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living_in_tao-fbStaying in the Tao is the most efficient way to God-realization, and the only way to God-Realization.  Never forget that faster is not better; nor is slower.


People who try to force the evolution of their Kundalini unwisely have sometimes set themselves back entire lifetimes because of the damage they have caused to their Etheric Bodies.  Always work within the realm of your Higher Self as they are the guiding rule of what you can handle physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Whenever you decide to receive an activation for your DNA, always connect with your Higher Self first.  Working through the initiations is the process that is necessary for these activations to be accepted through the physical body.  As each initiation is acquired, you will receive the 12 strands of your DNA in the way that is guided by your Higher Essence, not by your Lower Self.

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The Time Has Now Arrived ~ All Species of Light Gathering for the Lion’s Gate



We are now inviting Lord of the Great Bear back to the Clarion Temple of Oneness by special request of Saint Germain on Monday, July 29th, 2013.  The energetics of the Lion’s Gate is another stargate opening up the frequencies of light through the Galactics but being fully guided by the Unified Whole.  Lord of the Great Bear is the representative for the Christed Intergalactics within the Unified Whole.  We are excited about this special meeting with not only him but his colleagues.

Saint Germain shares this message about Lord of the Great Bear:  “Lord of the Great Bear is the overseeing agent of all Christed Galactics including the Ashtar Command.  In fact he started that agency to have the overseeing energies from his essence into all frequencies of the Light Command.  His transmission will be to talk about the Lion’s Gate from a perspective of the Intergalactics as they are the overseeing energies to create the Star Gate to allow the Elohim and the Elders to interact with these frequencies along with the angelic principalities, and all light frequencies from the Unified Whole that are being activated within the Earth.”

The Lord of the Great Bear will discuss the Command Center for the Christed Beings of Light to interact with the Earth Beings; he is the overseeing energy of all Light Frequencies in alignment with the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of White Light focusing upon the Unified Whole Creation.  Lion’s Gate is the access to allow these frequencies to be housed within the human conditioning.

He will speak along with representatives of each of the major planetary systems along with Lord Sananda and Ashtar Command.  Then the Arcturians, Andromedeans, Pleideans, Sirians B along with Mikos, representing the Hollow Earth who is the representative of the Intergalactics within the Inner Earth.

The Lord also known as the Logos of the Great Bear Star System is the higher aspect – the cosmic level of the Lord of Sirius and the Great White Lodge, who is the higher aspect of the Solar Logos, Helios.  This also includes the star systems under the Great Bear Constellations of Arcturus, Sirius, Pleidius, and Andromeda.  He also aligns his energies within the dimensional frequencies from the 20th through the 36th level which represent the Christed-Extraterrestrial Beings of Light.

He is a majestic Being that many do not know about his essence.  He is the overlighting energy of the 21st Ray of God, Eternity and Divine Structure “Learning to Access Spiritual Harmony of Light Within”.  This ray becomes the 21st chakra in the 5th dimensional chakra grid that is aligned within the Third Eye with the colors of Blue Gold.

Working within the 21st Ray will help in accessing and healing of All Timelines whether they are active or inactive.  This opens up the doorway for Clarity and illumination; thereby, accessing the ability to perceive all dimensions as One Source of Light.

We will be honoring the essence of the Lord of the Great Bear Star System in the Clarion Temple of Oneness mediation on Monday, July 29th, 2013.  This call is held via teleconference and you can sign up to be on the live call via our website at /classes/clarion-temple/.

Previously we worked with the Lord of the Great Bear within the Clarion Temple of Oneness in April of 2013 , a Meteor Shower of Love, which was a very powerful connection for everyone..  The transcription of the Clarion Temple of Oneness, “Receiving Your Star Glyph, with Lord of the Great Bear” is available to read.

Individuals may join the Clarion Temple of Oneness for the live call.  Please click the link to see the details to join on a per-call basis.  We hope to hear your voice in the magnificent time of creation upon the Earth.

In Expressions of Oneness,

Mel and Mike

Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden
5th Dimensional Mastery


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Lion’s Gate 2013 ~A New Doorway of Opportunity

lions gate 2013

Period of Activation:  July 26th through August 12, 2013


We, at Walking Terra Christa, want to acknowledge the energies of the Lion’s Gate so we and others can have a clearer definition of what these upgraded frequencies represent within the 4th dimensional world we live in.  This information resonates with the messages that Lord Adama and the Team of Light have shared in the past few weeks that we are about to be hit with some very intense vibrational changes.  The following transmission is being guided by the Elohim Councils of God and the Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace that represent the 12 Rays of God.  We thank them for their message of love.



