Walking Terra Christa’s Ascension Mastery Training for 2018 entails the Divine Work of Lord Melchizedek “Cosmic Light Quotient Embodiment”.

In January we introduced the energies of Lord Melchizedek, Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma through the Cosmic Rays of God.

Our first teaching included a visit to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Mount Shasta, CA in North America. It is represented by the 22nd Ray of the Platinum Flame overlighted by all of the Great Central Suns of the Solar, Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, and Cosmic Dimensions of Light.


As I call upon my I Am Presence,

I step onto the pathway of knowing who I Am,

Embracing MY Light that I received in 2017.

As I arrive in 2018,

I am deeply honored to work with Lord Melchizedek,

As he brings forth the teachings of his Priesthood,

Through the Initiations,

Through the Characterization of those Initiations,

Through the FEELING level;

And to truly experience the Higher Light Quotient That I deserve to receive.

As I travel today to the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia,

I call upon Lord Melchizedek to walk with me.

I feel the Platinum Flame with its HUGE Silver and Golden Tones,

Translucent colors of Blues, and Pinks, and Violets;

It comes into my Crown Chakra

Which is the first step of allowing my Full-Body System,

to receive the 5th-Dimensional energies of completion.

As I travel in my Merkabah Vehicle of Light with Lord Adama,

I arrive in the Golden Etheric City of Havalancheeia.

With its BEAUTIFUL colors of Light.

I SEE many other Initiates walking with me,

I FEEL the BEAUTIFUL connection of my Goddess and my God Self,

as I learn to fully EMBODY these Frequencies of Light,

into my physical existence.

I walk upon a Golden Pathwaywith BEAUTIFUL bricks that SHINE,

with the COLORS of the Platinum Flame.

I feel happiness here,

I feel a DEEP connection to my Divine Self.

As I walk with Lord Adama and Lady Galactia,

I realize how deeply I am being helped in so many ways.

We walk into a beautiful garden,

and there awaiting us is Lord Melchizedek;

And I see others,

Lord Sanat Kumara, Lord Metatron,

And the CONSCIOSNESS of the Mahatma is all around me,

There’s a beautiful fountain.

As I walk towards the fountain, down the hillside,

There are many others awaiting my arrival.

It is now time for ME to FULLY believe that I am deserving,

to receive this Divine Light within myself.

I feel a tingling sensation through all my chakras,

I feel my heart EXPANDING,

And my Solar Plexus just VIBRATING with the DEEPEST Love Essence.

I realize that this year of 2018 is an open doorway for me

to KNOW my Divine Self on a MUCH deeper level,

than I ever thought possible.

I look forward to my journey with all these beautiful Masters;

And I especially thank my Higher Self,

for assisting me to arrive in this moment of time.

I take a deep breath,

and I feel the illumination of my I Am Presence.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

We continued the journeys with Lord Melchizedek, first within the City of Shamballah (Machu Pichu) which represents the 16th Ray of the Light Violet White Flame.  It is overlighted not only with Lord Melchizedek but includes Lord Metatron and the Mahatma (Consciousness as One Universal Being).


The year of 2018 has arrived,

I am working on allowing my Mastery Pathway,

To become more grounded within my physical vehicle;

I am now working with Lord Melchizedek,

To help me accelerate my consciousness,

So it reflects more of my I Am Presence.

I am guided to arrive within the Golden Etheric City of Shamballah,

Which resides in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Machu Pichu in Peru,

I am very excited as this city truly reflects the energies,

Of the 16th Flame of Light Violet White Light.

As I enter the gateway of the City I am met by

Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma,

Who call themselves the “3 M’s”.

The Mahatma is truly not a being of light but a consciousness,

Which is reflected in a huge beam of light,

Overlighted through Divine Mother and Father God.

It seems as if this energy is more of a heavenly transparent Light Creation,

Who truly oversees all 352 Levels of the God Force,

It seems this energy is blended within Lord Melchizedek and Lord Metatron,

And actually feels like there are three of them.

