Solstice Trinity of Light: Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda and Master Djwhal Khul Ascension Message

Lord Metatron, Lord Sananda, and Master Djwhal Khul share the Ascension Mastery Energies for the December 2018 Solstice.

The Alignment of the December Solstice with the Full Moon of Cancer for the Festival of Lights. Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee of Walking Terra Christa.

We are at a perfect junction of Divine Energies as the December Solstice arrives on December 21st at 2:23 PM Pacific, 5:23 PM Eastern, and 23:23 GMT; then the Full Moon of Cancer within the Sun Sign of Capricorn occurs on December 22nd 9:48 AM Pacific, 12:48 PM Eastern, and 17:48 GMT . As the Northern Hemisphere moves into the Winter Season and the Southern Hemisphere arrives into the Summer Season, the entire Earth moves into a new directional phase energetically.

It is a time of reflection no matter what part of the world you are living upon. It does not just represent the seasons of the Earth but truly our own personal journey.

The Northern Hemisphere moves into the colder months, and with it the introspection of learning more about how to bring forth the dynamics of our soul’s essence to work within on a deeper level. The Southern hemisphere is now feeling the warmth of the sun to allow for the expression that has been gained through past intentions to be realized.

There is a sense of renewal that occurs within every soul’s essence. It is not about the past but allowing ourselves to step into the next doorway of acceleration connecting on a much deeper level to Gaia.

The Full Moon of Cancer brings with it a sense of celebration as the Higher Self can work more intimately with the Physical Self. This is due to the fact that the past cycles we have been receiving more of the Feminine Divine to be intertwined within the earth.

The essence of Cancer represents feeling the Heart Essence of Divine Love (Feminine Divine) Capricorn brings forth how to deal with those energies in the outside world (Masculine Divine). 

It is now a time of rejoicing of what we have grounded within ourselves through the challenges that we have faced throughout this year. It is a perfect combination for the last full moon of this year of Mastery. Each of us stands at a new precipice in our lives to be committed to our Spiritual Self, allowing what we desire to create within our lives to become a True Reality.

The important part of this alignment is within each individual and how they are going to accept that the essence within their Heart can be shared with the outside world. It is a time to become more aligned with the Higher Self in a sense of Divine Love internally. This moon is giving us a grand opportunity to put into practice what we have learned as an individual.

This is about taking the essence of the Cancer Moon to open up your feelings and allow them to be expressed as the energies of the Capricorn Sun can give it a new foundation. It is about the sense of responsibility to yourself and allowing it to become a life-line for you in the physical world.

It is now a time to break the old habits and step into the new doorway that has been opened for the last couple of weeks. Don’t hold back; allow yourself to know that you are ready~ be open and vulnerable by sharing your Heart to others. You just may see that all that you have acquired in this year is now part of your strength and ability to stand forward in the presence of your Divine Self.

Take time to reflect on what you have achieved, elements you have let go of, and allow yourself to see the change you are now becoming. Do a ceremony calling upon all of the elements of the Earth, and the higher beings of light representing Mastery along with the Angelic Energies. State your intentions with conviction and allow yourself to move into a completely different direction.

The Time is Now to prepare for the year of 2019.




Greetings My Dearest Friends,

It is I Master Djwhal Khul, Ray Chohan of the 2nd Flame of Love and Wisdom, sharing with you a few words of the exciting time of this Full Moon of Cancer in the Sun of Capricorn.

This moon is very significant in the fact that not only is it the last full moon of the year, but what it brings into alignment upon the Earth. If we look at this year of Mastery, each month has given every soul to look deeper into themselves. And, if they have had a hard time in doing so, then the energetics of the planetary systems have truly assisted.

Starting in last January there was an upsurge of light that came into the planet and continued through each month. The last three months have been very challenging for all individuals upon the planet. There has been a reversal of roles within the Masculine and Feminine Divine to be realized. The Feminine essence is coming more into conscious through each soul, both male and female, to bring about a new sense of understanding.