Greetings My Beloveds,

We thank you for taking the time to receive these energies of understanding.  We have come together with the Elohim and the Elders in group consciousness to assist the divination of light in order to have an understanding of what we are expressing in these moments.  It is important that we have a general knowledge of the changes that are already happening within the planet in order to fully grasp the conditions that you will be receiving in the next couple of weeks.

Each of you is at a time when changes will occur within you and you will go into a deeper part of your essence.  It is all part of the plan that has been set since December of last year.  It is important to realize that the energies that are existing upon the planet are in need of great assistance but it must come in stages of growth.

When it was decided that many levels of humanity could survive a transitioning planet, the increments of the upgrades needed to come during very important times instead of bulldozing the energies all at once.  You see, there is so much more that needs to be healed within GAIA and in order to accomplish the goal that is intended, it must be done in a certain manner.  Each of you has assisted with this transition due to energetic healing and psychic advancement in many souls upon the planet.  2013 was to be a year in which transition would be the main focus but must be acquired in stages that would create a synchronistic outcome.

If we look back upon this year, it truly has achieved its worth with the transformation that has occurred within the planet.  But, yet, there is so much more that needs to be done and we will continue to assist with the transition as much as possible and with the least of tragic events involved.  This also depends upon the group consciousness of each location and how the energy will affect their environment.

The Gate of the Lion represents a doorway of an energetic surge just as the Lion is roaring its way through the jungle.  It could be likened to the massive amount of debris that needs to be cleaned up.  It also will assist each individual soul to move to a higher state of existence in their own consciousness and physical reality.  It is important to understand where you are standing presently before the occurrence on July 26th before we enter this doorway of extreme acceleration.  Reflection will be needed through this occurrence of light so it is important to have an inner inventory of your thoughts, feelings, and sensations that are happening within your physical vehicle.  ALL WILL BE CHALLENGED THROUGH THIS PROCESS.  It will depend upon each individual’s growth, how much foundation they have created, and how strong an individual can be while riding through the storm.

Let us describe what exactly the Gate represents through energetic exchanges.  We, of the Elders that Surround the Throne of Grace, represent the 12 Rays of God.  We are the deciding factor of emitting the Rays of God into each Ray Chohan, Archangel or Elohim so that it can then be sent to each Initiate or Chela upon the Earth.  Rays of Light coming into the planet will occur within these dates.  Those that are balanced within their knowledge and ability to handle the rays will experience a much better outcome than those that do not.  It has been decided from the entire God Force and Creation of Oneness that the rays need to be emitted into the earth’s atmosphere.  Someone that has never experienced the Rays of God and its power will feel like they are walking through a wind storm.  It will emit the frequencies of God’s essence through each of the qualities represented by:  Will and Power; Love and Wisdom; Creative Intelligence; Harmony and Balance; Science of the Light; Inner Devotion; Ceremonial Structure and Magic; Higher Cleansing accessing the Higher Self Energies, Attraction of the Light Body; Blending the Masculine and Feminine Divine by Illumination of Light; Bridging the Old into the New; and Accepting the Christ Consciousness.

It is important to realize that each of our rays will help to activate energies within the earth to ascend into a higher consciousness level to receive the Christed Self in every living being.  So individuals that have never stood in God’s light will be feeling this profusely within their physical world and it may affect them adversely.  Those of you that are fully activated in some or all of the rays will feel an euphoric effect within you.  It will help you to move further into your highest aspirations.  It will assist you in your initiation process and move some of the challenges that have been in your way.  THE MORE THAT YOU KNOW AND PERCEIVE THE BETTER THE RESULT WILL BE.

We, of the Elohim Council of God, as the Seven Rays are here to assist you ground the energies.  Each initiate will be asked to go deeper into their self-awareness to comprehend and understand these frequencies of light.  You are the grounding force to help others to accept the changes that will be occurring.  We want you to know that we are here for the asking especially for the first seven rays of God that will assist you in accepting the higher frequencies within your physical body.