We walk together as I start to get used to the higher frequency,

That is illuminated within the city,

We step unto a beautiful pathway of Golden Light Stones,

That are reflecting the Light Violet White Light,

Through their essence.

I feel the energies of this ray coming up through my feet,

Into my Lower Limbs and moving up into my entire Central Canal,

It is beaming upwards until it fills up my Crown Chakra.

We walk through a valley of beautiful flowers,

With low lying bushes that create a pathway through the immense garden,

I look across the hillside and I can see far and wide,

The immensity of the city is so breathtaking,

I breathe deeper and they show me in the far distance,

Up on the hillside is the Temple of the I Am.

The 3M’s guide me to an amazing body of water,

You may say it is a lake,

But it is much larger;

It sparkles with the Light Violet White energies,

And I can feel the intensity of this flame,

As this body of water is called The Synthesis of Light,

There is a walkway that goes around the lake,

It is so big that I cannot see all of it,

As it winds around a bend,

With flowering trees that are sparkling with the White and Violet Lights.

The 3M’s ask me to come closer,

The lake is igniting an amazing energy,

I can feel it in my feet, and all around me,

There are beautiful fountains in the lake,

Igniting the Flame of the I AM Presence.

I am asked to sit on one of the benches at the shore,

The water is flowing unto the dry land,

I see that there is pure white sand with flecks of violet in the bottom;

In this moment I start to feel a change occur within my consciousness.

Very faintly I hear angels singing “AUM”,

It reverberates across the water as I feel a vibrational change within me,

The 3M’s ask me to chant the same back to the Angels,

As I do so, I start to feel a shift within my consciousness.

I am now becoming One within the sound of the “AUM”,

Even more so than before;

The 3M’s are singing with me, the Angels are replying in their song,

And I am feel the most beautiful moment of my physical existence.

My body shifts with this light within me,

I feel my Emotional Body becoming One with my Feminine Self,

As My Mental Body does the same with my Masculine Self.

I Am now becoming more in attune with my I Am Presence,

My Monad, and My Higher Self,

As all comes into alignment within me.

I AM that I AM that I AM.

Our next journey took us to the Golden Etheric City of Vanerathian-Lanneah (over Kashmir). It represents the 17th Ray of the Multi-White Flame representing the Universal Light. This visit included Lord Sanat Kumara along with Lord Melchizedek


As I am traveling through the Golden Etheric Cities,

I am intrigued to know more about the City of Vanerathian-Laneeah,

Which resides in the 5th dimensional earth over Kashmir.

I am met by Lord Melchizedek and Lord Sanat Kumara,

Every element that I can see is filled with pure glistening white light,

It is like the trees have sparkles of lights within them,

And the ground itself is glowing with many colors of the spectrum.

I am desiring to take what I have learned previously,

And allow it to be my Wisdom so I can fully ground it,

Within my Etheric and Physical Bodies.

As we walk together, both of these masters give me encouragement,

Not so much in their words,

But their manner of emotional and action towards me.

I realize I have been untruthful to myself,

Of what I truly have accomplished in my life;

My lessons of the Mastery Pathway,

Are very important for me to acknowledge in my Physical Consciousness.

I have started a program with Lord Melchizedek,

To Embody more Light within my Physical Self;

I can see why I am here in this magnificent city of light,

As I feel the beautiful energies that enlightens my soul.

As we walk through the Garden of Divinity,

They ask me to reflect on one particular element in my life,

That has been very important to the healing,

And consciousness that I now hold.

We sit by this beautiful crystalline pool of water,

There are streams from both sides running through it,

I hear the water bouncing across the rocks,

Like a babbling brook,

The colors that are emanated are purifying my soul.

I realize that I have not realized what I did achieve,

The water is helping me to move through the energies,

Of my Concrete Mind into my Divine Mind.

