GUIDED MEDITATION: Support Grounding the Entranceway of Higher Frequency Light


Ground higher Light Frequencies on Earth using this Ascension Audio Meditation by Walking Terra Christa

Thank you so much for stepping in to assist Humanity and Gaia to Ground the True Higher Frequencies of Light.

As a living soul of evolved consciousness upon the body of earth, it is now time to actively support her higher spiritual transformation using your higher spiritual action. Using this meditation connects you directly to our Solar Logos, Helio and Vesta and Ra the Sun God (in Wholeness). This act of engaging your free will to bring in and Ground these Higher Frequencies of Light in full consciousness opens the doorway to be greatly assisted by the true Spiritual Hierarchy of Light to bring forth more Light from the Cosmic Masters and the Cosmic Source of Oneness.


The more opportunities you can take to activate these energies by using this special meditation, the more the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine in Oneness can become grounded within you and then into Mother Earth.

You may use this purest Light Transmission Audio Meditation individually or as a Group Meditation, especially during the time of Celestial Events. (All members of a group activity are asked to donate their own contribution and receive a personal copy of the meditation for personal use to assist this higher work for Gaia and Humanity).

GENEROUS DONATIONS ARE NEEDED TO BRING FORTH THESE HIGHEST FREQUENCY ASCENSION TOOLS AND TEACHINGS FOR HUMANITY AND GAIA. We have chosen to not set a fixed exchange for this very important energy transmission. Please step into the higher truth of joining your physical energies directly with the highest frequencies you desire for humanity. Energetically intentions for co-creating reality are physically expressed on earth through the exchange of commerce – as everything is about energy and the priorities we place on bringing those energies to us. The level of value we place on energies in our lives is expressed through the level of monetary exchange we provide to receive that value.

On earth currently, value is determined by others outside ourselves. As an example, if we desire to have a mobile phone, we pay what the price is for that device including the monthly service. In the transitional learning to become more into the higher fifth dimensional energy of Oneness, we first must learn to set our own energetic priorities, and demonstrate our true intentions through our energetic exchanges. This learning is all part of our collective karma. We are not yet able to jump instantly into being a free society that collectively supports everyone without the need for monetary exchange until each soul learns to accept the responsibility of supporting what is most important to them spiritually in direct comparison to what is being currently expressed through their personal monetary exchanges on earth.

This audio is 37 minutes of real Ascension Mastery energies in pure frequency of the highest levels of light. For donations of $50 or more, we will also provide the donor with a download link along with specific instructions on how to best use the guided meditation.

Many Blessings in Grounding these exciting energies for yourself, mother earth and humanity at this important time!



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