So if you are ready to move into a new initiation, you will do so.  If you have been challenged by certain conditions in your world, they can be removed.  What you think, you will receive.  Your thoughts will be very astute and the energy will come back to you.  It is a time to utilize your tools to the fullest extent because you are being asked to stand in the power of God’s Light to accept your Divinity.  As you do this, it will ground it more fully into GAIA.  More souls upon the planet will be able to handle the frequencies by you accepting it within you.

This does not mean you will not be challenged as you will.  Acceleration can come quickly through these phases.  As you go through your initiation phases, more DNA is acquired.  But it can only happen by allowing the changes to occur within our full body system.  Receiving all strands of the 12 can only be acquired after the 7th initiation.  What is happening through this process is that when you receive activation from others, they do not give it to you, it comes through the Elders of the Rays of God, into your Monad and Soul essences, combining your I AM Presence, and only then, if you are completely ready to accept them physically.  Some individuals have them acquired in the higher consciousness but NOT IN PHYSICAL FORM.  There are very few lightworkers walking upon this planet fully activated.  It can happen but there can also be disastrous results within the four body system.

So what will happen through these changes of the Lion’s Gate is that your Emotional and Mental bodies will become more aligned to prepare for the blending of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.  Your Etheric body will be clearing intensely of the timelines that do not fit this essence.  So if you are going through dramatic changes through this period, know it is probably from the Etheric Level.  Whatever you need to be cleared, ask for it to be and it shall.

Ways to help yourself:

  • Gathering with others in meditations;
  • Being in nature especially water is helpful.  See yourself moving through the process;
  • Grounding with GAIA by walking barefoot on the ground, on rocks, within a meadow;
  • Breathing deeply the Rays of God as they are being emitted through the wind and atmosphere;
  • Accepting that you are changing and adjust to it constantly;
  • Know that nothing stays the same so when you have to physically change a condition, move with that process;
  • Accept the responsibility that you are a Divine Being of Light and that you are here to help others.  This is the first step in taking the job that has been given to you by your Higher Self to help;
  • Hold the light within increments of time on a daily basis.  Once a day is very good; more is better;
  • Connect with The Great Central Sun through the process by sitting in the sun for 5 minutes at a time.  During this time reflect to RA the Sun God and Helios and Vesta, our Solar Logos for assistance;
  • Just Be the Essence that you are Becoming.

If you would like to connect to us as the Elohim Masters of God in group consciousness we will be with you; separately we can help you out with particulars:

Ray 1 – Hercules and Amazonia for Strength and Courage;

Ray 2 –  Apollo & Lumina for Expansion of the Higher Mind;

Ray 3 – Heros & Amora for Devotion of Self Love and Deep Compassion;

Ray 4 – Purity & Astrea for Resurrection to create Balance and Harmony;

Ray 5 –Cyclopea & Virigina for Unwavering Patience accepting details to fall into place;

Ray 6 – Peace & Aloha for Forgiving Love and Grace;

Ray 7 – Arcturus and Victoria for transformation of sacred living.


As both the Elders and the Elohim, we want you to know that the time of procreation is now upon GAIA.  We thank you for your assistance, and now that our creation will be your creation as we are ONE together, One Heart, One Mind, One Essence of Light.

Blessings and Joy to each of you in these moments of Light That We Are.


As an addendum from Walking Terra Christa we would like to share some information that may assist individuals through this process is intuiting the 12 Rays of God through the color frequencies:

1-Deep Blue; 2-Golden Yellow; 3-Deep Pink; 4-Crystalline Light; 5-White mixed with Green and Gold; 6-Ruby Red with Gold; 7-Violet with Deep Purple; 8-Seafoam Green; 9-Blue Green; 10-Pearlescent; 11-Pink Orange; and 12-Gold.

You may breathe in the colors through your 12 chakras as each of the rays blend into the chakras and on the 4th dimensional chakra grid they become the chakras (Ray 8 through 12) or call upon the Ray definitions that were given in the message from the Elders.