I feel a flowing light purifying my thoughts,

As I now totally allow the recollection of my deeds that have formed my transformation,

I feel it within me as it centers into my Heart,

It flows in all directions as my chakras all spin in unison,

My Central Canal is widening as my Etheric Self helps me to remember,

It then moves into my physical self;

I feel it in my Heart, and then the Souls of my Feet,

It is becoming grounded within me as it travels into my Earth Star.

My Earth Star now spins in unison with my Soul Star,

What I have experienced is now within my full consciousness,

I feel strength and the ability to be vulnerable,

I am encouraged by this moment,

As I sit with Lords Melchizedek and Sanat Kumara.

We stand together and hug in an embrace of Love.

I AM that I AM that I AM

©Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden, Integrative Channel 10th, 17th, and 24th, 2018, New Earth Consciousness~Circle of Light. 

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly class in which we journey to one of the 22 Etheric Cities.  Included is a teaching from Lord Adama and a special Ascended Being that represents the city. Walking Terra Christa provides many options to participate in their weekly teachings with an affordable rate for all individuals.  You can become an Academy Student or participate in our Partner/Membership Program while experiencing the teachings on your own time via the recordings. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available.

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Master Altebetahn, the Higher Self of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., shares his essence on the anniversary of his birth upon the Earth with Words of Wisdom to bring forth Love, Peace, and Compassion within the Clarion Temple of Oneness for Ascension Mastery Training.

Yamteleus Spokes-Being for the Clarion Temple of Oneness

It is I, Yamteleus. Greetings my friends of all dimensions, of all Frequencies of Light. It is my Divine Blessing to receive your energies here in the Temple this evening along with Dearest Altebetahn, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. We have with us many Souls. It is a very special occasion. Without further ado, I bring forth the energies of this evening as there is nothing that I can say that cannot be shared by our beautiful Master and the beautiful Angels. I am deeply honored to have each of you with us this evening and THIS year. We step onto a new threshold of experiences together. I am Master Yamteleus.

Angels of All Principalities

[Divine Language Light Encodement]

We are the Angels of the many Principalities walking with each of you, blessing you and thanking you for being here with us in these moments. We are deeply honored to open the energies for the Clarion Temple for 2018 to bring forth these AMAZING interactions of Divine Light to become a process of understanding through the Higher Consciousness that we ALL are together.

We bless each of you and wrap our Divine Angel Wings around you to assist you in the process of your journey upon the Earth. We send you Angel Blessings of Light.

Master Altebetahn

Greetings my Dearest Friends of all walks of life. I am Master Altebetahn and it is my pleasure to be with each of you once again.

I always look forward to this time when you HONOR me as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on THIS momentous day within the United States of America and within the ENTIRE world. It’s a very humbling experience even as a Master, as an Enlightened Being, to see the reflection of what you, as the person upon the Earth, created.

It is a time of GREAT concern. That concern should not be one of FEAR, but one of diligence, one of being WHOLE within yourself to fully embrace the Divine qualities that your physical self can hold on to. Whatever you can do for yourself in this process is very ESSENTIAL to your own well-being.

As I speak in this SPACE of Higher Consciousness, it is so much easier to bring forth the understanding that I have always desired as a Soul of MANY embodiments. That should be the truest reflection of ANY Soul in ANY FORM of life to be able to bring forth the highest qualities of their consciousness into the physical self. But we KNOW that most of humanity, (and I say, most, because each of you ARE a minority,) that are arriving into this state of consciousness are not at the level that each of you are bringing forth in these moments, but an AWAKENING within themselves. That awakening can take many years for them to realize what they are bringing forth into their life circumstance. But I speak to each of you that TOTALLY understand what you have experienced in your Pathway.

It is an important TIME in the history of this Earth as people LEARN to awaken to their Higher Desires from a Soul level. It can take a toll on the physical self. It can bring forth an exchange of energies that a particular individual may not be able to understand. I know each of YOU have been in similar circumstances yourself, because as you awaken to each NEW aspect within yourself, there is a moment of pure JOY. But within that pure joy, your physical mind wants to understand the process that you are going through.

