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Increasing your Christ Consciousness Awareness”

This quotient represents the ability to master increasing the Consciousness of the Four Minds (of your Monad, Higher Self, Conscious Mind and Subconscious) to become the Abstract Mind.

This topic is not something we can easily comprehend as a human self who has little knowledge of how we are in truth much more expansive than the physical-spiritual self we choose to see ourselves as being.

The complexities of our multidimensional quantum self energies are vast. However, the desire to “know” with clear understanding also has an immense power to block anything else we do not understand from becoming part of our reality. (In fact, this is how humanity has created our collective reality). So to avoid that pitfall, this class is highly energetic and attunement based to bypass those potential blockages. That said, to partake of these teachings one must make the conscious intent to set aside the desires of the mental mind’s thirst for material understanding – and instead open up that part of ourselves that the Masters call the “Abstract”.

The focus for this Mastery Class will be to learn how to access the four minds to allow for the Abstract Mind to be the center of your Consciousness. The Masters will explain the differences of the Abstract Mind vs the Concrete Mind.

It is important to realize that in order command the Christ Consciousness to be utilized within you on a physical level you must allow your Higher Minds to assist you in that process. It cannot be done from the physical mind otherwise known as the Concrete Mind or Lower Self/Ego.

The way of the Christ Consciousness is a pathway to see the world through the Heart and Mind of God (Divine Mother/Divine Father) which does not hold elements of judgments but being in a perpetual state of unconditional love and always choosing Love over Fear.

In order to achieve this concept and reality an Initiate must allow their higher minds to work with them which comes from the Monad, Higher Self, into the Consciousness and changing the Subconscious Mind to reflect the higher order of divinity within the Soul’s Essence.

We will be working with Lord Sanat Kumara who is the founder of the Brotherhood of White Light that was created shortly after the fall of Lemuria. We will learn how he was able to work directly with his Higher Self (Cosmic Master Vywamus), and Monad (Cosmic Master Lenduce) through the teachings of Cosmic Master Adonis (who was Lord Sanat Kumara’s teacher on Venus).

This class brings forth many forms of the higher frequencies including accessing the Venusian Rays of God that work through all of the chakras as one Unified Essence of Light. This assists the transmitted teachings to create an advanced highly energetic attunement of light for those who participate. Included is some information that has never been shared previously through Lord Sanat Kumara and his teachers.

Lord Saint Germain will be the Master of Ceremonies with Lord Melchizedek sharing his knowledge of how this information will assist you in your Initiation Pathway.

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For 2019 we are positioning a focus on taking the energies from last year, an 11 year, representing coming into Mastery, and use that to build upon Integrating our personal Ascension Mastery to become more focused within our daily lives.

To do this we will delve into the energies of Creativity, Communication and Ascension, as 2-0-1-9 is a “3” year in it’s energies.

Our teaching path for this series is throughout the year by working with Lord Melchizedek along with Lord Saint Germain, Master Joshua Stone, and several more Cosmic Masters to use the new grounding effect from the Diamond Light Structures as the foundation for our Integration. The focus turns toward each of the Eight Quotients of Integrated Ascension as Dr. Joshua David Stone shared in his book “Integrative Ascension”.

These Quotients are: (1) Love; (2) Transcendence of Negative Ego-Magical Thinking; (3) Christ Consciousness; (4) Initiations; (5) Service and Spiritual Leadership; (6) Light; (7) Psychological Wisdom; and (8) Integration and Balance. In November we give a summary of the energies we have accelerated into incorporating so that the integration process is as definitive as possible.

