Lord Buddha – Preparation For Wesak 2013


Lord Buddha speaks about the next stage of our initiations and preparing ourselves for the WESAK ENERGY.

 “The most difficult task is to take the physical self that you are used to of the 3rd dimensional reality and allow it to break apart.” – Lord Buddha through Meleriessee

In this video you can hear his full message and receive a special attunement to assist in your own inner preparations with the Spiritual Masters and Team of Light.

NOTE: Lord Buddha mentions listening to the Wesak recording that will have the 2+ hour Journey To Shamballa meditation journey with more channeling from Lord Buddha, Lord Melchizedek, Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya. It will be sent out after Wesak occurs and can be ordered on the event page.

This is excerpted from our weekly calls with the CLARION TEMPLE OF ONENESS as part of the Academy of New Earth Mastery teachings. You can order the entire 1 hour call which also has a blessing and attunement by Divine Mother Father God of the Great Cosmic Central Sun. (Just use the enrollment button but mention you want the Lord Buddha Preparation Call in the notes to seller.)

Alternatively, monthly members receive this MP3 (and almost 100 other audio recordings) as part of their monthly membership.


New Earth Frequency Update ~ Embracing the Rebirth of the Self

New Earth Frequency Update


We are right within a very powerful conjunction of the planets and the moon phases so this week is going to take each of us into a new and powerful cycle of our lives.  Wesak is upon us which is always a very accelerating time but then we are gifted with a Lunar Eclipse with the Full Moon on May 25th at 9:25 AM Pacific US, 4:25 PM GMT.

The energies this week represent the balance between the lower mind and higher mind which is in alignment with Wesak.  This year’s theme of the Wesak energies is “The Three Fold Flame of GAIA” as she will be balancing her mental and feminine aspects of Will, Love, and Power.  This will mirror unto each of us to go deeper into our own soul’s essence to allow the energies to enfold within us.  It is time to fully command the Higher Essence of our Divine Self to become manifest into our physical realities.

We have been preparing for this energy since the beginning of this year as it represents Synchronization.  This is not an easy process as we have to get very real with our feelings and thoughts so that they are transmuted into the pure essence that We Are.  Many of us don’t understand what that can feel like as it has never occurred upon this Earth previously in such mass consciousness.  Every individual person is feeling something different about themselves in order for them to awaken to their Truest Self.  The individuals that do not do so will go deeper into their duality of the dark and light within as the Light cannot shine brightly without the essence of integrating into all parts of the Self.  The fourth dimension represents that duality and this is exactly what we have been experiencing in our lives and in our world.  It takes great courage and understanding to continue deeper into the self realization of Divine Light enfolding within the physical structure.

We will learn through the ensuring energies around us that we are thinking and acting differently.  We want to feel the serenity and joy we deserve with a greater capacity to accept an abundant life in all areas of our life.

This is exactly what we can accomplish at this time.  The power of Gemini versus Sagittarius will challenge us in the realms of being in the moment against wanting to forge ahead.  If we take these two energies and combine them in the same essence, then we can do both.  Action needs to preceded by meditative thoughts and not necessarily stepping ahead before all the elements have been put into place.  If we understand these energies from this perspective, then we are working through our Higher Mind being integrated into the Lower Mind.  No parts of the self will be lost as there will be a blending effect that occurs.  So take the time to acknowledge your Higher Self blending within the Lower Self and you will understand what it means to acknowledge your own Three-Fold Flame of Will, Love, and Power.

As the Wesak energies have been preparing us for these steps, our Higher Self comes into our full Beingness.  As trainees on the Mastery Pathway, we go through many levels of initiations that help us walk through new doorways of reality.  Wesak is the most powerful spiritual ceremony of the year as we follow Lord Buddha in his footsteps of accelerating our teachings of being an Ascended Master or Being upon the Earth.  We celebrate Lord Buddha’s ascension but that mirrors right back to us as we proclaim within ourselves the next step of our spiritual evolution within the physical existence.

So we will change through the process; even if you are not fully aware of your pathway of light upon this Earth.  This process is becoming stronger each month throughout each year.  We will move into the 5th dimensional physical reality but it takes hard work and diligence to not fall back into our old habits.  This is a perfect time to look at your traits and see what fits your reality now versus to what was for you before.  The power of this week cannot be put into words.  It can only be acknowledged through each person’s reality and what they are going to experience.  But believe me, whatever you intend the God Force will hear you because it is our destiny to walk as enlightened beings into the New Earth of Terra Christa.

GAIA will assist us and in turn, we will assist her in this process.  We are living in a spiritual revolution where individuals are finally turning to their highest essence for answers.  This is the power of our Light into our physical reality.  So take some time and understand what you are going through.  Then call upon your guidance, Higher Self, and I AM Presence to guide you in the right direction.



It is a beautiful week, and we are happy to convey this message to each of you.  The birth of a New You is about to begin, and we want to offer a celebratory message for you.

2013 has been the most crucial and challenging year upon the history of this planet.  There have been moments of great darkness and despair as well as experiencing the highest level of vibrational exchanges available upon the planet.  That is the beauty of this time as we all need to reflect deeply on our humble beginnings to find our humble expressions of a soul that has traveled many lifetimes through timelines that would only be reflected in a science fiction movie.  You have experienced many facets of your lives in a way that has been ordained from the essence of only the I AM Presence can give.  There is no reason or understanding of what you have endured but only that it is part of the journey.

