New Earth Frequency Update ~ As Above, So Below

New Earth Frequency UpdatePlanetary ~ Shared By Meleriessee

This week we are in the state of balance to prepare for more acceleration within GAIA which means we will be experiencing another transitional phase.  The New Moon with a Solar Eclipse occurs on November 3rd, 2013, 4:49 AM Pacific, 7:49 AM Eastern, 15:49 GMT.

How do we stay in the flow between accelerations which is happening to us consistently?  The Equinox proved to be the most powerful surge of light within the planet; in fact, it was the event that was supposed to occur 12-21-12.  By the sources of the Spiritual Hierarchy, it was delayed until the God Force felt that all humans could handle the change that it would create on the planet.  GAIA is now infused with the Blue Ray of Will and Power which means that the elements of control we have been under can be harnessed through our hard work and diligence.  This is only the beginning as it will take some time for others to acknowledge this essence within them, but as Light Workers it is our responsibility to utilize the frequency within ourselves and within the world around us.

The Blue Ray represents the qualities of strength, courage, leadership, and strong convictions but within the essence of patience, love, protection, and strong faith.  Utilize this essence to help bring peace and love in all areas of the lands upon GAIA.  This all occurred during the Fall Equinox on September 22nd, 2013.

We then were hit with the Lunar Eclipse during the full moon in October.  This took us into a deeper level of ourselves.  We were asked by the essence of the energies to purge yet once again another part of our existence as our shadow side is not being ignited to be blessed with the Light.

Now we come upon the Solar Eclipse during the New Moon on November 3rd.  This represents a gateway into our new existence that we have been looking for.  The energies of last year at this time through February of 2013 are being highlighted for us to realize our true potential.  It is a time for our visions to become a reality.  We have worked hard throughout this year, and now is the time for our rebirth to occur.

Are you ready?  This is the week to work on the old elements that need to be removed presently.  We must understand that every time this occurs we go to deeper levels of our core being and there is more that needs to be removed as the energies help it to be revealed within us.  This New Moon is within Scorpio which represents Self-Mastery and getting the “junk” out of the closet.  The effects of this Solar Eclipse will be felt for the next six months so it is a time to look at our dark side that is affecting our present lives so that we can feel the love of our Higher Self and allow the flow of life to be fully within us.

Find out what works best for you; your tools, the way of your living, and expand upon it so this New Moon will be the best experience you have ever had in your entire life.  Our advice is to work with the Rays of God by infusing them within your Being through your breath of life.  To learn more about the Rays of God, please see our blogs, / category/22-rays-of-god/, and Self Study Mastery Teachings on the 22 Rays of God, /classes/22rayschallenge/.

Cosmic ~ The Unified Whole Command in Oneness



Blessings and Joy to each of you at this time.  We are happy to share with you our energies in Oneness.  We represent the Unified Whole through Master Thoth, Great Divine Director, and Master Einstein.

In this week before the onset of the New Moon and Solar Eclipse it is time to fully reflect within yourself who you are within your Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Selves.  As the changes that have occurred in your recent past are molding within you what you will create in the very near future.

We ask you to think about your thoughts and emotions; how are they interacting within your world and how often do you need to balance yourself so that energies do not take you off center.  This is very important as on the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse there will be another portal opening to take you into a higher part of yourself, your Soul’s Essence.

You may also ask, “What does this mean for me presently?”  Now that is the million dollar question.  We cannot give you the answer as it depends upon your individual consciousness.  This is why we suggest looking at the different aspects within your bodily structure so that each individual can understand the process they are undergoing.  Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees or you see the forest but not the individual trees.  It depends upon your ability to look beyond the situation outside of yourself to figure out what is occurring within.  Sometimes, this is not easy to do.

So taking each of the elements of your four-body system eliminating the Etheric presently as that interacts within your physical and any elements arising from that essence, you are already probably processing the issues.  You see, as you go through your healing process on any given day, your Etheric Body is becoming very active.  When you remove the darker elements of pain and strive in your past timelines, then there is an opening for your higher timelines to be ignited.  They cannot do so without purging first.  You may not know at the time what the higher timelines may be but they will come within you as your Higher Self will guide the process in your meditations and dreamstate.  So you are already working within the Etheric Body as you are working through the elements that arise for you during the higher activations and doing any high quality ascension work.  It does not happen without you concentrating on it in a certain way.

Please know that in all the bodily functions of the physical, emotional and mental, the Etheric body is continually healing so elements will arise in all of these levels.  As the elements arise, utilize your higher vibrational tools, i.e., meditations, chanting or toning, utilizing the Rays of God for balance, or calling upon any ascended teachers to help you through the process.  Remember, Ask and You Shall Receive.

The next step is to look within your emotional body; what feelings are coming up for you and are you being challenged when in another’s company?  This is very important as the mirror will show you when you need to acknowledge the aspects within yourself that is arising.  Are you emotions in balance and how long does it take you to find the flow within you from one essence to another.  Not staying stuck within your emotional body is essentially important.  Then, work with your Feminine Divine to allow her essence to share with you what you may need to do which will assist her energies, nurturing, loving acts of kindness towards the self.

