New Earth Frequency Update ~ Integrating the Equinox Energies

New Earth Frequency UpdatePlanetary ~ Shared by Meleriessee

There is no mistake about it ~ the Autumn Equinox was a very powerful event upon this planet.  The equinox itself was not the surge of power, but with the Harvest Moon just a few days ahead, it helped to bring waves of light into the atmosphere of GAIA for each individual to experience it within their consciousness.

We have to remember that it was orchestrated through many months of activations and trial and error of being on the Mastery Pathway.  Without the preparation stages that occurred in December 2012 and the ensuing energies of New Moons, Full Moons, Eclipses, the Lion’s Gate, and the Star of David that occurred three times, we would not truly understand the full effect of the present energies that we are feeling.

At this time, it is important to reflect how far we have come within this journey.  We are going to be challenged even more deeply as time goes by.  REFLECTION is very important at this time so there is a settling down of receiving the higher energies within the physical structure as we start to change into the Crystalline essence we have been desiring to be.  We all know that this can be quite a challenge with our lifestyle and how it can change dramatically from moment-to-moment.

Some of the changes we can be feeling are:

  • More intense energies are occurring as we receive the higher chakras from the Rays of God to be infused into our present chakras.
  • The physical body needs to accept the challenges it is feeling by surrendering so it is important for us to work within those energies of our Higher Essence to infiltrate within all aspects of the four-body system to allow the adjusting frequencies to become m ore balanced within us.
  • Take time for reflection of who you were last December and what you are feeling now.  Work with your Higher Self and call upon him/her to assist you in the process of understanding.
  • Utilize higher methods of meditation and chanting to allow the vibrations to run through you.
  • Be kind to the physical body; feed it when it is required, let it rest when it dictates, and flow within each moment.  We are in the year of synchronization and now we are experiencing it more fully in our lives.  Do not fight the process that you are undergoing on any level.
  • Work with the Rays of God to accept the Light Body of the 5th dimension; ask your guidance to assist in the process.
  • Continually put your thoughts and emotions into Wholeness by calling upon the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimension.  We are releasing each moment the timelines that do not fit so that the multi-dimensional self can be ignited.
  • Most of all, do not get sucked into the Matrix and the media; we have to remember that the Dark Side is still at war on many levels and getting into confrontations about what we personally cannot change on a physical level, will take us into a spiraling energy of dysfunction from our past.  If you insist on watching the videos, the news, etc. put that energy into wholeness of the Unified Whole.  You will be helping the greater whole of consciousness to do the same.

We will be coming into the New Moon on October 5th so take this time to regenerate yourself and prepare for the next change of an evolving planet.  The continuation of the energies will be increasing so it is important to take moments in between to allow the adjustment of light to be infused in all parts of our Beingness.  We also have to remember that not everyone is on the same level of acceleration within their initiations.  We are all moving forward but within the confines of our Higher Self as our guide.  Trying to compare ourselves with others is a lower frequency and not of the highest aspect within our role as a Master.  Take time to understand who you are and share the energetics with others but not from words.  This will bring us into Oneness together.

Cosmic ~ Unified Whole Command with Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein

Greetings and blessings to every one of you; It is our pleasure to be with you in this moment as the Unified Whole Command.

We stand with many Beings of Light that have come into full Oneness and Wholeness since December 2012.  We still represent whom we were previously but the pantheons of the past have been put into wholeness.  We no longer are looking for our swords, our batons, and weapons that represented the battle of light and dark.  We now stand with each of you to command the Light into the planet and within every individual soul.

We have arrived at a new juncture of time.

We are excited and pleased to see this moment and that it has arrived within GAIA so now she can do the healing that is necessary.  The same is true for each of you.

As of December of 2012, many were quite hopeful that we would come to this time when the Light was stronger than the Dark but we were unsure exactly how it would all play out within the hearts and minds of individual souls.  Each of you has stayed strong in your convictions to hold this light; some may have been fighting very diligently to keep their ground upon the planet, and many have been hopeful that this day would arrive very soon.

We must remember that it is just one moment when the battle has been won and know we must pick up the pieces of debris that need to be put into wholeness.  Just as we have had elements arise from our pantheons, each of you will be doing the same.  Your journey has been arduous and challenging; we totally understand the frustrations that you have been experiencing in each moment.

Now is the time that we stand with each other in our convictions of the Light and continue the journey.  The power of what has been accomplished is due to the lightworkers of this planet in continuing their search for truth.  Many of you have found a small piece of this truth and more will be revealed as you walk further.  We want to share this experience in terms of the Rays of God which some individuals may not understand but it is an imperative stage of development within your world.

You have arrived within your body to remember all that you know from the many timelines of the past which reflect your knowledge and expertise.  In order to understand this essence, it must be revealed that this is just a small piece of the pie that you have been searching for.  More is to come and more will be revealed.

We take this moment in time of the Fall Equinox in the Northern hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the Southern hemisphere as a true exposure into the light.  As in any exposure of the light, we must realize how this light is interceded within the physical existence.  It becomes a very powerful source that is felt like an overpowering source, something that has not been experienced before, but yet is very familiar.  At first, it can take over the physical existence but then there are fractals of information that are ignited within the physical creation to allow it to grow into more.  It is like putting a stone into a body of water; it ripples out many levels so that the outer portion will be experienced by the inner portion expanding.  This is exactly what you have experienced on September 22nd for the Equinox.  You are in a state of expansion.

So what happens within the expanded state when there are still elements that need to be changed?  They will be revealed into the physical world; not by the lower energies but the higher energies.  It is an opportunity for the Higher Self to be fully integrated through consciousness within the physical self which includes the Etheric Body clearing the timelines to allow for more expansion, and the Emotional and Mental bodies healing on very deep levels.

This process can be very powerful depending upon where a person is within their initiation phase and how willing they are to delve deeper into themselves.  The heightened energies of the Equinox is a preparatory stage for more energies to be integrated not only within GAIA but within each individual.  It is up to each of you to receive the expansion and integrate it within your present awareness.  It will allow you to understand more of who you are and let the frequency of light to always be your guide.

What we are trying to say is that all of your pantheons can be put into wholeness also, but you must be willing to go through the process of the integrative energies and allow the understanding of your light and how it affects the old self that you were.  Unfortunately, it is not just going to go away but will appear for you to work with and be accepted in your present lifestyle.  Allowing yourself to expand deeper will give you greater understanding of the depth of your Soul’s essence and the history that you have acquired through the many timelines of existence both in and out of the body.

Now if you just be still and accept the heightened frequency of light within you without understanding the process, this means you are in a comatose state of conditioning.  You are not receiving nor are you releasing.  You allow the light to be within you at the present state of awareness.  That is fine for the time being but in the future moments it will be very challenging as this higher level of awareness will create an accelerated essence to occur in every individual.  When the old elements appear to be removed, and they are not worked upon, they can grow like a dark seed within you.  This is the illusion that can occur.  So doing nothing or not acknowledging the process you are undergoing puts you in a place of inaction.

The power of these energies is beyond the physical comprehension and the understanding must come from the higher essence of the mind and heart.  Without those energies being integrated, there then comes a period of accepting the space and time that you are in, but there will not be any growth that results.

Some individuals say that just receiving this light is enough but that is truly not the case.  The ones that ignore what is happening within them will have a more difficult time to move forward.  You see, this integration that has just occurred comes from the WILL OF GOD the first Ray of Will and Power within the deep colors of Blue.  Without the influencing energies being infused within all levels of conditioning, it can stagnate and the Higher Mind will not be able to show its essence into the Lower Mind.  It is all by Design for this occurrence as the more individuals that tap into the Will of God of their essence changes will result.  By just allowing it to be within them without the actualization of the lower mind engaging the higher mind, havoc will result.

