Responsibility of Self Mastery ~ Lord Adama

garden-webBlessings Dearest Ones,

I speak to you from the Telosian Command Center with the Telosian Council of Light. I am Lord Adama with a special message of love to each of you.

At this time within the upper Earth, there are great changes happening with each individual person. Individuals are being challenged by the simplest tasks within their world and truly do not know how to change them. Their concrete minds (of the physical self) are trying to control the process of their lives.

I share this information which I know is not new to you because each of you as awakened beings of Light have a role within yourself to help humanity. It is truly within your own process of understanding. The more that you are able to envision within yourself of what you desire, the more that others will also do the same.

You see, you have a very important role upon this planet. It is one that is teaching you that you have a commitment not only to yourself but to others to be strong, loving, compassionate, and desiring to hold that essence within you. it is about Responsibility of the Self.

As you move through your day, you intend to allow elements to be put into place that will assist you to experience the beautiful moments you desire to be expressed in your life. So is everyone else.

But I tell you this, the month of October has taken every individual person on a journey of the self; some are very concerned with what they are experiencing as it is not of the old way of being. You and I know that this is so very true. Nothing stays the same especially within these times of acceleration.

The difference between you and them is that you know this. You have lived it and work through it every day in your thoughts and emotions. You are learning how to process elements differently in your world.

If you are not doing so, then there is no time like the NOW for self reflection. This then turns into Self Responsibility.

Think about it ~ if we don’t take care of ourselves, then what is going to happen within this Earth? We won’t achieve the New Earth even in consciousness. It will be a dream that is not fully realized.

The potential that you have within you each moment is beyond the capacity of your physical self. Each of you all know that you are more than the physical body; you work hard within your meditations to change the thoughts and emotions that plague you every day. As you make the necessary changes within yourself, you are helping GAIA to receive them. This then in turn is gifted to all human beings upon the planet.

The work that you are doing is not going un-noticed. Others are being affected each moment with a positive and loving thought. It filters through the air waves and allows someone else to receive your Divine Moment of Beauty, Joy, Expansion within your heart, and the full existence that you are embracing. It is such a beautiful element when each person upon the planet allows their Divine Essence to enfold within them. It helps to change the thoughts, the emotions, and all the unsettling moments that occur within the Earth.

Many love to connect with the Angels. What happens when you feel their essence coming down into your heart? It helps to expand your heart and heal the wounds within.

This is so very true of each of you. You are the Human Angels and it is your responsibility to take what love you are embodying within you and share it outwards into the essence of the world. You don’t have to talk about it, all you have to do is let it expand out of you with your breath. Send it into the core of GAIA or to a particular place or person so that they can receive the purity of light that you are allowing to be within you.

Don’t hold your expressive essence within you. It is part of your pathway within Mastery to share it with others. Some individuals are not there yet; they can not express this joy or love within them due to their timelines, or their pain as that is all they can focus upon.

It is time within yourself to take the breath of light that you are and then just allow it to spin outside of your field into the world around you. Believe me, it will be received. Maybe not within the physical consciousness, but truly in the Higher Consciousness which will help that person to eventually receive it.

We, in Telos, work with each of you for the same reasons. We cannot let you ponder what you should be doing as mistakes can be made. We want to show you how we have done it. We truly are not any different than any of you.

It is our Responsibility as Divine Beings to show others how we have achieved our enrichment of life. Take a moment and share your essence of love and light unto the world you live in. It is part of your mastery pathway to do so.

This is one way in which we are going to bring the New Earth into full consciousness and planetary reality. Small steps to create our Divine Wisdom to be fully manifest.

In Light and Love, I expand my essence unto each of you in this moment.
I am Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos
Integrative Channel: Rev. Christine Meleriessee
October 31, 2014

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Initiating the Peace of God – Mahatma Gandhi

pyramidAnalogy of a Pyramid

Allow yourself to intend to travel to the highest point of your personal pyramid to receive the essence of peace so that you can bring that frequency of light within your pyramid of existence. Those that are allowing themselves to receive the highest frequency, then must take that peace that they are and send it to the structure of the Earth.


Sometimes individuals take too much of their energies and puts it out into too many places which causes the imbalance to occur in the physical structure. If you take the essence of peacefulness from God’s Heart into the Will of your creation, you will allow your body to come into balance.

What brings you peace within your Heart?

What brings you the availability to take the parts of yourself that are in conflict and allow them to be in the state of serenity?

Some times that is a tall order so if you think of your body, your Soul Star at the top of the pyramid and your Earth Star s the bottom of the pyramid, then you can take that frequency of Light that you feel, while bringing that all the way into the structure of the base.

You see the structure of the base of your existence is your Earth Star; that is what grounds you to this Earth. It is associated with your feet, it is associated then with your limbs and then moving up the body into your organs and the heart center representing the core essence of your beingness.

The rest will fall into place if you take these moments of allowing serenity and stillness to be fully within the acceptance of your structure.  It will flow through each of your limbs, into your organs, into all muscles and tendons, and the cellular structure, but you must allow yourself to just sit and breathe the Peace of God.

Take the next moment, and breathe the Peacefulness you received into your Earth Star unto the core of GAIA.  She will receive this essence and expand it into her fields of creation.

Mahatma Gandhi

Clarion Temple of Oneness, January 2013

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Divine Alchemy of the Heart



The Solstice Energies for 2014

Due to the intensity of the energies that December of 2014 will bring, we are offering a selection of our Journey Retreat teachings to everyone.

Our Distance Learning Option:

Use this form to order the AUDIO of this special event (Retreat attendees receive the AUDIO as part of enrollment). We will make every attempt to provide the audio mp3 as downloads during the actual retreat, but we can only guarantee you will receive them by December 23 (48 hours after the retreat ends) for you to use them to assist grounding the Higher Octave Frequencies of Light.

There will be at least four (4) teaching sessions offered as MP3 downloads. This breaks down to just (Normal Means) $44 Per Session. However, as we are also going to be doing MORE sessions than 4, please be prepared to receive as many as six (6) Audio Teachings for the same exchange. (See our write-up here.)