The next step is the Mental Body and looking at your thoughts towards yourself and others.  Many times you can be judgmental towards another person whether you know them or not, and it is a reflection of how you feel about yourself.  Write down your thoughts, change them by using an invocation or the Violet or Crystalline rays to purge the energies you are dealing with.  When you don’t allow the release of the thoughts to occur, they can sometimes manifest as anger, depression, or lower emotions and get stuck within the Emotional Body.  Work with your Masculine Divine to allow for the purging of the thoughts so that the Feminine Divine experiences the peace and bliss she deserves.

At this point, take some moments and connect with the Masculine and Feminine to merge into your Heart Center so that they can work together cohesively and not separately.

Now you look at your Physical body and working within the chakra system.  Every thought and feeling can be felt within the physical essence especially within the chakras of the Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, and Throat.  Utilize toning within the chakras to keep them aligned especially when you are going through an emotional or mental releasement.  If you do not do so, then they can get lost within the cellular function of the physical body or worse, within the Etheric to be taken care of later.

Take time this week to consult with each of these bodies to help you understand your process.  Call upon your Higher Self so that the answers you receive are coming from your Higher Mind and Heart.  Do not get caught up in the dysfunction of your four-body system not working within each other.

As you do this, breathe deeply from your Highest Self into the Physical Body through your Antakarana Bridge into your Soul Star, through each of the chakras including the knees,ankles, souls of the feet into your Earth Star.  Allow the Soul Star to spin through each of the chakras meeting with the Earth Star and then returning to its original position outside of your field; do the same with the Earth Star in the opposite direction.  Now spin your Earth Star from the right side of your field, meeting with the Soul Star, and continuing on the left side of your field.  Continue with the Soul Star following in pursuit, through the Earth Star and then in its original position.

Utilizing this technique will allow you to clear out the psychic debris which can be lodged into any of the chakras or the emotional and mental imbalances.  Utilizing both the Soul Star and Earth Star allows for the cleansing and regenerating your field while experience the Earth Energies merging with the Soul Energies.  It is a very powerful tool to use.

So why are we sharing this exercise with you today?  We want you to fully take advantage of the time before the 3rd of November to purge and accept the essences that are part of your Divine Heritage.  The Solar Eclipse with this New Moon is going to take every individual on a journey for three-days to unite with your Higher Essence.  It may be your Higher Self (Soul) or your Monad or I AM Presence depending upon what you are accessing presently.  Walking Terra Christa is sharing more information from Helios and Vesta about this magnificent energy but in a short summary of the essence, NO TIME ZONE when you meet your Highest Essence within your Physical Body for them to merge and prepare you for the next stage of growth.

This portal represents “As Above, So Below” which is being infused within GAIA and each of you.  It gives you an opportunity to be pushed a bit further in your mastery pathway and initiation process.  If you are not accessing a mastery pathway, then it will take you into Self Mastery in which more information will come to you in your meditations and dream state.

Additionally, the planet is being infused with the Ray of Inner Devotion from the Cosmic Energies in the color of Ruby Red and Gold.  This means that GAIA is now totally devoted to her self awareness and preservation.  It will help the planet to move into Peaceful thoughts and emotions thereby achieving peace in this World.  It is the second ray to be infused within the planet in such a short time but it has been guided by the Heavenly Hosts of the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace that the time is now and most of the planet inhabitants are ready to accept these energies within themselves and in the planet.

You may say, what does this mean for me?  Well, infusing this light frequency will bring you aspects of Oneness within the physical.  Not what you share with others but your totality of your four-body system coming into alignment.  Many think they are in Oneness by sharing thoughts of love and light but how deep are they going within themselves, beyond this lifetime, into the multi-dimensional personality they are through their Soul’s history.  This is going to help individuals to heal within the confines and depth of their essence.  It will help to remove the dark timelines to accept the higher timelines that are awaiting for their arrival.

Believe me, this is not a cure but a process in which individuals will find themselves going deeper.  They may find a new personality igniting from them and taking the journey even further.  This is what the Mastery Pathway reveals to each initiate.  It represents knowing that there is always more that an initiate can do for themselves; there will be highs and plateaus when you can adjust within yourself the energies but it is ever changing and evolving within your consciousness.

It is such a pleasure to share this wonderful news.  The most important aspect is to go within yourself, see your challenges, accept them, and always be humble about your beginnings.  This is not an end to the journey but just the beginning so we must be strong within each other through this process.  It will be a time of great challenges within the earth with souls leaving that cannot handle the depth of healing that needs to be done, but each of you that stand in the forefront know that you are being guided to show others how to do it.  Continue the journey, spiraling deeper into your essence, finding the bliss and joy that you know is there.  Earth is the most challenging place in the Cosmic structure but you are here because you decided this is what you wanted to do.  We are so happy to embrace you as your journey is our journey.

In Oneness Together,

We Are the Unified Whole Command

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Mastery Thought of the Day

pink flameI call upon the Pink Ray of Active Intelligence to permeate every part of my four-body system to repair any holes, leaks, or feelings of dis-ease in any part of my body.