If you need any assistance during this transitionary time, we would be happy to assist you at Walking Terra Christa, We are providing at no cost the audio from our Lion’s Gate Healing Support teaching-meditation. It will assist by having you incorporate the PINK FLAME of Love, Compassion and Manifestation especially during this time frame:

Healing Support with the Pink FlameF.r.e.e. special giveaway. We are giving the opportunity for everyone to access the Healing Energies of the Etheric Golden City of Saceleas.  This is from our weekly Tele-Teaching with Lord Adama and the Telosian Council of Light where we visit each of the New Earth Golden Cities. These energies will assist with the current energies that we are going through with the Lion’s Gate.


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Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved. 


Responsibility ~ Accepting Your Role as a Divine Being – Part 2 – Telosian Way of Being

Telosian Way of Being
Telosian Way of Being

As we prepare for our journey to go to the Retreat House and receive the energies we want to explain more about the intensity of the session this evening. I think at this middle stage of this process, you’re going to be seeing a little bit less than what you have previously, only because we’re feeling a little bit of an overload for everyone.  We totally want to make sure that everyone is in balance with everything that I spoke about.  This evening the format will change a little bit, so we’re going to bring in some blessings~ please allow yourself to feel the divinity of the Masculine and the Feminine fully within you.  Allow those characteristics that are represented by allowing the aspects to come fully into balance.  We realize that this is an extensive program that we’re bringing forth at a very accelerated rate, so tonight we’re going to slow it down a little bit.

There’s going to be a lot more information so we want you to realize the divinity that is going on within you because now we’re at the middle point of this course.  We need to reflect and understand where you’re coming from and what you’re accepting.  There’s a process that occurs when there is more awareness that you bring into your body, the more confliction that you can feel.  That is because as you accelerate yourself in the higher dimensional levels in your initiations, you’re bringing forth the full body system to be activated; the lower energies that are in the atmosphere continue to bring about your old thoughts.  So if these elements are coming up for you and you’re having periods of emotional imbalance, tears, a little bit of anger, or frustration, it’s necessary for you to put on that trigger and say, “Is this me or is it something outside of me that is trying to trigger something within me.”  I think Meleriessee & Mike are going through this right now due to the acceleration of their energies.  There can be other energies that can tap into those feeling.  I think Meleriessee is feeling this deeply as she’s learning to shift into that higher consciousness.  Even though they are living in a very accelerated space and time, here in Mount Shasta, in their home, it does not mean that they are not being affected physically because their physical bodies are changing through that process, probably even more so than each of you because of the energetic fields that are here in Mount Shasta.  So please know that no one is kept out of this game.  It’s a process that needs to occur.

If you were to come to Telos and be with us for a week, you would see that you would not have any of these elements because of the sacred space that we have, the environment, and the community that we live in.  Each of you does not have that living environment.  You may have a small community group of people that you interact with, but I do believe that many of you, even if you’re connecting with other light workers, there may be a lack of understanding in what you’re experiencing.  This is a very advanced level, and I want you to step into this power because it means that you are readying yourself for more energies, beyond what you ever thought that you could handle.

So it’s very important for you to realize that some of you who are newer on this pathway may have more of a confusing time because your mental attitudes and thoughts will get in the way of the process.  That is something you cannot do.  If they are, I want you to go back to the other classes that we have done on the Masculine and the Feminine Divine to fully activate those parts of yourself to help you with that.  Sometimes we need to go back to the basics just for a short moment to remember, “Yes, exactly, that is what I need to be doing” because there may be something you did not hear at that time because your consciousness was not ready to accept it.  Please know that your consciousness is changing as you bring in your Subconscious and your Super-conscious into the Oneness that you are.  This is a big process that is happening, but it does not happen very easily.

So let us take a deep breath.  I want you to relax and feel the essences of your spinning Merkabah.  I have given you a lot of food for thought and in this moment I just want you to put your mental mind aside.  Don’t try and figure out where you are, what you’re doing.  I want you to feel your Divine Presence, I want you to feel your masculine & feminine intertwining within you as you spin your merkabah, breathing deeply.  If you ever had a session with Meleriessee, with the Diamond Heart Presence, used to be called Diamond Heart Therapy, you can spin that one large diamond that’s around you and that’ll activate your Merkabah and activate all the other diamonds that are within you.  For everyone else, just visualize your chakras spinning within each other.  As that one beam of light becomes your beam of light.  I want you now to feel a flowing energy, a flowing energy of many colors.  We’re going to assist you to become more at other places without having to go through the physical thoughts of getting in a vehicle, traveling through the airways and then arriving in a space.  Feel the spinning of your Merkabah.