Reflection has been a word that we have used consistently throughout this year and that is not going to change.  It is an important factor to remember when we are acknowledging our true self to become manifest.  We must compare what we are feeling to what we felt in the past.  It helps each of us to be molded into the present moment so that there are no repeats of the energy or situations in the future moments.  Each of us is molding our present from the experiences of our past to embrace our future.

We speak in these tones of the “we” at this time because this is not a lesson, but truly, a Circle of Oneness.  What each of you experience, we endure.  Wesak represents the time of community when like-minded souls come together to celebrate their challenges and accomplishments to prepare for more of the same.  As a master-in-training, you must realize that is what you are experiencing.  Life cannot be created within Oneness without first looking back and realizing what the previous moments have meant to a great master.  It is part of the training to understand the process of hurting, healing, and embracing the pathway.

This Wesak is especially important due to the year of 2013 but also with the powerful eclipses that the planet has experienced.  The Lunar Eclipse of this month will be a culmination of the energies just as Wesak represents each of us coming together in celebration.  It is a time of complete integration of the Masculine and Feminine Divine.  We know that we have shared about these energies before but it goes to a much deeper level as we experience each new vibrational change in the planetary structure.

It is now time to reflect into whom we have become and what we are going to do with the changes that have resulted from the situations that we have encountered.  If we understand the fact that in order to move forward, we need to understand what we are experiencing presently, then it becomes a flowing movement.  There is no need to worry or be concerned with what is occurring.  We learn to move forward from each moment to the next.  It is the Ebb and Flow of Life.

When this comes from the perspective of the Mastery, there is no question in what you are experiencing.  It is all part of the process of living within these energies of fluidness.  It is beauty and reflection at its best creation.

We are all being borne once again in the ebb and flow.  As Lord Buddha releases his old aspects from the previous year, he moves to a new position within his power.  Each of you is doing the same, and We, of the ascended beings of Light, are also participating.  Wesak is not just about the physical form.  We, within the Unified Whole, have just walked into Oneness by removing our old Pantheons of our pasts.  We utilize the knowledge of those past creations, but we do not center upon them.  We are honored to walk with each of you at this time.

It is our Creation Upon this Earth together, and it is our Divine Pleasure to walk with each of you.  Be strong in your convictions and intentions; the power of the energy presently will allow you to grow deeper and create your lives to be in complete harmony with joy and compassion as your guideposts.  Experience this event as your re-birthing process into your new world of creation.  We re-create each Wesak and now is the time for you to join us in the manifestation of a New World with Love, Joy, Responsibility, and deep conviction for the Light that You and We Are.

Blessings and Joy for a beautiful Wesak experience.

We are One with each of you in this moment and all moments forward.

The Unified Whole Command representing the Oneness Consciousness of the All.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a special Wesak Ceremony in Mt. Shasta; individuals may request that their name and location be put on our altar for the celebration.  Please email us at MelandMike @ Walking Terra Christa.com to be added to the group consciousness.  We are also providing an MP3 file for the recorded meditations both morning and afternoon; details are available on our event, /wesak-ceremony/ (individuals in our Membership Program will have access to these recordings).

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Lord of the Great Bear Star System – Guide for the Etheric Golden City over Spain


Today is Wednesday, May 15th, 2013, and we will be visiting a new Etheric Golden City on NEW EARTH CONSCIOUSNESS ~ CIRCLE OF LIGHT. We are being honored with Lord of the Great Bear Star System in the 21st city which resides in Spain.

The characteristics of this city represent the 21st Ray which is in the 5th dimensional chakra grid within the Third Eye of Blue Gold. Some of the attributes of this ray and city represent these elements:

Definition ~ Eternity & Divine Structure

Overlighting Being: Lord of the Great Bear Star Systems overlights all Universal Levels of the Galactic Dimensions from the 20th through the 36th comprising all Inter-galactic races that are within the Unified Whole.

Working within the 21st Ray will help in accessing and Healing of All Timelines Whether They Are Active or Inactive. This then opens up the doorway for Clarity and Illumination; thereby, accessing the ability to perceive all dimensions as One Source of Light. There is great Freedom when an initiate fully allows these elements to be activated within their full body system as now they have the Spiritual Harmony of Light within themselves which gives off a feeling of deep security allowing the Life-Force within to be free and flowing.

If you would like experience this journey with Lord Adama as our host and guide, please register on our website, /classes/golden-cities/.

The New Earth Consciousness-Circle of Light is a weekly call in which we visit the Etheric Golden Cities of the New Earth. These calls are very powerful including attunements from each of the masters that work with the cities. Lord Adama gives a message on the current energies.


Initiation Is A Never Ending Journey ~ Lord Adama Discourses

LAD initiation-fbMay 15th, 2013

Hello Dear Light Beings,

It is I Lord Adama, speaking to you from the Telosian Command Center with the Telosian Council of Light.  We are so happy to connect with each of you in this moment.

I want to discuss some thoughts of the Initiation Process of Mastery.  We all experience it in many different ways of existence.  In the next week we are coming into the energies of Wesak and right now, each of you are being prepared to take the next step in your spiritual evolutionary process.

