Crystal Intention Attunement Meditation

This is a very specific meditation to enhance your crystal using the individual alchemy of your own intentions. 

Visualization Meditation for Programming Your Crystal with Your Essence

With this meditation you are programming the crystal with your own intentions for the direct focus of the energies to be for that purpose. After you perform this meditation the innate properties of the crystal will be altered to extend and include your personal connection.

It may help to listen to this meditation at least once before you do the actual crystal programming. In that manner you can be better prepared with your intentions. The meditation is approximately 30 minutes.

This will not change the enhancements we have already programmed into the crystal if you have purchased one from us on Spectrum Light Ray Creations. Based on the Higher Energetic Capacity that we are able to directly transmit, you do not have to worry that what you do will interfere or block what we have created.

Rev. Christine Meleriesse is specifically gifted and with Rev. Ara both are extraordinarily trained in Ascension Mastery by the Spiritual Hierarchy. She has the unique ability to tap into the frequencies of Light of the Unified Whole of the 144th Dimensional vibration of Oneness and specifically command the Spectrum of Light of the 22 Rays of God to bring them forth into each crystal we offer.

The characteristics of these vibrational attunements are much more complex and extensive than the manner of energies created through Reiki or energy work*, so you can be assured that a crystal or meditation (or teaching) that originates from Walking Terra Christa does indeed hold those Higher Frequency energies. We believe you will be able to feel them as you continue to work with your crystal.

Thank you for stepping forward to receive and participate in these higher energies for the co-creation of the New Earth.

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This meditation may also be used on a crystal you have obtained from sources other than Walking Terra Christa’s Spectrum Light Ray Creations to bring forth the energies within this meditation into that crystal.

The energies you bring forth using the meditation will assist and, depending on the energies already in the crystal, be an octave (or a few octaves) higher than most current attunements/programming* typically transmits.

Because such a crystal has not personally become attuned within the Sacred Space of Rev. Meleriessee and Rev. Ara of Walking Terra Christa to receive the specific frequencies that authority brings forth in Ascension Mastery, such a crystal will not hold the same degree of light vibrations as one obtained directly through Spectrum Light Ray Creations, but the energies of the crystal can be still be enhanced.

However, it is extremely important that such a crystal first be fully cleared and free of any lower programming or other energies it may have picked up.

To do this, the best method is to bury the crystal six inches to a foot in the earth for at least a complete cycle of the moon (full moon to new moon). Standing or sitting over the crystal area where you buried it, perform this meditation with the specific intention to  have the crystal completely cleansed and cleared of all programming using the Higher Energies of this meditation. After the two week moon cycle, it is then okay to handle the crystal.  You must now cleanse the crystal for 24 to 48 hours using the normal cleansing method in a glass or ceramic bowl of natural salt and water. It helps to place it near a window. A handful of sea salt or himalayan salt is best along with natural (real) spring water or distilled water. Once this process is completed you are now ready to use this meditation properly to program it with your own intentions.

The normal cleansing method of salt and water bath does not always clear a crystal for use of this meditation, as the level of clearing in that method is based on the frequency of the earth plane. Physically, the earth is still in a natural scale of the Third and Fourth Dimensional levels (depending on where you live).

*We are in total support of all energy healers regardless of the type. The current earth teachings for such work are wonderful in assisting humanity to bring in higher vibrational energies. However, if those energies were sufficient to create a New Earth of a Fifth Dimension, earth would already be Ascended into a Fifth Dimension since there are so many individuals worldwide doing such healing work. We have learned through our specific training in Ascension Mastery that NEW levels of energies must be obtained that are not within the current earth teachings or consciousness.

Therefore, those who perform Reiki or any energy or crystal healing work should place their own training skills into Wholeness before using this meditation to at least remove any elements that are not compatible with a Higher Dimensional energy. (See our NEW EARTH PLEDGE to do so). Just make sure when you are stating your name out loud that you also include “and all my training within the __________________ system”. Be sure to state each teacher and methodology you have studied even if it was online or via books, or your own creation.

Otherwise, the level of crystal attunement through this meditation can force lower frequency elements to be dislodged from the crystal. The only place those energies can go is into you or your environment. This Crystal Intentional Attunement Meditation brings in the Fifth Dimensional level which is not compatible with the lower dimensional energies (which is why you want them fully cleansed before using this meditation). 

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: THIS MEDITATION IS ONLY LICENSED TO BE USED FOR  PERSONAL PRIVATE USE. Please contact us if you desire to use this meditation for crystals that are used for any other purpose(s); such as, if you sell or provide crystals for sale, trade or barter; or use them when performing sessions, product creation, crystal healing or crystal grid work of any kind. We have a Professional Healer/Creator/Seller use license that you can obtain for those instances. The Professional H/C/S license is enforceable through the Unified Whole for its efficacy in bringing forth these specific frequencies. (Which basically means in common language that we do not authorize the metaphysical transmission of the energies within this mediation for any other use than your own personal healing unless you are authorized under the Professional H/C/S use license.)

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