Feel the frequencies of light now as you’re just spinning from one space to another.  You may see star systems, you may see stars, you may feel a vibrancy of sparkling lights going through you.  I want you to see yourself now in a forest, the Telosian forest, walking down a pathway towards the Retreat House, just as if you’re in a dream.  This is exactly what happens to you when you intend to come to a certain place, especially if you know that place from your conscious mind.  If you intend to go to the Retreat House in your sleep state, you’ll start seeing the environment.  As you walk down the steps within the Retreat House, see all the colors of light in the spiral staircase as we walk down the spiral staircase.  So why do we walk down the spiral staircase and why don’t we have you arrive into the Living Area.  Well the reason we do that is more of a process of you moving deeper and deeper into your deepest consciousness, into your super consciousness.  As you actually see yourself stepping, you’re moving into a deeper essence of who you are.  Then you arrive at the doorway of the Retreat Room and we walk into the room and the room is lit with frequencies of lights, many frequencies of lights and many mandalas tonight, that represents the spinning wheels of the lights everywhere.

Feel these essences moving within you as you move inside the room.  The mandalas are on the outside wall, they’re just spinning.  Mandalas representing the 22 Rays of God.  Find your special place, maybe the same or may be another space, another couch, another chair, another cushion Find yourself just settling into the warmth of the atmosphere.  In the middle of our presentation area is a flame of light tonight.  This flame of light represents the 22 Rays of God and it is emanating the frequencies of the colors~ Deep Blue, Golden Yellow, Deep Pink, Crystalline Light, White Light then green & Gold, Deep Purple & Violet, Ruby red & Gold, Sea foam Green, Blue Green, Pearlescent, Pink Orange, Golden, Violet pink, Deep Blue Violet, Light Golden White, Light Violet White, Pink Gold, Multi-White Light, Magenta, Violet Gold, Blue Gold and then the Platinum.  You’re going to see these colors all flaming within each other.  Allow those essences and then you feel the mandalas spinning within the room.  As they are spinning in a clockwise manner, they’re all working within each other and as they’re spinning they’re emanating frequencies of light to the middle of the room also.  So let’s just take a deep breath.  I want everyone to just relax right now, not think about what I have shared, and not think about the process you may be at, not think about anything except your beingness right now in this moment.  It’s very, very important.  So as we feel the spinning of the mandalas and the flame of the light within the room, we fully want everyone just to accept their divinity as it is now because each of you are aspiring into these higher elements.

What this process assists with is understanding what you are going through and putting it into practice in your aware state.  We want each of you to realize that what you are experiencing in your meditative level is coming from your super-consciousness, your Higher Self and then activating the I Am Presence because this is an open doorway to allow these frequencies that you are to fully come into your full existence for you to feel it within your body, to feel it within your heart, to feel it within your mind so everything flows for you.  I want you to remember this later when you’re having a moment when it does not feel very happy, does not feel joyful because that is not the aspect to have.  Once we have joy and we bring those essences of the lovely frequencies, you accept God’s light fully within you.  That is your guide.  When you have that, you can achieve anything.  It’s the other parts of yourself that don’t allow the elements to occur.

So the fluidness is important.  I want you to put it into practice later in a task that you do to fully embrace yourself in these fluid colors, in these energies and then when you sit down to do something that is important for your work or for your pathway or your personal involvement~ it could be an exercise program, or a task to deliver an article, it could be your website, working with someone else, a session, being a coach, cooking, cleaning, anything that you are tasking in because what happens is when we allow ourselves to have our Divine Presence fully within us, those tasks are not mediocre, they flow.  The problems humans on the Upper Earth have is that it becomes task-oriented in “I don’t really want to do this and I’m not really happy doing this”.  So how can you feel like you want to do it and do a good job even though the job may need to be done?  And you may have to wait until you allow these energies to fully be within you.  This is what we mean by taking responsibility fully, of allowing your Divine Presence to be fully within you.  So feel these energies now.  We want you to practice with these frequencies.  If you can attune yourself to see a little bit and to sense, to be sensitive, allow the mandalas of the frequencies and the flame to fully blend within each other.  Allow that blending to occur for you, to be the open doorway of your Divinity to flow in the physical body.  So we’re going to start with this first.