Divine Alchemy Journey Retreat Audio MP3 – (4 sessions)



Divine Heart Alchemy

Embody the Essence of Ceremonial Magic and Transmutation
Grounded Within the Earth Plane



Who doesn’t want to be able to discover the Truth within their Heart and Transform it into Full Divinity so that it becomes Who They Are? That is Divine Alchemy. This is the Journey of the Soul Manifested. On December 18, 2014 we begin that Journey Within.

In 2014 Walking Terra Christa has taken students on a journey into the first 7 Rays of God and what they mean to each individual on a personal basis. We have gone through the first phases of what many are calling the Initiation of the Golden Age (as the transference of energies could not actually occur strongly enough in 2012). This meant we now had the opportunity to ground the Rays of God into actualization upon the planet during the year in ways we could not attain ever before.

The Solstice Event

This day marks the “darkest day” of the year when the sun is at its lowest point, crossing the threshold of moving from that singular moment into the pathway of rising once again to shine brighter and brighter with each progressive moment of Light. It is therefore associated with the time of rebirth, transformation, deep gratitude and celebration.

Over the ages this has represented spiritual rebirth at its most sacred meaning. Ancient Temples across the earth were constructed to honor this moment, some have inner chambers that are only illuminated by the first light of the Solstice sunrise as it breaks upon the land.

Throughout history, Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Masons and others may have gathered in dark corners of ancient rooms to discuss the coming event. They spoke in low whispers lest anyone not of the fold hear them speak of turning dross into gold. Should someone over hear them, the subjects they spoke of held a hidden meaning that only they knew how to decode.

Turning Dross to Gold

Even these followers of ancient practices did not realize that the tenants they so nobly strove to follow and inhabit within themselves originated in times beyond antiquity, in lands long ago covered by the deep oceans. Even they could not grasp that the secrets they protected once flourished across a once vast continent called the land of Mu, so named as travelers to the paradise realm shortened the full name of Lemuria for ease of use.

Legends of why Mu, and it’s smaller cousin Atlantis, disappeared into the seas promulgated the belief that it was the carelessness of not protecting the truth of the land and its sacred spirituality. For in those times, there was no secular life as all manner of livelihood was lived in strict devotion to being a spiritual being in a physical body.

The secret they did not reveal was that they first worked upon their spiritual selves in order to facilitate growth in their physical lives.

When those followers spoke of turning dross into gold using the secret of alchemy, ever cautious of unwanted eavesdropping,  their words may indeed have alluded to smelting metals and special formulas, but that was a ruse within a ruse to protect the real truths. For the most precious and sought after treasure was for them to remove the darkness within their own hearts and rejoice within their own Divinity as free and majestic beings.

Upon GAIA to Continue this WORK

As Initiates, we are here inhabiting the physical body to become once again, our Spiritual Essence within the Physical Body. We are here to learn as we expand our light within our body and ground it through our Earth Star, that we can become each of the Rays of God within our actual physical vehicles (Rays=Light=Light Body=Light Being). This is truly what Ascended Mastery represents on a physical pathway. As such, this goes beyond ‘spirituality’ into being a physically manifested reality that is spiritual and returning to they way of life as practiced in Lemuria and Atlantis by those who knew the secrets.

The goal to having the Fifth Dimensional New Earth created is having a world where the current paradigm of achieving earthly success prior to engaging in the deep work of spiritual alchemy is reversed.

Many still believe they can have the time to pursue their spiritual life in earnest once they have first mastered their material lives. That was the old paradigm. Now that we are officially within the energies of the birth of the Golden Age, that pattern of existence must be reversed. That is the darkness within man’s souls that the Solstice Light acts to reveal and remove.

We are once again being given Divine Cosmic Light by the Spiritual Forces to assist Earth and ourselves to Raise Our Vibration. This does not automatically create the New Earth, instead it is what now gives us the ability to create the New Earth. The pattern of thinking within the ‘New Age’ community that the New Earth is being created and will automatically appear, is one of the many levels of misinformation that circulates, but that idea that it is now time to build the New Earth is very accurate.


We are here to not only continue the ancient ways but to expand upon and anchor within the planet the new frequencies of Light. It is our job to consciously shift our own resonance to attune ourselves to these Higher Level Octaves of Frequencies. Otherwise the energies are not held at the rate to which they can potentially be anchored, which results in both ourselves and GAIA not advancing at the optimal rate of acceleration. Which means the lower frequencies of the 3rd/4th dimension do not shift as quickly as they could into the 5th and higher dimensions. In fact, in the dire case scenario, the earth does not shift much at all until we each do so, first individual and then collectively.

Hence the requirement for us to learn True Alchemy.

Becoming the True Alchemist within is about creation, beauty, joy, freedom. More specifically, it is about removing all the elements within your personality, your ego, your subconsciousness, your consciousness, that prevent you from holding the frequency of vibration that True Alchemy requires in order to create True Manifestation.

This initiation of energy transference now continues and culminates with the Solstice of 2014. As we have shared, it is the opportunity to consciously ground these higher light waves. The key to actual earthly transformation is in how many have participated at the level required to ground these energies in full enough force to actually see a change occur. Obviously, more individuals are required to do so. We are entirely hopeful and anticipate that you will be one of them.

Since we are constantly changing, the Rays assist us to understand more about ourselves in order to utilize that change for our Highest Good. This can change from week-to-week or month-to-month. What we need in strength today may have been different six months ago. As we change, we need to understand what the transition has been for each of us through our feelings, emotions, and physical existence. It is this understanding that is the basis for all alchemy, and this is one of the truths that are not widely understood.


THE SOLSTICE of 2014 – Our Next Grand Opportunity

The ‘HEART’ of Mount Shasta

The Heart of Mt. Shasta

On DECEMBER 21st we have the opportunity to demonstrate the Foundation of Alchemy of the 7th Ray.

Ray 7 is the Flame of Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic. So first we must learn to apply the powers of this Ray, of the Violet and Deep Purple Flame, within ourselves and who we are being. Doing so opens the doorway to making the changes we desire to make within our lives so that we do begin to experience the passion, joy, and freedom from lack and struggle in all areas of our reality. However, it must start from within first.