I breathe deeply within the Pink Ray feeling compassion and love.

I feel the beautiful essence of Master Paul the Venetian with Archangels Chamuel and Charity and Elohim Masters Heros and Amoro as they embrace me with their beautiful love, adoration, and gratitiude of accepting their essence in my world.

I chant the sound of “HE” as the Pink Flame permeates within my Heart Center.

I AM that I AM that I AM


©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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healing-fbAsking for Assistance from Dr. Lorphan, Director of the Great White Lodge of Sirius for Healing

Call to Doctor Lorphan, the Director of the Great White Lodge of Sirius that resides in Shamballa to assist with all of your healing within your four-body system.  Dr. Lorphan is an inter-galactic being from Sirius who heads a school of Inter-galactic healers with the highest technological advances to assist individuals with their ascension process concerning the four-body system especially the physical.

Dr. Lorphan will assign an inter-galactic healer to be your guide and work with you with an specific issues for the physical body.  They will work with you to clear the etheric level so that ascension symptoms are not so acute and to help with all injuries that you have incurred during any timeline.

When going to sleep or before a meditation, call upon Dr. Lorphan to assist you in the balance of your light body.  The result may not be immediate depending upon the issue or condition, but through time you will start to feel a difference.


©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Lady Sujata ~ White Flame Holder of the Purity of God

Kumaras White PurityLady Sujata of the Holy Kumaras is the White Flame Holder of the Venusian Rays who represents the Purity of God.

Lady Sujata comes to us with an essence of strength and beauty.  She spent many timelines as an Angel during her creation. Her Purity of Spirit was not well received at times in the human body so she can really relate to what some of us go through in being very gifted in the physical bodies. She truly wants to assist individuals to find this essence within themselves. She feels the depth within our Heart; she shares with us that she was a Goddess in Lemuria. Her intuition told her she had endured great pain so she was taken under the wing of Sanat Kumara for deep healing; he wanted to train her to become the Flame Holder of the Purity of the White Flame of God of the Venusian’s Rays.

Some of the aspects of this Ray represent:

Balance, beauty, rhythm and flow along with symmetry, equilibrium, artistry, the power to access our divinity and growth, compassion with the self and others, physical courage to move through adversity and change. But the most important aspect is resurrection and rebirth.  So it allows us to really delve deep into situations, it takes our thought processes and transforms them.  We need to go deeper to remove the warriorship of our archetypes.

We are really happy to have Lady Sujata with us today to help us with these elements.   Let us take a deep breath and bring in the energies.


I am Lady Sujata Oh! Its very, very exciting to be with each of you in this beautiful garden in these moments and I am so happy to be able to bring forth my essence of the Purity of Gods Light and Love.

What does this mean? How do we find Purity?

In our human mind you may think of purity as something that is only attainable by Saints, by Angels, by the Ones that have traveled far and wide and have lived in heavenly conditions.  Some of this is very true but the fact of the matter is that each of you are this essence.  This is what is so exciting to work with you to have the realization to understand that you have been all things and you are really try to accelerate yourself within accepting the Multi dimensional Being of Light that you are and to come into that essence within your physical existence.

It is a beautiful thing to experience not only from your perspective but from my understanding and all of us within the Holy Kumaras to watch and see the transformation that has occurred by allowing the essences that we are bringing to you to come into your full body system.  So I ask of you today to fully allow anything to come up that does not fit what you relate to as Purity, the essence of heavenly creation because each of you have this essence embodied within you.  The problem is that your physical thoughts and your emotions don’t always incorporate it within your consciousness and this is what I am here to help you with.

So let us take a deep breath as we center upon all aspects within your physical body.  As we spin all the chakras, I want you to start at the Root and go upwards through the chakras into the Sacral, the Solar Plexus, the Heart, the Thymus, the Throat, the Third Eye, and the Crown.

As we spin all these essences together, we allow them to be open and ask within our own thought processes to command that all elements that do not fit the Purity of Light that you are feeling within this beautiful garden.  As the energy is flowing, it is almost like a mist just coming thorough the trees, the bushes, and the flowers and centering within each of your chakras.

So feel the commanding Light just coming to you’ as you breathe this in, it is now going to assist you to find the compassion to accept the ability that you are moving through the challenges; it allows you to be able to feel the balance within yourself as we connect in our full body system.

It is important that we allow all essences to arise at the same time, because today I want you to acknowledge that you are going through a death process.  Within the feeling of dying it represents the resurrection of the old self that you were just a day or so ago.  We can have the resurrection to occur continually, monthly, or t can occur weekly as you are experiencing new elements to come into your world.  You let go of those thought processes which is a very simple death experience known as a psychological death. Some of you may know other concepts of the Dark Night of the Soul which is a deeper level; some of you may have experienced changes recently with the equinox and stepping into a whole new world which represents another type of death experience.

Every time you meditate you are resurrecting your thoughts and your emotions; and then you transform it.  When you come into your physical consciousness, you bring forth part of what your higher consciousness experienced with you which changes who you were previously.  It is in those moments of being silent with moments of connecting to higher parts of your essence to understand that as your multi dimensional self is being actualized you are resurrecting the old elements.  I know that some of you refer this to lifetimes, timelines or just thought processes.  It  can also be of the conditioning of your present lifetime.