It truly is a situation in what you would call Catch-22; the energies are integrating upon the planet and within each individual.  Doing nothing allows them to sit within you but they don’t become a part of you.  Working with the integration through the lower mind will assist in removing the old parts out of the physical system that are no longer needed.

Each individual will receive this essence presently; doing nothing will make it grow through all the elements of the self.  Inner work is a necessary part of allowing the energies to create the Crystalline structure and accept the power of light that is within each person.  It is imperative to be in silence, meditate, read beautiful poems of light, looking at a sunset and allowing the energies to blend within you.  People that are still enmeshed within the matrix and the dysfunctional world will feel it even stronger.  They must get out of their own way in order to allow the new essence to come within their physical being.

So the journey continues with each of us; those of us in Spirit, each of you in the physical.  Our worlds are closer than we could ever imagine but the work must continue.  We must acknowledge within ourselves what our role is in each moment.  It may be to relax, to laugh and have fun, to be in silence, to communicate to our Higher Self, and to JUST BE.

Each of you know within yourself what needs to occur.  Allow your intuition to be strong and REFLECT on the old you and how you are changing within yourself.  Your tools are very important as they will serve the light to create more light.  Understanding will come to those that allow the silence of the physical mind to be their rule within their life.

As a torchbearer, you have a responsibility first to yourself to allow this light to heal you more deeply than you ever thought possible.  Yes, challenges will still result but with each activation within the planetary system, we become closer to each other within our understanding of the Higher Mind and accepting the role that you have decided to accept as a Light Being Upon the New Earth.

It is our Divine Pleasure to be with each of you in this moment and to walk amongst you within the Light of the Heavens grounding into GAIA.

Blessings and Love from our Hearts to yours,

We are the Unified Whole of Many Hearts Within Hearts.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

chakrasClearing Energies within Your Soul Star and Earth Star

Our Soul Star and Earth Star are probably the most important elements for us to consider within our four-body system.  They must be continually clear and activated in order for our chakras which make up our Auric Field to be pure on a continual basis.

Whenever we are going through emotional and mental elements that need to be cleared and put into wholeness we need to make sure the Soul and Earth Stars are reflected in our highest light of our Higher Self and I AM Presence.  This is especially true if you are visiting areas that do not match your vibrational frequency or spending time with individuals that do not exhibit the same quality of light that you are trying to incorporate within our full body system.

Those that have the ability to see through their Third Eye can tap into their Star essence and get a feel if it is filled with many colors of light or as a grey-ishness to it.  This means that lower vibrational energies have interfered within them.  This is how the energies can attach themselves to your emotions or mental thoughts.  Learning to clear them immediately will help prevent the lower frequency from entering your field on a deeper level.  It is important to understand that the longer the energies stay within you the harder it is to remove them from your consciousness.

One very powerful way of changing the composition of your energies is to call upon Archangel Michael.  Many know that his essence of the RING PASS-NOT will emit a blue flame around any energies so that they cannot pass through the circumference on the outside ring.  We now use this for our own auric field in our protection protocol during our calls.  We personally also use this on an individual basis.

So we take this a step further and ask for Archangel Michael to take his sword through both of our Soul and Earth Stars separately.  If needed, you can ask him to enter your chakra system from the Soul Star to the Earth Star and back up again should you feel there is a need within your four-body system.

This works very well when you are out shopping, and in areas where the mixture of people can attack your field.

We also work with the Obsidian Stone to clear energies.  If you have a wand, you can rub it on any part of your body to remove negative debris.  We have also learned that the gemstones emit a quality of frequency within their essence.  By taking the end of the wand to your lips and breathing in the essence into the Soul Star and Earth Star about three times will fully release the negative energies that may be trying to enter your field.  We know it sounds very strange; but this works extremely well.

In any case it is essential to clear your field every time you are out in the public, away from your sacred space, in areas of nature (due to negative elementals hanging out), and with anyone that does not align with their highest essence.  This is especially true with channelers and healers.  When we work with others, we can take on the lower vibrations, so the protection before and after is highly recommended along with utilizing Sage, incense, and healing showers and/or baths.

We are still in a time of great transition and the dark energies are more centered upon Gaia than anywhere else.  We are the Torch Bearers and need to understand that we have to take responsibility for ourselves first and then others.  Doing these type of procedures will essentially help GAIA and all the third dimensional people to receive more light energies.

A quick procedure is:

Call upon the Unified Whole Command by saying:

000-144-000 Unified Whole online

Ask for the 330 Rays of God, 352 Levels of Mahatma and the 144 dimensions of Oneness

Ask for a Platinum Net from Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma to be infused with your breath, on the out-breath they will remove the net and all debris in your field.

Ask for the Violet/Purple Flame for Transmutation, then the Pink Flame for Divine Love, then the Golden Flame for the Christ Consciousness with mirrors placed on the outside of your field.

Lastly, ask for Archangel Michael’s Ring Pass-Not to be placed around your auric field.

This process will literally make a big difference in being attacked by lower vibrations through your computer, your phone, and in places that are not within sacredness.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

 Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  Permission only granted to share this material as long as the copyright information is included on the post.



Lady Lakshmi ~ Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity

Lady LakshmiLady Lakshmi is considered the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.  She represents good luck and this comes from both the material and the spiritual. She is considered the household goddess of many of the Hindu families and a favorite of women; she is worshiped daily but her favorite month is October.

She has a golden complexion and she has four hands sitting or standing on a full blue lotus holding a lotus bud.  This stands for beauty, purity, and fertility. Her hands represent the four ends of human life as righteousness, desires, wealth and liberation form the cycle of life and death. Red symbolizes the grounding of the Earth and in order to have wealth you must be grounded in the body; the higher frequency that you work with will come in many colors so let us use the Gold representing God’s Light and allow the frequencies of many colors to flow within the altar.  We will use the Red at the end so that the manifestation can be fully realized.

Lakshmi is also considered a Mother Goddess when it comes to providing wealth in its 16 forms:

  • Knowledge,
  • Intelligence,
  • Strength,
  • Valor,
  • Beauty,
  • Victory,
  • Fame,
  • Ambition,
  • Morality,
  • Gold and Other Wealth,
  • Food and Grains,
  • Bliss,
  • Happiness,
  • Health And Longevity, and
  • Virtuous Off-Springs.


Lakshmi is depicted as a beautiful woman of golden complexion, with four hands, sitting or standing on a full-bloomed lotus and holding a lotus bud, which stands for beauty, purity and fertility. Her four hands represent the four ends of human life:

 Dharma or righteousness,

“Kama” or desires,

“Artha” or wealth, and

 “Moksha” or liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Cascades of gold coins are seen flowing from her hands, suggesting that those who worship her gain wealth. She always wears gold embroidered red clothes. Red symbolizes activity and the golden lining indicates prosperity. (

So let us take a deep breath; we are going to bring in her energies.  She is usually very light hearted, She likes us to lighten up the energies so it is a perfect time to take what you may be going through in your physical world and the challenges you are experiencing in your ascension process to put it into her Light and allow it to be blessed.


Blessings and Joy! It is my pleasure to be with each of you for this miraculous circle of Light.

The blessings that each of you are realizing within your consciousness, within your physical thoughts, within your emotions let us allow them to become created into your world and to assist you in the movement and the change that is necessary. As you look at the flame, I want you to realize the Lotus heart within the flame also because the lotus heart represents the ability to fully be in balance with the Heart of God within you.

