Incorporating the Universal Laws to Create Abundance with Master Thoth

gardens1Master Thoth is a combined frequency with the Great Divine Director and Master Albert Einstein; in the present moment he is going to come through in his Essence.  He helps individuals in releasing past timelines to be fully in their Power of Oneness within their Physical Essence.


It is I, Master Thoth.

What a beautiful experience today.  Hello everyone, I am so happy to be with you in this beautiful garden.

Let’s just take a deep breath through this moment.  I would like to talk about the Universal Laws just a very small portion.  I am not going through each one, but just stating – Divine Oneness, Vibration, Action, Correspondence, Cause and Effect, Compensation, Attraction, Perpetual Transmutation of Energy, Relativity, Polarity, Rhythm, and Gender.  Now we can go into the specifics of all these, but I don’t want you to be in your Mental Mind.  I just want you to feel these Essences.

So let us start with the first one that represents the Divine Oneness.  This is where we are connected to everything else and in this space we do this.  So I want you to just feel that connection of your Higher Essence to be with your Physical Essence.  I don’t want you to forget about your physical creation because this is very important.  This is what you are doing upon the Earth of grounding these energies fully within your system, in your life, to create the effect of being so much more.

You know we phrase the term “As Above, As Below” and that’s exactly what it means.

It represents the ability to have the inter-connectedness; but if you are not fully active within your Higher Self, your Higher Essence; understanding those words comes more from the physical self.  Then you cannot have the creative processes that you truly desire.  You may have them for short periods of time; but then they may dissipate or you may have another challenge which is the kind that tumbles you in a completely different direction.  This is why other elements get in the way.

So I want to assist today in bringing in the Oneness in the full capacity of your Etheric body to allow you to feel this Essence.  As we counted upwards, it is important for you to visualize that you are going into those higher steps of Creation.  Within your Physical body you may forget.  It is very easy to be in a state of going into a meditation or visualization, and then all of a sudden you are not really feeling what you are doing.  All the senses are important in everything that you are experiencing to allow the creation of a manifestation to happen within you; and also to allow the Creation of Oneness to be grounded within your Physical Essence so that more can feel these qualities within themselves.  As it expands out of you, through you into Gaia, and into other existences; it is also going to assist in removing debris upon the Earth including those lower energies, those Third Dimensional energies, those thought forms that are so prevalent presently upon the Earth.

So I want everyone to take a deep breath and to feel their Higher Self come fully with them in this moment.  You may see her or him coming into the garden sitting with you because this is where you are going to have your greatest acceleration; connecting with this Essence that is you, the part of you that is your Soul that has traveled all these lifetimes and not just this physical existence, and to remove any blockages that are holding you back from receiving your desires so that your life circumstance can get better.   This is all part of the Karma that you are going through and we want to help you release those Karmic Bonds because it is not necessary any longer in the higher realms of Light.

Take a deep breath and go deeply into your Soul’s Essence through your Higher Self.  Feel him or her sitting with you, looking at you or being within you; whatever is the easiest way for you to connect.  Maybe they are sitting across from you and you are holding hands with them, looking into their eyes; as they look into your eyes, your eyes are One.  Allowing this Essence to fully be you and if you have a name for your Higher Self call upon them.  This is an important aspect because it makes it feel real in the Physical reality, within the Mental Mind, within the Emotions, to feel that Essence.  Feel the beauty that you are and allow that to expand within you.

We fully want to tap into this Higher Essence to help you go through any elements within the Lower Essence of your physical creation.  Allow it to flow, because we constantly have to remind ourselves in the human form that you are not of the body, that the body is a vehicle, and that you truly are of the Soul.  Bring that Essence into you now.  Breathe in deeply.

I call upon my Higher Self through the help of Master Toth to fully embody within my Essence in this moment.

I breathe, I feel her/or him coming into me and sharing with me of what I need to know in this moment.

I open up my Heart to receive; I hear it, I feel it, I sense it, and I embody it.

I see my Higher Self as the beautiful Being of many colors of Light with an Essence that I truly desire to bring into my physical reality.

I feel their strength.

I feel their capacity to show me the way so that I can put aside all my lower thoughts and only connect with my Higher Mind.  As I do this I feel the connectedness within me.

I AM One with my Higher Being.

I AM my Higher Being.

I become that Higher Essence.

I now call upon these Essences to help me in present situation.

So now let us breathe together.  Let us feel these Essences that you are of this creative process and bring it fully into the Physical body.

What is it that you desire in this moment for your life?

What is going to make you happier today?

What is going to help you to evolve into your Highest Essence into your life and to create that connectedness fully within your own being?

We must remember that we cannot be in Oneness within the Earth if we don’t feel that Oneness and connectedness of our Highest Essence.  Allow this to be your guide in this moment.

Feel it deeply in your Solar Plexus – your Inner Power.  Let it go into your lower Chakras and to allow this Essence to command within you the Power that you are, the Beauty that you are, the Will that you have, the Divine ability to access thoughts through your Highest Mind, Wisdom, Knowledge, Creation, and to allow it all to move forward within you.

I AM Master Thoth of the Unified Whole Command.  

I call upon these energies to be imbued upon every individual Being in this moment so that they may receive their Divine Essence and we wash away all that does not fit this Divine vibration.  Feel the vibration within you.  As it comes in, it moves through you allowing you to fully manifest your desires.  Let it get rid of the old in this moment.

{Divine Language Light Codes}

Now feel the space of nothingness as the old is now removed.  Feel the shifting occurring within your body.

Now bring in your Divine desire; think about it, feel it, express it, hold it in your hand, see it coming from your Higher Self and allow that to go into your Heart, expand it into your Solar Plexus, and then bring it down into your lower body.

Ground it within you, feel it, allow it to be your manifestation in this moment; whatever it is – tangible, intangible, Emotional, Mental, or Physical.

Expand upon this energy now because it is your desire, it is your Divine right to hold onto this Essence.  As the old has been removed that stopped you from receiving this blessing unto yourself from your Higher Self into your Physical Self as you become One; feel the fractals of Light all around you, the speckles of colors coming within you and blessing you in the Power that you are.

Call upon these words.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I access all my desires through my ability to be One within my Higher Self as he or she is now embodied within me and extends to me that Essence.