With utilizing the 7th Flame, we now have the opportunity to build upon the elements in first 6 Rays to make our creations more sustainable and flowing. In this powerful inner journey event, we will:


On this four-day inner excursion with each other Saint Germain is our guide for this special intensive journey to bring out our own individual Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic. We will work with all of the Rays of God to find out exactly which areas an individual may need to address in healing for their present situation. The focus will be on the Violet/Purple Flame of Transmutation and Ceremonial Magic but as the Mahachohan, Saint Germain, will help each individual to understand the process that they are undergoing by using his Mastery of all these Rays.snowscape

Weather permitting we will visit the vortex power spots in the Mount Shasta area to activate and actualize these teachings within us.

Thursday December 18 and Friday December 19:

The beginning of the journey will include an overview of the first six rays of Will and Power, Love and Wisdom, Creative Actualization, Harmony and Balance, Science of God, and Inner Devotion.

Friday December 19 and Saturday December 20:

The remaining time we will work with the Violet/Purple Flame of Transmutation and Acceleration with each of the beautiful Beings that represent this flame. Meditative journeys will be provided with the Elohim Masters of Arcturus and Virginia, Archangels Zadkiel and Amethyst along with the Elders of Lord Teesian and Lady Teesio, with special appearance from Lady Portia, the now appointed Ray Chohan. In addition there will be time spent with Lord Sanat Kumara who holds the Violet Flame for the Venusian Rays of God as he will be hosting our retreats in 2015 to work with the Venusian Flames representing a 7th Dimensional Light Body.

We will etherically visit the Temples with Luanda Angola (Elohim), Temple of Purification over Cuba (Archangels), along with the Cathedral of the Violet Flame in the Rocky Mountains with Saint Germain and a special visitation to the Royal Teton Retreat, in Wyoming to work with all the Ray Chohans focusing on the lower vs. higher aspects of the Soul Essence. Another exquisite journey will be within the Golden City of Wahanee/Fronlamm in the 5th Dimensional Earth to connect with all the Beings of the 7th Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Each of these journeys will present opportunities for spiritual, emotional, and mental advancement within each person’s four-body system which will represent the accelerated energies of this retreat.

Sunday December 21:


Continuing the above teachings, we will celebrate the Solstice Energies as we embrace the acceleration that each individual has acquired through this process of Light, Love, and embodiment of grounding it within the physical creation with Lord Sanat Kumara. We will also be conducting our Annual Christmas Celebration Gathering via Tele-conference with others around the word to celebrate the Energies of the Christ with Lord Sananda, Lady Mother Mary, and Lady Magdalene.

Teachings will include understanding the reflection of the lower self and what has you reliving out the same lessons while accessing the Higher Self to be fully activated. We will assist participants to learn when they react within themselves from the lower mind. Exercises will be given and group participation with each other to command the ability to receive Love and Guidance which will assist to change our inability to accept our Divine Essence within the Physical Body.

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos (Lemuria), is also our co-guide for each of our Journeys as he or Saint Germain will communicate with us each morning and evening to get an overview of each day’s activities and the energies that we will be experiencing.


Enrollment is Closed to Attend this Important
Spiritual Awakening Journey Retreat in Person

For those individuals that are unable to travel to Mount Shasta, we are offering select Retreat Teachings as an AUDIO MP3 option.

I Give You Peace ~ Allah Gobi

allah_gobi1-fbAllah Gobi Blessed our Prosperity Circle on October 18th, 2014.


Allah Gobi was previously the Mahachohan of all the Rays for many years.  He is now working directly with Lord Buddha to assist individuals (also known as Chelas) to achieve their Christ Consciousness within the Mastery Pathway.  He gave to us the essence of Peace of allowing each individual to fully embrace his essence within theirs.


My Dearest Ones,

It is my pleasure to be here today.  I am Allah Gobi.

It is quite exciting to come back into this essence, since I have stepped away as the Mahachohan to pursue other elements within my pathway.  Now that dearest, dearest Saint Germain has fully taking over, my work now comes from a much higher perspective of what you are receiving presently.  I have returned into my fullest form, but in this moment I want to show myself as Allah Gobi so that I may assist each of you to help you with your desires to be created within your world upon this Earth, and assisting you to bring your full totality into your consciousness.

The purest blessings that you can receive is for you to fully acknowledge who you are and have always been from your highest frequency of light.  It is a very beautiful element when you allow the full opening of the Lotus to expand within you and you see the many petals of your creative process.  In every experience you have it contains a beautiful moment even if those experiences may seem very challenging or very traumatic.  The resulting energies that come out of it is the purification of your essence being enfolded within your full consciousness.  Today I give you peace, I want to give you the ability to accept the Divinity of Light that you are in order to incorporate it within your pathway to allow the purification of your essences to be of a level you have never received before.  Since my post as the Mahachohan I have been working more directly with Lord Buddha for all the chelas upon the pathway, and it is my desire to assist each of you to understand yourself in a completely different manner than you did one moment ago.

So breathe deeply into your Heart Center; feel that Lotus, that flower.  Allow it to open.  Each time you go deeper within yourself, it opens further.  So within your breath of all the beautiful rays that are incorporated within the garden in this moment, feel those frequencies of Light.  You may even feel them as sparkles, droplets of energy coming within your system to assist you in the Divinity that you are as they all represent something else.  They all represent the higher essences, your Will, your Power, your Love, your Acceptance, your Balance, your Inution, your Guidance, your Blessings.  They represent the ability to have Freedom; to bring in your Light Body, to accept things in a different manner, and to open up your Higher Mind and Higher Heart to the Divinity That You Are, Your God Essence.