What are your desires in this moment to create the wealth that you would like to have? The wealth may be coming from many forms; it may be coming in forms of acceptance, strength, ambition, physical wealth, providing yourself and your family with your needs, having great happiness, and most of all longevity of your lives.

I call upon the Divine Mother God as she representative of my frequency to come into each of you in this moment.  Let us feel the fluidness and the movement of being in this space and time of accepting our divinity, accepting what we have been given in our existence and how to assimilate it and allow it to fit and mold and be the extension of our I AM Presence within the physical body within our higher self to allow that to be manifest.

I ask you now to breathe in to your Hearts and feel the Lotus Hearts within you expanding.  There is a deep flower within you and with each breath, we open up the flower essence.  Inside the flower essence is the core of our existence with the breath and the feeling that we are.

It is a beautiful essence to fully allow the total completion of the essence of God to be fully within the manifestation that you are.

So we take the elements that do not hold this realization and utilize the essence of the wind and the movement you want; take your fingertips and your hands and wave them side to side in front of your Heart center.  Ot will remove all those elements that don’t fit the divine essence of prosperity and wealth within your physical existence. Because you see, it must start from your Higher Essence and allow it to filter into you.  As we look at the Lotus Heart it represents the Spirit that you are, the Soul that you are  ~ that is what you have brought with you. We breathe in to this and feel it expanding outward and say these words to yourself:

I am a Divine Being of Light.

I call upon my Lotus Heart to be fully open so that the full effects of what I am creating comes from my Highest Presence, from the Divine Mother that has borne me into this moment of existence.

See the colors of your flower essence; see the petals opening up wider and wider because if there is constriction you cannot receive what you desire. So you must flow, you must flow with the energies, flow with the energies and allow your hands to move around in front of you, spin the Light around you, spin the Light because this is what is necessary.  My hands represent all the desires, the wealth, the liberation, and the divine righteousness that you deserve within the physical existence.  If you were to stand in front of the Divine Mother in this moment, she will see you as she has created you ~ allow yourself now to feel this within your body.


What is your desire in this moment?  Is it your heath, is it your wealth, is it your well being, is it the feelings inside of you to have balance?  Whatever it is, bring it up to the surface into your Lotus Heart at this moment and what does not fit within this essence, now remove it ~ swish your hands in front and allow the energies of the Golden flame, the Golden flame of God’s Light as Divine Mother gives you this blessing through my essence. I, as Lady Lakshmi, bring forth the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.  I am the mirror for each of you to receive more essence within your world.


I Am a Divine child of the Divine Mother God through Lady Lakshmi of the Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity; she stands in front of me and she is my mirror and the beauty that I see is now reflected within me.

Allow it to go into my Lotus Heart as it now flourishes with many colors of all the expansiveness that I see, All That I Am is now revealed within me.

I see my desire in this moment.  I put it into a thought, a feeling, or a physical experience.  My vision is now revealed ~  I hold it in my hands and I take that into the Lotus Heart so it blends within as One Essence so it is not outside of me.  It is not from my physical self it; is from my Higher Self that it comes now within the existence of my Being.

I Am All that I a desire to be.  I bring the colors of the flame of the Golden hues of the Lavenders, the Blues, the Pinks, the Yellows, and the Greens which are all high luminosity.  The frequency is so high that they don’t look like colors but they flow within me.  I then feel the deepness of the Red coming from my root going down in to my feet.  I expand it to my physical body as it blends with my spiritual body as I see the manifestation occurring in this moment.

I am a Divine Being of Light and I am the creator of my world.

I allow all of these elements of Lady Lakshmi to fully come within me.

I am the longevity of my life.

I am now in the anti aging process as I am an internal flame of love and existence within my physical creation.

I have wealth; it comes to me in synchronistic moments from this point forward.

I have love.

I am abundant in all areas of my emotions and my thoughts as all of it comes into balance fully within my heart.

The door is open for me now to receive all that I desire and to be on a pathway that assists others. Whatever I am ~ a teacher, a mother, a friend, a healer.  I am all of these and we come together in this moment of creation.

Feel the Gold essence spinning within you, feel the Red being activated as it represents the energies to hold that higher frequency within your body.  Allow that to be the grounding force within your Earth Star as your Soul Star holds these higher frequencies.  They now blend together within your Lotus Heart.  Feel them being expressed through you and all aspects in your physical body, the healing that you need in your emotional body, the balance that you need in your mental, and the relaxation of the thoughts as you become one internal being of Light totally activated within your world.

I Am Lady Lakshmi.

I ask of you to remember these elements because it will assist you in the coming months as the changes that you will be going through are necessary in order for you to mold the higher essence of your Being into your physical creation.  It is my divine pleasure to be here with you

I Am Lady Lakshmi, Goddess of Wealth and Prosperity.

Abundance of Light~Creating Prosperity Together, is a  Free Weekly Tele-call to join with others for abundance and light, /prosperity-circle/prosperity-circle/.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  Permission only granted to share this material as long as the copyright information is included on the post.

The Resulting Energies of the Fall Equinox of 2013 ~ Lord Adama Discourses

p1030596-fbWednesday evenings we work with Lord Adama and the Team of Light to visit the Golden Etheric Cities.  On September 25th, 2013 we traveled to the Golden City of Shamballa which is above Macchu Piccu (the Etheric City of Shamballa is below the planetary level and this is a completely different city).  You may  download this MP3 file for a small fee by clicking this link.

Greetings! It is I Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light; here we are once again back to visiting the New Earth Cities.

I would like everyone to take a moment of reflection of the increased energies within your Being at the present time. The Equinox within Mount Shasta was absolutely beyond our wildest hopes and dreams so we thank you for doing ceremony, we thank you for connecting with others to do another ceremony (via telecall) to assist with the grounding of this energy and to receive and this evening we travel to the energies of Macchu Picchu that represents one of the other mountains of creation of frequency.  That is why we chose this city this evening.

First of all, I want every one to take a deep breath and try to reflect in moments past of this time last week; and in that reflection I don’t mean what you were doing physically but how you were feeling internally within your consciousness when you woke up in the morning and the difference that you feel in this present state of awareness.

Each of us were together during this time even though you were not here physically, so I want everyone to reflect within that essence of our completeness together without the body by just feeling those energies intertwining within yourself.  What you are feeling now?  If you are feeling a little bit imbalanced within your ability to stay grounded or staying awake, not sure what you are doing, or where you are going, then you are in a perfect place.

You cannot be part of such a powerful moment in time on an energetic level without you feeling it physically so it is important for you to understand from your Higher Mind, your Higher Self that you need to flow into these moments; that is another reason why we choose this city for this evening.

It is important to stay out of your physical mind as this is what is fully going to get you into trouble through this process.  If you can stay in your highest vibrational state as much as possible, it will assist you greatly.  Again, this is another reason why we chose this city for the vibrational changes that are occurring; it is important for us on the physical plane to allow them to integrate within us in whatever way we can.  If  it only happens through an emotion of possibly tears or a moment of complete silence, if it is a moment of feeling complete change within your physical body feeling dizzy ,not quite sure of where you are going physically, it is all part of the process. Your bodily functions are going to change when you go through acceleration such as this, and it is an important factor to remember.