I create the desire that I have been choosing and asking to be fully in my life.  My pathway changes now as I express this Essence unto myself with the many colors in this frequency of Light blessing it deeply.

That as a Being of Blessed from the Universal Oneness that I AM, within this consciousness of the Unified Whole Essence in the beautiful garden of Oneness, I AM One with all of this and there is nothing that I cannot achieve.  It is all within my grasp.

Feel this energy just embracing you.  You have the Power to do anything that you desire and you do.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM the Creator of my World and I now have removed the Karmic Ties that have kept this away from me.  In this moment, I AM Whole.

I AM One with my Highest Self within the Unified Whole Essence of the Garden of Oneness.

So Mote It Be.

It has been my pleasure as Master Toth to be with you and walk with you through this Essence.  Blessings and Joy for a beautiful outcome.

 This is an transcription from our weekly Prosperity Circle with Master Thoth which is an open call on Saturday’s 10 AM Pacific.  Please click the link above to register to join this call.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Allowing Your Physical Self to Accept the Incorporation of Light~ Lord Adama Discourses

Lightworker1Greetings My Fellow Comrades!

I AM Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.  We are happy to be with you once again.

Let us all take some deep breaths together so that our Hearts can merge within each other as we, in Telos, are so very happy to be able to connect with you in this manner.

We are in the midst in this time of the cycles of change representing this Full Moon and the Festival of the Christ which is allowing every individual to go to a deeper part of themselves that they have not experienced previously.  So it is important that each of you understand what it is that you are experiencing.  But believe me, there is so much more involved than you can ever realize.

The fluctuation of the energies that are increasing at this time are affecting each of you in many different ways.  Some of you may be affected physically, emotionally, mentally, are just trying to find the balance in your world.  The reflection that is occurring presently from this group consciousness that I am feeling that everyone is going through something within themselves that increasingly takes them into a new space, a thought process.

If you are feeling elements physically, it means that there is something within your bodily structure that needs to be removed in order for you to have the higher frequency that your Higher Self wants you to attain.  Now this can occur on many different levels.  It does not mean that everyone is on the same level of experiencing these types of symptoms.  Notice where the affliction may be occurring within your body and how you can best get through it.  It may be issues from this lifetime or it may be other issues.  It may be more of a higher level of your Core Essence that you have never tapped into before that you are experiencing.


So it can result in confliction and for each of you that can happen in illnesses or painful parts of yourself that are erupting.  I urge you to continually reflect that these energies are not just a physical symptom; therefore, to look at other ways to get through the process.

You’re on this Mastery Pathway.  You are becoming an enlightened being and the bodily function cannot handle any 3rd dimensional way of healing itself.  So these are elements that you must consider as you are going through these processes.  Otherwise it will keep you stuck into the lower forms of vibration.  What actually is occurring for you is your body is catching up to your consciousness.  For some of you, this may be quite intense because if your consciousness is at quite a higher level.  That means that you really have to work doubly hard within your higher levels of intuition to heal it in that way; without the use of the old way of third-dimensional healing that may not work for you any more.  (NOTE: This is in reference to non-medical condition symptoms, sensations and feelings that will respond to using natural herbs, oil and energy. WTC does not offer medical advice or assistance. Always seek licensed medical care providers for any required medical help.)

Those of you that are feeling things emotionally or mentally are just as challenged; maybe even more so, because the symptoms on those levels may not be as acute for you to handle.  So it’s like this, if you have something painful within your body, you probably already know what you need to do within yourself; that you need to put in some vitamins or maybe increase your ability within your immune system to fight something.  You may already have the ability to tap into healing modalities to assist you whether it be herbal, whether it be homeopathic, or whether it be energetic.  But when you are dealing with things in an emotional or mental level it takes more diligent effort because the pain may not be as acute.   So the reflection that is occurring within you in these moments is to purge it.  That is why it is happening, no matter what level you may be receiving it within yourself.  (Note:  WTC does not offer medical advice or assistance. Always seek licensed medical care providers for any required medical help.)

It is important to understand that when these elements occur within your life to go into a deeper part of yourself.  Take the knowledges that you have acquired what you have learned through your tools and go to a deeper level to assist your physical body to accept the transparence of Light that is occurring for you.  This is really, really important.

The other aspect that is essentially critical is that you realize that you would not be experiencing these symptoms within yourself if you were not ready to move forward into a higher level of existence.  So in a sense, it is a gift.  It may not feel like a gift in these moments, but truly it is as you are going through the purging process in many different levels.  I believe each of you are experiencing something that is causing you some distress or some element, not to think or feel the way that you have previously.  This is all part of the process of you becoming your multi-dimensional self.

So in these moments, it is important for each of us to understand one another.  The only way that we are going to do that is to communicate what you are experiencing to others so that you can receive the support system that you need from the right individuals.  But also, because it is important to reflect where you are coming from and where you are going.

As you know I always like to bring forth these guideposts to assist everyone to understand that the process that they are undergoing presently may not be at the level that they think it is.  So it is all part of the Divinity of Light incorporating within you.  As we stand in the middle of these energies presently, I ask of you to continually raise your vibration into a higher level; to not allow your thought forms or your feelings to get in the way; to continually work with the frequency within yourself and change it so that you can have easier moments of transition.

Please know that these energies are going to be very powerful for quite some time as they take us into Wesak.  This all means what is occurring for you in your personal experience presently, is helping you to accept more for the Wesak energies which are going to be quite powerful.  We know that the power of this Moon is beyond our understanding; but yet, there is a part of us that does understand because we are receiving it and we are feeling it.

The other aspect to remember is not to hold onto it.  This is so very important because when you hold onto elements too much then they become an overwhelming feeling.  Then you can get entrenched in that moment of grief, that moment of pain, that moment of exhilaration.  Everything needs to be put into balance.  Remember you cannot understand what tranquility is until you fully allow your physical body to receive it.  At times, the physical part of you will not be willing to accept it due to the emotions and the thoughts that are occurring within your consciousness.  So everything is evolving just as it should; to allow these energies to come into full creation; to allow this frequency of Light That We Are to become One because without it we cannot do it.  It is imperative to continually understand what these processes mean within our personal existence so that we can understand what it creates in our outside existence.