My role in these moments is to help you through this process.  I ask you to relax and to feel the Lotus Heart spinning ever so slightly within your frequency, within your body, feeling the Divine Love and Divine Power that You Are of the Magenta Ray.  All of these elements are very, very important to allow the purification of your Essence to flow.  That is the Beauty of Whom You Are.  Not the physical conditioning that you are experiencing.  You are within these bodies so that you can remember this essence, and that is my role today, to help you to remember and to reflect upon the beauty, the blessing, the joy, and the extension of God’s Love within you as you Are that Child of God.  Feel yourself as a child and feel yourself accepting these frequencies as if you have never seen them before.  You hold out your hands to receives these blessings, and within these beautiful sparkles of light that are coming into you, there are gifts.  They are gifts that you have no idea what they are.  So you breathe into your Lotus Heart and you surrender with the Lotus Heart.  You become that essence – not the physical part of you, not the mental thoughts, not the emotional feelings, not the etheric body that is lodged with element syou are working through.  Feel yourself floating and receiving.  The particles of light of your I AM – all those aspects that make up your I AM Presence to come through a rain shower of light.  It brings you the gifts you are looking for.  So Receive It Now.  Receive it in this moment and allow it to come into the divinity of your Solar Plexus and your Heart as they are the core of your Beingness.

As you breathe deeply, you start to feel these frequencies of light coming fully within you and Accept.

{Divine Language Light Encoding}

You are the burst – you are the burst of Light.  Allow it to be all the way through your entire Beinginess.  Expand it into your Earth Star and feel the fire works that you are.  These are your gifts.  Receive them and allow them to be fully within you.  Feel it structured within yourself into the cellular memory, the physical body, parts of yourself that are restrictive.  Nothing conforms to anything else in this moment.  As it flows, it sparkles, it allows yourself to fully be that Peace of Light that you are.

You must understand that in order to receive the full Divinity of your Acceptance through your I AM Presence, you have to surrender to it.  You must surrender to receive, to receive and receive.  The bounty of the gifts coming to you is your Acceptance.

Did you ever notice that when you do manifest something you may be surprised?

It is because in those moments before that manifestation you are a pure source of light of Acceptance, of Surrendering to whatever it is that it may be.  So you must separate the mind, the feelings and allow yourself to blend within your breath.  Feel that blending within you and you become that Source of Light that you are.  This allows you to create the gifts that you are desiring moment by moment.

So in this moment I extend unto you Peace, Harmony, Surrender, Divine Love, Divine Power of All That You Are and allowing the Source of Light to fully be your guide in this moment.  Let us breathe together and feel that purification of these essences as you command these words onto yourself:

I now come from the source of Light that I AM to fully embody myself as a gift of God within.  I allow it to blend with my Lotus Heart as it expands further and further to receive more and more.

The bounty of my gifts from my I AM Presence continues through each breath that I take.

As I breathe deeply I feel the colors upon colors of all the beautiful sparkles of light that I am and ever have been to fully become manifest within my physical existence.

I am Peace, I am Harmony, I am Serene, I am Love, I am all of these and so much more. 

This is the blessing that I give unto myself on this day. 

I call upon the essence of Allah Gobi, the source of Light which he comes from as the Christed Being that I AM and that He Is; as we meld together we shall achieve these gifts unto me for all of humanity. 

The pathway that I embark upon, each step that I take assists the deeper part of my divinity, my remembrance, my Light unto GAIA’s Light as I continue my walk, to forge unto the New Earth where the bountiful Harvest is commonplace. 

All that I have thought before is now washed away with the purification of this essence that Dearest Allah Gobi has given to me on this day.

Now take a moment and feel these blessings from your I AM Presence.  All I do for you as Allah Gobi is direct this frequency.  You are the one receiving this, you are the commander of your ship, You Are the One that creates the Divinity of Light within you.

So Receive, my Chelas, Receive, Receive, Receive as it is time to fully accept all that you are.

It is my divine pleasure to be with you as Master Allah Gobi at your service.

So Mote It Be – We Are One – We are the Christed Beings Together in this moment.

 Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together is a free connection circle that meets on Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific.  You may join this call by registering; click this link for details.

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The Celestial Energy Triad Gate

The Solar Eclipse New Moon of October 23, 2014 Closes This Opportune Triad Gateway

The zenith of these pivotal celestial energies creating the Portal of Light Opportunity for Humanity now approaches. This Solar Eclipse New Moon follows the Fall Equinox and Lunar Eclipse Full Moon bringing the Triad of Celestial Energies to a closing of this important gateway of regeneration (see the New Earth Frequency Update for specifics).

Lord Ashtar’s latest message, with an important blessing from Lord Sananda are given to assist the grounding of the full frequency of the highest vibration, the Christed Consciousness, here upon GAIA.  As Lord Ashtar explains, the only way the earth can raise in her vibration purposefully is for individuals to feel this level of frequency and then ground it within themselves.

Please make the time to take an active part in sharing this audio / video attunement so as many individuals as possible can take an active part in co-creating the New Earth by active conscious concentration of the vibrations prior to the next Full Moon.


DESCRIPTION: We join with both Lord Ashtar and Lord Sananda of the Ashtar Command Galactic Federation of Light to experience the highest level of meditative energy exchange by becoming the Christed Self in our hearts and minds. This is the most important energy we can consciously create and participate in as human beings who are ambassadors to planet earth from other star systems. Please use this energy meditation exchange regularly in your life and share it with anyone who desires to co-create the New Earth fo the Fifth Dimensional frequency in Wholeness of the Oneness we are together. This specific format removes all lower ego agendas of the corrupted programming that is so prevalent among well intended (but often uninformed) individuals who desire to share Love and Light upon earth at this crucial time.



©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.
/ by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Aranathanara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ October 21st, 2014

New Earth Frequency Update

The New Moon & Partial Solar Eclipse of Oct 23, 2014 represents a period of REGENERATION


Greetings and Blessings to All,

We are the Unified Whole Command within the 144th dimension of Oneness as the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein along with the many Christed Beings of Light.

The energetic exchange of the Universal Consciousness is being felt in many levels of existence.  We are sure you have been experiencing it within your feelings, thoughts, dream-states while walking upon the Earth.  Since the Autumn Equinox there have been extensive light energies that have ensued upon the planet with the Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon moving towards the partial Solar Eclipse and New Moon.

The portals of light that have been actualized within GAIA are here to help every individual to receive more of their higher essence within the avenues of their physicality.  In the midst of these elements it is causing more debris to be removed from the Etheric level of the Earth along with each human being.  So as a result, it causes a feeling of uncertainty within each individual unless they fully understand that those thoughts and feelings do not belong to them any longer.