My message today is one of HOPE.
HOPE that each of you on the Higher Realms of Understanding bring forth patience for all those that do not.

This is an imperative element to bring forth for EVERY living Soul upon this planet, that without their patience they cannot have Love. Isn’t that what every Soul DESIRES within themselves?  To FEEL Love, whether that Love is coming from their own internal Beingness or whether it is coming from a Higher Source.

If people would realize that looking at a beautiful scene standing on the beach and seeing a sunset or a sunrise, looking up at a mountain and seeing its glorious PEAKS shining within the sparkling crystals of the snow, or watching a lake with the wind whistling across the top creating waves of movement with the Sun shining down with sparkling COLORS of Light Energies, is truly a reflection of Love that is within each soul of this earth.

If every person could envision this is whom THEY are, then the POWER of themselves would be FULLY accepted. It would be fully integrated within the Self, within the consciousness of the physical self, within the HEART, within the thought process that occurs every moment of their day and every moment of their sleep, realizing that they, themselves, are the same as the beautiful sunset or the beautiful sunrise or the sparkles of light on a mountain, or on a lake.

This BEAUTY can sometimes be very difficult to FIND in one’s self. The outer form of Light dictates so much of the consciousness within the three minds, that it is imperative to understand within yourself how you’re thinking, what you’re thinking, and what you’re going to do with those thoughts. What is the reactive process that occurs within yourself?  If you could put yourself in a movie and LOOK at yourself on how you ARE projecting that energy onto your physical self, you would take many moments to realize the potential that you HAVE within yourself to CHANGE, to TRANSFORM those thought processes into the HIGHER existence that you are.

Sometimes, when I look at the Earth, I SEE that we have come a long way. Then there are times that I see that things have NOT changed that much. But they truly HAVE from the time that I was alive. Even though there are GREAT conflictions upon the Earth (there are still people still arguing with one another), there truly is this understanding compassion that is occurring within the hearts and the minds of MANY Souls upon this Earth. This gives me HOPE. This is what I want to extend to each of you today.

I want you to realize the capacity that you HAVE to assist this Earth by ALLOWING your physical self, your lower mind, your physical mind to accept that, as a situation occurs, because of the other elements that you’re dealing with, that you’re probably not even aware of.

I look at the times of my life, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and I remember the marches, I remember the lectures, and being at the podium, and bringing forth the Highest Word of GOD to the people. I know that my ROLE at the time was very important because it is not forgotten. I realized this during this anniversary of my birth and my death upon this Earth that so many are TRULY bringing forth the Word of God within themselves.

You may think things have not changed, especially those of you that did NOT experience those years, but, in truth, it HAS. There are more people that have COMPASSION in this world than you realize. There are more people that think to themselves inside that they DESIRE to have ONENESS, that they desire to have UNITY amongst all Souls. That is what is occurring presently. There’s a wave of Compassion and Love.

I’m not saying ALL Souls are like this, but I DO believe there is a higher majority of people that feel this way. They may not talk about it, they may not SHARE about it, but underneath all those CHALLENGES and blockages that are within them, they are compassionate to others less fortunate than themselves. This is a true beginning.

This year represents the ability to step into Mastery. What is Mastery? 

Mastery is different for every individual person. As each of you KNOW Mastery, being upon this Ascension Pathway, it’s quite different than what your neighbor may think about Mastery. That person next door to you may see Mastery as just being able to get up and go to work and do the best that they can do in their world. That is also Mastery. It’s not Higher Consciousness Mastery, but it is a 3rd-dimensional CONSTRUCT of Mastery and what that means for that individual Soul.