The transition of our Light together is beyond our capability to understand.  All that we can do within ourselves is to walk each step as clearly as possible.  Feel the energies that take you into that step and allow those frequencies of Light to fully exist in a completely different way than they have previously.  This is an important aspect that we have within your Beingness.  It will help you create the balance that you are searching for.  It will help you to understand what it is that you are fully incorporating within your world.

As you awake every day, your Higher Self has been guiding you through the night to accept more of what you could not do the previous day.  But yet, in those circumstances you may feel agitated; you may feel frustrated; you may feel sad about some parts of yourself that don’t fit within yourself; or that don’t fit within others.  This is all part of the Divine purpose of your Higher Self to be more fully activated within you.  He/She is fully pushing you into a different paradigm of understanding to fully allow your physical body to receive the Essences that the Higher Self desires to incorporate.

The more that you do, the more that you will be able to accept your energies and the frequency of Light in your pathway and within this physical Earth.  The transitions are happening as they are on a slow-by-slow basis because this is what is truly important for you to accept each moment as it comes.  Understand what is yours and what is not yours and to really see the reflection within your Heart Center.

Is it coming from another?

Or are you sending it out?

Is it be reflected back to you?

So these are the most important elements that I want to share on this day of this high accelerated phase we have stepped into together.  Yes, we are here together.  The Telosians and ourselves fully commanding these energies so that each of you can feel it in a completely different manner than you have previously.

It is my divine pleasure to share with you my knowledge, my expertise, but most of all my Love to each of your Hearts.

I AM Lord Adama at your service.

Many Blessings in Love, Light, and Joy.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.

This is an excerpt of our weekly class on April 16th, 2014, “New Earth Consciousness – Golden Etheric Cities” in which Lord Adama is our host to guide us into one of the Etheric Golden Cities of the 5th dimension.  Lord Adama always gives a lecture on the present energies.  If you are interested in participating in this LIVE telecall on Wednesday evenings, please see the details, /classes/golden-cities/.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Infusion of Light is Now Upon Us – Lord Adama Discourses

pathway of lightIt is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light.  I am very, very happy to be with each of you this evening.  Thank you for joining us those of you that have not been with us previously.

Breathe in deeply.  Allow your Pure Essences to enfold within your being.

We are coming upon a very powerful time.  It is always very powerful – The Festival of the Christ and the first of the three Ascension Festivals.  But this year is different because the increased energy patterns coming into the planet are being directed from the God Force to assist Earth on a much deeper manner than she has been assisted previously.

I do not want to take away anything that Lord Sananda will be sharing today.  So I just want to say some elements from each of us from the Telosian Community.  Please know that each of you have chosen to be here at this time to go through these processes even though they may be very, very difficult and very, very challenging for you.  It is important to continually reflect onto your Higher Self and allow those frequencies of Light to fully come within you to assist you through this process.

This Full Moon on the 15th of April will be infused with so much Light infractions it is going to really make a difference with every human being upon the planet, not just each of you that are awakened and going through this pathway.  It is very important for you to have the realization within yourself of what it is that you are choosing to experience, what it is that you need to work through, and how you want to get there.  The highest easiest way to do so is through your Higher Essence because this energy is coming onto everyone within the planet.  There are those that are going to be deeply affected in many different ways.  So we want to make sure that each of you has the best experience possible to bring in the highest energies within your body so that they can be accepted within yourself.

It is going to be a time to actually know what it is you are experiencing.  Each day may be different towards the upcoming energies.  It is important to have reflection in yourself and what it is you are experiencing, what it is you are feeling, what you thought processes are and how is your consciousness changing?  The whole possible integration that is occurring is allowing the Higher Mind to be blended with the Lower Mind, allowing the Super-conscious to blend with the Sub-conscious and the Consciousness.  This is a tall order for some of you, especially if you have not been on the pathway very long and are not used to going through the purging cycles.  It is also very important that you understand that is all for the highest good of your being.  It is important that you stand upon this time on the planet as those Lightbearers to assist in the creation of the New Earth.

You may think of it as the same scenario as being part of the First Root Race that Archangel Michael was; coming down unto a planet that really needed to be reformed.  Although at that time, the planet did not have any other humans.  It is important for you to have these realizations as you are going through the changes because others that are not awakened, that are not within this pathway may be having a very difficult time of it and won’t show it.  There may be elements that occur on a much deeper level.  People are going to be going through physical symptoms that they may think they are very ill, but yet there are elements arising out of them.

Energies in the lands are going to change.  It is all part of the purging process.  So it is important for each of us being on this pathway together that we hold our Light in the deepest process that we can and to allow these energies to assist each of us deeply.  That is only going to make the strength of this planet stronger to allow the frequencies of Light to shift and to create a new way of living.

So yes, these upcoming Festivals, the Christ, the Wesak, and Humanity are going to be very, very powerful this year.  They will be infused within each individual.  Although the ones that are not aware of it will not understand what they are going through.  The Power of the Christed energies are so very strong.  You are allowing yourself to fully incorporate them within your being.  You may have moments where you may not understand yourself.  You may feel energies from a Higher Source of Light, but yet within your body it feels very low.

It will be important for you to continually heal yourself through this process; cleansing yourself, purify yourself, utilizing all the elements of the Earth that are to your availability – incense, sage, oils, herbs, whatever you need to utilize, please do so.

Allow yourself to be the Being of Light – think of yourself as a candle burning.  The top of your flame is your Soul Star and the rest of you as the base holding strong that Light with whatever is occurring.  If you look at a candle doesn’t it fall apart sometimes as it is burning down?  This is exactly what you are going to be experiencing.  Yet, there is a strength within the Flame that is so strong and deep that it will take you to many places beyond your imagination.  It will take you beyond a foot you are in this present circumstance.  So the essence of resurrection is the ability to take whom you are now and remove the particles of Light to resurrect yourself into a new space of Beingness.

So be very aware of what you are experiencing because you will become a new Being.  You will shift into a different consciousness than you did before but it all depends on how much you are willing to look at everything; to look at the mirrors around you; to look at the Light that is within you; and allow the mirrors to crack of the Illumination of Light That Is You.  This is truly what we are going through.