Some may say, “What do you mean they don’t belong to me?  I live upon this earth; I have emotions and I am affected by what is happening within the world.”  This is so very true but since the earth is going through her acceleration, the light infractions coming into the core of Gaia’s being are affecting more Light to be acknowledged than the Darkness.  But in order for the Light to be realized, the Darkness must be removed.  So what happens is a period of regeneration, the old leaves in order for the new to be realized.

Now this all starts first within each Soul upon the Earth and within themselves.  So every individual upon the Earth are going to be stepping into a deep healing process.  Some of these souls may not understand what they are experiencing as that is their divine choice.  But the ones that are acknowledging the parts of themselves as a Divine Being will be able to feel the changes occurring within them.  This causes the highs and lows to occur.

Now we know that this has always been part of life; sometimes a soul feels good about themselves and other times, not so good.  The difference now is that the higher levels of joy, compassion, and acceptance within stay with each person for a longer period of time.  As the earth is purging, so are each of you.

To get back to the Light formations of this month and why the intensity is so strong, we refer to the fact that all is aligning into Oneness.  This means the Universal consciousness of all planes of existence into the planet so that each individual may be able to look at themselves at a deeper level than they have before.  As the planet is spinning on her axis, each of you is doing the same.  So each spin that you make is coming closer to the true reality of your Higher Self.  Within that process the road to achieving that end can be intermingled with great intensity of change that needs to occur.  This is when you would say you are in a “low” period.  But yet, when you know how to handle those low periods within your life, then you achieve a higher perspective ~ one that you would not have had previously without the alignment of all elements coming into place.

This is the process that you are experiencing presently.  Not only are you feeling it within yourself, but you feel it on the ground when you walk.  Changes are happening in many environments to not only assist each of you, but to help you to see that it is all part of the Divine Plan of Creation.

Isn’t it true that when you understand why something is occurring in your world, that you can have acceptance? 

Isn’t it also true that you are able to walk through the doorway of change when you are able to see how and why it is occurring for you presently?

So that is when you have your AHHH-OH moment.  You say to yourself, “So now I can fully see my creative process; I am ready to now accept.”

But the other important part of this is for you to realize that these moments of recognition do not always come beforehand.  In fact it is usually the opposite.  You go through the doorway of change and when you get to the other side, you understand the process.

What we wish for each of you to realize fully is that you cannot always have the assurance of knowing how and why you are experiencing your present circumstance. So what happens is that you must have FAITH.  We all know that Faith is not a learned experience; it is a true test of your spiritual self guiding the physical self into a world where you have no idea what the outcome is going to be.

Isn’t it true that when you allow FAITH to be your guide, that you truly see how synchronous events are occurring for you?  Some may say the Universe is working with me in this moment.

Why do you think it happens this way?

As a human being, you have been programmed to think that you should know every outcome in your life.  When you step into your spirituality, you then learn that it does not come from your lower self, but your Higher Self guiding you in each moment.  Sometimes this is a hard lesson to learn but as an initiate upon the pathway of Mastery, it is necessary.

We know not all lightworkers consider themselves on the Pathway of Mastery although they may term it as such.  In retrospect, it means to allow the guidance of the Higher Self with the incorporation of the I AM Presence to fully assist the physical self in their endeavors upon the Earth.  It also means that the lower ego must be removed in order for the higher ego to be acknowledged.  This process is not an easy one but very, very necessary.

Let us get back to the present energies and why you are experiencing such turmoil and/or change within your life.  You see there is a contract with GAIA and the Universal Structures that all Beings upon the planet of GAIA shall go through the same process that she is receiving.  In fact, each soul upon the earth has a part in GAIA’s renewal or what you would call ascension.  So what happens through this process of two Eclipses within one month is Great Assistance from the Universal Structure.

The power of the present energies is only as positive as each individual makes them to be. 

Every soul is responsible for their own Divine Creation or reality of life.  The deeper your wounds are, the more intense is your reality.  The ability to step into a Mastery Pathway means that you are ready to know that there is more to your life than the physical self.  As you do this, you see changes that occur within you and around you that are beyond the understanding of your lower mind.  So you accept FAITH in your world that you are being taken care of.

Every individual that is aware of their Light has stepped into the Mastery Pathway; but not all individuals will become initiates.  It has to do with their own awareness and willingness to go deeper into their psyche which is held within the Etheric Body to heal, heal, and heal over again.  The New Earth will not hold any soul that has not stepped into this pathway.  This is essential for the creation of the 5th dimension.  It is the basis of the ability to love so deeply that nothing else matters, and the dysfunction of the 3rd and 4th dimension will never be held in that environment.  It means that the Etheric Body has to be totally cleansed of all timelines that do not fit the 5th dimensional construct along with the Subconscious Mind to be totally clear of all lower and negative thought forms and archetypes of the past.  All of this works directly through the Etheric body, but is fully felt within the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

As of the Fall Equinox, more light infractions were incorporated within the planet.  It continued with the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.  It has pushed every person to their limits of the physical mind so that there was nothing else left but to surrender to their Higher Self.  In between the Full Moon and the New Moon there has been a time of regeneration or balancing what has been purged, removed, and no longer accepted within the confines of your lower self.

This has created energies within the planet and every individual to be more cohesive with the Light infractions.  The changes within each soul is personal due to their own thought processes, feelings, and timelines of the past.  Every individual is learning about themselves through the process.  The Ones that are not aware of this consciously are doing it in their sleep state.

So change is inevitable for everyone at this time.

The difference in each soul is how they are affected by the changes they incur.  It is molding the energies of 2015 and how this earth is going to continually move forward through her shifts of reality.


As the planet moves towards the partial Solar Eclipse and the New Moon it reflects a time of REGENERATION.  It is important to look back within the last month to truly see how you have changed, how you handled it, and what you have done to rebalance yourself through the process.  It is an imperative stage for GAIA that each of you does your part in the reflection of your Highest Self.