If you feed this information into your Lower Mind, it will start to accept what is happening so that the Lower Mind does not diffract any thoughts that may be occurring. We have talked time and time again of being aware of whom you are; we know this can be challenging process because if your Lower Mind gets in the way that is your old self and is not the higher vibration. When you are in the higher vibration, it is like you are walking through a meditation, you are walking through another level of experience and your body is trying to adjust to it and the more that you try to push that adjustment the more that you will lose it.

So I ask you during this phase of this week to just relax, relax much as possible even in your working day if you can because that is going to assist you in allowing the energies to unfold within you and become part of who you are now so that there is an intertwining of energies instead of saying in this moment, “I am allowing the energies to come within me and when I get up I want to walk down the street and I want to feel better.”

It doesn’t happen as easily as that but it is important to understand what you are going through by allowing the energies to unfold within you and not deter from that moment of exaltation.  Because, if you think about it being dizzy within your physical body, it becomes an awakened meditation.  What your body does automatically is say, “I don’t like this feeling so I want it to change; so I want to ground myself; I want to go back to bed; I want to eat something; I want to not talk to anybody; I want to be alone.”  If you take a breath of that frequency and allow that to flow into the rest of  your body as Meleriessee shared about the expansion of the outside body coming into the inside, (the outside of the light body coming through all the four body systems into the physical existence) then you will start to accept it.  Seep is usually eminent at this stage, because in a awakened state your physical body does not want to take that on so there becomes a duality within you.  So lets mirror that of what is happening within the world.

The higher Light frequencies are coming into the hemisphere through Gaia and every individual person is feeling this energy so even the elements of the Earth, the waters, and the land masses can erupt because it creates a surge of Light to coming into the planet that may change that land mass; it may change how the waters flow; the rains can come because that is more cleansing that is happening; so it is hard to stabilize all parts of the Earth during this process.

So I want you to reflect within that essence, that each of you is just like Gaia, that you are receiving these Light frequencies in your full body systems and you are not quite sure how to handle it.  It is important to be still and allow it to come within.   When it enters into your emotions, be open with your Lotus Heart and accept it.  If you do not allow this process to occur, then that is when you will get pulled back down into your lower emotional existence in which you had been previously experiencing. It can happen quickly because this energy is so strong that if you don’t allow yourself to integrate with the flow of it, then you block it. The more that you block it, the more that you will try for it to come in.  It will be like busting down a door and the waters, the flowing energies will come in and erupt within you.  This is when havoc will result within your physical existence.

Allowing yourself to be still is the most important aspect, because what happens in the lower emotional feelings is a lack of understanding; wanting understanding when it cannot be acquired can create anger along with hysterical doubts of emotions instead of allowing yourself to flow within and feel the Love that is coming to you.  Let it be embraced through your entire Beingness.

In reference to the Mental Body the thoughts can erupt.  If you allow yourself to be still into not just mindfulness, beyond mindfulness of being within yourself of the frequency of Light in your breath and that is what all you will hear as the in-breath and the out-breath of the stillness will occur within you.   If you don’t allow this essence to be enfolded within you, then your old thoughts will erupt that have not been cleared. You will be angry at what you have created or even worse, some will not realize that they are creating it to be so anger will result, and frustration will be at its height.

So what I am sharing with you is not to create fear, but to make you see your responsibility within all of this as it is very important to understand the effects of these energies which did not happen in 12-21-12 when they could have.  What I am sharing with you could have been upon this planet instead of countries thinking about war they would have been at war, instead of people thinking about peace they would act upon each other; so it has taken these last few months, these last nine months to be able to infiltrate these energies to make the changes necessary and even the most simplest people that have not awakened fully are feeling it. It is just not each of you that need to take responsibility but everyone, everyone needs to take responsibility for their own self.  Each of you that have been on this pathway much longer and are walking in these journey of initiations and mastery, yes, you do have more responsibility because as you move further in those initiations your responsibility is for Service.  You will find this aspect in each of you but, first of all, you must hold it within yourself.  This is what each of you are learning.

It is a very beautiful time but it is also a very important time to reflect each moment of what you are bringing forth within yourself.  Now, of course, if you are in places like Macchu Picchu, and Mount Shasta, the increased frequencies are going to be stronger because of the work that has been done there so it is more like a waterfall flowing from rock-to-rock continually, continually occurring.  So please know that those energies through these calls are being filtered to each of you.

It cannot be helped every time you come to Telos that you will receive them, every time that you listen to any of these calls you will receive it because it is all about the vibrations. We are finally learning on the planetary level to be in vibration and to allow that to flow within our Being.  This is why manifestations is very powerful right now.  So just allow your Hearts to be open ~ allow your mind to be still and it will all come into Unison within your Being.  You don’t have to think how to do it or what to do during these next few moments.

If you have time when you are traveling, say you are on a bus, a plane, or a train, take time to do to be in the moment and be still.  When you awaken, take a moment when you call upon your protection, the Unified Whole then allow yourself to be in that stillness of your breath.  It only takes a moment and that is all we ask.

So this evening we will be working with what we call the 3 M’s of Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma, as they will share the essence of vibration to you within the Light Violet-White Ray.  Think about how it is a very high frequency Light as it comes into your Crown, as you walk the land of this beautiful city and go into the Temple to allow yourself to feel this essence.  It is your destiny ~ it is time for you to fully accept all that you are and allow it to be manifest within your physical existence.  So we travel through your Mind’s Eye and allow the energies to enfold within your Being to fully accept what we have always known in this world that We Are One and that Oneness starts within our self, with all the aspects, all the timelines that have been misplaced to now come into full Unison within the physical self.

It is my pleasure to be here with you at this magnificent time.  I thank you for listening.  I thank you for adhering to the tools and the understanding of the 5th dimensional life that the Telosians have brought forth.  We thank you for accepting them and working within them as it is our gift upon the Earth.

Many blessings.

Aluna, Aluna, Aluna

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ Transition, Transform, and Accept the Doorway of Opportunities

New Earth Frequency UpdatePlanetary ~ Shared by Meleriessee

We are now standing at a juncture of time that will take us into the next level of our own creation.  The power of the energies within the next week cannot be measured by any of the other transitionary moments we have received this year.  That’s a tall order since we already have been affected by the changes within Gaia, within each of us, and within the World around us.  Hold your ground steady as each of us is about to walk into a new world of existence.

Let’s start by sharing about the Full Moon energies on the 19th of September that occur at 7:31 AM Eastern, 4:31 AM Pacific, and 11:31 GMT which is within the Sun Sign of Virgo with Pisces.  The energies of this moon represent our spiritual aspirations (Pisces) and learning how to ground it within our physical world (Virgo).  The aspects of this moon include our highest visions and spiritual health.  Many individuals may have their “ascension symptoms” become more astute.  This is when we fully need to utilize the healing energy that is being sent to us and breathe into the essence.  Utilizing the Blue-Green Ray representing attraction to the Light Body is very beneficial in helping the physical body to receive the crystalline energies.

Included within the full moon energies is a Diamond structure that started its descent at the end of last week.  The diamond is creating all the dissimilar elements that we have been dealing with to come into a point of creation.  So if you have been feeling out of sorts through your emotional or mental bodies, this could be a major cause of it occurring. (

That is why this full moon is so very powerful as it is preparing us to step into our new creation of the Equinox on September 22nd, 2013.  This equinox is ruled by Mercury so again it is taking the energies that have not been aligned within us to be purged in order for the healing to begin.  This is why the world is in such turmoil and the threat of more war occurring which is more on a silent mode than in the outer forms.