So, I urge each of you to LOOK at this year quite differently than you ever have previously. If the world has stepped into MASTERY because of the numerology of the YEAR, that means UNIVERSALLY, COSMICALLY, that energy is being extended through the many Realms of Light of Dimensions into the physical Earth. And how each individual Soul receives THAT statement of Mastery is going to be up to them and what they are able to relinquish in their life. What are they able to surrender to so that MORE elements of Mastery can come to them to help them to have MORE Compassion, more Love?  The truth of this is to ACTUALLY feel it DEEPLY within yourself about your life. I know many of the Masters talk about this, that what we do internally will externally help others.

The Age that we are experiencing IS to have self-compassion, is to have self-love is to have self-preservation. Many concepts of THOUGHT, from many other individuals, may say self-preservation is fighting for what you believe in. But I think of it just the opposite.

Self-preservation is allowing the internalization of YOUR Higher Consciousness, meaning the Spirit, the Soul that you ARE to intertwine into your physical self. And that is what I would like to PROJECT this evening.

The more that every individual Soul ALLOWS themselves to feel their OWN Divine Beingness, a Spark of Light from the Higher Realms into the physical CONSCIOUSNESS, that will ALLOW them to FULLY accept their Pathway presently. Because this means that each of these Souls are being GUIDED, each of these Souls are being PROTECTED, each of these Souls are being LOVED!

It is like when you look at a video or a photograph of an ANIMAL or many animals coming together in LOVE, what is the FEELING that you get by looking at that photo?  You probably feel LOVE, because you see that the animals are projecting that onto each other.

The animals of this world are very good teachers for the humans. They don’t HAVE the degree of illusion that humans have. They have their self-preservation, but within that self-preservation sometimes it can mean fighting against others to survive.

The only way that each of YOU can take a lesson from this is realize within yourself that when YOU allow the Higher Consciousness that you ARE to be become ONE within you, THAT is your self-preservation. There is NOTHING else that is more important at this time.

The more Souls that we HAVE to bring forth THIS degree of understanding and acting upon it by ALLOWING the Higher Realms of Light that they ARE, the Spark of Light, the Spark of Encoding to come fully within their existence of their Etheric Self through the chakra system, then that physical self is going to react accordingly.

I always was DEEPLY enthralled by Mahatma Gandhi and what he did in his life and how he went about it. The way that I experienced things as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was quite different from Dearest Gandhi. But I DID try to absorb his IDEALS in my physical walk. When you have a civilization that is so full of anger, it is hard not to be part of that anger. But I also LEARNED that projecting myself through the Word of God, through the Light of God ALLOWED people to see that Light themselves as it was a VERY tormentous to live upon the Earth, and to BE in that limelight.

So I ask each of YOU to reflect within YOURSELF what is it that you would like to project into your world that will assist you in finding the depth of your OWN experience, to go deeper INTO that energetic exchange, to UNDERSTAND within yourself that you ARE deeply honored by your Higher Self to be in this physical life, in this physical body, and to WALK the Earth being FULLY enamored by the PROSPECT of the PUREST Light that you could EVER experience?

Not projecting it onto others so much, because as I said previously, first and foremost, is the idealization of your I Am Presence into your physical self, into your physical MIND, into your physical HEART. That is what is TRULY going to assist you to BE in Mastery.

As I said before, Mastery is different for every individual Soul. It is up to YOU to decide where THAT Pathway is taking you. What that MEANS for you in your physical world.

So, it is, with all these words that I convey unto each of you, is the depth of my Soul, of compassion. Take TIME to devote your purest essence unto your physical self. This part of you is needing this very badly as you may already know. To ALLOW yourself just to stop with the thoughts, to STOP with the ‘whys and the wherefores’, to ALLOW yourself to just BE in the process of the essence of the Divine Mother Father God.

I bring you my COMPASSION, and in turn, I would like YOU to receive your OWN compassion.