What has happened through this process, that it is not an easy road. We say that now the Feminine Divine is coming more into alignment, but it does not mean that each person has traveled to receive these elements within themselves. It just means that Gaia is now starting to transition through her dynamic fields to receive those aspects.

The same is true for each of you; it is a new day and a new beginning.

This moon in December is more or less an acceptance of what has occurred. It does not mean that every soul upon this earth is now ready and is receiving the light infractions within themselves, it means there is more of an opening than it has ever been expressed before. The doorways are now open for every soul to step into the next level of awareness within themselves. Healing is occurring in many ways and it cannot be measured on a global level.

I ask of you during this moon cycle to realize your own potential that has occurred, not the light energies you are receiving, but the elements in your foundation that are becoming your true reality. Look at your challenges of this year, even if you have to go back month by month. And, then see how you were able to get into a new space of realization. This is when you know within yourself that your foundation is now holding a new aspect of yourself within you.

This moon is about seeing that reflection of love, knowing what does not work any longer, and having the strength to face the unknown. It is also about how you achieve success that will take you into a completely different direction than you could have only imagined.

Be strong and vigilant; you have grown substantially in the last months, and now it is your time to show who you are becoming.

I am honored to walk with each of you.

I Am Master Djwhal Khul at your service.


Greetings My Dearest Ones,

I Am Lord Metatron, here to share a few words of wisdom about the Solstice we are embarking upon presently. Each season as I share the energies of the Solstice and Equinox, I realize that the potential that we have together to embody the dynamic qualities of each season take us closer into a true alignment of Divine Love.

The earth has gone through so many changes in the thousands of years she has been created. Every soul upon the earth hopes that this one will take them closer to the true essence of a New Earth, but yet, humanity is challenged extensively to change and become more of what each soul desires to be.

The year of 2018 has shown to each of us in the Spiritual Hierarchy that the truth of the matter is that each soul needs to step forward and receive the light energies. It is imperative that each of you, truly need to hold the highest ideal within yourselves no matter what your physical circumstances dictate. There cannot be a New Earth without this happening.

Many souls like to think that the New Earth is just going to happen and that every soul is going to be healed, ready to receive the Divine Light.

I ask you to reflect within yourself of how you have been feeling through the exchanges of light in the last couple of months. Let’s reflect upon the 11:11 energies and then the 12:12. How are you being affected within your four-body system? What are the symptoms that are occurring within you and have you been ready to accept the change that is happening within your physical body, your emotional body, and your mental body. Are you able to sustain the higher Love Quotient within you 90% of your days?

These are all important questions that each of you must ask yourself as they determine how ready you are to step into the New Earth.

I do not say these words to downplay what is occurring within and around the planet as each of these energies are very real.

But, how well are you grounding the frequencies within you? Do you feel differently and on a more positive note within your consciousness? Are you able to express yourself eloquently from the space of love and light to others? Or are you still being plagued by lower emotional responses within you?

I know that 98% of humanity are going through tremendous healing levels and each person may think they are read to step into another dimension, but in actuality, your light quotient is not high enough to sustain the higher realms of light because it is not grounded. It is not in your carbon-based body.

This is important to realize as the planet cannot move into that higher existence without the assistance of at least 50% of the lightworkers on the planet learning to fully embody the light energies within the carbon-based body. Otherwise, overload would take place immediately. Individuals would not be able to sustain themselves. The carbon-based body needs to be transformed into the Crystalline, and we do not see people actualizing this transformation for quite some time.

We don’t want that at all, so instead the light infractions through the Solstice and Equinox energies have brought forth more issuance of these accelerations to come into the planet, to assist every soul upon the earth to fully allow just a small percentage, probably about 1%, to be received.

Planet Earth has been in duality for a very long time and to move out of that battle of the light and dark, there has to be many individuals that can hold the light frequency. So we have decided to bring in many elements, like all of the Solar Angels of each person to become more initiated within their energies; the Rainbow Arcs of Light for each of the Great Central Suns of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi Universal, and Cosmic to come together in unison to ignite the 330 Rays of God through the entire planet into the life forces.