If we take this analyzation into account for our own discordant energies that are arising, it means that the silence of our hearts must be acknowledged and birthed into the new energy arising.  This moon is also the Harvest moon so it is the most powerful time with all the other elements in place to rectify what has been lost previously.  Our light is becoming stronger but within that integration we must accept the darkness that has stopped us from the full realization of whom we are becoming.

Another aspect that was shown through is that we are under yet another Star of David on September 21st right before the Fall Equinox.  Taking this into account the work that we are doing internally will set off the most powerful light frequency upon the planet.  The intensity of the energies presently must be moved through each of us, not to be held within, but to be expanded.  As we purge and release, we are doing so for humanity and the live of GAIA for the New Earth.

In return the Cosmic Forces are working with us as we expand and become more multidimensional than we have ever experienced previously.  The power of these activations will assist us greatly as long as we are consistent with our own evolution within the physical structure.  If we do not, then we will fall lower than we have ever felt before.  It will take us into the depths of the darkness that is within our Etheric Body and keep us in turmoil and pain.

If we understand that every individual is going through this process, then we can accept the change that needs to be made.  We are not only doing it for our-selves but for every soul upon the planet.  Not only that, we are being assisted by the Beings of Light that are in Oneness.  The ones that are not within the Unified Whole will try and stop us from creating more light structure within us.  That is the goal of the matrix, but now is the time to fully step into our power with the Light of God within us.

We are excited about these energies at Walking Terra Christa as we are holding a very powerful retreat with Saint Germain and Lord Adama to help create the Alchemy of the Soul.  If you would like to be included spiritually, please send us your name and location by Wednesday, September 21st at [email protected].

Cosmic ~ Unified Whole Command of Many Beings of Light

Blessings and Love to each of you!

We are the Unified Whole Command with the Great Divine Director, Master Thoth, and Master Einstein at your service.

It is a very powerful time of another accelerated phase upon the Earth.  It is not without its intensity which can cause elements to occur that may seem as if they are devastating and harsh to the human spirit.  That is why it is essentially important for each of you to stand within your own power to assist in the evolution of humanity and upon this planet.

As Meleriessee as shared some of the planetary elements that are occurring, we put it into the spiritual perspective that is within your Mind’s Eye of your Higher Mind and not the lower self.  It is no mistake that each of you have been challenged every moment of this year to prepare you for more.  Some would say that this time of creation is very much like the events in December of last year.  But it is so much more than that.

Tragedies are happening everywhere; individuals are being challenged in many different ways.  We know what they are:  Syria and the effects of war, weather conditions in areas where these elements have never occurred before, fires in areas that we may think are completely safe.  But none of these events just happen by circumstance and bad-luck, so to speak.

Everything is energy; we are energy, you are energy, the planet is energy and everything in the environment is energy.  Some of these resultant events are caused by individuals not being in their highest sense, some are caused by negative thought forms or lower elementals still in place, some just happen because the environment needs to change, and then, there is the way it has been for eons of time with dark forces trying to interfere.  Souls arrive in bodies for a certain reason; it is a tragedy to loose so many so quickly and very painful to the heart.  But we can all help and that is why we are here at this time.

Your personal evolvement as a multi-dimensional being is the most important aspect that needs to be considered in the evolution of this planet.  Each of you come into this space of creation with a certain amount of higher energy from your soul’s evolution and then you FORGET because you are held within a physical body.  Then you AWAKEN so you can remember it all.  But it is not just the good parts of your-self but all parts that must be acknowledged.

Purging is the most important aspect at this time.  And it can happen in a moment’s reflection which needs to be addressed immediately.  If you do not take care of what does not align with your higher essence, then it will grow like a seed within your physical structure.  This seed will cause deep reactions within your lower self that will seem like it is who you are supposed to be but THIS IS NOT SO.  Reflect upon your energies after you mediate – that is the real you, not all the other garbage that you have been dealing with from the third dimensional construct.  That reality is changing drastically.

We share this because each person needs to be reflecting their highest sense within them.  Presently with the planetary activations each person is being assisted to receive more of their Higher Self and I AM Presence within them.  As each activation occurs, more is received.  The most important element though is to continue to ground the essence.  Just because activation occurs does not mean that it is completely within you.  Just as the energies of 12-21-12 were through a three-day occurrence and connecting with it was imperative, the same is true presently.

So work must be done each day to fully reflect within your higher self and then your I AM Presence can assist.  This moon of the Harvest represents the most powerful energy to allow each individual to receive their personal alchemy in recreating their lives to be what they truly have been asking for.  But do you know exactly how to go about doing so?  Be like the glass of water and continually drink its essence within your four-body system.  Allow the highest level of energy to be within you at all times.  It will blend with who you are now and allow the remembrance of the old to be purged out of your existence.  This is an important process for the next few days.

As the next Star of David is aligned within your Being, it represents your Soul igniting the remembrances into your Higher Mind to be reflected within your Lower Mind.  They physical self is blending but only if you allow it to be.  The ones that sit back and just let the energies to come within them will find it will come at a rate they cannot handle.  It will cause the ascension symptoms to become more aggravated and the lower mind will not be able to make the transition.  Aggression can result along with painful thoughts and a depressed attitude towards life.  That is your Old Self being ignited.

When you sit and reflect on the desired outcome, then the continual energy can come within you.  Breathe it in, work with it, allow it to remove all the old aspects, and then it can fully settle within your Being.  Allow the Star of David, the Diamond Essence, the Full Moon, and then the Equinox to be your guide to go deeper within yourself.

Allowing yourself to experience this period of time will open up new doorways for you that were previously only a possibility.  Walk through those doorways, be creative within yourself, experience your life in the higher sense and let go of the old ways that have served you for eons of time.

It does not matter if you are a star seed, an indigo, a crystalline being, or a master in training.  All of this is important for every type of soul that has arrived on earth.  No one gets away with just BEING all the time unless you are sitting in a monastery or on a top of a mountain and have no interaction with other individuals upon the earth.  Everyone is affected right now and the only way that we can assist you is for you to assist yourself in the process.  Then you will be assisting the planet, the effects of Syria, the land masses that are disrupting and especially the peoples that are hurting in all corners of the land.

This Fall Equinox represents our coming together in unison but it must come from within.  You must release the negative elements, the soul attachments, the lower extra-terrestrials, and not interact with them.  Purge them from your thoughts, from your environment, from your world as that is no longer you.  This is ascension in its purest form.  To acknowledge what is happening within the world but not be part of it.  You are of this Earth but not part of this earth.  It may seem harsh but this is the only way in which we are going to heal all levels of souls.

Purity and Joy is your guide during this next phase.  It is important to step into that world so that others can see it.  Let us help all of the leaders of this earth to reflect the same light that we do in this moment. That is our creative process.

Use your intentions during this time to help accelerate yourself.  They are very powerful and will guide you into your next phase of your destiny awaiting your arrival.  We look forward to connecting to each and every one of you during the next phase of our acceleration together.

We are the Unified Whole of Many Beings of Light

Inner Earth Being, Galactic, Spiritual Hierarchy, The God Force, Angelic Realms, and all Elements of the Universe Holding you Deeply in Oneness.


Join us for our two ceremonial OPEN Calls for the Full Moon on September 19th and the Equinox on September 22nd.

Rev. Christine Meleriessee is a Divine Messenger of the God Force; check out our special sessions to receive a powerful intuitive and channeled reading; Sessions.


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The Violet Flame of Archangel Amethyst

swirls purple ayOn September 7th we received blessings from Archangel Amethyst who works with the 7th Ray of The Violet/Purple Flame with Archangel Zadkiel (Abundance of Light ~ Creating Prosperity Together, 9-7-13).

