Decree ~ Festival of Humanity

Divine Love Power Rose decreeInitiating Divine Love and Divine Power ~  Celebrating The Festival of Humanity

The third ascension festival as now arrived,
June 2, 2015;
It is known as World Invocation Day,
As each Initiate and Master invocates the Love and Power,
That they have acquired through the Festivals of Light.

I call upon the energies of Will and Power,
Representing the Blue Flame,
To ignite my Masculine Divine,
Within my Heart Center.

It swirls within and around me,
As I feel the ability to stand in my truth,
I feel my Strength, and Courage of Walking a New Pathway.

I then call upon the energies of Creative Actualization,
Representing the Pink Flame,
To Ignite my Feminine Divine,
Of Love,
Within my Heart Center.

The acceptance I feel is now ignited through the partnership,
Of my Masculine and Feminine Self,
Becoming One element within my Heart.

I feel Compassionate and Tolerant of all I have endured,
My Mental Body is full of Illumination of Light,
As I become one with my essence of the Divine.

I now ignite the essence of the Golden Yellow Flame,
It brings to me my Love and Wisdom,
I feel the Power that is erupted within my Heart Center,
I feel Universal Love flowing within me,
As I expand what I have received.

I now feel the effects of my Inner Devotion,
Being created within me,
I see the Flame of Ruby Red with Gold,
Igniting a Serenity of Peace and Love.

I expand all of these essences,
Through my Field of Light,
I send it around me,
For others to feel within themselves.

I have learned through the process of my initiations,
That I am now empowered within who I have become;
I rejoice in this understanding of myself.

I AM One with all of Creation,
I send this light unto GAIA within the Core of Her Crystalline Structure,
It moves through every living organism,
Upon her existence.

I now feel it coming back to me,
As I receive what I have shared to others.

Today is the Festival of Goodwill and Humanity,
I invoke these essences everywhere I walk, talk, and think.

I am a Lightworker upon this Earth,
I have expanded what I have received,
To help others to do the same.

We are all One Circle of Light,
As this Earth evolves into the New Earth,
One Step at a time.

I AM that I AM that I AM

Creator:  Rev. Christine Meleriessee with Master Djwhal Khul

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