Academy Board of Masters

The Council of Oneness that Over-lights the Academy Curriculum

As an Ascension Mastery School we are primarily interested in the Highest Quality teachings currently available to an Adept/Initiate/Chela and not just the teachings from a knowledge perspective but from a vibrational perspective. It is the integrity of the vibration we share that assists to raise one’s frequency within the physical realm so that individuals can learn (remember) who they are as a Self-Realized/Actualized Soul and still walk upon a material plane of existence with a physical body.

This can only be done with the direct involvement of the Spiritual Realm of Ascended Masters and Light Beings in Oneness. This is why they have asked to be our Board of Masters. They also wanted to introduce us to something they call the Unified Whole Command. they informed us that in preparation for the advent of the New Earth energies, the frequencies  of their individual Light Essence regarding this teaching material had to fully release any third dimensional attachments before being transmitted and expanded upon. By decree of the  Cosmic Source of Oneness it was deemed necessary for all the Higher Spiritual Beings who wished to assist Humanity in their Highest Light Capacity to formally commit to being in that state of Oneness themselves, and that is the function of the Unified Whole (see below for more).

Academy Chancellor ~ Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos, (Capital City of the Inner Earth Agartha Network)

♦ Inner Earth Teachings Advisory Council, Terra Christa ~ Telosian Council of Light

♦ Earth Transitional Advisor, Terra Christa ~ Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

♦ Director of Ordination, Terra Christa ~ Lord Melchizedek, Order of Melchizedek & I AM Directorate

♦ Administrator of Light Body Technologies ~ Lord Metatron, Golden Solar Angels & I AM Directorate

♦ Administrators of Initiates & Mastery Pathway ~ Lord Maitreya, Office of the Christ, Bodhisattva over-lighting the 22 Rays; Lord Kuthumi, Global Service Leadership & Governance; Saint Germain, Maha Chohan of the First 7 Rays of God; Master Seraphis Bey, Overlighting Chohan of Rays 3 through 7;  Master Djwhal Khul, Psychological Synthesis & Right Relationship; The Individual Seven Ray Chohan Masters; Master Joshua, Consultant

♦ Administrator of Universal Knowledge ~ Lord Mikos, Intergalactic Inner Earth Ambassador, High Director of the Library of Porthologos (Catharia, Hollow Earth)

♦ Directorate of the Brotherhood of White Light ~ Lord Sanat Kumara & The Holy Kumara, Venusian Rays of God

♦ Directorate of Star Nations Spirituality ~ Lord of the Great Bear Star System, High Director of Galactic/Intergalactic Races (Peladian, Sirian, Arcturian, Andromedan, et. al.)

♦ Directorate of the Great Central Sun’s ~ Divine Mother Father God & The Great Central Suns

♦ Office of Dissemination of the Christ Consciousness ~ Lord Sananda & The Ashtar Command, Starfleet of the 144,000

♦ Office of Angelic Transparency & Assumption ~ Lord Michael, Angelic Principalities

♦ Office of Inner Earth/Hollow Earth Community Engagement ~ Council of Agarthian Cities

The Unified Whole Command

The Board of Masters Council of Oneness are each within the Unified Whole Command which has been established by Joint Necessity of the Ascended Spiritual Realm to meet the requirements of the Golden Age of Humanity.  The Command’s Mission is to insure that the communications/transmissions they impart to humanity are directly from the collective of ONENESS and not from, or being filtered through, any other source, being, or group of beings that are not in the ONENESS of the Christ Consciousness.

As you are aware, their are many thousands of spiritual healers, channels and psychic’s currently living upon the earth. Each one plays a vital role in communicating to humanity as each person on the planet requires information and knowledge that will assist them in evolving on their personal spiritual path. Many soul’s are still required to walk a pathway that is not yet within the ONENESS OF THE HIGHEST ASPECTS OF THE CHRIST so that they can deal with resolving their karmic timelines. (This is why organized religion is still so important on earth). Not all soul’s are ready or prepared to take on a lifestyle of the study and pursuit of mastership.

For those that are ready however, it was deemed necessary to create a unifying command wherein no individual beings agenda could exist that would prevent the student initiate from achieving their Highest Potential without interference.  Under this command, all teachings and transmission must only be within the ONENESS OF THE CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS so that the personal pathway of the initiate can accelerate within its own essence.

Walking Terra Christa’s founders Mel and Mike were asked to be part of the Unified Whole and they are pleased to accept to assist the goals. The Great Divine Director, along with his mastership planetary lifestream aspects, Master Thoth and Albert Einstein, are the Commander-in-Chief of the Unified Whole Command. This is a new level of Spiritual Hierarchy that was not possible prior to the advent of the Golden Era but one that is now essential for the guidance and development of humanity to counteract the effects of the eons of planned misdirection and abuse by the beings who made up the non-elected planetary governance body that had assumed authority over humanity.

Furthermore, Initiates and all those Intermediate or Advanced Students of Mastership enrolling in any courses or programs of the Walking Terra Christa Academy, as it is acting under the auspices of the Board of Masters, become eligible to enter into continued parallel advancement studies within the Etheric Realm of the dream, meditative, or altered states of consciousness. The Academy has essentially been granted Ashram status under this body of Masters within the Unified Whole Command and, as such, the teachings formally exist in the Higher Dimensional Realms as well.

Our current list of courses is continually being expanded.

(For our video on the UNIFIED WHOLE, click here.)

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