What happens to you when you receive this compassionate essence of LOVE?  Where is it going to take you?  We don’t KNOW. You don’t know. No one knows. All you can do is to BE this Love, be PATIENT with yourself, be PATIENT with what you are experiencing, be PATIENT with what you are GOING to DO in your world. Allow the stillness of your Higher Mind to take you into a deeper part of your existence. It is a DOORWAY you’ve never walked through before. It’s in the CORE of your Beingness. Everyone has it, everyone HAS this ability to go SO DEEP into their Soul’s essence that it’s a place that MANY have never been before. It brings you the STILLNESS, it brings you the LOVE, it brings you all aspects that you DESIRE to have in your outside world. But there it is right within you.

I ask you to take a few deep breaths as I BRING forth this extension of COMPASSION and LOVE unto your heart, unto your Soul to allow your physical self to be STILL and to ACCEPT this PURIFICATION of Light. What it DOES for you is a surprise. Be the CHILD and be happy to receive this gift.

As I extend this gift unto you, ALLOW it to come into your ENTIRE Beingness, ALLOW it to come into the Source of Light that you ARE!  And HOLD it DEEPLY within your Solar Plexus. ALLOW your Solar Plexus to feel the most Divine Qualities of Love and Compassion that you could EVER think about as you just sit back and receive.

I extend to you as Master Altebetahn the Pathway of Peace. It’s not something that just occurs. I extend to you Compassion. Let’s break down Compassion. It’s ALLOWING yourself to be OPEN, it’s allowing yourself to be STILL, it’s allowing yourself to be PEACEFUL, feeling in alignment with the Divine Essence of God. Allowing the PURE sense of LOVE to be YOU. FEEL the Compassion essence that is coming DOWN from your Higher Self into the physical self right now. Your Higher Self extends to you this Compassion of what you are doing. Even if you think you’re not doing enough, your Higher Self doesn’t think so. You are receiving the most Divine Qualities that you have ever experienced in this moment in time. Allow yourself to just receive the serenity and the grace that you ARE.

[Divine Language Light Encodement]

Being CALM, being OPEN, being in the moment, be peaceful, be in alignment with your Higher Self of SERENITY and the essence of your I Am and the essence of openness, allowing yourself to FULLY be in this space, never ending. Feeling the essence of Compassion.

[Divine Language Light Encodement]

Allow your physical self to now just relax and absorb the definitive qualities that I BRING unto you in this present moment, that I bring unto YOUR existence to assist you to TRANSFORM, to be at peace with whom you are in this moment, to not allow the thoughts to stop you. Just to feel the energies coming in through your body. Take a deep breath and feeling the PURE exquisite moments of Compassion to the Self, flowing light energies.

In order for you to achieve what you DESIRE in these moments, you must allow the compassionate nature to come into ALL aspects of your Beingness, into your cellular structure, into the physical forms in which you hold within yourself, to not allow the STRESS, of trying to figure things OUT. to stop you from receiving this PUREST Divine quality of purification to be ONE within you.

If every individual Soul upon this Earth took time every day to bring in the state of compassion into their full-body system, through their feelings, and through their thoughts, into the Etheric Self, breathing into the chakras, the body would relax. It is when your STRIVE too hard that you’re stressing because of what needs to be done or what you may need to think about; it causes the entire process to stop.

Right now, we’re in the flow of the Universe, of the Multi-Universes, of the Cosmic energies of the MANY Dimensions, because nothing stops in the Higher Realms of Light. So why is it that you, as a Soul upon the Earth, wants to control the process, instead of allowing it to be?

We now take this energy unto the Earth, we take it to Gaia, we take it into the core of Her being through the multi-dimensions of Light, from the 36th dimensional frequency, going DOWNWARDS through each dimension. This FLOW of energy that we have created become ONE to be accepted, ONE to be HONORED. It is through this acceptance that the purification truly occurs without worrying about what that purification should be. As this energy now comes into the core of Gaia, She also relaxes. She brings forth the most Divine elements of Love, the Divine elements of Acceptance and Grace, of MOVEMENT. Feeling this energy NOW coming back up to us through the lower dimensions and to the Higher Dimensions. Feeling the peace that is occurring for YOU in this moment.