They both hold the Violet flame unto this Earth she as the female Archangel assisting in bringing the Violet flame into Gaia, so she sustains this energy for us.  Both Amethyst and Zadkiel work with this energy together.  As we know, the feminine energy is always the sustaining creation and the masculine energy is the one that always start the frequency that brings it all forward. So she brings to us today this flame to come to us and experience it within our Being.

You can call upon either of them, both of them or just the Violet flame anytime.  We are now working with the Purple within the Violet as it represents cosmic frequency of this ray.  This means that we are bringing in the 49th dimensional frequency of the God Force through the Elders of the Throne of Grace. The blending of the Violet and Purple allows our higher essence to be part of the experience and not just on a planetary level.

In summation of the aspects of this ray it represents Purification, Transformation, Invocation, Refinement, Creative Structure, and life with Sacred Living, Ritual Ceremonial and also working with the elements of the Earth, Fire, Water and the Wind.

Take a deep breath as we bring in Archangel Amethyst to assist us with the blessing today.


It is my divine pleasure to be here with each of you. I am Archangel Amethyst; Zadkiel is here with his essence around the flame and the altar.

The ability to sustain the Violet and Purple flame within your own creative process is very important as we work with the Violet flame to change the thoughts, the feelings, the karmic debts that are held within the Etheric body.  We want to completely purify all aspects within your full body system so that the full manifestation can occur. Because you see, even though you may think that you are completely clear to receive your desires, there an be elements that cross your path in your consciousness that arise to stop the full process.  This is why you may not be able to really accept the full manifestation that you may desire.

So today let us change this; let us change the fact there may be particles of what you receive from each moment, not just the moment of working within the Violet flame but each moment thereafter. Allow the frequencies of Light to come within you to accept the changes that are necessary in the process of your own Divine Creation.

Let us all take a deep breath together as we feel the flame of the Violet Purple coming to the entire garden and circling within each of us through all particles, through the cellular memory, through the physical essence, through your organs, through your breath, thorough your eyes, through all your openings and allow it to surface within your Earth Star and Soul Star. So let it spin outwards into your Etheric body, your Emotional body, and your Mental body so that the Spiritual body can be one complete essence.

We call upon the Violet flame to fully transmute all particles that do not serve this highest essence as we sit within this beautiful garden of the 144th dimension, which is the level of our creation.  This allows us to have that Creative Force within the physical essence as of this moment.  You are in several places at the same time.

Breathe the Violet flame, breathe the Purple flame through your breath into your Heart and allow it to expand outwards into all doorways out of you through your Earth Star like there are little pathways inside of you that allows you to travel out of you into the Etheric body.  Allow the Etheric body to be cleared through all the transmutation, through all the timelines that may be appearing in this moment to be cleared. Say unto yourself:

I call upon the Violet Purple flame to transmute and allow my purest essence to be revealed within me.

See this flame deeply ignite from your Earth Star coming up into your Heart and going to your Soul Star as you ignite this energy.  It expands outward within you with many colors of the Violet and the Purple igniting into your essences that You Are.

I am the Violet fire.

I am the transmuting Light.

I am all of this and more.

Feel this now expanding as if there is an outer shell that has just dropped out from around you and you see the purity of your Light. This is the ability to fully transform and create sacred living within your world. I say “Living” meaning within your own physical body.  What is sacredness to you; bring this sacredness into your Heart now and allow yourself to see the power that you are with these words.

I have now invoked the Violet transmuting fire within my Heart to burn away all particles of darkness, all particles of grayness that do not fit the Light that I am.

I am a being walking upon the Pathway of Mastery, and now I see the next level of my creation.

I step onto the platform of the Violet flame as it ignites more fully within me because I am the Violet flame.

I am the purification of my physical creation as my soul designates this power to be fully within me.

I am the purification of God’s Light ignited in all that I am.

Breathe deeply and feel these essences; now see your purification of your soul’s essence of the 144th dimension of the creation that you were of the first embryonic cell.  Now ignite within you without any timelines, with out any knowingness of what you are about to experience.  Come to that state of your purity and allow this essence to fully be within you.

Hold it dearly into your Heart, as this is now your creative source.

What is it that you desire now?

Bring this frequency into your present awareness as I say you are in many places at the same time.  This is the acceptance of your Light coming into your creative physical existence.  Feel that power fully within you being ignited now.

What is your thought of what you would like to create for this moment of this day, this moment.  What is it that you need or desire to be created within your world? Take a moment and feel that thought igniting within, see the vision, the vision of it being created.  It is now immersed within the Violet fire.

Feel this igniting energy now becoming manifest in your world.  See it in front of you in your hands as it grows and grows until you see the experience that you need to be, fully created in your world. It is yours; hold it to your Heart and expand it into your Heart essence through your Earth Star and Soul Star.  Now feel it through your entire Beingness, not just the physical heart of your existence, but your full body system of your Etheric, of your Emotional, of your mental, and Spiritual body, of your physical-ness of your Three Minds as they become One mind of your Three-Fold Flame of your Masculine and Feminine Divine, of your I AM, I AM that I AM.

Say to yourself:


 I am now the creative source of my manifestations.

And bless yourself, bless yourself with this creation.  Hold this flame within you as long as you need to.  I am here to do this for you; hold it deeply to your heart.

I am Archangel Amethyst at your service with the Violet fire that we are together.

So take a deep breath; hold those energies.  Keep breathing through them. If you can, just breathe through your nose instead of your mouth.  It keeps the higher vibration within the body instead of using the mouth and just expanding the energy within you.

It is my pleasure to be fully within each of you.

I AM Archangel Amethyst at your service. 

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Sharing of this material is approved as long as the copyright information is provided.

Meleriessee’s Silver Lining of 911

Today, is September 11th and represents the remembrance of a day that we shall never forget.  It was a day in which souls were lost upon this Earth, and a day in which would create a timeline within each of us that needs to be healed.

There is much contemplation about why 911 ever happened.  It is not my desire to delve into the history as that is something I feel needs to be healed.  There is a huge programming scheme that went behind all of the events and many write about this in detail.  I know that it was not all that we thought it was at this time 12 years ago.  It is part of our illusion to think that we have not been used in some way by others.  But that is the way history has been in the past.  And now is the time to change it through the recreation of our existence of the Light.

My goal is and always has been to help as many souls as possible to heal from any experience whether it is personal or global.  I stepped into this pathway for this reason only and that is why this day is so very important to my soul.

I was lucky enough not to know anyone personally that suffered from this terrible tragedy but at the time, I lived two hours away from New York in Southern New Jersey; we were deeply affected by the energies and saw the changes that happened as a result of the power struggle that occurred.  My experience was on a energetic basis, but I was to take myself on a journey that would make it more personal.

Many of you already know that I experienced a sweat lodge in Long Island, New York 30 days after 911 occurred in October.  I was insistent that my group of friends attend this sweat lodge and had been trying for months.  But it was to be my creation to be there one month after the terrible ordeal of souls dying in such a horrific way.

Within the sweat lodge I, being the shamanic woman I am, went into the Astral level of the earth and found many souls hurting hanging around not knowing what to do.  I was met by one soul, Fred who was a Fire Battalion Chief and he was very stubborn to move forward.  His pain was great but his soul was expansive with a deep compassion of helping others.  You see, he did not know how to help himself, but our meeting would take us on a journey together that would help millions of souls to heal.  Neither of us knew the magnificence of our meeting.