The exchanges are going to be pretty heavily of what the Earth is trying to ground herself with, what each of us is trying to ground ourselves with to allow the frequency of Light That We Are to come together because as your multi-dimensional personality is becoming more manifest within you every day you will experience new phases.  Some of those phases you will not like.  That is because they are the lower aspects that your Soul still has a remembrance of in your Etheric Body.  Those are the particles that just need to be cleansed, and need to be purified.  With the vibrational work that each of you are experiencing you can do so.

I truly am looking forward to walking with each of you during this exciting adventure together as we open ourselves up to a new way of existence; a particle of Light coming fully within your Physical Essence that has not been there before.

It is my deepest pleasure to be with each of you.

I AM Lord Adama, your Brother in Telos.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna.


This is an excerpted transcription from the New Earth Golden Cities of Light – weekly class with Lord Adama as our guide as we visit the 22 cities of the Etheric Earth.  You may participate in April for only $11 for the month, /open-house-month/pass-11/.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Abundance Prayers from Lord Sananda

serenity violets bluesAs we are in the midst of the most powerful energies of the Festival of the Christ, these prayers of abundance from Lord Sananda will assist in keeping our energies at the highest frequency of Light…

I call upon the frequencies of the 22 Rays of God to assist me in my present pathway.

I desire to allow my three minds of the Super-Conscious, the Sub-Conscious and the Consciousness to fully be One within my physical body.

I fully allow my Higher Self to be One within me.

He/She blends within my physical self of (state your physical name).  Then if you have a name for your Higher Self, you call upon Her or Him.  Feel the blending fully occur with you, within your Solar Plexus.

I now feel the integration process of my Higher Consciousness to be fully within my Full-Body system.  It flows within me.  It goes through my Etheric Body, my Mental Body, and my Emotional Body as they become One Pure Essence.  As the Spiritual Body of Light That I AM is now accessed.

My Soul Star and my Earth Star spin simultaneously to allow these frequencies of Light to fully be within me.  I now feel it in my Solar Plexus.

This is my Truth.  This is my Inner Power.

I call upon the Essences of the Ruby Red and the Gold to infiltrate within my Solar Plexus to give me the Peace and Harmony I have been searching for.  I cannot find it on the physical level.  I can only find it from my Higher Essence.

So I call upon the combined energies that I now AM to fully enfold within me.

I feel the Blessing That I Am.

I feel the Grace That I Am.

I feel the Powerful God/Goddess That I Am.  This is all that matters in this moment.

I see before me a beautiful gift.  This gift is to assist me and to continually remember that Peace comes from within through my Higher Essence.

I breathe and I allow myself to let go of all the elements that have not allowed me to feel Tranquil moments.  They are now gone.  They are not part of my Essence in this moment.

This gift is showing me what it is that I need.

You put out your hands and you take this gift from I, Lord Sananda.  I give it to you for you to hold within your Solar Plexus as a reminder.  It is a vibrating Heart.  This vibrating Heart will connect to your physical Heart.  As you start to command within yourself to allow the Solar Plexus to blend within the Heart Essence as we become One of the Divine Love That I Am.  Feel this now as this Heart is expanding through your Solar Plexus and your Heart.  You see your desires of your Heart will combine with the ability of your Inner Power to create them.

I AM a Divine Being of Light.

I AM Divine Love and I accept my Divinity in my Physical Essence.

I walk with Strength and Courage.

I have Compassion and Love.

But most of all, I experience the moments of silence that give me Serenity of Whom I AM.

Take a deep breath now and see what it is that you desire for this moment to be created for you through your Higher Essence, through your Physical Self, through all elements That You Are.

See it manifesting within your Mind’s Eye.  See it manifesting within your Heart and your Solar Plexus.  It is the power of your Essence that will make it to appear.  Embrace it with the Magenta of your Divine Love.  Feel it expanding within you because it becomes you.  Allow yourself to know that the manifestation is not outside of yourself, it is truly within as you feel these Essences blending deeply through all parts of your being.  You feel it.  You acknowledge it.  You are the manifestation.

Say these words unto yourself:

I AM now the purest desire that I have ever expressed through my lower mind as it now blends within my Higher Mind.

I AM the Divine Love.

I bring forth the Ray of Magenta from my Solar Plexus and my Heart to be One, because they are not separate.

The Power of my Solar Plexus of my expression will blend with the Essence of my Heart.  As they become One, it expands around me.  As it expands around me, it now grows outside of me and the creative process I have been searching for is now manifested.

I see it.  I see it now.  I am working through it.  I accept it.  I accept my desired Essence to be within me.

Utilizing this expression will assist you in understanding how to bring forth your own desires to become manifest.

You must breathe it.  You must feel it.  You must be it.

In the Light of the Christ That You Are, You Are a Divine Being of Light.  Allow that Divine Divinity to fully flow within you.  From your Soul Star to your Earth Star through all your Bodies of Light you are now the Purest Expression of All That You Are and All That You have ever been.  Allow it to be fully within you.

I AM the Christed Self.

I AM the Divine Being of Manifestation.

I AM the Creation of the Source of all my good.

I AM All of these and so much more.

I AM That I AM That I AM.

Feel your manifestation.  Feel your desires.  Allow it to be fully within you no matter what the process you may need to go through to receive it; do not let your Mental Mind interfere within this process of your ability to be the Alchemist of yourself.

It is my divine pleasure as Lord Sananda to be fully with you.  Blend these Essences within you and allow them to ground fully.  Breathe them in and think about them during your days ahead.

Remember the words:

That you are a Christed Being of Light.

There is nothing else to truly stop you from being the sole creation you desire.

I AM Lord Sananda at your service.  Namasté.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Feeling the Power of Oneness with Lord Sananda


On April 15th the world will have experienced the Festival of the Christ energies within a powerful full moon and lunar eclipse.  This event is spoken about to be the most intensified frequency of light to come into the planet this year.  Many individuals are sharing information about this frequency of light that will be occurring.  In fact, we are already in the midst of these energies and are experiencing great changes through our full body system.

