LORD ADAMA ~ The Transitory Phase of Acceleration

Ascension Mastery Message from Lord Adama on the Cosmic Ring of Fire-Supermoon of March 2019. Channeled Transmission by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee of Walking Terra Christa.

March 21st, 2019

Greetings My Dearest Comrades,

I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, speaking to you from Telos at the Command Center with the Agarthan Council of Light.

We are all excited about the increased light frequencies of the Cosmic Ring of Fire here in Telos. We hope each of you are feeling the same.

It is a very challenging transition to allow the Divine Heart to be more integrated into your present Emotional Body. The changes that can happen for each of you may have a tendency to make you feel as if you are not doing enough. That is what the lower mind will tell you as those thought forms are arising presently.

Be still and know that within your highest intentions that you have the ability to become more within your full body system than you may realize. Your Higher Self has the answer for you but it may not be time for you to hear it.

That is why we call this the Transitory Phase of Acceleration.

It takes many moments to truly realize what is happening within you present system as more light infractions are being sent into your consciousness and your full reality.

As the Equinox has now arrived and each of us sits within the Super Moon, take time to feel your own Illumination to shine within you. It may be something very small but it is like a light bulb going off within you. And it may dim very quickly but if you are present within your breath you will start to realize that it was a flicker of light that you received to allow the Divinity of your own Heart to shine within you.

This is exactly was is occurring at this time. There is a truth that is being revealed, but it will not come like you think it would. It is very slow, for a glimmer of a moment, and then it becomes lighter within you. It may feel like it disappears, but it becomes part of your foundation no matter how small the reflection is within you.

This is when you must allow yourself to stop and breathe very slowly, feel the exchange of energy that you are receiving as it is helping you to become more aligned within yourself.

So many times individuals will try to mentally understand what is happening with them and then the message or feeling gets lost. It is very methodical and slow, but yet is a passage of time that is reflected within your highest consciousness and not through your concrete mind. It may happen so quickly that you may not realize that it is occurring, but it truly is occurring.

This is why I like to always share with individuals that you must be present within your consciousness otherwise some moments of your reality may get lost.

The Cosmic Ring of Fire (as shared by Lord Metatron) is igniting each of your 12 body systems  so you can become more aware of the higher realm of information instead of the lower.

Please know that this process is very slow and you may not even realize what you are experiencing, but it is how the Cosmic Forces are working within each individual soul to accept a new part of themselves one moment at a time.

You may want to journal each day through the next month to truly see your progress, because I guarantee you that when you look at your entries from the beginning to the next full moon you will see the change(s) you have made.

I walk with each of you, to help you become aligned with your 5th dimensional self, one step at a time. Please know that the lower forms of your reality are starting to be recognized by each of you. Do not become depressed or anxious about it as it is all part of the process of your Becoming Spiritual within your Physical Essence.

Blessings of love to each of you,

I Am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos
with the Agarthan Council of Light

Alunah, Alunah, Alunah
“May we all be in Oneness”

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