We know each of you are being challenged in many ways so this Solstice there is going to be more of the same to help each individual to move through their own duality, to find a place within themselves that seems safe and committed to living within the Divine Light of Creation.

The Light Rays of the Rainbow Arcs of Light are being infused through the December Solstice. This time it is focused more upon allowing the Rainbow Arcs of Light to come in through the Great Central Sun in a flowing and more direct manner. Softness is the key to what is occurring presently.

We feel that each of you has been challenged this year and in order to prepare yourself for 2019, we desire to allow the flowing of the light rays to become more balanced within you, allowing your Earth Star to hold these frequencies. It is imperative as we must assist in removing the duality and allowing the new essence that you have been feeling to become more integrated through all parts of your existence.

This Solstice brings forth the grounding light into Gaia so that she too can be committed to this journey within herself. Some may say they see the planet moving into another dimension, in actuality what will happen is that those dimensions will become more aligned into the earth. There has to be a state of sharing that occurs so that more individuals will be able to step into their own destiny upon this earth.

This energy is very fluent and flowing. It is extended through the Diamond Light Codes but much softer, to ground it into all geographic areas, all places that need to receive the light codes.

So the energy that you have been experiencing, will be more subtle. The entryway has already occurred; now it is time to fully accept it within the flowing light frequencies. It is just as powerful, maybe more so as it comes through the full body system to be received by each individual.

It is now time to fully embrace the Diamond Light Codes in a new a different way (click the link to read our transmission from Divine Mother Father God). You become part of them instead of them trying to change you in various ways.

Step back and receive is the best advice I can give. You will find a sense of peace within you. In fact, the energies within the Earth are probably going to be an essence that feels like the New Earth. Let it heal you or others; embrace it fully and allow it to help you through the next stage of your creation.

I look forward to stepping into a new awareness with each of you.

I Am Lord Metatron


Greetings and Love,

I Am Lord Sananda desiring to give unto you the blessing of the year. It is a magnificent time of deep gratitude for each person upon the planet. I want to acknowledge all the souls upon the earth and the ones in desperate need of assistance, this Solstice will assist to bring forth more Peace Within than has ever occurred previously.

People are coming together to assist one another and my main concern is to assist each of you individually to become more integrated with the essence of Peace.

It saddens me to see so many souls hurting within themselves and thinking that there is a better way out of their dilemma. It is the pain and suffering that causes these souls to feel this way.

I was thinking to myself, how can we assist all souls upon this earth, to truly feel their own Divine Essence and helping them in the physical world. Well, we can help.

This Solstice and end of year is bringing forth more diligence and acceptance within souls to help them understand within themselves that something is not working. That is the first step to recovery of the Soul’s Essence.

But what happens in the process is that the lower essence of the physical self, or Lower Ego, wants to keep things status quo.

Through these changing of times, it is important to realize that things are changing. You don’t always have a choice to how you are experience the new energy and you may have so much darkness within you from past timelines, that you think you are just fine the way that you area.

This solstice brings forth a new sense of awareness.

We are desiring to breakdown the energetics of darkness that ensure the planet and many individuals. It is a time of crucial awareness in which many individuals will come to their senses and see that something needs to be changed. But how do you find that change?

Through the end of December the light waves of the Rainbow Arcs of Light are truly assisting to bring forth more understanding. The only way to do this is through the balancing light energies in the Rainbow Arcs of Light. Each of you are very important in this process as the more you can hold within you, the easier the transition will be for many. We are undergoing a big cleanup project and need your assistance.

Take the time to stop and listen to these heart energies. Let it flow within you; become part of it and the energy will do the rest.

This is why this moon cycle is so very important. The more individuals we have to fully embody their true essence, the more people we can affect with this cleansing and clearing process. It is truly a huge Awakening that is occurring presently.