So what the Ray of Purity assists us with is to bring forth the power to feel that Purity of God’s light that Purity of God’s Love that you are.  So we take away everything else that does not fit that experience and when that happens the balance comes in.  You start to feel a flow of energy.  There is the possibility for creation to happen that represents being able to express yourself in a completely different manner.  Your Heart opens up and you start to feel compassion on a deeper level.  This allows you to have the physical courage to move through those periods of great adversity.

So we want to connect with that essence to allow the transformation to occur. If we connect with the energies now of what is occurring within the planetary system of this moon allow that reflection to be within you as you look at the moon.  It is a silvery white color; allow that essence to reflect the Purity that you are in the present circumstance.

When we understand that the old aspects of ourselves are not truly whom we are, the soul that we are, the spiritual being that we are, or the Angel that we are, it takes a moment of reflection to allow that essence to merge within the physical self.  It has the realization of this is whom I am, this is why I feel the serenity, this is why I feel this beauty of ecstasy flowing within me and that is what I bring to you in this moment and all moments to share with you.  Your challenges, the adversity, and the strife that you are going under in the physical condition is not ordained from your Higher Self, and I AM Presence.  So if we allow the Purity of Light to come from that Higher Being that you are, it will take those energies and transform them because immediately it resurrects the darkness into the Light.

So I ask of you to take a deep breath and feel all those essences now that are arising and allow the Purity of Light to spin within you; feel the beautiful essences of the pure Crystalline White Light – all colors of Light spinning within you and around you, you become the Purity of this flame, you are the white essence, you are the expression of this within you, you breathe it and you feel it.

I as Lady Sujata want to embrace you.  I embrace you with the Purity of the White flame as I see within you all that you are.  Let me give it to you through the flame as I extend my hands and my essence unto you.  Open up your arms and receive it.  I feel the harmony now coming within you.  Feel the ecstasy of all that you are to be within all parts of yourself.  It flows within the physical, it flows within the etheric, it flows within your emotional and your mental as now they are One.  So when one is out of balance the whole system will be out of balance.  I, as Lady Sujata, embrace you with these words; command them within you.

I call upon the White flame of Purity to fully balance all my thoughts and my emotions and I feel it coming within me.

I feel it centering the Physical, the Etheric, the Emotional, and the Mental until I am fully One Being of Light.

I now have courage to walk through the doorway that I have stepped away from previously.

I feel the power of my Divinity and my growth coming from my I AM Presence as I now command this within me.   I see the compassion that I Am.

I feel the beauty that is flowing within me.  I express it and I embrace it. It is me.  This is the transformation of the Purity of the White Light.

I Am all of this as I take it with me.

Breathe deeply; now you are ready to fully put forth your desire whatever that desire is.  If it is an inner desire or outer desire, have it in front of you, now in your Mind’s Eye. Put it into your hands with the pure White Light as now it is embraced and see it becoming manifest within your world as long as you connect fully with your emotions, mental thoughts, and the etheric soul body of Light that you are, allow it to be in the vehicle that you are incorporating.

You must allow all these things to come into balance and harmony; feel the power, feel the power of allowing that manifestation to occur and put it into the White Light, and then it dissipates.  It becomes you and it will come to you when you are fully ready to receive it. Take this essence and blend it fully within yourself.

I now command the Purity of the White Light to transform all that I am so that the creative force that I am that can fully act within my full body system.

I am the full Body of Light.

I am the Feminine, I am my Masculine, and I am the physical vehicle that I inhabit.

I am Angelic.

I am all that I have ever been in the Purity of White Light as now I fully command, I fully receive, I fully accept all that I Am in the purest form as the heavens above that I have traveled now comes within me.

I ground it fully into my Earth Star, as I Am now one in all aspects of my Being.

Breathe deeply and feel the power, feel the beauty, feel the movement, feel the expression in your purest form.

It is my pleasure as Lady Sujata to blend my energies within each of you.  I shall walk with you; call upon me and allow this essence to be you as it is me.  Together we transform all that does not fit this highest essence that we are together.

So Mote it Be in the blessed of the Light of the Holy Kumaras.  I am Lady Sujata.

Take a deep breath ground those energies now, feel them in all aspects, feel them in all your chakras, feel them in your thoughts and in your emotions as now we say the prayers to command your desires to become manifest.

Excerpted from Abundance of Light-Creating Prosperity Together, with Lady Sujatka, White Flame Holder for the Purity of God.  You may join this free weekly prosperity circle by registering on Walking Terra Christa, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

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Explanation of “Means”

We offer different exchange rates to better fit your financial situation as you do this Work. 

A given level of Financial Means is not simply a one-way direction of energy that comes in, it also is what we give out in return. These must be in balance to attain the highest level of receiving energy to come back to you, including the frequencies you will access from our teachings.

What we mean by this is if you are a person of Abundant Means and pay a fee that is less than you would pay for other products and services in your daily living, say at the spa or the club, or for your financial adviser, you would be acting inappropriate with your financial energies in regard to this Work because this material we offer is also of great value to your life.