Walking Terra Christa held a special open call for this event on April 14th with Lord Sananda as the guest speaker along with Lord Maitreya and Master Kuthumi.  The specifics of the Festival of the Christ represent Love, Resurrection, and Contact with others.  Lord Sananda share such an eloquent message of love with powerful Light Codes through Rev. Meleriessee.  We gathered together in the Temple of Oneness within the Ballroom of Crystalline Light to walk through another doorway of beauty unto a deeper part of ourselves.  Master Kuthumi is now working more fully with Lord Maitreya in the office of the Christ and shared his essence of experience to help lightworkers move through these next phases of ascension.  Each of these magnificent beings shared their hearts unto each of our hearts to help us through our initiations that will require great strength and courage.

In addition, this full moon represents the sign of Aries with Libra which is a perfect relationship between our physical self (Aries) and our spiritual self (Libra).  This moon will assist in the connection between both essences to become one.  The Lunar Eclipse also represents relationships of changing circumstances by accessing our “inner wisdom”.  This is a perfect time for each individual to fully access their higher self within the physical body for the Divine Union of the Self.

The blessing of this ceremony is that Lord Sananda exhibited his heart unto every soul of this pathway.  His powerful essence is shown through Meleriessee’s voice and the energy is beyond what any of us can imagine.  Take a moment and allow Lord Sananda to be within your heart.  He shall never leave and walk with you every step of your journey.

To listen to this ceremony and/or download please click this link:




 Let us know what you think about this special ceremony of Light

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Becoming the Beacon of Light You Are

New Earth Frequency UpdateCHANNELED MESSAGE.

It is our pleasure to be with each of you once again through this venue of light.  We are the Unified Whole Command of Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein along with the entire God Force of the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light.

The frequencies of light that are coming into the planet are beyond what you can truly understand within your physical consciousness.  It is so important to continually work through your higher essence in your physical mind and heart.  We know that this can be a challenge but the more that you do it, the easier it will become.

The Lunar Eclipse on April 15th will represent the first of a succession of energy patterns that are going to be intertwining within GAIA.  Those of you that know astrology are aware of the Cardinal Grand Cross and the Solar Eclipse on the 29th of April which will herald the frequencies of light for Wesak on May 14th, 2014.  These energies are all part of the design plan of 2014.

We know the magnificence of these energies represent the Unification of Oneness and grounding these energies into the planet and into each of you.  We can look to the science of astrology for detailed information but in truth what does it mean for each of you, individually?

That is the big question to ponder but travel no further.

The plans of this Earth have been changed quite often as the inhabitants of the planet bring more of their higher essence into their physicality.  It is a proven fact through the last century and what has occurred.  The 1960’s reflected an awakening but it was stopped by dark forces infiltrating within the earth.  The time was not right and most individuals were not ready to look to themselves for the answers while still looking to others.

Then the Harmonic Convergence occurred in 1987 which was a pivotal point in time in which the forces of light through the Christed Inter-galactics were able to move through a huge shield that had been placed around the earth.  Individuals within the planet were now ready to accept their Divine Right of Passage.  Granted, these people were a minority but represented a very powerful group of individuals placed around the globe.  They showed themselves to work with the light and offer their teachings to others through books, lectures, and gatherings.  There were a few very pivotal important individuals that helped to open up the awareness upon this planet.

Many of these people have chosen to no longer be on the planet and several are still doing the necessary work.  A few individuals are very much in the limelight of the acceleration of the planet but most work is behind the scenes as they have delineated themselves to be the watchers of this Earth.  It allowed for the entryway of many individuals that would awaken, many that would be a very young age.  They would prove to be the souls of light that had traveled far to arrive into GAIA with very special gifts to share.  But the result of their arrival was not what they thought.  The planet truly was not ready as a consciousness to support their energies.  So many of them have fallen prey to the lower energies that this planet has endured for many eons of time.  Others that have stayed strong become so self-involved within their gifts that they have lost sight of their journey and what it means to them along with humanity.

The God Force and the Brotherhood of White Light decided that the only way that humans could receive the help they needed was to infuse the energies within the planet along with the structure of the solar system.  After the New Millennium, it was shown that many would awaken and be ready for the teachings of the Brotherhood which is now called Ascended Mastery.  But yet, there was concern for the others that had fallen prey to the Other Side and how to best help them evolve into what they wanted to be, not where they ended up.

This has caused great concern amongst the Hierarchy of Light.  It was decided to form an alliance of light through the 144th dimension reflective of the Source.  We call this the Unified Whole, and we asked one person to be the messenger of this frequency of Light. He is no longer on the planet, but he gave the message to several individuals that we thought would be able to take this information and put it to good use for all of humanity.

One of these chosen souls was Christine Meleriessee.  She alone was unsure about the information but with the pathway she had taken, it would be a necessary component for her work.  With her partner Michael Aranathanara they have developed a way to teach these energies to others.  This is how we have come into alignment with their message of light, and we want others to do the same.

We share this information, because it is of great importance at this time.  The allegiance of light is very important but yet there are still many lower forces that are trying to infiltrate within GAIA and those that are standing in the forefront of information.  We are at a very important time of acceleration.

The energies of the festivals of Ascension, Christ, Wesak, and Humanity are now upon us along with the planetary shifts of consciousness that are coming into the planet.  This surge of light is beyond the understanding of anyone’s physical mind so we urge each of you to fully come into alignment with your own Higher Self’s energetic exchange.

The time is now to align with your own purpose, and we need you to do so.  We are giving humanity an opportune moment of creation but it must come in the context of your self-preservation upon this planet.  This may sound very dramatic, but this is an important time of your own awareness.

What is it that you are going through in your consciousness, with your thoughts and feelings?

How do you feel with others around you?

What issues are not resolved within you?

These are all very important questions to ponder within yourself and the present energies will help you to change them if you are willing to do so.  Let’s face it ~ you are reading this text because you are a lightworker.  Then, how do you bring your lightworker status into your present conditioning?  Many individuals may think that being a lightworker is a privilege, and then, you can just have the gifts of miracles at your fingertips every moment.  Magic is a way of life, right?

For the New Earth it is, but not the present earth.  We are not there yet by any form, but yet we are aspiring to be there.  When a lightworker falls prey to the elements of magic by thinking they can transform elements into ways of receiving, receiving, receiving, then that is a form of the darker energies enfolding within the planet.