Changes are happening everywhere, and now is the time to fully understand within yourself how to best get through the next phase of your development.  The Wesak energies are so very powerful but this year there is an unprecedented amount of energies due to more individuals awakening upon the planet.  Every person that feels something different about themselves will experience this Wesak within their consciousness.  They may not know what it is they are feeling but it definitely is creating change within their thoughts and feelings.

In this moment I ask of you, “What is it that you are feeling differently within your emotional and mental bodies that are coming to the surface?”  It is a period of great reflection.  As we, as initiates and Ascended Masters, go through a transitionary phase, we must take moments of understanding the process within the conscious mind.  You see, this is not always something that individuals within the human body think about as it is a reflection within their dreams or meditative state.  But that needs to change.  We need to acknowledge within the physical self what the spiritual self is going through in order to transition into the full body system.

If every individual person could do this process on a daily basis, they would find that the integration of their Higher Self into the Physical Self would be a much softer and gentler process.  We are consistently going through intiation processes as a human.  It is designed from our Higher Self to allow the Physical Self to remember the soul contracts and timelines that are important to be integrated through the present lifetime.  If an individual allows the lower self to stay intact, then the higher self cannot orchestrate the energies for the pathway to be opened into an awakening state.  It also depends upon the work that is done in between lifetimes within the Inner Plane Existence and how much an individual will allow themselves to remember the most important elements for their spiritual advancement.  So every time an individual goes through a trauma, a challenge, or a life experience that is challenging, these are considered initiations to prepare the physical self to look more within themselves for a deeper meaning along with understanding the entire process.

So this Wesak Moon will be reflected within each individual person upon the planet.  It is a time for inidivudals to move into a higher essence of their spiritual awakening whether they are awakened or asleep.  Initiates that have already awakened on the path will help themselves on a deeper level by taking this time to do some self reflection, i.e., what needs to change, how they are feeling, what is their life like, what do they need to be better for themselves, etc.  Each step in the initiation process takes each individual into a deeper part of themselves to become the Reality of God.  It is the plan in Divine Order to allow this essence to be the defining rule of ascension within the Earth.

I share this knowledge as I think it is very important for individuals upon this pathway to understand what they are going through.  You are not different from one another; just accepting yourself in a different manner by the depth of your soul’s capacity to get into the core essence of your Beingness.

Know that you are being prepared at this time for the Wesak energies.  The full moon occurs on the 25th of May with a Lunar Eclipse that will compound the focus for enlightenment and acceleration to be accepted within the planet of GAIA.  She is preparing to receive her full embracement of the Divine Feminine and Masculine essence to prepare for her acceleration.  Every human being is doing the same whether they realize it or not.

Prepare, prepare, prepare by understanding who you are now so that you can move forward with ease and grace.  Ascension is the process of de-accelerating the energies within the physical creation.  Allow this energy to help you through this process by understanding what you are experiencing presently is for the good of your enfoldment within this planet and your Soul speaking to you in a way it never has done before.

Blessings on an amazing journey.  Call upon me to assist you if you feel the desire to do so.  I am always your brother of Light.

I AM Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light

Join us for a monthly course with Lord Adama held on Thursday evenings, 5 PM Pacific.  Our next meeting is May 16th in which Lord Adama will talk about preparing for Wesak in 2013.  Details are available on Lord Adama Discourses, /classes/lord-adama/.

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Mastery Tool of the Day

axiatonal_alignment-fbAn effective spiritual centering and clearing method is to call forth three times a day and in your meditations a Monadic Sweep in which the Monad, also known as your Mighty I Am Presence, sweeps through your chakras and four-body system, clearing them of all psychic debris and giving them a quick balancing.

You can also call forth an Axiatonal Alignment and Cosmic Integration and Alignment.  The Axiatonal Alignment will align your meridians with the Planetary, Solar, and Galactic Sources and will align your evolution with the actual ascension of Earth on a Planetary level.  The invocation of the Cosmic Integration and Alignment will align you with the Universal and Cosmic Levels of Evolution.

This is why we utilize these methods in our calls before we doing the journey work.  As we connect with the Unified Whole Command of the 144th dimensional reality, we are activating both the Axiatonal Alignment with the Cosmic Integration Alignment.

As an example in how to do this, breathe deeply calling upon the Unified Whole:

000-144-000 Unified Whole Online

Call upon your Higher Self, I AM Presence, and your Master Teachers to assist you.

Then count upwards from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and increments of 10 up to 140, then 141, 142, 143, 144.

We suggest asking for the Platinum Net from Lord Melchizedek, Lord Metatron, and the Mahatma to come around your four-body system.  They pull it away removing any weeds from your auric field.

Then, call upon St. Germain of the Cosmic Ray of Ceremonial Magic with Deep Purple with Violet to infuse within you from your Earth Star, to your Heart, and your Soul Star.  Breathe Deeply.

At this time, call upon Paul the Venetian to infuse the Pink Flame of Creative Activation that will bring forth compassion, love, and serenity into any areas that need filling up.

Blend the Violet/Purple with the Pink to create the Violet-Pink Flame of Vibratory Communication.

Lastly, call upon Lord Buddha for the integration of the Christ Consciousness into your Earth Star, around your four-body system, to your Soul Star creating a pyramid structure of Golden Light around your field.  Ask that spiritual mirrors be placed on the outside that reflection the 144th dimensional reality and anything else will be put into Wholeness.

Then count back down from 144, 143, 142, 141, 140, then increments of “10” to 10, then 9, 8, 7, 6, 5; thereby, activating your 5th dimensional body.  Allow the energies to run into your Earth Star and ground them to GAIA.