This moon and eclipse represents the ability to look at the old elements, purge them, and prepare yourself in a new role upon Mastery within your life.  The power of these energies will result in the changes you are asking to be ignited within you.  You must work with them and be the New Beginning that you are trying to achieve.  The Universe will not support you unless you do your part of being Responsible for yourself.  It is part of your contractual agreement with GAIA.  You promised that you would work hard at your own self awareness, be all that your Higher Self desired, so that it would prepare the way for others to follow you.

We know this is not easy; we know that the energies of this month have probably put you in places that you did not know existed.  But that is also part of the awareness process that you are able to have great Faith in all that you do, feel, and think within your physical self to change it into your highest ideals.

The power of the New Moon will help ground all that you have been feeling this month.  Take those thoughts of Love, Wisdom and Power and make them manifest within your world.  It is your Divine Right as a Conscious Being of Light to do so.

We bless you for your journey, thank you, and acknowledge all that you are, all that you do, and all that you will continue to do.  We walk together in silence in these moments with hopes of the future to be rejoicing together upon the New Earth.

Blessings and Love in the Name of All That We Are Together,

We are the Unified Whole Command of Oneness,

Many Masters, Beings of Light, and Angelic Hosts in Harmony of the All

Note:  New Moon and Partial Solar Eclipse occurs on October 23rd, 2014, 22:57 GMT, 2:57 Pacific, 5:57 Eastern.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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City of Divine Intentions ~ Decree


The Golden City of Flanansheea

(Residing in the 5th Dimensional Earth over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)


I am working with Lord Metatron,

To assist me in understanding my Soul Body of Light;

He has urged me to travel to the Golden City of Flanansheea,

Which resides over Edmonton, Alberta, Canada in the 5th Dimensional Earth.


This city is represented by Lord Enoch and Lord Maitreya;

I have been guided to work with Lord Enoch on this occasion;

Lord Enoch is a special being of Light,

But is also an aspect of Lord Metatron.


Metatron shared with me,

That I would learn the basics of understanding my soul body of light with Enoch;

As this city represents the 5th Dimensional Divine Intent.


I can see by the beauty of the landscape,

That the energies truly do show an essence of majestic quality,

That I truly desire to find within myself.


I feel the pure essence of the Pink-Gold,

As it truly represents the Divine Essence of God’s Light,


I am met by Lord Enoch,

His energies are with pure intent,

With a sense of gentleness within him.

We walk together,

As we share with one another,

He asks me where I am on my journey,

As he told me it is important to understand the old from the new.


I ponder this for a moment,

And realize I have had many of these moments in my recent past.


He then shared with me,

That this is the process of Divine Mastery,

Understanding who you are,

By accepting where you have come from,

Then you can embrace the Being that you are transforming into.


I am excited and nervous,

About my new quest within the City of Flanansheea,

I feel my physical body,

Quivering with anticipation,

Of allowing

My I AM Presence to fully be within me.


I feel it on all levels of my creation,

And allow the flow,

Of the Christed Being I AM,

To be fully manifested,

Within my pathway of light.


I AM that I AM that I AM


©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. J. Michael Hayden (Ara).  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Understanding the Mastery Pathway ~ Lord Adama

pathway forest1Blessings My Children ~  Blessings.

Hello ~  Hello ~  Hello

This is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.

Alunah,  Alunah,  Alunah.

It is our pleasure to start a new level of instruction/teaching incorporation of Light frequencies as we work with Lord Metatron this month.

I think this is going to be very exciting for everyone because it’s important for us to reflect within ourselves through these beautiful teachings that are coming through into what we are experiencing presently.

As always, we must remember that everything that you are experiencing is because of what you are doing on the Higher Planes of Existence.  So the changes that you are going through along with the incorporations of your Light Body being more fully accepted within your Physical Body is all part of the process.

As we stand now within the frequencies of the Equinox that brought us forth into this state of mind, this state of conditioning, its important for each of us to fully understand that what we are going through individually.  I say we, because in Telos we also go through these elements; not to the extent that you are because of course we are already in that higher frequency of dimensional existence and each of you are trying to become more attuned to it.

So in these moments, it probably is very powerful within your consciousness of what you are experiencing due to the influx of the Equinox energies.  There was more Light frequency brought into the planet at this time.

So what happens to the debris that is within the planet?  Does it just go into the Light?  Sometimes it does, but other times it does not; so there becomes this struggle.  There are certain areas within the planet that are doing more of the struggle than others.

This is also representative of each of you; that whatever the frequency that you are bringing into yourself for your meditations, chanting, acceleration, that those particles of debris must be released as you experienced within the teaching on Monday evening with Arcturus and Virginia.  That was a very, very powerful energetic exchange.  Many of you were affected in various ways.  Some of you may not even realize to the depth that you were affected.

When you sit in this space through your breath and allow the energies to come into your existence; you are surrendering.  You are surrendering your physical self to be more than it has been previously.  You are allowing yourself to go into a depth that is beyond the comprehension of your Lower Mind, but it is within the existence of your Higher Mind.  So within that moment, the physical self is in between both worlds.  So afterwards what happens is those frequencies of Light that come into you as the Violet Flame did the other evening, it then has to go into areas that need to be shifted and changed.  Many times this does not have to be something conscious.  It is within your accessibility to allow the surrendering process to occur and to accept those changes that are trying to integrate within you.

But the debris, the pockets of elements must be removed.  Part of that might just be not accepting a process you are going through.  Even though you think that you are in your intellectual mind, it must be done in all systems of the body.  The more acceleration that you have within your body, the more levels it has to get through.

You see, some individuals may think that Ascension beyond the 7th Initiation becomes easier.  In fact, this is not so.  Those levels of Initiations of the Dimensional Frequencies are at a higher level.  So if something is still within a lower level, which at times it can be and it can be very miniscule, the energy must go to that particle to change that thought process or that feeling that may be going within the mindset.  At that point, your minds are all one mind.  So there is no difference between the Subconscious, the Conscious, and the Superconscious; they are all inner working within each other.  So the effect of what is occurring comes up quicker and faster through this process.  Some of you on the lower Initiations, it may take you awhile to comprehend what you have gone through.

So the process that we are trying to assist you with within the new format we are giving is to ascertain what a specific Being of Light represents.  Lord Metatron represents a Golden Solar Angel, Angelic Body.  What does that mean?  That is what he is going to share in some of his teachings.