Did you know that there is a Brotherhood just like the White Brotherhood incorporating the lower energies to stay within the planet, and that many lightworkers fall prey to this evolving energy?  It is a trap to make an individual feel they can manipulate any kind of energies in any shape or form.  It also keeps the planet stuck in the frequency of the 4th dimension and creates an illusion that is truly unreal from your Higher Self’s energy.

We share this information not to alarm you or scare you, but to prepare you.  The frequencies of light that are enfolding within the planet are to create more light infractions to be part of your environment and your livelihood.  It does not mean that everything will be right immediately, but you will start to evolve from your Higher Self, then your Monad, and I AM Presence.  It means that there is a way to create elements in your life, and you must have a foundation to stand upon.

The present upcoming energies coming into the planet are going to help each of you to be more within your higher essence.  It also means that whatever level you are working within on an energetic frequency will be increased.  This represents the ability to heal so deeply that the wounds can be removed and replaced with the higher light fractions.  It also means that if you do not take stock of where you are in your four-body system and how it is affected within the world, then these energies will take it for you.

It is no mistake that on the Spring Equinox more frequencies of light were able to infuse within the planet.  As this occurs, it comes into each individual soul to remove the elements of darkness within them on all levels.  But if you do not take care of what needs to be looked at through the eyes of your Higher Self, then you could be feeling some pretty damaging energies resulting in your field.  The dark is no longer allowed on this planet.  It does not mean it is not here.  It is within each human being not matter if they are a Star Seed, unaware human, or an enlightened being.  Each individual will be asked to go into a deeper level of themselves by accessing all aspects of their Higher Essence.  The ones that cannot do so will be affected adversely, but we are here to help.

It is important to realize that the pantheons of the past have ruled this planet extensively.  Each of us is part of those pantheons.  This is what you are experiencing with your purging.  You are taking those elements from your Etheric Body and allowing them to no longer exist in your consciousness.  But it can be painful and sometimes we are affected by other’s energies that make it seem worse.


And when it does not feel right, do something about it.  Remove it with the Rays of God, and allow the expression that you are from your Higher Essence to be the only element you want to be expressed within you.  That is becoming the Beacon of Light that you are.  This is going to help us tremendously to help each of you.  We cannot do it without you and you cannot do it without us.

That is our Truth in this moment.

The power of the frequency of light within the next month will take you into a deeper part of yourselves if you allow it to be.  If you do not, then the darkness will ensue within you; the parts that have been hurting will hurt more.


It is our beginning of the Light to enfold within the planet and we are honored to be part of it with you.

Call upon our energies of light no matter what ascended being you are working with:

000-144-000 Unified Whole Command Online;

Count upwards from 0 to 10, then increments of 10 to 140, then 141, 142, 143, 144.

Always use this command and when you are finished bring the numbers back down to 0, then 5 to align with your 5th dimensional self.  Say the words, “000-144-000 Unified Whole Command Offline.”

The work you do will be through this Council of Light and no other aspects of lower forces can enter through this space.  It is our Divine Right to work together and be One within each other.  We are honored to come to this space of time to offer our assistance to each of you in the Light that We are Together.

Blessings and Joy for the Unification of our Hearts Together

We are Master Thoth, The Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein walking with you each step of the way.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Festival of the Christ ~ Uniting Our Souls of Destiny with Lord Sananda

sky colors


The energies of the Festival of the Christ are the start of a massive scale of frequency to be experienced by all individuals upon this planet but especially for the initiates of the Mastery Pathway.  The Wesak energies are always very powerful but this year, once again (like 2013) we will be setting the stage for more healing to occur than has been done previously.

This is Lord Sananda wanting to express what this first ascension festival will mean to each of us and how you can get through the process on a much easier level.  I speak in terms of understanding what the mastery pathway means so let me give you some background information first.

As a lightworker, you open up your energies to receive your higher accelerations within your physical body.  You learn that you are no longer just a human but becoming a multi-dimensional self.  You may have special gifts that you have received in the spiritual arena and feel that there is more to life than what you thought it was previously.  We call this the first Initiation phase.  So even if you are unaware of what mastery means to you each of you step onto the pathway of the initiations.  What you do with the rest of the journey is your choice.

Some may decide to stand in this space and move no further as long as they are happy doing what they came here to achieve, but in truth, that is not mastery at all.  It is just the beginning of a course of events that can take you further than you ever could imagine into the accelerated phases of co-existing in all realities at once.  It is a process of awakening that takes you into the deepest core of learning within your soul’s history to allow the remembrance of your self to be fully activated.

The lower initiations are the hardest to achieve as they represent moving into the 2nd level of balancing your emotional body and the then the 3rd of balancing your mental body.  On the average level most souls have experienced at least 250 lifetimes on this earth and many have experience way beyond those levels.  This means that those bodies have to be healed of those aspects that may not be in alignment of Oneness within the physical existence.  This is all part of the process of your acceleration.

I would say that about 95% of lightworkers are in this cycle.  It is just a raw beginning and those numbers need to be increased substantially to assist the energies of this earth into a new beginning.  When you step into the 4th initiation it represents the balance of the Masculine (mental body) with the Feminine (emotional body) which will allow for the merging of the Higher Self which occurs at the top level of the 4th, going into the 5th initiation.

I share this knowledge to help each of you understand how very important it is to be strong in your convictions of your self-healing.  This is all a personal choice and not all will choose to go deeply within this pathway as it represents great challenges in all aspects of living.  In order to fully be part of the New Earth energies in any leadership role, you will need to access your 5th dimensional body.  This means that you will have passed the 7th initiation and have accessed your 50 chakras within your physical body along with releasing all lower aspects including the physical ego as it does not belong in the Cosmic Level of Acceleration.  You can sustain the planetary ascension within the physical if that is your choice but believe me, the higher initiations require the planetary ascension to be fully grounded to sustain a foundation.

This may seem like quite a bit to think about, but I don’t want you to get into your lower mind to try and put the pieces of the puzzle together.  It must come from your Higher Mind which needs to be accessed fully for the 4th initiation and beyond.