Now activate the Axiatonal and Cosmic Alignment by feeling the colors upon colors from the 144th dimension to spin through your Antakarana Bridge into your Soul Star. Breathe into each of your chakras create the alignment and seeing many colors flowing through you from the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Thymus, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root.  Then spin the energies into your limbs through your feet into your Earth Star.  Connect with your four-body system by expanding the energies.

Then visualize a cosmic flame coming into your Shoulder Joints, through your Hips, Knees, Ankles and Feet to align your physical body with the Soul body of Light.

You have now created the Expansion of the Monadic Sweep.  End the exercise with the words, “000-144-000 Unified Whole Offline”.

Note:  If you have already done this previously for the day, you can reactivate it by calling upon the Unified Whole Online with the opening statements and then do the Axiatonal and Cosmic Alignment.  Use your intuition of how to best activate the energies through your Higher Self.

©2013 Walking Terra Christa Academy of New Earth Mastery, https://walkingterrachrista.com, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.

Reflection ~ Part 2 ~ Telosian Way of Being

TWOB ReflectionThis is the second segment of our class with Lord Adama on the Telosian Way of Being of REFLECTION.  Master Babaji shares a very important message of love through the eyes of the Child.

It is my divine pleasure to be here as Master Babaji in this beautiful Retreat House with such beautiful souls.  What a blessing for each of you to feel these essences in your physical consciousness.  I ask of you, in this moment, let us just take a breath and bring in the Om Namah Shivaya which also will help to rip away some of the frequencies.


I ask of you to think of yourself in this moment as a child that has just been born into this world and has no awareness of anything else except the purity of their light, the will of their light, the love of their light, the essence of their knowledge, the power within them.  There are no outer forms in this moment.  All that exists is the purity of your essence.  Breathing deeply, allowing this energy that you are to blend within you.  It comes down within you, into the source, into the aspect that you are.  Think not of your physical existence in this moment.  Think of each of us in this room, in this beautiful Retreat House, of the blazing energies all around us, of the Rays of God- many Rays of God and allow those frequencies to blend within each other.  There are many numbers of the Rays, some say there are 320, some say there are 330, but in essence there are thousands and thousands of Rays infiltrating your essence right now.  Allow it to go to those aspects of yourself that feel uncomfortable.  Allow it to move into your Physical existence, into your Mental existence, into your Emotional existence.  Allow it to blend fully with the Etheric body, because as a soul comes into a new existence, it brings all these essences of purity but then the mind is created and it forgets.  The Etheric body has its Higher Mind and its Higher Ego, let us embellish this energy in this moment.  Breathing deeply, feeling the frequency that you are.  There is only love and the pure joy of having God within yourself, feel this essence running through your entire existence, allow it to run in all parts, allow it to go into the feelings, into the thoughts.  There is nothing but pureness right now.  You are in the royal state of condition in this moment ~ the blessing of the role of vulnerability.  Thus you are vulnerable.  The vulnerability is love.  This is the purest form that you can bring through.  Do you feel tears, allow them to arise.  Do you feel joy, allow it to come forward.  Do you feel pain, allow it to be healed.  By the purity that you are, allow this essence to fully be your guide.  Bring forth the completeness that you are.  Let us take a moment in silence and feel this frequency.


What is it that you are feeling in this moment?  What are the thoughts that come to you?  What is the expression of your light?  Allow that to permeate within you.  Allow the silence of your love to run through your physical veins.  Allow it to move into your cellular structure the emotional and mental as this is the true you, this is the vulnerable state, you must feel the vulnerable state ~ embrace these feelings of light as you are a new wave and a new energy.  The light is so bright, it feels so intense to you, fully allow the expression to run through your veins and feel the essence.  Allow your Higher Mind to fully reactivate it in this sense.  Allow yourself to express it in all ways of being.  There is nothing more important for you in this moment but to express unto yourself what it is that you feel within your heart.  Allow it to come out of you, to permeate with you.  It will erase all fear, all pain, and all those elements that stop you from the full completion that you are.  You must fully allow it to permeate every part of you because there are parts within yourself that want to fight it ~ do not allow yourself to fight.  Stay in this frequency everyday just for five minutes and you shall find that your essence, your expression, your love and your frequency of light shall change.  It shall help to heal the four body system, the mental body, the emotional body; it will help heal and bring aspects of yourself into the one being that you were in the beginning.

You have come into this physical body with certain pathways but yet they have been interrupted because of your inability to heal these pathways because of outside circumstances.  Remember the veil of forgetfulness is now gone, you have the veil of remembrance.  Feel this veil coming down upon you now as you express within yourself.  Feel the ability to fully feel these frequencies.  It is your divine right.  It is your desire.  It is the expression within all that you are.  Walking upon the pathway of an aspirant, an initiate, to be on the path of mastery is one of great rewards, but it is one that must have trial and error.  Each of you had these elements of trial and error previously that is why you’re awakening at this time to assist the masses, to assist the many.  Allowing yourself to be in this state of being on a daily basis is going to assist tremendously.  You may listen to music, only silent music, instrumental music, you may listen to chanting and Om Namah Shivaya would be the perfect one because it is an element that brings in the essence of God.  It tears and strips away anything that does not serve that purpose and brings out the rawness of being the new being that you are.  Let us take a deep breath.