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“Thank you for [the] awesome course…it is so well designed and very thorough and is changing my life already in such profound ways! Although I have worked with ascension rays and done inner child work in the past, it is so powerful to be using the rays & activating my Higher Self simultaneously with feeling uncomfortable feelings–it is so much more multidimensional than any work I have done in the past and I really feel things shift and heal and then be over–no more replays! love and appreciation,” Marcelle M, Lawrenceville, New Jersey, USA

“Mahlariessee’s channeling is very advanced and pure. I can truly feel the energy of the Masters and Beings she brings through. I have not experienced that with anyone else. Some of the teachings include personal interactions with the Masters which is extremely enlightening and has helped me more than I can describe as WTC’s teachings have helped me in so many ways! I have been able to see aspects within myself and work on these aspects in ways and to an extent I could not have done on my own. The teachings tend to bring things up into my conscious awareness. Working upon these issues with Rev.’s Mahlariessee, Ara and the Masters helps me to be the best person I can be, and continually make progress in improving myself.” Much Love, Sarah

“Even as someone who has already spent decades on the spiritual path of enlightenment, these teachings have helped in many ways of Light, Love, and assistance in working on myself! I have learned how the Ascended Masters help me daily with my mind and my heart to become a conscious traveler on this Pathway. I feel tangibly the blessings and teachings in the live classes and know that I need this to assist me in an even greater depth with each Teaching. I feel a healing and upliftment through the New Earth Cities and the focus of each class helps clear my consciousness of the debris of the world. My favorite is the monthly Saturday Mastery Class as it brings together all the Teachings, Masters and us into a more intimate time with each other! The power of group listening and participation is very important to me and everyone!” – Carol, Northern California

“I really enjoy WTC’s teachings! They continues to shine a light to my physical self of the inner truth from my soul’s level. As the dysfunctions are revealed, I have the opportunity to step into the healing from those past pains I have experienced and have been repeating throughout my life. There is no other place I can feel so close with the ascended masters and my own higher self’s guidance! It’s a brand new experience so it’s extremely challenging, but it’s also why how healing it is when I allow myself to surrender and receive. It is molding me to become someone I could only dream about becoming! Thank You!” – N.A.K. Southern Oregon, USA

I want to express the deep gratitude that I feel for the work that you both do. I have been on this spiritual journey for a while now but I feel that it wasn’t until last year that I became serious about it. I realized that I thought that I was on a spiritual path but really I was just operating from my lower ego and lower mind. In 2017 I was finally able to step into acceptance of the darker aspects of myself. I feel that I was one of those light workers that thought everything spiritual was to be perfect and jolly all the time when the reality is that’s just not how the journey works. The challenges are what assist us in our healing, so that we may release whatever traumas are lodged into our body systems and further step into who We Are. Even though I have been a member for a few weeks, I have seen my friend [a WTC student] grow so much these pass few years and am so proud and grateful for her! When she came back from the WTC retreat in Mount Shasta she came to me with tears of gratitude and also tears of her darker aspects that came to surface for her. I cried with her as I felt empathetic towards her but also called to be apart of this journey. She said my higher essence was with her while there and I felt the same way. Within these passed few weeks I have had many breakthroughs. I feel more guided and assisted than ever before and I cannot begin to put into words what the high vibrational frequencies and attunements feel like for me. Really it feels like unconditional love. I feel I am better able to face the dark aspects of myself with acceptance but this time I have help! All along I was putting it out there that I needed help with my journey, I couldn’t do it all alone in this physical body on this dimensional plane. The journey to Shamballah was intense for me as the violet and white flame brought dark aspects to surface for me. I bursted into tears as soon as we got up from the seat in the chamber and I am still processing. I have also had experiences during other classes and especially the public mastery class but I don’t want to make this message any longer than it is. Haha! Overall I feel motivated on a daily basis to check in with how I am doing, using the mantras and the invocations, the protection protocol, and cleansing. I feel different… I feel my vibrational frequency raised to levels I never felt before but also feeling very grounded. Sorry that this message is so long. I look forward to connecting with you both further. From the bottom of my heart, I feel so much love for you both and we haven’t even met in the physical. A Million Thank You’s & Many Blessings”, – A.C.  New York, USA
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