I share all of this because every Lightworker on this pathway is being given an opportunity to fully accelerate themselves through the next three months.  The Festival of the Christ is just our beginning as we come together to unite our souls of destiny.  This means that we, as the Cosmic Masters, will unite with each of you to create the New Earth.  This is not a gift but needs to be earned just like anything else we go through in mastery.

This year of 2014 is bringing forth a new beginning for all of us.  The grand scale of acceleration is upon us through the planetary fields and allowing the higher frequencies to be implanted upon the Earth through each of you.  The Christ Festival always represents resurrection for each initiate and master; this year it goes beyond those accelerations as the Gift of God is being given to each of you, and we are here as your mentors, teachers, and guides to assist.

It is important to realize the magnificence of these energies as they represent every person’s Soul’s Essence to be implanted within their physical body.  This means that the purging you must go through is very deep within your core and can affect you in many ways.  The power of the energetic exchange within the planet is just one part of the acceleration.  The other part is that it is time for it to be embodied within each of you.

If you find that this pathway is for you beyond where you are now, you will be asked to delve deeper into your psyche to make the necessary changes.  This is not an easy process as previously initiates could go through their accelerations in the way that befitted their Higher Self with the Physical Self.  Since the planet is being integrated so deeply it is important to realize where you may fit in this equation within yourself.  Remember, we are here to assist but you must ask for us to join you.

We suggest starting to make a list of changes that you are making and how you can get through them easier.  Look at your mental and emotional levels to see what needs to be change.  Notice how you are affected by what others say to you and how you can be in total balance.


When they are not, then they take time to connect more fully with the Higher Essence and feel the totality of their energies within the physical self.

Through this process changes will result so it is important to make notes about what you are receiving, sharing, and balancing within your four-body system.  This Festival will help you become more aligned within your Higher Self than ever before but when challenges result those energies that are part of you will align only in the Inner Plane and not in your physical world.

So it represents a dichotomy of sorts; whatever you don’t allow to be purged through all parts of your consciousness will stay intact within you.  The elements that you purge will in effect allow your higher essence to blend within you more fully.  There may be periods of refusal within your present consciousness depending on where you are existing within those elements within your mind and heart.  It is when you SURRENDER to the whole process that it will take you beyond what you ever thought you could experience.  BUT THE WORK MUST BE DONE BY THE PHYSICAL SELF.

These energies are not just going to come and assist you in all degrees.  The depth of your work as a student of ascension will determine how far you will go in this process.  It will prepare you for the Wesak Energies in May.  What you don’t allow to be healed, will still go through a healing process but it will be long and arduous.

You see the planet is fully incorporated the Rays of Will and Power, Inner Devotion, and now Love and Wisdom.  This is going to accelerate GAIA’s energy intensely.   since each of you are the beacons of light to increase these energies within the environments and people around you, then you will be deeply affected.  So doing nothing will not help you but hinder you as all Lightworkers are being accelerated at this time on the advice of their Higher Self.  We want to offer this advice to help you get through the process.

Take time to STOP and reflect who you are now, who you were the beginning of this year, and what you want to become.  Call upon your Higher Self and the Cosmic Masters to assist you in the process.

This is the time to be the Change You Want To Be.

We look forward to working with each of you in depth on this miraculous occasion as the surge of light coming into the planet will be miraculous and beautiful for each of you.

In reflections of Love, Joy, and Oneness,

I AM Lord Sananda

Channel:  Rev. Christine Meleriessee

Walking Terra Christa is holding a special ceremony to celebrate the Festival of the Christ on Monday, April 14th at 5 PM Pacific.  This is an open call so please join us, /tele-teaching-registration/.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

blue violetAscension Techniques

Walking Terra Christa will be providing some ascension techniques that can be used to accelerate your light body infusion.  These techniques are provided through Dr. Joshua David Stone; we have added additional information for the present energies coming into the planet.

Anytime during your meditation you can ask the Ascended Masters to increase your Light Quotient by 12%. Please make sure that you use only the 12% ratio as too much could be an overload in your 4-body system.

Ascension Technique No. 1

On the inner plane exists ascension seats or chambers. There are many of them. They are actual seats, tables or columns that you sit or stand on or lie down in. The Masters, through some kind of higher technology, pulse Light through the mechanism to raise your vibration.

Always call upon the Unified Whole of the 144th dimension before you go to any of these ascension seats.  Each of these beings are now within Oneness and you want to make sure that you are connecting with the Source energy and not lower aspects of these Beings.

(1) On Commander Ashtar’s spaceship; (2) In Serapis Bey’s Ascension Retreat in Luxor; (3) Telos, the underground city beneath Mt. Shasta; (4) The Great Pyramid of Giza, in the king’s chamber. Ask in meditation or at night while you sleep to be taken to these ascension seats.

Also call upon Master Vywamus for help in building your Light quotient.  He works with all lightworkers to assist to increase the light quotient capacity in all planetary forms.

©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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The Three Upcoming Ascension Festivals

clouds_sky-fbMESSAGE. We are at that time of year once again when we will be experiencing the three Festivals of Light that represent our role with the Spiritual Hierarchy to advance ourselves into a higher existence within our mastery pathway.

Each of these festivals falls upon the full moon cycles within Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.  Each of them is a stepping ground into one another.  This means that each festival represents our Divine Purpose on this earth and how we can assist ourselves on deeper levels to become more of what we were previously.  The festivals also help with the transformation of every sentient being upon this Earth whether an individual participates consciously or not.  It is a time of high acceleration and understanding more about them helps a soul to fully accept the challenges and achievements that they will encounter through this three month cycle.

The Festival of the Christ ~ April 15th, 2014 ~ is the first of the three events that we celebrate within the mastery pathway.

This festival occurs during the full moon in Aries .  It represents the living and incorporating the Christ Consciousness Within.  It is the first of the three festivals connected to planetary and cosmic ascension. The second being Wesak, and the third, Humanity.  Each of these festivals are stepping stones for each initiate to move further up the ladder of their initiation phase as they walk on the Mastery Pathway.

