Building the Love Quotient ~ Creating Integrated Ascension

LOVE QUOTIENT CLASS - creating integrated ascension - walking terra christa

SEMINAR: Building Your Love Quotient
DATE: Saturday, February 16th, 2019, 10:00 AM Pacific
FORMAT: Global Online Audio Ascension Mastery Frequency Attunement
(also available as an mp3 file download with enrollment).

Integrated Ascension represents the process of allowing the higher bodies of light to intertwine within the four lower bodies within our physical creation – Mental, Emotional or Astral, Etheric and Physical. The internalization of allowing the Spiritual Body to bring forth its Divine Love represents accessing the Source of Love that each soul is capable of experiencing in their physical consciousness.

What happens through Ascension Mastery study is that many initiates have not been able to fully access the higher light forms within the four-body system and ground it within themselves. They may have a tendency to be experiencing it through their meditations but it is not properly balanced through the Mental and Emotional Selves.

This is where the step to move into Integrated Ascension occurs.

All elements from the higher realms must be acknowledged within the Lower Self. Through this process it can be very challenging but also a step in the right direction. In order to bring forth the ability to walk upon this earth in mastery the four-body system must go through the process of transforming the old self into a state of high acceleration but very aligned physical with the same elements that represent the Spiritual Body.

Referring to the understanding that each of us as a soul reflects the higher bodies of light from the Cosmic Level, Multi-Universal Level, Universal Level, Galactic Level and Solar Level descending downwards from the I Am Presence, Monad, Higher Self into the lower four bodies of the Mental, Astral or Emotional Body, the Etheric and Physical Self.

As an individual steps into the world of acceleration, they are accessing the higher light bodies but they are not in actuality grounded within the physical self. As an initiate, you must go through various stages

to become the pure essence of the higher bodies of Light.

As you step into the deeper truths within learning more about Integrative Ascension, you will see how each of the quotients of Light, Love, Psychological Wisdom, Christ Consciousness, Transcendence of Negative Ego-Removal Magical Thinking, Service and Spiritual Leadership, and Integration and Balance become part of a larger concept of why you experience the challenges and successes as you walk through each of the Initiations.

Our first goal is to help individuals to allow the LOVE QUOTIENT to be realized from the sense of the higher spiritual bodies to help the Mental, Emotional, and Physical (including the Etheric) Selves to go through a healing process and become more acclimated to the Love Quotient.

This means that as you rise into the higher initiations you will be able to access these bodies of light but the main component is being able to hold the LOVE QUOTIENT in each of the 12 individual bodies.

As teachers of Ascension Mastery, we are consistently speaking about the Light Quotient but in order for this quotient to be realized the Love Quotient needs to be at specific levels in order for the essence of Divine Love to be experienced. When an Initiate starts the 6th initiation they must possess at least 80% Love Quotient and for the 7th initiation, the percentage has to be held in the 92% ratio.

Most aware and awake souls on earth who currently do identify with achieving the goal of attaining a fifth dimensional consciousness (state of being fully Ascended while living in the physical body) are at the first or second level of their Initiations. This is one of the main reasons that individuals cannot hold their Light Quotient as it is determined by the level of Love Quotient they are holding in each of the bodies.

“This means that the feeling body is raised by the frequencies of Divine Love and not the opposite. Divine Spiritual love can be filtered through the Emotional Body in a manner that elevates it, while at the same time honoring the emotional vehicle. When an individual does not work upon elevating their Mental and Emotional bodies for this to occur, it can cause the essence of love to be distorted, degraded or denied altogether.” ~ Dr. Joshua David Stone, Integrated Ascension.

It is essential to understand that Love is meant to be free flowing within all the Higher and Lower Bodies.

Building the Love Quotient is a major focus in making progress upon the Spiritual Path.

An important element is to allow the ACT OF LOVE to be experienced within all aspects of life. If an individual speaks of love but does not allow it to be felt from within, then there is no truth within the essence they are trying to portray.

The main element is that every individual must become their own Divine Love in order to achieve ascension in their planetary lives.

As you learn to increase your Love Quotient you will find the areas that have been hidden away such has elements within your Emotional Body, Negative Ego, Subconscious Mind, Lower Self Desire and issues with learning how to parent your Inner Child will surface to be healed. Learning to activate your Love Quotient will help you heal the parts of yourself that previously you were unaware that needed to be rectified.

About the Class:  Walking Terra Christa is facilitating this class with the Divine Masters of Lord Melchizedek and Lord Saint Germain as the hosts. Special guests will include Lord Sananda and Lord Sai Baba sharing their expertise and knowledge of how to allow the essence of Divine Love to increase the percentage within your LOVE QUOTIENT.

Included will be high level Divine Language Network Encodingsm to bring forth attunements of Divine Love with special meditative journeys being provided by both Lord Sai Baba and Lord Sananda.

Our focus is to allow the highest possible quotient of Love to be experienced by each of the participants helping them with the lower self issues and re-creating a paradigm of Love to be experienced but most of all, grounded within each of the individuals. Their purpose is to help each person accelerate themselves with the Divine Love, but also to fully become more attuned to their own Higher Bodies of Light.


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One thought on “Building the Love Quotient ~ Creating Integrated Ascension”

  1. I really enjoyed this class, prior to the class, I was deeply challenged with headache, anger toward myself which resulted with gall bladder pain, and my solar plexus was also not settled and emotionally I was feeling very low. After the class, I felt a complete shift, all these areas were in a balanced state, I felt a cooling sensation on my mental level, I felt everything was just as it should be, emotionally I felt love and compassion toward myself with some clarity, I understood why I was holding the anger, so I was able to remove it. I felt deep love from the masters, especially Lord St. Germain and Lord Sananda, the travel to Lord Melchizedek’s temple was so beautiful and I felt like I was held in the arm of universal love. It was a great experience and I intent to use this recording again to help me to increase the love quotient in all my four body systems, so that I can connect more with my higher self and feel my power and love within, so that I can be the beautiful person I desire to be to others.

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