Below is our brief description of the sliding scale we use.

Normal means is the sliding scale point for those who have what they need to meet their monthly living expenses in a average lifestyle and have some discretionary income.

Modest means is having to watch every dollar spent to make sure to meet basic living expenses and must save for discretionary items.

Abundant means is those who are not concerned about meeting their monthly expenses, have an abundance of income to cover what they spend including discretionary income to cover what they desire.  (This might be a lifestyle with traits of fine dining, visiting travel destinations, etc., but basically is one who lives a nicer lifestyle that is not considered accessible to the average person.)

High Net Worth individuals are those in the high income brackets having investable assets worth one million or more.

Keep in mind that your situation may differ, for example: the mother of a family of 5 may have originally earned enough income with her spouse to live in a nice upper class neighborhood and have fine automobiles. That would be at an Abundant level. Later on, once college expenses are taken into account, the family may have to struggle to still pay all their expenses. Assuming she and the household are cutting back on any frivolous discretionary expenses they had been making, her situation would now fall in the Modest means despite the external financial level identified by her house and automobiles.

Alternatively a young woman who lives with her family, or in a lower rent neighborhood, in order to  be able to spend her income (or endowment stipend) on fine clothes and taking first class trips would fall in the Abundant Means level.

In other cases, someone who does not require a job but is instead living off their parents income, would fall into the same financial means level as those doing the providing (the parents), even though they do not generate personal income themselves. Generally this falls into the Normal or Abundant Means Level unless they are caregivers or receivers under special needs.

As you can see it is not the exact income level that is important, it is the lifestyle. According to our terms of exchange, which is governed by your Higher Self, each person is required to make an exchange fee that allows them to fully receive the energies being transferred in balance with their lifestyle. This is in keeping with Universal Law.

Mastery Tool of the Day

Call forth to Helios & Vesta, our Solar Logos to specifically help build your Lightbody.

Sunset Oregon

Request a complete anchoring of your soul and monadic Lightbodies into your four-body system, and a full merger into your physical vehicle.  Helios & Vesta are especially proficient at this work since they is the Solar Logos and embody the sun energy what has its direct correlation to the Lightbody.

In addition call upon Helios and Vesta to assist your transition into the Lightbody especially during the Solar Flares that we are presently experiencing within GAIA.  They can assist in balancing the four-body system so that the effect is not so intensive within the physical body.


©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Mastery Thought of the Day

Constantly affirm that your pituitary gland has stopped producing the death hormone and is producing only the LIFE HORMONE.





©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Halloween ~ A Third Dimensional Reality

halloween-fbHalloween has always been a favorite holiday amongst many individuals.  My parents loved Halloween and made it a party for the kids to drink Cider and Bobbing for Apples.  I have enjoyed it as a child and an adult, but that day has been long gone.

The children today either go to parties or are escorted by their parents into specific neighborhoods.  Times have changed drastically but it seems like people still get into this holiday.

It is a chance to dress up and be someone else.  Adult Halloween Parties are very active still in this day of age, but what does it truly mean.

First of all, children dress up to act either a favorite hero, what they want to be in life, or what they see on TV.  Adults on the other hand bring out their dark side and have the desire to scare others or hide behind their masks.  It is at this time that the element of the hidden Archetypes comes out from the closet.  All you have to do is look around at the costumes, Pirates, Warriors, or Hero figures that they want to try to be.  It is a night when everyone comes together as someone else.  What happens when the masks come off?

We come back to our original state of being.  The archetypes become hidden within the subconscious once again and the roles are put on to show others not the true self but the one that is loved and adored by others.  This truly is a sad state of affairs when you think about it.

As we are evolving from the 3rd dimensional reality to construct the 5th dimension within our lives, our environment, and how we interact with others, the masks come off.  We find ourselves going through challenges to find “who we truly are” so that others can love us from that perspective of our soul.  The concept of Halloween and dressing up to be somebody that we may have been in another timeline now becomes a true reality.

Think about it ~ who have you dressed up as in the past?  I bet it is an aspect of yourself that you truly desired to be and then play acted with others for a short amount of time.  But what happens to the feelings that may erupt.  Then what do you do with them?  To you keep them hiding from others, or do you allow them to be part of your personality?

I was pondering these thoughts earlier today as this holiday in America is probably the most lucrative business besides Christmas or Valentine’s Day.  Everyone wants to be someone else.   Then there are the darkies that come out of the closet on this holiday.  It is a known fact that the forces of darkness, i.e., lost souls, dead people in cemeteries, and your favorite celebrity that has not found the light, can be very prevalent during the wee hours of darkness on October 31st, 2013.  It is shown in every advertisement on TV, the internet, and within the movies.  It is the business of scaring people.

But yet, what about those of us that are now walking as awakened beings, the ones that look into the depth of their soul to heal their darkness to find the Light that they are.  Do we continue to hide behind the masks of Halloween or do we accept the fact that we are the LIGHT and must portray that essence within us whether it is on the last day in October or every other day of the year.