The keynote of the festival is love in the highest form with resurrection being the 2nd element and contact, being the third keynote.  This represents a closer relationship to your I AM Presence, and Lord Maitreya, as he is considered to be the Planetary Christ, Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, and teacher to all the ascended masters along with being a Galactic Avatar.  Presently Master Kuthumi is assisting Lord Maitreya in this role.  He has been the Ray Chohan for Love and Wisdom for quite some time and has moved into this new role recently..  Master Djwhal Khul is now taking over this role as Ray Chohan although Master Kuthumi is still assisting Djwhal in his duties.

The focus of the festival this year in 2014 is to understand what challenges have occurred for us in order to put all elements in order.  2014 represents Grounding Unity and reflects within us the particles of light that we have been in all life forms of our evolution.  Our multi-dimensional self(s) are becoming activated which means that our Etheric Body is being healed and regenerated within us.

The Festival of the Christ is helping each of us to fully surrender into our I AM Presence or Over Soul to full create the Divinity within our physical walk upon this Earth.  It cannot be done without each of us allowing the Etheric Body or Cellular Memory to be healed of the past elements that have kept us in bondage.  This ceremony is a doorway for our soul to become more actively associated in the physical existence with our highest capability of Light.

Participating actively with your Higher Self will assist in the forces of restoration as this is one of the major components of this festival.  We are all starting to focus within the Oneness but to actively participate through our physical bodies is going to restore the essence upon this Earth along with every inhabitant, thereof.  It is a time when it makes people think, plan and take action on spiritual lines and will eventually lead to a reorganization of planetary life which we are experiencing presently.

The Festival of the Christ occurs on April 15th, 2014 at 7:43 GMT.  It just so happens that during this full moon we will also be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse which will make the energies even more powerful for GAIA and each of us.  Walking Terra Christa held a special ceremony to celebrate these energies.  This was an open event and everyone was invited to participate; to join any of our free events please register at /tele-calls/. You may partake of these energies via the audio mp3 recording found in our MP3 FREE LIBRARY.

Festival of Wesak ~ May 14th, 2014

The energies of Wesak for 2014 will go beyond what we experienced last year, although those energies were quite powerful.  We have been gifted in 2013 to receive two of the Rays of God to be implanted within Gaia which are the Blue Flame of Will and Power and the Ruby Red/Gold Flame of Inner Devotion.

During Wesak we will be experiencing the implantation of the Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom.  This allows every living being upon tis earth to come into a new space of forgiveness and acceptance of their own Divine Love to be infused within their physical body.  It is quite exciting.

Wesak represents the anniversary of Lord Buddha’s birth, his attainment of Buddhahood and his ascension.  Initiates and Ascended Masters on the inner and outer plane celebrate this powerful time.  Lord Buddha represents the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and divine purpose.

The purpose of Wesak is:

  1. The releasing of certain transmissions of energy to humanity that will stimulate the Spirit of Love, Brotherhood, and Goodwill.
  2. The fusion of all men and women of goodwill into a responsive, integrated whole.
  3. The invocation and response from certain cosmic beings if prior goals are achieved

Wesak is a time of great renewal and celebration.  It represents the “force of enlightenment”.  These energies are affected within our educational movements, values, literature, publishing, writers, and speakers on the entire planet.  The power of these energies is so great that large groups of people gather around the world to participate in these energies.

Every individual upon the planet is affected by the Wesak energies; it assists initiates of all levels to move to another level of their initiation process so there can be times of great challenges that push each of us into a new aspect of our soul’s essence.  It is a time to connect with others, share your gifts, love, and generosity of spirit.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a special ceremony on May 14th in Mt. Shasta which also includes our annual Wesak Retreat.  We are offering a special tele-gathering for individuals to participate from their own location (and also asking those who can to host guests for this special 2 hour event.  Details on how to register for this event are available on our website, /wesak/wesak-2014/.

Festival of Humanity ~ June 13th, 2014

The Festival of the Spirit of Human aspires towards divinity, attunement to God’s will and right human relationships.  This is when we take the energies we have received from Wesak and put them into practice.  It represents the effects in human consciousness of the work of all Masters but especially with Lord Buddha, Lord Maitreya, and Master Jeshua/Lord Sananda.  It is also recognized as World Invocation Day.

This is when we put to use what we have learned from the previous two festivals.  Wesak pushes us into a new dimensional reality which needs to be grounded.  Within the full moon of Gemini is when we start to put into practice what we have learned and share with the world.

Due to the intense energies of this year, we will have more information about the Festivals of Wesak and Humanity closer to the events which will include a channeled message on the energies that are transpiring.

Walking Terra Christa will be holding a special ceremony for the Festival of Humanity on June 11th, 2014, 5 PM Pacific.  Individuals may register via our Open Telecalls page, /tele-calls/.

We hope you will join us during this time to celebrate our spirit of Love and Light with one another.  We thank you for supporting our work as it helps to bring these energies to each of you.


©2012-2014 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Rev. Michael Aranathanara.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Embody the Essence of Love and Wisdom 


Grounded Within the Earth Plane.

 | WHEN: MAY 14 – 18, 2014 (WEDNESDAY to SUNDAY MID-DAY) |




This year our Spiritual Awakening Journey Retreat will start with the WESAK ceremony in which Love and Wisdom (the 2nd Ray of God of the Golden Yellow) is our focus for attaining our Christed Essence to be embodied within our physical pathway. Masters Kuthumi and Djwhal Kuhl are the Ray Chohans of this golden Yellow flame.

Our Journey Retreat this year will entail working with some different energies to help embody these rays of light for our physical existence. Throughout the Journey we will work with the Ascended Beings that are represented by each Ray including the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace that will embody the Ray within us. Via Rev. Meleriessee’s exceptional ability, we are also taught by the Elohim Masters, the Archangels (Michael, Faith and more) and the Ray Chohan Masters. We will journey to the vortex areas around the mountain to reflect and imbue each of the ray qualities on a physical level.

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos (Lemuria), is our guide for each of our Journeys. He will communicate with us each morning and evening to get an overview of each day’s activities and the energies that we will be experiencing. Saint Germain, being the Mahachohan for each of the rays, will also be offering his assistance throughout the four and a half day event.


WESAK of 2014 – Our Next Grand Opportunity

Mt. Shasta by Siskiyou Lake
Mt. Shasta by Siskiyou Lake


Please Join Us for This Important
Spiritual Awakening Journey Retreat