So his Essence of being Enoch is a component of Whom He Is now.  He has asked Mahlariessee to work through this City tonight because he wants to help each of you to accept your thought processes of what you think a 5th Dimension means for you.  This can be something that is not easy to grasp because if you were still working within the lower mental faculties there will be interruption and you truly will not receive the totality of Whom You Are becoming.

So we are hoping in this phase with Lord Metatron that each of you will understand yourself in a deeper level.  Because isn’t it true that the more that we understand, the more we can accept?  It is when it becomes a confusing matter that we cannot grasp the process that we are undergoing.

Even though each of you are working within your Higher Essence through your dream state on the Inner Plane level, then when you awaken those elements that don’t fit Whom You Were in that split manner of seconds of becoming physical is probably the most difficult time to understand what you are going through.  That’s why we suggest the clearing, the showers, the baths, the saging, and reflecting within your own I AM Presence and bring that fully into your physical body.

This City represents the ability to do that.  Consistently tap into what your intentions should be and make a list within yourself.  Sit down and make a list of elements that need to be changed within your Physical existence, your Emotional and your Mental existence.

What parts of yourself do not fit the capacity to hold that 5th Dimension within your Full Body System?

It’s not just about higher frequencies, about higher acceleration.  Many individuals think that if they just fully do the higher accelerations and allow those energies, then that’s all they have to do; that their Higher Self is going to take care of everything and everything will be purified.

I think all of you understand that this is not true because when that happens, then it filters down into your Physical, your Consciousness.

When you awaken, how do you feel about yourself?

How do you feel during your day?

Is there something that triggers an element within yourself that is not of that 5th Dimensional Divine Intention?

That Divinity is your I AM Presence, is your Higher Self because in the physical existence that is not Whom You Are.  You know that, but yet sometimes it’s very difficult to get out of that process that the lower energies can compound upon each of us individually.

What this means is, as you are going through the transformation, as you’re transmuting and transforming yourself, there are going to be many steps along the way.  It does not happen immediately.  If you are lucky enough to get to the 7th Initiation, it doesn’t stop there.  The responsibility for your own Self becomes stronger.  You find that you have to do more for yourself than you did before because the lower energies can interact within you in a way that will totally spiral you back down to a lower Initiation.  It doesn’t mean you have to stay there for a long time, but it just means that you have to remember what it was like.

So as we take you through this journey, through this month, we truly want to prepare you.  So this is why we are going to this City this evening.  As I believe Lord Enoch can really assist in the process of helping you to understand what you are going through.

I cannot reiterate enough, it’s important to process this work.  It’s important to be conscious of what you are experiencing.  Go back to the recordings again and sit and write what is happening to you physically.  When you reach the higher Initiations, you won’t have to write as much because it will just come automatically and for you to be able to understand the process that you are undergoing.  But at these lower stages, it is imperative to have a journal, to write in that journal every day, maybe even make certain specific affirmations for yourself or to look at where you need to go back to with the material that we have given you.

I want to reiterate this information, because it is a very special Program.  This is a Program to assist every student to go deeper into themselves.  You are being given a lot of information and a lot of material.  You can’t be expected to process it in one 90 minute session.  It’s not going to change your life that much until you take the time in the next few days to reiterate what you have experienced and look at it and see how it affected you.

What have you done with it?

Are you ready to go to the next stage?

That is why we have given you some material and we are going to be giving you more.

I hope each of you will take advantage of this because it is truly a huge gift.  I want to share as much as a can to help each of you understand yourself even more.  As it is not only assisting you, it’s assisting the planet and each of us.  Then in turn, your acceleration will go much faster and on a much deeper level.  You will be able to look at it one day and say “Wow!  I am very thankful that I did it that way.”  Otherwise, I guarantee you it will take you double, triple, quadruple the time that it will do by applying these teachings in your physical world.

So that is why our program is being more directive to each of these Beings.  So we honor Lord Metatron.

Let’s get started with the energies for this evening.

Just breathe deeply.  Think about what I have said and think about what you need to look at as you go into this City.

Your Brother in Telos,

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos

Lord Adama is the Academy Chancellor for Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery.  He works through Rev. Mahlariessee in a highly attuned state to guide WTC of which programs need to be provided for individuals that are interested in learning more about living in a 5th Dimensional world.  He is the guiding light for all that we provide on Walking Terra Christa investing much time and energy in creating powerful classes, meditations, while giving assistance to each student that participates.

Excerpted from the New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light, Wednesday evening class.

© Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Mahlariessee and Rev. Michael Ara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Accessing Your Higher Essence with Lords Metatron and Sanat Kumara


Academy of New Earth Mastery Special Fall Ascension Mastery Series*

*Special Mastery Class with open enrollment | Academy Students receive as part of the student membership.

Part One:

  • Monday October 13 @ 4:30 PM – LORD METATRON: THE GOLDEN SOLAR ANGEL PT.1
  • Wednesday October 22 @ 4:30 PM – LORD METATRON: THE GOLDEN SOLAR ANGEL PT. 2

Part Two:


Revealing the Higher Essence Within

How does one come to understand what the Ascension process is all about if they have never experienced it before?

Both Lord Metatron and Lord Sanat Kumara understand this human challenge and desire to assist individuals upon earth who are searching for ways to create a higher dimensional world to live within.

Walking Terra Christa offers a new series of classes that will prepare individuals to access their own Higher Dimensional elements so they can use that awareness as a guide post towards creating their own personal Ascension foundation.

Building upon this foundation is what will enable an individual to begin to personally experience the beginnings of the Ascension process. Specifically, this series assist an individual in working through the first 5 levels of the Initiations in a more flowing and direct manner.


Lord Metatron is an Archangel who has walked as a human in the being we know as Enoch. This gives him the unique ability to assist us in following in his footsteps. Prior teachings that we have given about the Metatronic Seals, or Keys, has been to instruct individuals in the basic knowledge of those 12 keys. We then offered personal sessions for anyone desiring to have Lord Metatron determine the frequencies to be accessed for the specific keys relevant to that specific individual. (As each person will not access each Seal in the same order as another person).