I, as Lord Sananda, want to assist each of you. Call upon my essence to help you through any challenges or energies that you may be bothered with. It is now time to rejoice and take this planet into a new direction.

I walk with you for the re-establishment of Planet Earth and allowing the Feminine Essence of Gaia to work through her.

In blessings of love and transformation,

I Am Lord Sananda

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A year end closing message from Reverend Ara:

As you can see from the Ascension Messages above, many individual souls upon earth are feeling the increased energies (that we as Ascension Teachers might term Higher Spiritual Light) and those individuals are receiving it anywhere from mildly to immensely challenging. In truth, it is much more than being a spiritual vibration that only is perceived by those who are aware. It really is an actual field of dynamic higher light frequencies that is hitting the planet and will eventually be felt by all her inhabitants, as month by month and year by year it is now increasing.

However these energies in and of themselves are not going to change us automatically. The real issue is what each of us as an individual can do for ourselves so that we come into alignment with the energies instead of feeling so out of sorts, as such feelings are now more commonplace, especially for those who are indeed becoming more aware that energetic change is happening on earth.

This current 2018 calendar year coming to a close was an “11” year energetically, as 2-0-1-8 added up to an eleven in numerology. We spoke quite often about these energies all year long as being the Year of Mastery, meaning it was an ideal time to step forward into assisting oneself to come into that deeper self/Soul alignment, as this year was energetically the most supportive of doing so this past decade.

It was also the perfect time to reap the benefits of being firmly ensconced within these higher spiritual frequencies of light. Anyone who already had been aware of the importance for their human existence of taking the spiritual action necessary for their growth as a soul finally felt the tangible rewards of shifting their vibration and consciousnesses and how it truly benefited them in their daily lives. It took them years to arrive at this benefit.

But I am not speaking about the centuries old practices of spirituality like prayer and meditation, which are already something most awakened souls are aware about. In terms of the specific benefits to accelerating into their Higher Self, I reference those within “Ascension Mastery of the Soul”; for it is the only practice that aligns into these higher spiritual vibrational energies coming to Gaia from the Great Central Suns and the higher dimensions.

Ascension Mastery (the only form of Soul Psychology in existence) is the only pathway toward aligning ones soul to become ones Soul. (A capital “S” instead of lowercase “s”). The higher vibrations that are being infused into our existence are here to assist us to become our Higher Selves, an evolved human being who knows who they are, not just as a person, but as a spiritual being. That is, as a Soul.

If you have wondered if life holds a deeper meaning, if the events and situations that you have been experiencing in your life have a meaning beyond what they seem, we as Ascension Mastery teachers can assure you they most certainly do. But they are not just things you take on faith and hope they will work out for you. Instead you can learn to decipher them. (Not everything… but the significant parts that equate to feeling more centered and connected to why you are here on earth legitimately; versus the talents and gifts you have that may be ego traps for more lessons in karma).

Because life on earth is all about your souls karma and actually working it out. Consciously.

But in order to put together the missing puzzle pieces of your personal souls mystery, you do need to walk this pathway. Sitting on the sidelines and just hoping that you will eventually understand more about your life does happen, but it happens very slowly, most often it takes many many decades until you are what most call “old and wise”, and the insights are few and far between.

But you already know this because you have already experienced at least two or three decades on this planet (if not many more). And you may beginning to see that unless you actually formally study Soul Psychology, everything you have been into, following and digesting has gotten you no closer to your Soul’s Truth of what makes “you” you. Instead it is mostly intellectual and feel-good fuel for a thirsty soul (little “s”) who desperately wants answers.

Believe me, I understand. Before I found Ascension Mastery I spent well over a decade doing just that. Until one day I realized I was basically rereading the same information (put out with a new twist by well meaning writers, or in many cases “channels”) that I had read a decade earlier. Despite the hundreds of hours I dedicated each year to delving into them (and the materials covered everything that is still out there today including things and topics you may still be intrigued with finding), it all did virtually nothing for my own personal Soul Evolution.  It was all preamble so that I would finally wake up and see the truth.