Every Soul upon this Earth will feel a FRAGMENT of THIS Higher Frequency of Light. It’s FLOWING, it moves with the trees, it centers upon the flowers and the plants, it moves with the animals, it almost makes you feel like you’re in slow motion, yet you’re not. You’re just in the flow of the Earth, you’re in the flow of the Sun, of the Moon, of the Stars and the Sky, the FLOW of the Higher Dimensions of Light, the FLOW of ALL the Great Central Suns, the FLOW of the MOVEMENT of the Cosmic Energies. As it moves within you, it goes around you.

Take a deep breath and allow this essence to be fully GROUNDED within your being. Become ONE within it. You may feel uncomfortable at first, but just ALLOW it to flow through you. You will see a CHANGE in your consciousness. You will see a change in the way that you react in the next moment but NOTICE the subtle difference that is occurring for you as you bring forth Compassion into your OWN purification.

The emotions settle down, the MIND relaxes, and you become ONE with that PUREST essence that you ARE of the Divine qualities of your MINDS coming together, of your HEART becoming more balanced with the extension of ALL that you ARE. If you take TIME with this energy every day, if you can, you will see a change that occurs within you and around you. This is truly what the world needs because, as I said, every Soul has Compassion in their nature. Even if they’re not showing it, it is there, but it’s hidden. The only way that we can assist this Earth is to tap into this frequency OURSELVES and become that which Divine Mother and Father God INTENDS.

Take a moment to just respond energetically to what you have created within yourself in alliance with all the dimensions, with all the planes of existence. It will assist you tremendously in the Divine qualities of Love, of Life, and Pursuit of Happiness.

I am Master Altebetahn at your service. I am deeply honored to walk with each of you. If you need more assistance in bringing forth compassion, please call upon me. Because I know each of you are going through your OWN CHALLENGES in your Full-Body System. So, ALLOW this essence to come to you and to be part of whom you are becoming.

In the Blessings of the LIGHT, in the blessings of the LOVE, in the blessings ALL that we ARE together I, as Master Altebetahnam deeply honored to be able to be here with each of you and to BRING forth this Divine Light, this Frequency of Compassion, of Love, to be extended unto each of you in this moment and ALL the moments forward.

So Mote It Be!  It Is Done!

In the Light of the Christ We Are.

Lady Meleriessee

As we arise from our seats, we FEEL this flowing light of energy that Master Altebetahn has extended unto us. As we walk up the steps with Yamteleus, we bid our farewell to HIM and to Archangel Michael’s Warriors as we walk down the steps to the garden pathway. FEEL a NEW spring to your step. FEEL the BLESSING of serenity and movement as we across the Rainbow Bridge. We gather together in our group Merkabah, and we leave the 36th-Dimensional frequency, moving down into the 24th. Breathing deeply, feeling as if you just stepped out of an airplane, and you’re just coming DOWN with your parachute into the 11th, and then the 10th and moving DOWN into planetary awareness, feeling your feet upon the ground, pushing your energies downward to be grounded. This is a very HIGH intensity flowing Light Energy, so you may not even be in your body at this time. Feel yourself going down into the core of the Earth and bring that energy back UP. Breathing deeply.

Integrative Channel ~ Rev. Christine Meleriessee Hayden

© 15, 2018, Clarion Temple of Oneness.

The Clarion Temple of Oneness is a weekly class in which we experience healing and high vibrational energies in the 36th dimensional frequency. We have a Master that hosts each week usually pertaining to our teachings for the month.  The Cosmic Great Central Sun (Divine Mother/Father God) speaks in the temple occurring monthly.  The transcript for the Cosmic Oneness is available via  to read. You can also purchase any of the MP3 downloads separately for the the classes to receive the highest vibrational energies available. When ordering, please make sure you make a notation of the date of the class you desire to purchase.

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