Let’s face it – there is not a Halloween in the 5th dimension.  We are striving towards Oneness to create the New Earth and there is no room for elements of darkness to invade our privacy.  So how do we go about existing on this day when it is a time when the dark forces are ready to play with every soul upon the planet.  And, they will, believe me.

If you acknowledge your psychic abilities, this is a time when the dark force is ready to do battle with you.  They don’t like the fact that we are bringing more light frequencies into the planet as then the ratio of the dark vs. the light is now being overtaken by the essence of higher frequencies which we call the Light.  It is imperative to truly be resilient during this time.  Of course, the Light is much stronger than the dark and some would say, “Well, I am protected.”

This all may be true and what you believe, you are.  But we as a species and planet are moving away from interactions of a lower nature as we accelerate GAIA’s frequency into the higher realms.  We have to remember that we are living in the fourth dimension physically no matter what your consciousness may be.  That level represents duality of dark and light fighting within each other.  During the Fall Equinox we hit a new high with the Light being infused upon this planet.  We are now working within the confines of the Blue Flame of Will and Power which brings the qualities of courage, strength, protection, being truthful and having deep faith.

So on Halloween this year take a moment to reflect on the Blue Flame.  Take time to meditate on the Light of the Blue Flame being infused within the planet, within yourself, and those around you. Call upon the energies of Archangel Michael and Faith who overlight this ray in their work along with the Elohim Hercules and Amazonia.  With their assistance we will find that the dark energies will not have credence over Planet Earth any longer.

In expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

 For more updated ascension and channeled information, please check out Walking Terra Christa‘s blog posts.

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This Halloween Maybe The Trick Is On You

mask-snap613How often to you desire to engage in the weird, the creepy, or the horrid?

At this time a year it is October 31st, or is it?

Hollow’s Eve

The name we use today perhaps dates back to Pope Gregory IV in 835 A.D., who moved the feast of ‘All Saints’ to November 1st with the evening before now being called Halloween. The term ‘Hallow’ originating a as a term for ‘Holy’ which referred to those ‘Saintly Souls’ who were to be remembered and celebrated as in the term “hallowed-ground”.

While the historical reason is not clear, Pope Gregory IV may have moved the feast from May to the first day in November because it was also the date upon which the Celtic traditions of celebrating the Harvest was held.  Such pagan celebrations included beliefs that souls who were lost had this day each year to return to see their family, so the lighting of bonfires was practiced to assist these departed members to ‘find the light’. Costumes may also have been worn by some to hide their identities as lost souls could also return on this night in order to settle old scores before moving on.

The Controlled Spread of Beliefs

It could be impolitely characterized that the Church, as it evolved over the centuries into a wide spread organization, had a tendency of moving days of celebration to attract the practitioners of other more pagan oriented systems over to its doors. This occurred with the very advent of the Roman backed version of Christianity in 46 A.D. when Cesar instituted the Julian calendar system within Rome making the week into a formal 7 day cycle. In this switch to a less complicated system that had been using 8 days in a week, ‘sun-day’, named after the sun god Apollo fell on the first day of the week and Saturday, named after the god Saturn, fell on the 7th day.

As the Church grew, it elected Sunday as the day of worship to distinguish it from the Judaic Sabbath day of worship which was on the 7th day of the week, having been the “day of rest’ that the Bible said God took after creating the World in 6 days. Early Christians had still been celebrating on the Sabbath (Saturday) as they were instructed to keep it Holy. The formal ‘movement’ of the day of worship by the Church over to the same day the pagans already ‘worshipped the sun’ meant that it would be that much easier to get the pagan non-Christians to attend church.

The reason to mention here the “re-calendaring” is that while appearing to be simply a more practical way to coordinate commerce, law and religions functions or festivities, it also enabled the government and the other leadership of the populace to better dictate and control the exact messages and ways of living they desired the populace to follow.

In short, it gave them better control over the minds and hearts of their people, and not just their people but along with a coordinated effort to expand their belief system into other cultures, they could then better control the minds and hearts of even more of humanity. This sounds all very conspiratorial doesn’t it? For certainly, history just evolves as it does and no one actually intends things to work out the way they did, or do they?

The Energy of Halloween Today

As we have seen, the origins of Hallow Eve may have simply been basically a one-night -a-year event to remember and also to assist dead relatives and friends (or enemies), who now dwelt in the spirit world, to find their way back to remembering who they were.

The important point here is taking note of “just one 24 hour period” as this was not a practice to engage in any other day of the year, which is in sharp contrast to what we now experience. The Halloween of today is not what it once was. It is now quite sinister because it is no longer a brief occasion of remembrance for former living souls; it is no longer just an occasion to allow the psyche one night of pretending to play with the darkness in fun and revelry.

Look around at what our modern society has produced regarding the overall tone and mood of Halloween. Spooky horror themed television, cable and blockbuster movies are now released and promulgated for the weeks preceding October 31st and created to occur continuously for months afterwards. Retail stores can bank on it being in the top ranked profitable ‘seasons’ as it is now a two month run of merchandise sales in many business locations.