To be continued in Part 3.

The Telosian Way is a 10-week program that is available for MP3 download, /classes/the-telosian-way/.  This is very powerful and will assist an individual in accessing the 5th dimensional energies more easily

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Mastery Tool of the Day

Sanat Kumara’s Golden Medallion


Request in meditation, from Sanat Kumara, a gift of one of his most sublime Golden Medallions of the Great Central Sun.  It will be placed around your neck as a necklace.  It will connect you directly with the Great Central Sun and will also serve as a protective amulet.

Just as humans on Earth wear physical jewelry, it is important to wear certain spiritual jewelry on your spiritual bodies.  Each kind of jewelry has a specific function in the acceleration of your spiritual evolution.

A Special Gift of Honor

Yesterday, July 21st, 2013, we were gifted with the most powerful magic that could occur upon our world ~ a special Eagle Feather.

Mel and Mike live their life like they teach.  Every moment is in the world of spirit whether in their home, on their land, or in nature.  The Eagle is very important within their world.  Mike’s Native name is Star Spirit Eagle.  Mel’s is White Raven.  So when the eagles appear in their world consistently, Mel always thinks that it is a gift of freedom of the Spirit and the fact that Mike brings this energy into her world.

She learned another lesson on this day.  As they returned back from swimming in the Lake and doing some healing work with the Telosians, Mike came upon a beautiful feather next to their back steps.  He brought it inside and Mel was aghast due to the fact that it was perfect and not flawed in any way.  Mike cleansed the feather and Mel sat to connect with its energies as they were unsure if it was Eagle or Hawk.

Black-Elk-03As she did so, she felt this wave of Eagle energy flooding within her being.  She was so excited and then received a more important gift.  BLACK ELK came into her consciousness which she has not connected previously.  He shared a few words:

“This Eagle feather is being presented to both of you in honor of the work that you do every day.  You assist the Earth, you assist other souls both in and out of the body, so we give you this feather in honor of all that you are in each moment.  I, as Black Elk, am honored to walk with you.”

Mel was in tears along with Mike. They walked out to the back deck and looked at the mountain giving their gratitude and love to All of Their Relations.

We will be honoring BLACK ELK this evening in our Full Moon Ceremony being held at 5 PM  Pacific.  We hope you will decide to join us.  Details to attend this OPEN CALL is available on OPEN MASTERY TEACHINGS.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

 Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Quote from Black Elk:

And while I stood there I saw more than I can tell and I understood more than I saw; for I was seeing in a sacred manner the shapes of all things in the spirit, and the shape of all shapes as they must live together like one being.

Our Next Transformational Journey

If there  ever was a time of confusion in our world as to what is real and what is not it is certainly now at its highest.

“There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.” – Winston Churchill

The New Age is has been prophesied since before a man named John wrote down in human script the Book of Revelations.  There are those who feel that humanities next epoch has arrived and wonder why nothing really seems to have changed.  If the New Age is about Love & Light, why are so many people’s nations and communities still in strife? Why does life still seem so hard for so many?

The answer is hinted at by Mr. Churchill in that the true is found somewhere in between. To explain why the world has not seemed to have dramatically shifted with the gilded age moment of December 21, 2012 is to explain the inter-workings of human consciousness and perceived reality.

The fact is while the planet earth may now be directly in alignment with the Central Sun of Our Galaxy and thus flooding humanity with more frequencies of higher consciousnesses than our scientist or mystics can measure, there is hardly a woman or man who can easily access them from within the mire and confusion of the mental mind they currently possess.

To further confuse and obfuscate the issue, seeking out that ability from out of the myriad of the 1000’s of New Age teachers, modern day mystic’s, guru healers and popular author’s and public speakers leaves one wondering if anything is true or not.

Amongst institutions or entities that practice institutionalized propaganda or cultural programming, it is common knowledge that a lie must contain an element of truth for it to be believed.  A casual investigation into the word “believed” reveals the two words “be” and “lie”, and yet the holy grail of any communication is for it to be believed as being true. In other words the very word believe itself means to accept a lie as truth. Which may have been what Churchill was alluding toward

If you lined up 100 individuals and asked them their opinion on any given topic, none would see the situation exactly the same and be in complete agreement. We know that is a truth of our world, and yet, we also hold a collective belief system that some how, some way, there is a truth that is “out there” for any given topic.