The ultimate truth is that I had to step up and do my own Soul Work.

The students we have today who can claim they are finally getting these truths are those that began their study in 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013, as much as eight years ago. It happened to them THIS YEAR. (And yes, it really does takes that long more often than not. After all, it is not really karma from this lifetime we are speaking about when it concerns your SOUL. Most of us are pleasant enough people who are here on earth to do good this lifetime, so while resolving karma from this life is part of it, but not at all the bulk of it). 

The pathway to an evolved future evolution of humanity is not a path of instant understanding or gratification. It will not happen to you by simply being someone who follows blogs, posts and groups on the internet, or even by meditation and prayer alone. While those activities may be helpful, the authentic results that have you feel confident you are getting somewhere only happen through serious dedicated earnest application to the actual practice of raising your vibration correctly.

I tell you these things because the next big opportunity on earth to have the most energetic support within any given calendar year will not occur until 2027, It happens eight years from this coming New Year. And the big question I have for you is will you be in a position then to feel confident you have done the most that you could for your Soul’s pathway of Light to reap those benefits? Or will you be feeling pretty much the same as you do right now?

And won’t it be a loss to your Soul if the answer eight years from today falls closer to the latter than the former?

We built Walking Terra Christa so that Humanity could actually evolve using the actual practices, real tools and proper techniques that it will take to actually raise the vibrational energies in your full body system of your actual mental, actual emotional, actual etheric and actual physical self. (Yes, it actually is a thing, and a huge thing at that if you really actually take the actions required to create that shift).

The truth is that it can’t be done by just intending it to be so.

For example, how many of you reading my comments are using an actual meditation to properly go to the Royal Teton Retreat tonight? For example did you even know that from last week until January 14th, you could be greatly assisted in resolving your karma?  (The retreat is only open 2x a year for 30 days each time). Now is that time. If you knew this you could have been benefiting. It is a real thing. For all too many, it ends up being just another lost opportunity. I speak in straight terms here because Humanity as a whole has had too many lost opportunities.

In a true confession I can share that I was not ready two decades ago (when I was 35 years old) to step into this pathway because I was so caught up in Disclosure and fighting the good fight of being “awakened and aware”and speaking against “the system” and how it needed to change. (Yes, all that information you now read about out there is not new…not by a long shot…)

I was not looking in the mirror because I just knew I was already the guy that was not part of “the system” that was holding humanity down. I was a new type of human who “got it”.

I had no idea then that I could not have been more delusional. “The system” is not what I thought it was.

The system is mass consciousness, The “system” is Karma… and I had it as much as the next person. My soul needed to become my Soul.

If you are like me, then I challenge you to start right now, today, and begin doing actual things that will help you shift. They will not be easy if you are doing the right things. They will require some tough moments that you will not want to face about who you are. But they will. They are moments that collectively and ultimately will be well worth the journey. That is also something I can definitively express to you. I am immensely grateful that in 2011, I finally loosened the hold of my ego of being the warrior of injustice and fighting against the wrongs I saw, so that I could begin to look at my own karma as a soul. This past year of Mastery was a huge help to my own pathway of Light for my Soul. But… I was ready and primed to take advantage of it.

Yet, most of all, and specifically because I now do now know, I wish the same for you in 2027 when the big boost to Ascension Mastery comes around again. Don’t wait (and waste) years on ego feeding materials like I did. Ask yourself how much they are really changing and shifting who you are. A truthful assessment now should place you just where I am today. It is a very good place to be.

We wish everyone a most blessed Christmas Season and New Year, and express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone around the world who use our teachings to co-create true Oneness for GAIA. A special thanks goes to everyone who has financially supported us through donations, ordering our teachings and being a student in 2018 ~ as doing so is extremely important to keep our work ongoing.  (Click the link if you are interested in our Student Signup details for reduced enrollment rates).


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