It seemed that I needed to experience part of his pain so I came back into my body on the 3rd round and fell into the rocks burning brightly.  I had been seeing this heart in the embers through the entire ceremony and as I fell the heart was imprinted upon my right upper calf.  The pain was excruciating but the emotional turmoil was worse.  I cried for quite some time as healers came to my aid.  I became emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically involved with the tragedy of 911 on that day.

I was able to heal my leg through a couple months of healing therapy but I was deeply changed.  In 2002 I received a message from Archangel Michael through my computer (voice activated), “We are ready”.  At the time, I had no idea what was to be except I sat and received the message.  A temple of healing was being constructed in the Innerplane levels to help souls to heal.  Originally, I thought it was the souls that were healing from 911 to help the Earthplane souls which was partially true.  In my consciousness I did not realize the magnificence of this temple until the years passed.

We created a weekly group in which individuals could connect with the energies and I would transmit a message from the temple walls.  Fred became the Spokes-Being of the temple and would introduce the energies.  I channeled different Masters, Angels, and Light Beings that wanted to give healing to the earth.  We also connected with the souls that needed healing.  People had personal experiences with different souls of their inflicted wounds.  The temple was flooded with souls through Archangel Michael and myself (on the Innerplane level).  You see, each soul had to pass some tests to make sure they were not bringing in lower frequencies of anger, hurt, despair, etc.  The temple would house healing for each of these souls.  A viewing booth was created so that each individual soul could check it out before they embarked into the temple themselves.   Archangel Michael and others worked with the souls to help them in their healing process.

The Temple grew from the Universal Level into the Multi-Universal level which meant that it consisted of not only souls from earth but many planetary systems that wanted to be in Oneness.  Originally we called it The Clarion Temple of 911 and Beyond.  We added beyond when we realized that many souls were leaving the planet from the resulting war after 911 and more tragedies happening.

Fred healed extensively through all the years.  We are very interconnected and he even came to a group of friends and myself in one of our trips to Mt. Shasta.  It was a very magical trip in which we were connecting to the  Telosian Community with Lord Adama and we were gifted with a dinner in which some souls were our family.  It seems hard to believe but it is a moment in which you have to experience yourself. Fred, was in the dining room and he smelled of someone on fire.  My friends noticed it immediately and I will never forget the look in his eyes.

rainbowbridge11You see, Telos, is a very special place and many souls are able to travel there after death to rejuvenate themselves.  They are able to create a body.  On this night I was gifted to not only see Fred by my parents and sister.  Later that evening my friend channeled Fred and I worked with his subtle body to heal the fire that was within him.  Some may not believe this to be true but in this moment, all that were present, received the gift of magic ~ seeing two worlds come together.

In 2012 when Mike Hayden came into my life, Lord Sananda asked us to take one of the other calls, The Cosmic Oneness, and combine it within the Clarion Temple.  He said that the temple had come into full unity and they wanted to include the Great Central Sun (Divine Mother and Father God) energies within the Temple.  So we called it the Clarion Temple of Oneness.  It was at this time that Fred ascended.  He used to speak in the beginning of our meditation introducing the light beings.  He now does not have this job but awaits for us when we walk into the amphitheater and guides us to our seats in the first row.  He is the overlighting energy of this temple and his name is now Yamteleus.

So we now meet with the Angels, Cosmic Great Central Sun, and the Unified Whole of the Overlighting Spiritual Hierarchy each week to receive a message on the energies.  We invite any souls that we know have perished during that time to join us. We have had many surprise visitors, like Michael Duncan, who played in the move, “The Green Mile”.  He spoke in the temple right after his passing this earth which was the first time anything like that had happened.  Michael Jackson is also very prominent within the temple among many others. We then send the energies into the Earth to help with the healing of all souls.

Individuals can have their loved ones be in the temple whether they are within body or in the heavens.  The temple is always open so you can ask to go to the temple in your dreamstate and receive the healing.

Fred and I are always connected no matter what level each of us shall achieve in our soul’s pathway.  I helped him and he has helped me.  We have assisted countless of souls to heal so much quicker than we ever thought would happen.

There is a saying that, “There is a silver lining within each moment no matter how deep the pain may be.”  The Clarion Temple of Oneness is my silver lining with Fred/Yamteleus.  I endured great pain during that time to be with a soul that I was to connect with and needed to do the work.  It would never have happened without Archangel Michael pushing me to be at that Sweat Lodge on that date.  Some have said that this temple is the hugest endeavor within all of the heavens for healing souls.  That warms my heart so deeply.

Lord Melchizedek has a message on 911 and the Temple of Oneness:

It is my deepest pleasure to see the changes that have occurred within the earth at this time.  The Clarion Temple was meant to be and Meleriessee endured much to be able to transmit the energies.  911 is a tragedy that needs to be healed in all of the minds of all of the people of this earth.  It represents the control and duality that has been inflicted upon the planet for eons of time.  It is a moment in history that no soul will ever forget whether they are in the physical or an ascended being of Light.  We all hurt deeply from the tragic moment that was created.

What we need to do is to embrace our Light as deeply as we can; to not be in fear, anger, or lost emotions that get in the way of the healing that needs to be done.  Fighting with others is n ot the way to the healing of this Earth.  We need to embrace ourselves with the essence of Light that we are and then bring it onto others.  The ones that have caused this to occur will pay dearly for their ways as the ways of darkness are no longer the rule upon Gaia’s lands.  You are changing all of this; each of you sparking the light within you each moment.  That is how we are going to bring it all into the Light and move it out of the darkness.

The Clarion Temple of Oneness has been guided by the Grace of God to assist as many souls as possible through the healing that needed to be done.  Souls that arrive are guided to the right spaces on the Inner Plane to receive the transformation that they did not accept on the Earth plane.  Souls upon souls have entered the temple for 11 years and continue to do so each moment.  It is a permanent structure within God’s Universes to allow the acceleration of light to be infused upon them and to each of you.

We are deeply grateful for the commitment of each of the masters that speak, the healing angels that assist, but mostly for Meleriessee for staying strong and continuing this weekly connection.  Join us as you will not be disappointed.  We need as many spiritual leaders as possible to continue the deep healing that is needed and can be found only within this temple of light.  The temple is for each of you and each of us in all realms of Light.

In Divine Expression, I Am Lord Melchizedek

Join us September 11th, 2013, 5 PM Pacific for a powerful connection meditation LIVE in the City of Telos as we honor Fred/Yamteleus and all the souls that have healed through this process.

To listen to the MP3 audio recording simply join our newsletter list, confirm your subscription and then receive the file via email. We’d love to have you be part of this work directly with us.

You may read the transcriptions of the Clarion Temple of Oneness,, and the Cosmic Oneness,, which is the message shared from the Cosmic Great Central Sun.  You may also join the calls weekly on a call-by-call basis, /classes/, or join our membership program, /members/.

I thank the Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Archangels, Inner Earth Beings and the Unified Whole for sharing their loving support to my pathway.  Without them, I would not be sharing in this moment and it has made my life a Living Dream in each moment.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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9/11 and You – Remembering the Frequency

9-11 frequency

9/11 as a World Event

While the events of 9/11 (the September 11, 2001 tragedy in New York City) happened within the United States, the reverberations of it extended far beyond there into every corner of the globe.

It was a singular moment in history that affected every soul. As Princeton’s  Global Consciousness Project strongly demonstrated, the events of 9/11 awoke a consensus of the heart to such a degree that it’s computer network systems monitoring global coherence spiked in marked manner as the events of that day unfolded.