The “TRUTH” as it were is actually quite different. The only truth of anything is our own individual truth.  For most people, reality is shaped by what you “belie” instead of what you “be”.

The quest to be and still interact and communicate with others is what the New Age is really about. To no longer pass on an infinite number of “lies” to each other and have them circle around again is true enlightenment. And to “get there”, you can’t look “out there”. You have to look within. That is why we are offing our next Transformational Journey Retreat. So each individual can break through their own lies and illusions and uncover what is hidden by their own collection of beliefs.

Our work here in Mt. Shasta, CA, one of the high power spots of the world, is to reunite you with a broader vision of personal truth, to have you experience first-hand the potentials and possibilities that reality can include.  Through ancient esoteric teachings of the Ascended Masters, updated with current live channeling, visits to vortex areas and personal experience, we seek to return alchemy into your life so that a New Age can truly be created out of the confusion. Our work is not for everyone, but for those that feel called who are ready to strip away the dross through diligent serious dedication, it is work that brings more joy and magic into your world than you could ever dream possible.

Transformational Journey Retreat -Inner Alchemist

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PREPARATION ~ Lord Adama Discourses

flower-fbDiscussion with Lord Adama Before Visiting the City of Goloneiah, July 17, 2013



Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening ~ Wherever you are,

It is I, Lord Adama, with the Telosian Council of Light within the Telosian Community as we always come in unison.  Everything I always speak about is directed through all of our essences together in Oneness.

Here we are gathering together to visit the beautiful City of Goloneiah (over Arizona and New Mexico) representing the Will and Power, the Blue Flame.   Archangels Michael and Faith are excited about conversing with you as the last visit we initially had experienced (two years ago) was visiting the Elohim and Archangels in one temple.  So now there is a separate distinction between both but both of their essences do blend within each other.

Preparation is the most important aspect I want to discuss this evening before we travel to the city.  Each of you are going through stages of preparation of your initiation process, of your life pathways in which you will want things to happen within your life and experiences.  As you are allowing the higher dimensions to blend within you, those challenges cannot be measured, because no one has experienced previously within the third dimensional realm.

It is important that we have patience with ourselves.  What I really want to share this evening is to help you to start understanding your own process instead of saying to yourself, “I don’t know what is wrong with me; why do I have problems connecting to my higher self; why is it so difficult; why don’t I have the ability to talk my Master; why can’t things be different; or why do I have to work so hard”?  These are just some examples that each human goes through within the lower mind.   As the integration is occurring within the Lower Mind and Higher Mind, there needs to be a balancing effect.  That can only occur when you allow yourself to be patient within the process.

You must remember that you are accelerating yourself through a four-body system.  Each of those bodies, up to this point, have worked individually and not within each other.  So then, you decide, “Well, I am going on an ascension path and I am going to enlighten myself,” and then all of a sudden you think you should wake up one day and everything is beautiful through thoughts, emotions, and everything you have been dealing with your entire life, no matter how long that life is been which has been challenged.  So as you are experiencing these moments of despair or non-acceptance, the more you have less patience with yourself, the more you will experience the depth of these emotions and feelings on a much deeper level.

It is important every moment to understand what you are going through.  I am not talking about the moments you are in deep meditation.  I am talking about when you awaken each morning, or the process of your thinking when you hear something and react to it.  Notice how you are feeling with those emotions.  Notice when you are seeing something and how you react to it.  If there is no reaction, then you are allowing the patience to occur within your full body system.  So it means you are allowing your Higher Self to intertwine more deeply within yourself than you were in previous moments.  Believe me, you will have setbacks.  It does not happen all immediately.  But the more you practice this, the more often you will be feeling less and less of the lower frequencies within you.

Utilizing your breath is very important as is allowing your Higher Self to fully come into the physical; you must remember that this is a transitionary period.  I am not going to speak about everything that has happened previously because I keep going over those elements in each of our calls.  But I cannot talk enough of what you have gone through and this stems back to your own inner patience.  Take a moment of inner reflection of how you felt one month ago, two months ago and what changes have resulted within your thought process, within your existence, in the feelings you have on a moment-by-moment basis.  The reflection that is occurring for you upon awakening, in the morning, after your dream state is important.