What we learned was that individuals had the impression that they could simply be activated with the Seals and that would be all that was required for them to reacquire their own Golden Solar Angelic essence. Part of the reason for this belief was that there are poplar teachers/channels who have been offering activations in the Metatronic Keys for some time.

The missing piece that makes the difference within the New Earth energies after 2012 is between passively ‘activating’ the Seals by the hand of another and actually activating it by the power of your own understanding. In the first situation someone else is acting in the capacity of the authoritative source. In the latter situation, you are acting as the authoritative source.

As the soul that you are pursues the Mastery pathway, very early on in the initiations process it becomes essential to take full personal responsibility and authority over your own pathway of Light. What this means for the development of the New Earth is that the Metatronic Seals, like any other spiritual element not of the earth plane, can no longer simply be activated by an outside force or authority for you. While this still can assist in the old 3D plane of existence to awaken souls to a greater understanding of themselves, it does not create the full development and actualization to ground the elements within you, and therefore, within GAIA that is now required.

The Golden Solar Angel is the Christed Self of being fully integrated with the Solar Angelic Being, the Higher Self, and the Monad; all representing aspects within the soul’s existence of becoming both the angel and the master within the physical. It starts with the element of the Christed Self being aligned with the Solar Angelic Being, which acts as the intermediary between the Monad and the Personality (physical self). The process of consciously blending the angelic essence in this understanding within the process of the Initiations of Ascended Mastery enables one to better accelerate through the Initiations in a consistent and continuous manner.

In this first half of the fall series, Lord Metatron will assist students to:

  • Learn why the Metatroinc Seals came into being and the purpose they serve
  • Receive the knowledge of how the Metatronic Seals act to ground the Solar Angelic Body in the physical and what that means for a
  • Gain a better understanding of how each Seal can accelerate the process of going through the Beginning Stages of the Initiations.
  • Attune to the Metatronic Frequency of the Seals to accelerate their own initiation pathway.

This teaching will be a requirement level course for anyone desiring to enroll in the next phase of Metatronic teachings where Lord Metatron gets into the specifics of attuning each individual to the appropriate seals that they are ready to access within the Initiations pathway.


The Ascension Mastery pathway is both unique and specific compared to all other forms of spiritual advancement and study. It alone requires one to raise their own frequency in order to then bring that higher frequency back down into the physical body and to also ground it within the planet so that others can access it.  No other pathway requires this particular level of accessibility be accomplished in order to progress farther in Mastery.

Part of that progression is not only accepting the role and responsibility of fully gaining command of ones known earthly human consciousnesses but also accessing ones multidimensional consciousness from other planes of existence. Just as Lord Metatron teaches us to reacquire our Solar Angelic Self in order to assist us to progress more efficiently and effectively, we have many other levels of the self that may be reacquired in order to assist us.

Lord Sanat Kumara has an invested interest in the pathway of the Earth.  He has been known as the Father of the Spiritual Hierarchy since the time of Lemuria and Atlantis.  In 1956 he journeyed back to his home planet of Venus as his role upon the Earth was finished in its initial stages.  He has worked with the Planetary Logos, now Lord Buddha, to assist the planet in allowing the frequencies of light to expand within GAIA and each of her inhabitants especially the initiates of the Mastery Pathway.

Sanat Kumara is now able to once again step more fully into assisting each individual on the mastery pathway to go deeper and further within their acceleration. This assistance allows for the grounding of the higher energies to be focused within each initiate as they grow through the process.

Preparations are needed to be made for each Chela (or initiate) so that their work upon the New Earth of Terra Christa can be achieved.  Each of us within these roles have traveled to Venus to work with the Holy Kumaras to learn more about our own pathways, the healing of our wounds from the past in order to assist GAIA in her ascended state of Beingness.

Sanat Kumara desires with Walking Terra Christa to assist each individual to access their past elements in order to achieve the desired outcome within the Earth.  Each of us wants to assist GAIA through this process, but it is a known fact that we must understand more about ourselves.

In 2015 Sanat Kumara will be taking on a much larger role to assist lightworkers to understand their pathways while helping each individual to access their ability to expand within their consciousness and awareness.

This two-part course will assist in opening up doorways unto the work that has been done previously for each person.  When working with the Holy Kumaras we accelerate within the Seven Flames of the Multi-Dimensional Pathway.  Each of the Flame Holders will be working with the group consciousness to expand their awareness, tap into their history of the soul, and be able to learn how to ground the 7th dimensional frequency of Venus into each of our chakras for the balance of the Seven-Body System.

In the second half of the series Lord Sanat Kumara will be our guide to:

  • Delve into the world of Venus and Discover our own Heritage
  • Understand how the Venusian Light of God has always held the role of assisting Humanity and its Importance for our Future
  • Provide specific Tools and Techniques of Acceleration that will assist Higher Frequency Vibrational elements within the Physical being to Reveal the Parts of ourselves that are Ready to be Acknowledged.
  • Learn how to Ground Higher Dimensional aspects that have been put in safe keeping until it was time to fully accept the role of Being the Multidimensional Self.


To enroll in the Series (consisting of four class sessions during our fall semester) choose one of the option below depending on your prerequisite status.

For those planning to attend the course live on the Global Telecasts there are two options depending on if you own the Protection Protocols Course or not.  On the day of class prior to the start time, the Unified Whole Protection Meditation is required to be done along with the Cleansing Shower or Bath procedure as linked in the course handout.

For those ordering the Audio MP3 recordings only, use Option 1 also.

We have a sliding Scale to better fit your situation. Details here.

OPTION 1: For those who own our Protection Protocols Course materials or are ordering the Audio MP3 recordings only. Chose pay in full or the payment plan.

FULL PAYMENT: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)



OPTION 1: (Payment Plan – 3 equal payments)

PAYMENT PLAN: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)


OPTION 2: For those who require our Protection Protocols Course materials. (Your order includes the Protection Course at a 25% Discount). Chose pay in full or the payment plan.

FULL PAYMENT w/PROTECTION COURSE: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)



OPTION 2: (Payment Plan – 3 equal payments)

PAYMENT PLAN: Fall Semester Series – (4 sessions)