As I look around this room, I now see the child that you are.  I see the embryo of the light that you are and have been for eons of time.  Express this within your own essences in this moment and allow this frequency of light to fully be within the composition of who you are.  I walk with each of you.

I am Master Babaji.


The Telosian Way of Being was a 10-week series with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  It is available for MP3 download.  The attunements will not be shared in written format and only provided through the recording.

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Lord Sanat Kumara ~ Preparing for Wesak 2013

Lord Sanat Kumara
Lord Sanat Kumara

Lord Sanat Kumara is an amazing gentle, wise, and powerful ascended master who many love and honor.  This week in the Clarion Temple of Oneness we honor him as he shares his thoughts of the upcoming Wesak energies.

Sanat Kumara is considered to hold many roles in our spiritual history.  He is known as the Lord of the World, Father of Spirituality or Humanity, and Founder of the Great White Light of Brotherhood.   Whatever title that he is given he is still the most genuine spirit that an individual can connect with for their spiritual pathway of mastery.

He is the leader of the Venusian Flames and the Flame Holder for the Violet Flame.  His is originally from Venus and worked as the Planetary Logos for several thousands of years.  He was the Silent Watcher of the Goddesses from Lemuria which was when he started the Brotherhood of White Light so as to keep the secrets of the Goddesses from being revealed.  This was when Lemuria was at war with Atlantis which eventually was the downfall of both continents.

His post as the Planetary Logos was taken over by Lord Buddha in the 1950’s, but he played a very active role within the humanity of Gaia and all her inhabitants until the New Millennium.  It was at this time that he went back to Venus to prepare for the New Earth.  He is now very active to assist lightworkers on the pathway of Mastery in preparation for leadership roles that will be activated on the 5th dimensional frequency known as Terra Christa.  (If you would like to learn more about the Venusian Rays of God, please see our special online program, “Venus Meets Gaia for Terra Christa”.)  His work with the Goddesses is unprecedented and is available to every initiate to fully accept their role upon the New Earth.

His role during the Wesak energies is to hold the light as Lord Buddha descends into Shamballa to receive his next initiation.  He holds this frequency with Lord Maitreya (Office of the Christ) along with the entire Spiritual Hierarchy, and God Force.

A special message from Sanat Kumara:

Greetings, My Lovely Beings of Light,

It is my pleasure to connect with each of you for this energy transmission.  Whew, we have come a long way together.  Centuries of blood-fearing energies being dissipated at the same time to allow for the entrance of light that is way beyond what you have ever experienced from Lemuria and Atlantis.  Thank you, God, for those times to be gone out of our consciousness.

I just ask you one question.  Do you feel you have removed all elements from these timelines to find your true purpose?  This is very important as the Wesak energies in 2013 are going to surpass any others that we have experienced.  We cannot measure the depths of the frequency or the changes that you will be able to feel just by explaining it to you in words.  It has to be felt by each of you individually to fully allow the consciousness of your Higher Self and I AM Presence to be felt through the entire experience.  Otherwise, you will not be fully prepared to have the most exquisite moments of your soul’s life to be shown to you in the physical creation.

Some individuals may think that Wesak is just another spiritual holiday and in a sense, it is.  But it is quite different if you fully allow your consciousness to participate in the energies.  Preparations are being made presently to allow all souls in humanity to understand the depth of their own origin and to receive the highest form  of acceleration within their physical world.  Each of us within the Spiritual Hierarchy work especially hard to allow this moment to occur for humanity but it is up to each of you individually to full integrate its essence.

It is important to take your personal inventory of the last year.  What have you been doing, feeling, and experiencing within your pathway?  This is of a personal and professional nature.  Those of you that are in the healing, coaching, counseling, and sharing with others your knowledge need to listen intently.  You will change if you allow it to be.  But you must not think it is going to happen automatically just be asking it to be.  What work have you done for yourself and have you seen improvements throughout the year?  Have you fallen behind once or twice?  This is imperative because you need to understand the lesson in each movement either forwards or backwards so that you don’t allow the pitfalls of the experience to affect you again.  These are all part of the learning experiences and will help you to mold your future. 

Take a look to see what you have accomplished, if it has been to your highest desire, and what could you have done to make it a better experience for yourself.  These are all important aspects to consider when stepping into another level of your initiations.  The more you accept about who you have been, the more you will aspire to deeper levels within yourself.

So as you can see Wesak represents the ability to look within, be truthful and honor who you are even in times of not liking what you experienced.  They, in truth, are the most powerful moments in your pathway.  They will help you to mold a new essence that is trying to emerge from the depths of your soul. But you must be honest within and know when something does not feel right as the transition occurs.  You see, your Higher Self is expanding within you deeper within each moment and it allows you to not only understand the process of your transformation but to accept it within all parts of your existence as you become fully integrated of the Light and Power that you are.

You can expect major growth changes within you as long as you look in the mirror in front of you, remove what does not fit the new essence, and accept the existence of your world changing from your soul’s perspective and not the physical mind.  This is what Wesak is going to do for each of us by allowing us to go deeper into our experience with the Higher Self and I AM Presence.  We are all excited to be part of the ceremonies with each of you.  It is our time to fully come together and co-create all aspects of the self within the embodiment that You Are.

I deeply honor each of you and so many ways.

I Am Lord Sanat Kumara at your service.