I have spoken on this numerous of times of how we need to be fully aware of who we are.  The only way you are going to understand what is happening with you is to allow your Higher Self to come into your body, feel that essence, allow your breath to come within you, and feel the expression that your Higher Being is sending to you.  That is who you are; it is not every-thing else that you think.  What you were before is an illusion and this is the reality as you are changing.

So the essence of patience is one of the most important elements to have within you during these transitionary times.  We had expressed how this year would be so very powerful, and it is showing us truly that and more.  Individuals that have no idea of whom they are, are feeling different.  But each of you are going into more depths of your Being that you probably never thought you could.  Because some think that once they step unto this pathway and become enlightened, having some spiritual gifts, and then that is it.  Each of you know that this is not true.  That it continues and it continues for each of us in Mastership and in Telos.

We are learning so much from each of you of what you are experiencing.  This is why we have not come into the Upper Earth very much.  There are some that have infiltrated on the Upper Earth to help but those numbers are very small.  The most important aspects that you must hold onto is knowing that you are changing and it is getting better each day even though this transition is probably the most challenging, and more in-depth, as you are being totally pulled apart in many different ways.  The completed state of awareness within your physical self will depend upon your seriousness of this pathway, how you are doing the work when the call is finished, and if you process the elements that are coming up for you while embracing the ones that totally make you feel you are loved.

So Dear Ones, every moment that you are experiencing the fluctuation of your energies, know that it is making you more adaptable to understand the entire process.  If only we could show everyone, upon the Earth, what each of you are learning, we would be so much further ahead than we are now.  But, the good part is that there are so many others that have awakened since the last decade to assist in this process.  And, you are a part of that majority that is bringing forth those energies into this awareness.

Every time you visit one of these cities, you will change.  That is why afterwards some of you may feel a little light-headed, sleepiness, wanting to lay down, or possibly energized, because each visit to any of the beautiful Golden cities you are taking a part of acknowledges your higher essence while allowing it to be embodied within your physical self.  That in itself, is quite a powerful expression to have because every time it is new, it is like a child going into the classroom for the first time.  You are not sure what you are going to receive, but you are excited to be going and seeing how beautiful it is.  You learn so much.  It’s not about the Beings that are working with us, but about, yourself as each of these beings are reflecting that essence into each of you for this process.

So I ask of you again, to have the patience to go through the training sessions and know that each moment will be different than the next, but they will assist you in the total picture of your experiences to be fully incorporated within your physical self.  This is the beauty of allowing these energies to enfold within each of you.

We are in a very powerful state in the middle of July.  Some may think this time is about being on vacation, in the summer months, but it is always a time of great reflection.  So whatever your Higher Self transmits to you after we are finished with the call, I ask you to embrace that thought.  It is what you need the most at that moment.

Before we visit the city, I also want to share that I am very proud of you.  I know this is not an easy pathway especially with the work we are doing with each of you and the depth of knowledge that we are giving to you.  But it is also helping to open up doorways for yourself to attain your own wisdom and knowledge that is just ready to be acknowledged within the totality of your Light in the body you are incorporating.  But you must know, that these moments of wisdom are being safeguarded until you are fully ready to accept them.  Because, if you open up the doorway too fast, you may just may not be able to handle what is on the other side.  So the body is being prepared by allowing the higher frequencies, the activation of the DNA, the full attunement occurring within your full body system to be able accept these knowledges when it is time.  This is what occurred in Atlantis and in parts of Lemuria.  People became over-zealous before they were ready to ground it and make the right choices for the Good of the All not just the Self.  We thank you deeply for all that you do.

Blessings in Joy,

I AM Lord Adama, your brother in Telos

Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos is our guide for the New Earth Cities.  He always shares a powerful message before the journey on the present energies and how we can assist ourselves to find the balance we are search for.  New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light classes are held on Wednesday evenings at 5 PM Pacific.  For more details, please click the link, /classes/golden-cities/

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We know 9-1-1 very well when needing emergency care, but in truth, these three numbers represent receiving assistance from the Universe.

Three times a day, call forth the numerical sequence nine-one-one, either out loud or in meditation. The stating of this number sequence balances and readjusts the space-to-motion ratio in the atomic structure of the body. Any time you feel out of balance, just state these three numbers out loud and you will feel the balancing effects.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery,,

 Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.