Where You Go Is Where Your Energy Goes

The importance of this “shift”, which has been emerging for well over a few decades into a firm state of being for most of our modern cultures, is that it consistently displays the energetic signature of the lower frequencies running amok in our consciousness.

If you had to design a method to bring down a potential “Light Being” to a lower frequency, you would need a way to trick that being into thinking they were just having harmless fun. You would want them to draw close to themselves images and elements that stir up deep sub-conscious anxieties and fears that they thought only applied to their childhood nightmares, and do it in a way that they would not see as an issue for their state of being.

Even if one thinks that they are just dressing up and having a bit of spooky fun for only one night out of the year, the truth is the modern media engine is hitting you with the images of blood and gore, death and deception, stirring up a constant ongoing conscious relationship with all things horrid and horrorful.

If it were just one night, I and many others would agree it is just a symbolic festivity of harmless fun. In the light of day this is just no longer the case. I won’t even list them here but just look at the major T.V. networks series and the mainstream movies being released. They go far beyond the type of images seen in some parts of the Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter movies, but are built upon the very themes of the darkest and hopeless nature. And many individuals are so well steeped into the acceptable commonplace nature of this kind of conditioning is that they think it is all just fine.

We know that what you focus upon you become within your energetic signature. What you allow within the circle of your consciousness is not only just a thought or feeling, but a frequency of vibration that structures the actual quantum physicality of who and what you are in that moment. And moments determine what you are made up of as a being.

The trick of Halloween is that it itself is a guise, portraying an illusion of an illusion that is actually hiding a true vibrational frequency that easily and completely surrounds, infuses and corrupts one’s consciousness into being at a lower vibration…continuously.

Who Are You Being

Halloween, if it were a one-time event in a whole year, would be but a small moment in time. It would lessen your exposure to the low frequency of darkness that is now celebrated as being fun, exciting, stimulating and cool. If you were living a life devoid of the media influences that surround the many and you were holding your own light building practices, such a step into the darker side would not be that impactful.

How many of us can say we are living such a life? This article is intended to reach those who don’t realize that the trick is on them if they are allowing these thought forms, emotional triggers and images to exist repetitively within their energy fields.

It is not enough to just ignore them. As mentioned earlier, it may seem conspiratorial but there are real beings that do not want individuals to be aware of the light they carry within them. They actually have a planned objective of controlling mass consciousness according to what they desire for themselves.

They are very much aware that if they can sufficiently hold that individual down in the lower realms of consciousness using imagery, sound, technology and other vehicles that are so easily prevalent in modern life, they can limit that individual from being able to realize who they are at the innermost core of their essence. It is the perfection of the Art of Distraction and it is very real and very effective at programming individuals on a mass scale to maintain a 3rd Dimensional way of being.

The “Halloween” theme, as it is drawn out and extended to occur consistently over a longer duration of time acts to prevent feelings of real compassion, true joy and peaceful ways of existing. It goes directly against the creation of Oneness. Instead it is about vengefulness, control, forcefulness, abuse of power, separation and objectification of individuals many times in a sexual fashion. It displays violence, gore and the warlike nature of the lower ego of human conditioning.

On our website we offer many tools and resources in how to raise your vibration and consciousness by using Mastery teachings based on 5thDimensional thoughts, feeling, imagery and actual frequencies of light. We do this because we know what focuses ‘upon you’ as you live in a 3rd Dimensional existence, determines to a large extent what you can focus upon yourself. It is not easy to follow a path of light so we attempt to be a constant replacement for and reinforcement against those lower frequencies.

Create Your Own Light Frequency

In many of our live teachings we receive a vibrational message from a Master Being who has already attained the Higher Frequencies of Light. It is vibrational because it goes beyond the words they are saying in the transmission to actually surround you with the specific energy frequency they are imparting.

For example, this is the written transcript from a 7th Dimensional Being within the Christed Spiritual Hierarchy. See if you can feel the higher Frequency of Light as you read. I will leave you with this vibration and wish you a more sacred Hallows-Eve of light and remembrance of who you are.

‘Part of the process is individuals have a hard time attracting their body of Light because the physical creation is pushing it away. So just allow us in this moment to allow the Creative Source of this essence to blow within you as if you are walking through a beautiful stream of Blue Green.  As you continue walking and the air is Blue Green, you completely can taste it; you can actually breathe easier as you bring in the Blue Green into your essences.  It surfaces in your root but it goes to the rest.  But, why does it surface in the root?  This is because the root is the area that holds all aspects all of the Light and all of the dark.  So if we disperse the darkness with the Blue Green and allow the Light to go to all parts of the self, there is a relaxation that happens. This occurs because it is not just in one area; it’s just not in the weaker areas.  Allow the stronger areas to hold that essence of the Blue Green and the weaker areas will be able to relax.  The weaker areas are not relaxing, because they are fighting that change ~ the change that is happening presently.  

The planetary alignments of this day is allowing for this to happen. So we take this essence of the Blue Green Ray of Joy and Attraction to the Body of Light; you start to feel it allow us just to expand within that with the breath and just the pure essence of your body just accepting it. 