Many of us watch movies and attended group events that arise great emotion within us, yet we also have a mental tendency to refuse to believe we are directly connected to the energies and feelings of other soul’s around us unless we are in a personal physical relationship. And yet, we continue to experience events such as 9/11 on a very deep personal level.

I believe it is time that we awaken to the truth that we are entering an epoch of creation where we accept that we are one. One race of humanity that shares its very heart and soul essence with each other.

The Responsibility of the One

Acknowledging that we are so deeply connected would mean to acknowledge that we are also deeply responsible, not only for our own thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions, but that we are, through each element of our own consciousness, also significantly impacting the rest of the collective soul’s around us. Not just those near in proximity but those everywhere. This is a heavy responsibility and one that we don’t readily desire to take on. It seems so much easier to pretend we are separate.

But is does not have to be so heavy a challenge. After all, we encounter many examples in our lives of aspects of nature that are very easily existing within that oneness. We have learned, as Tom Shadyac so brilliantly noted in his documentary I AM, that we have been falsely lead down the wrong path by believing natures ‘true nature’ is that of competition. The truth is that it is very much rooted in cooperation, sharing and an intrinsic knowing that all life  is interdependently connected.

The Twelfth Year

When we look back to the events of 9/11, events that happened 12 years ago, we also have to look at our responsibility in how and why we remember that day.

Healing, in any modality of practice be it physical, psychological or spiritual, requires that the element or aspect requiring the healing be transformed from the initial shock and disruption of the traumas harm into a state or condition of not only acceptance, but the deeper level of balance and full restoration of health.

This takes time and effort and careful monitoring during the healing phase as disruption of the wound, either by more physical trauma to a physical wound, or by re-exposing a psychological wound to the elements of distress that caused the original imbalance.

For an event such as 9/11 we have to ask ourselves what is healed and what are we doing now to contribute to that healed state of being.

The significance of the number 12 esoterically signifies the element and condition of completeness. It is the twelve signs of the zodiac, the 12 months, the 12 hours of the clock for AM and PM. It is the year of coming of age in many indigenous cultures. It is the number of years of basic formal schooling. In short, completion of the 12 year cycle means you have reached the completion of the event.

Moving Forward

If your goal is to move forward to graduation, would you want to repeat a grade in school? Go back and redo a month in a year? Even if you could, in most cases of growth and moving forward you would not. And yet, in remembering events of tragedy and turmoil, we often place our consciousness right back within the energies of the event.

And this is exactly what we should not be doing if we want to move ahead.

Global Peace. Global Cohesiveness. Global Togetherness. Global Love. True Unity.

These are the goals of a healed planet.

Remembering those individuals who have fallen in times past must be done with the highest degree of integrity to their memory and also to those who are doing the remembering. Otherwise we simply reopen the wounds of the past.

Everything is Frequency

It is no longer enough to say that everything is energy. For there are many layers of subtleties to energy and our task as evolving humans is to understand that we must be more sensitive and discriminating than ever before in our history.

We have learned from quantum physicist that the subtler the energy, the more powerful it is. Beware the subtleties of the well intentioned but unaware consciousness that will manipulate your remembrances into recreating the actual feelings, emotions and thoughts of grief, sorrow, horror, separation. Beware the subtle energy of hate and division that maybe laying beneath the facade of your remembrance.

The Clarion Temple of Oneness

Though many have not been aware of it in their human consciousness, we have been very fortunate to have a place for all souls to heal, those souls no longer in the physical as well as all soul’s still inhabiting a body. This place was started because of the events of 9/11 and it was specifically created to be a place where healing would take place within the Frequency of Oneness. Which means there are no mixed messages or pathways or well-intentioned but misguided thoughts, feelings, emotions of actions that can end up doing more harm than good.

Inside the Temple, it is impossible to be anything other than fully participating in the purity of the Oneness of Creation as it is over-lighted by the Cosmic Great Central Sun as Divine Mother and Father God.

In terms of purity and wholeness, this is the proper venue to remember how to remember. Being invited to be part of the energies of the Temple is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon any soul requiring healing.

On this, the 12th anniversary of the events of 9/11, we ask you to request and invite for yourself and all other souls. Ask this event to finally and fully be placed into Oneness.

For those interested in an active participation in these frequencies we at Walking Terra Christa hold a special group tele-call on Wednesday 9/11, 2013 to commemorate the creation of the Clarion Temple (originally called the Clarion Temple of 9/11) and the healing of all souls.

To listen to the MP3 audio recording simply join our newsletter list, confirm your subscription and then receive the file via email. We’d love to have you be part of this work directly with us.

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What is Our Earth Star and Soul Star?

soul-star-fbThis question was just posed to us from a person who had questions on the vibrational work he was doing through sound and color.  It sparked attention to Meleriessee as we often forget that not everyone on this pathway has this information.  It is very important and will help with the integration of the Higher Self and Monad to be fully activated within the Physical Body.

The Soul Star sits about 6” to 12” above our Crown area.   This is the entry point for the Higher Self/Soul to enter into the chakra system thereby, being activated within the physical body.  Above the Soul Star we have what is called a “Rainbow Bridge” or “Antakarana” which is the pathway in which the Higher Self and the Monad travel to be activated within the consciousness of our lower self.  This is acquired through visualization and meditation and is an important part of acquiring the higher chakras within the physical body.

The Earth Star sits about 6” to 12” below the feet chakras and is our connection to our grounding energies.  This is also a very important facet of our chakra system.  Some individuals may utilize chords from the feet to go into GAIA’s essence for grounding; hence, the Earth Star is activated.

It is imperative to activate both the Soul Star and Earth Star in meditations as it will assist the Higher Self in being grounded within the physical body along with the higher vibrations that we are currently experiencing.  Without activating these stars we can become very dizzy, out of sync, and not connected to the Earth which can cause the Mental and Emotional bodies to be very imbalanced.  We are here to fully activate these energies within our physical body and without utilizing their essence within our chakra system is a mistake that many individuals may be making presently.

If you look at the drawing (courtesy of Dr. Joshua David Stone), you can see where each of the chakras align with the Soul and Earth Star.  The Thymus Gland is omitted from the drawing which is an important chakra.  This is activated through the pathway of awakening and represents the Seat of the Soul, where the Higher Self resides when fully activated within the Physical Body.  It also represents the ability to communicate from the Heart into the Throat Chakra and sits between both chakras which represents the 8th Chakra within the color of Sea-Foam Green.

You can cleanse your chakras by spinning the Soul Star into each chakra, breathing through the process, and then spin it back to its original position.  Repeat twice for each chakra along with the Earth Star and you should feel a difference within our chakra system as it helps remove psychic debris from each chakra to create balance and unification of the Soul Star.

In each of our classes we always activate the Axiatonal Alignment which means that the Cosmic Meridians from the 144th dimension is activated through our Antakarana Bridge into our Soul Star, through each of the chakras, and into the Earth Star which will ground the frequencies.  This allows our physical bodies to experience the higher realms of light while staying focused within GAIA’s energies.  It also helps to align the Kundalini energies and activating of the DNA which must be done through the Higher Self.  Pushing these energies from our lower self can cause extreme psychological and physical problems within the Etheric Body.  We are working to clear the Etheric Body (which is our Soul Body) so that the previous timelines of lifetime experiences can be rectified and put into wholeness.

To understand more of this process, Walking Terra Christa has a download program called “Science of Ascension”,  /classes/the-science-of-ascension-series/, which describes more in detail about the ascension process and the Pathway of Mastery.  We will also be holding monthly classes in the near future to delve deeper into this subject matter.

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