Walking Terra Christa is holding a public ceremony in Mt. Shasta for the Wesak energies.  We are also recording the morning and afternoon meditation.  You may order these MP3 downloads on our website, /wesak-ceremony/.  Additionally, if you cannot attend, and want to be part of the energies, please submit your name and location to [email protected] . com to have your name put on our Altar.

Lord Sanat Kumara will be our guest speaker in the Clarion Temple of Oneness on May 13th, 2013 at 5 PM Pacific, 12 Midnight GMT.  If you would like to join this live call, you may do so on a call-by-call basis without joining the Membership Program.  For details, /tele-calls/.

Channeled Through Rev. Christine Meleriessee

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New Earth Frequency Update ~ A New Doorway of Opportunity ~ May 9th, 2013


Challenge is the buzz word for 2013 and this month it becomes increasing more powerful.  We have been guided by the God Force that this year would represent “synchronization” and that if we did not let go of the old forces within us that it would push us into a new way of existing whether we were ready to go into that phase or not.

We did not do a Frequency Update last week as the energy was in a stillness and I could not find the right words to explain what was occurring.  In addition the Unified Whole Command asked me to take a back seat in sharing any energies.  I think sometimes we just need to flow with what we have received in order for the next phase to occur.

This is the stage that we are experiencing presently.  As of Thursday, May 9th, at 5:29 PM Pacific, US time, 12:29 AM GMT, we  experienced a New Moon with a Solar Eclipse.  I always love the essence of the new moon energies as they represent new beginnings.  I have never been one that stays stagnant very long which has allowed me to flow within my pathway as it changed continuously.  This week we are no longer staying idle and moving into another direction that is guided by our higher self and the journey that we have chosen to create.

This moon represents a testing period.  We have gone through the resurrection phase of the Festival of the Christ and are now moving towards the Wesak energies in which we arise to a new level of existence.  But before we can do that we must stop and take inventory of what we want to bring along for the ride or remove it out of our soul’s personality and consciousness so that we never have to experience it again.  We are being guided to make choices about our existence upon this earth and our inner ability to achieve the highest focus of life upon this planet.  This will represent our friends, family, interactions personally and on the computer and how they directly affect our well-being.  What is your focus for your life presently and how can you make it better so that your higher self is guiding you through your physical existence?  These are very important questions because we are living in a very powerful state of being upon this planet.  GAIA is accelerating and we must move with her or decide this is not the place for us to inhabit.

So the testing ground will be set for each individual on the level that they are able to understand.  Many individuals may just see themselves changing a job or residential location.  Others are making life-changing alterations to assist themselves in living happier and content lives.  But, the lightworkers are going to be challenged to be their best, to walk into their pathways on a deeper level, and make a strong commitment to the world in a way they may not understand.  The ascended masters call this responsibility of the master and it is an important part of accepting our Higher Self intertwined within the physical body to create the full body system.

So if you are being challenged to create these changes, then it is your time to shine.  Challenges always represent doorways for growth and opportunity.  They are not easy but a necessary part of existence within the world of mastery.  This Solar Eclipse will create opportunities for advancement as a soul on this planet and prepare each individual to move further in their chosen pathway.  A doorway is being filled with the Light of the Truth to enable initiates to deepen their ability to access new avenues of knowledge and expertise to be shared with others in this world.  The full moon is when we will be acknowledged for walking through the doorway of light and help to accelerate our livelihood in a new and different manner than we have experienced previously.

My advice to any individual that wants to go further into the depths of their essence is to call upon their guidance and higher self to assist them to step into the doorway of accessibility.  The Wesak moon will prove to be the turning point for many individuals to fully accept the next stage of their growth.  Take some time to reflect on the Solar Eclipse and New Moon on the 9th, 10th, and 11th to fully allow the next stage of your soul’s essence to be embodied within you.  It will prepare you for the next stage of growth.

Happy New Moon!


We speak to you on this day of the Solar Eclipse and want to assure each of you that the light of your essence will shine deeply on this day.  We understand that you would like to see elements change immediately in front of your eyes but let us start with just one small miracle of your life.

A doorway has truly opened on this day and it is up to each and every one of you to understand what this opening of a new truth may mean for you and your existence.  It is different for each person and not everyone will truly step into a world full of miraculous beauty.  But it is possible today.

The New Moon is always a time of deep growth and awakening so it is with this transmission with open up new avenues of particles of light to shine into your heart.  You see, we want to know that you deeply understand the trials of the pathways that you have chosen.  No one has ever existed in this way as you are doing so in these moments of creation on GAIA.  That is why it may seem insurmountable of what you want to achieve, but yet you are achieving it every moment you breathe the essence of your Divine Being as it becomes manifested within your existence.

We speak of the eloquence of the light in words that do not really understand one another, but yet it is the fluidness of the expression that you are experiencing.  If we were to stand in front of you in this moment we could not show you the tangible elements that will make it seem real.  It must come from your reality of light that you are into the physical being that you are inhabiting.  Magic is upon us and now is the time to acknowledge the miracle of life and not look towards something that cannot exist for you without the realization of IMAGINATION.  In truth this means that the childlike attitude of being in a world of magic is truly the way that you need to acknowledge the growth that you are experiencing in your life.  If you look around you, the world is not doing as well as taking a breath of your own essence which combined with the energies around you make it quite magical.  The reality is understanding how to create your own existence upon this planet.  It cannot be done without allowing all parts of yourself to experience the essence of your soul’s existence.

