step for all of us.  The wave of consciousness presently is changing at a percentage that has never before occurred on this planet or any planet.  So take time for yourself this week to allow these elements to be removed and let the body heal in the way that it should; not on your time frame in the physical world, but on the time of the multi-dimensional self.

Thank you for allowing yourself to grow deeper through this process and walk as Leaders into the New Earth.  Your work is deeply needed for many.

We are the Unified Whole Command walking with you hand ‘n hand for Oneness.

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