Now allow this essence to just blend within you it is the compassion, it is love you desire, it is the serenity, it is movement into more for you but allow the essence of the BlueGreen to take away all the parts that don’t fit any longer including all the essences that you have been dealing with in your physical creation. The physical body now relaxes to allow the higher essences to blend within you.  Feel it filling within your heart; there is nothing more beautiful than to allow the stillness of the movement to embrace you with this love.

This is God’s love ~ this is your love ~ this is our love ~ this each of us together.

Let us now expand this outside of ourselves.  The Temple is filled with the Blue-Green, the soft energy.  Blue is the healing color and Green is the grounding color so let us blend these colors with our breath and send them out of the Temple through the dimensional frequencies and allow them to surface unto the Earth.

Allow them to surface unto the people, allow them to surface into all that are fighting, allow them to surface unto the ones that are hurting, as we take our breath and allow it to be blown in to the hemisphere of Gaia’s planet. Feel her essence embracing it, and as she accepts it that will expand also.

So breathe and intend with your Mind, your Higher Mind and allow it to go into any areas that you know of that needs it the most.  Especially the places that are fighting, especially the politicians that are fighting, especially the leaders, especially the children, especially all souls upon this Earth.

Now feel that energy coming back into you.  It is not the thought forms, it is not the lower energies, its pure love because we have now allowed our essences to become one with the highest frequencies and not the lowest frequencies.  So just take a deep breath and feel that within your physical body; feel it within your emotions; feel it within your thoughts; and your sensitivity within your Heart.  Feel them now starting to blend.  The blending is now occurring within your Being.” – (Excerpted from our Rays of God teachings in the Cosmic Oneness weekly class. Full transcript at

 ©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

chakra-1Clearing the Auric Field with the 22 Rays of God with Your Soul Star and Earth Star

Every day before we connect in our meditation it is imperative to cleanse our auric field, the four-body system that we are trying to align into the Full Body Consciousness.  As the earth is changing, new techniques are becoming available to us through our wisdom and knowledge from our I AM Presence.

Meleriessee started using this technique to cleanse her aura especially after working with clients or being exposed to energies that were of a lesser frequency.  She and Mike also do this technique on a daily basis.  It works especially well at the start of your day.

First, start calling upon the Unified Whole Command:

000-144-000 Unified Whole Online

Count upwards from 0 through 10, then increments of 10 to 140, then 141 through 144

Utilize the Platinum Net from the 3 M’s, Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma

Then feel the Violet/Purple Flame to transmute any additional energies;

Call upon the Pink Flame to feel adoration and love to fill up any holes that have resulted from the clearing;

Next, call upon Lord Buddha and the Christ Consciousness to create a pyramid structure around your field, with spiritual mirrors placed on the outside;

Lastly, ask Archangel Michael to infuse the Ring-Pass-Not around your field of the Blue Flame to deter any other energies from entering your space.

At this point,call upon the 22 Rays of God to be infused within your chakra system by breathing deeply through the Antakarana Bridge (Rainbow Bridge from the Monad to the Soul Star).  If you do not know the colors, you can call upon them by the number of the Ray.  Just breathe through each of your chakras and feeling the energies being infused into your full system of the physical, etheric, emotional and mental bodies.  The following is a list of the 22 Rays of God by number and color:



Moving to the 4th dimensional Grid




Now command your Soul Star to spin clock-wise into your chakra column from the Crown and into the Root, then the knees, ankles and souls of the feet into the Earth Star.  It goes through the Earth Star and returns to its original position by exiting the Earth Star and moving outside of the chakra column..

Next, command the Earth Star to come up into the Souls of the Feet, Ankles, Knees, into the Root Chakra and then through all the other chakras to the position of the Soul Star.  It then returns by exiting the Soul Star outside of your chakra systems and returning to its original position.

Now command that the Earth Star spins to the right of your four-body system on the outside as it purifies the outside of your field; it meets the Soul Star and then continues to the left side of your field with the Soul Star following in pursuit.  The Earth Star returns to its original position while the Soul Star continues on its journey through the Earth Star field and then on the right side of your field finally returning to its original position.

This process helps to cleanse each of the chakras with the Rays of God, then the Soul Star extends the higher energies into the Earth Star essence while the Earth Star extends its grounding energies into the Soul Star essence.  The last procedure is to make sure nothing else is hanging on the outside of your field.

If you want to go further into a meditation, this is a perfect time to do so.

Then take the Unified Energies and count back down from144 to 140, increments of 10 from 140 to 10, then 9-5.   We use the 5 to represent the 5th dimensional body and then ground all of those energies into your Earth Star, stating “Unified Whole Offline”.

Please note that the Earth Star sits about 6 to 12″ below your feet and the Soul Star 6 to 12″ above your Crown.

This exercise will assist in clearing out psychic debris, helping with healing the Etheric Body and merging the Masculine and Feminine Divine.  It is an essential component for activating the 5th dimensional body of Light.

©2012-2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery / by Rev. Christine Meleriessee and Mike Hayden.  Permission to repost this information electronically on your non-commercial website or blog is granted as long as you include this copyright statement and the following referral links.  Use for commercial websites, blogs and printed or written reproduction requires written permission.

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