If you think about it, this essence represents the soul’s birthing process of many souls existing at the same time within harmony of the self.  There was great joy and expression of light and laughter within each moment.  Your heart desires to feel this once again.  So you have a special opportunity of allowing it to be so.  You see, if you don’t imagine that it is occurring then it cannot occur.  It must be a heart-felt message within yourself to create the dynamics of mystical thoughts and occurrences to come into your world.  The more that each of you practice this exercise of the light within your world, it will become the light.  The more you practice doubt, then that will be the resultant energies within your life.

The doorway is now open for a three-day period to create the existence of your life in the way that you always wanted it to be.  If you allow yourself to be in a dream world of existence of all that you love and enjoy, then you can create the energies to become manifest within you.  You have at your disposal at this moment in time the ability to be the alchemist and have your wildest dreams to come to fruition.

That is the beauty of this new moon and what she is showing you in your experiences.  Be the child and step into this world with great laughter and enjoyment no matter what your present circumstances may be.  You must change them within yourself and around you, then the outside influences will occur.  Don’t think too hard about it; just be in the moment by dancing around the room, singing gleefully, and do whatever your heart desires with the purest of intentions.  Walk through the doorway into your new existence and it will help mold all of your experiences in a completely different manner.

We share this message in this manner, because we feel that it is time to lighten up your load.  You have been holding onto too much drama and hurts of the world; it is your time to shine as if everything already happened within you and around you.  You are the magician, the alchemist, and the God or the Goddess about to embark upon the greatest adventure of your life.

This month is going to prove to be very powerful for each of you.  If you take these energies we have shared and put them into your reality, then you will be able to accomplish the tasks at hand as if you were Merlin the Magician himself.  You will find that the energies you encounter may be challenging but not insurmountable and you can laugh your way to the next part of your journey.

Wesak is right around the corner and the power of the energies are going to be so intense that you are going to need this time to walk into a world that a child dreams about in each moment.  Allow your inner children to dance away all the ills and pains that you have endured as you move into a new paradigm of existence once again.

Flowing freely is the motto that we want to portray at this moment.  We have asked our messenger, Meleriessee, to take a step back from promoting this Frequency Update as we wanted to see how the energies were enfolding within the planet.  We feel everyone needs to be uplifted and shown that all is not falling away as long as you allow yourself to experience life in the highest level of joy and deep passion of the moment.

Take time in your moments to reflect this essence we experience and we believe that you will have a new outlook along with being ready to step into a higher existence of yourself.  There always needs to be time to reflect, time to work, time to play, and then it creates the pathway to move forward as you receive the depth of courage that is needed for the next stage of the journey.

Wesak is going to assist each of you in creating this pathway for yourself and allowing the energies to assist you in the process.  It is important to always allow the essence of your Divine Creation to be manifest within your physical creation but that is not always the case.  It takes great diligence at times and that energy will be coming forward.  We want you to experience your Light as we see it and expand it within you to allow for the full creation of your existence.

Take time during this cycle to honor all parts of yourself as you come into a new existence of yourself.  It is growing deeply, we see it and honor it with all of our essence combined into the Oneness of the Unified Whole.

Blessings and enjoyment for an amazing period of restablization of your light.

We are the Unified Whole Command at your service.

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Reflection ~ Part 1 ~ Telosian Way of Being with Lord Adama

TWOB ReflectionDearest ones,

This is Lord Adama once again for this amazing series that we’re presenting.  Thank you for being with us and for participating in these frequencies.

Let’s all take a deep breath.  We will refresh the energy Meleriessee had brought forth earlier.  Breathing deeply, feel the frequencies of the Rays of God, the Golden Yellow; the White, Green and the Gold; the Deep Blue; the Deep Pink; the Ruby Red, the Deep Purple, the Crystalline Light and the Sea Foam Green.  Feel the Merkabah vehicle spinning in a clockwise manner.  We’re going to practice intention, instead of making so much of a journey we want your energies just to transfer.  So, let’s feel the spinning of the Merkabah vehicle, it spins in a clockwise manner and we’re going to bring in some frequency that’s going to assist in this process.


Just feel the frequencies of Light, feel the higher levels coming to you in all the essences.  Feel that blending within you as you move higher & higher through all the elements.  Allow yourself to just spin and keep spinning and spinning and spinning, the next thing you know you’re not feeling your body very much.  Allowing yourself to spin higher, higher, higher and higher out of the earth’s atmosphere.  Feel the intention of your frequency, allowing yourself to bring in these essences deeply & more fully.  You see the expansion of your joy as you find yourself right in front of the Telosian garden.   This is a very large garden, just breathe the fresh air, and breathe the air that is here.  So, you’re feeling yourself part of your body but not a part of your body.  This is a frequency, you may feel some vibrations, sometimes you feel it in your joints, allow yourself to just flow with it as we meet many other Telosians.

They have been awaiting our arrival.  We’re going to walk through the forest and let’s just breathe the essence of the forest, the greenery, the elementals and the magic that is here.  As the pathway winds around in many different directions, you may see different animals.  Allow yourself to just imagine deeply, imagine the essences occurring for you and then we’re coming up to the space where the Retreat House is.  We see its light shimmering and many Telosians are awaiting your arrival.  We walk down the stone pathway into the entrance way of the Retreat.  And we’re going to step down the spiral staircase that is a very large wooden staircase.  It is adorned with greenery and flowers.  It’s very exquisite and very magical.

Let’s take a deep breath.  We’re going all the way down to the first floor and there are many doorways and many beings awaiting our arrival.  We walk into the special living area, find your special place, maybe it’s the same place where you sat last week.  Notice what kind of seat you are on, the colors, is it cushioned, are you sitting on pillows.  We have a fire place in the corner, see the fire blazing of all the different sparkles of light and I’m going to go down to the center stage and talk a little bit about what this evening represents.  We’re in a process with the second class of this series.  Within this process we’re now getting deeper into the core of your reflections which truly shows with all your questions this evening, what each of you are experiencing and wanting to go further in questioning yourself.  This questioning process is a major process because it is very much part of a third dimensional reality, the analytical mind wants to question everything that we are doing.  It is not easy to step into a consciousness, as a Telosian it is to just be in each moment and not worry about how much you did not get done or what you still have to do, just allowing yourself to be in that space of Beingness.

We want to talk a little bit about that this evening.  What that truly means for us is we need to fully accept our own reflection because our inner reflection is being projected outwardly into the world, to everyone else.  We truly want that reflection to be of the best quality of what we think the highest purpose is for us or the highest essence of our personality that we as a human species want to please others.  Let’s look at ourselves first; I think this is an important aspect because in pathways of psychology in the past individual human beings were not allowed to be selfish with themselves because this made them more important than anybody else around them.  In truth, there needs to be a balance for that because each of us that walks this pathway needs to find out who we are, we come in this body ~ let us say, I am your neighbor and you look at me being very strange and within this strangeness, I think of you as being very strange at the same time.  We don’t interact with each other because that strangeness keeps us apart from one another.

What we don’t realize is that we as a human species blame others for our problems.  We blame the President of the country, we blame the leaders, we blame the grocery clerk because they didn’t do something when you wanted it to be done or they didn’t read the pricing correctly or they scanned it in the wrong way, or you’re blaming the mother for the child’s screaming when you want silence.  So these are all aspects that assist us to look in our self reflection and what we want to do this evening is to assist you with that self reflection.   I see from your comments of the Question and Answer period that you are seeing changes just by what each of you are speaking about and are truly seeing the difference within yourself.  This is very exciting.  I’m very excited just with the one meeting we had and I know most of you have been working with Mel and Mike for awhile, some of you not as long, and listening to the calls and being part of these elements, also doing your own inner work within this process and this is what it truly is.  We’re going to give you tools.  We’re going to assist you with vibrational changes but you’re the ones that need to make the changes within yourselves.  You may not even realize what these changes can be because the frequency of the light right now is very strong to prepare everyone.  The elements that are happening with the earth changes are assisting the planet as a whole to move into wholeness and there are many who don’t even know what that means.  So as I stand before you this evening, let us just take a moment, and allow your own inner reflection to fully be in the capacity of your acceptance.

As we take this breath, we’re going to allow ourselves to be unmasked.  What happens when the mask comes off of us?  It feels uncomfortable, little bit scary, vulnerable.  What if you kept this mask off all the time and you allowed yourself to be in that vulnerable state?  What would happen to your psyche?  What happens with the way you need to fully accept what is occurring within you?  Well I’ll tell you what will happen, you’ll find yourself.  What occurs in keeping the mask on?  Many of us have many masks, projections with friends, projections with a lover, projections with your co-workers, your boss ~ if you are in your own business, with your clients.  We are allowing that projection to come across, because in the aspects of this frequency in a society of this earth, that is what we have to do to be professional, to be friendly.  That you are not friendly with people you’re professional with is not like us.  We do not do that.  That is not the Telosian Way of Being.  The Telosian Way of Being is that we know everyone deeply; we also have the ability to tap into those energies, because of the frequency that we have and the consciousness that we have embodied.  So this is the ability of fully activating your Higher Heart, your Higher Mind, and having that full capability within yourself to grow from that period.  So let us all just take a moment.  I want you to relax.

We have the Telosians, our helpers here who are the young Telosians and they are serving tea to everybody.  Why are we serving you tea?  No, we’re not drugging you (with a chuckle).  We’re not giving you Kool-Aid.  We’re serving you tea to help you to relax.  This is a special tea for each of you and it may be a different tea for each of you.  I want you to take a sip of the tea.  As you take a sip of the tea, I want you to fully relax.  Allow your essences to completely be embodied in your Higher Sense as this room is now bringing forth the frequencies of the many Lights of God as we shared last week ~ all the Rays Of God, not just the 22 Rays but all the Rays that encompass the Essence of God on many levels and all the many colors on top of colors.  Bringing in that frequency of light, allowing yourself to fully feel the many colors of blues, greens, oranges, reds, browns, grays, white lights and beiges and feeling the frequencies as they go higher and lower and higher, higher, higher.  Allowing yourself now, in this moment, as we have a special gift for you in this moment.

Graphic Art by Marc Eden
Graphic Art by Marc Eden

I hold in my hand, a mandala.  This is a very special mandala.  It has been designed by an artist who lives on the earth plane that Mel & Mike are working with.  This mandala brings forth the frequency to remove your old mask.  This man, Marc Eden, doesn’t know what he has created.  We’ll ask Meleriessee and Mike to look at the mandalas that they have because each of these mandalas represents this program.  In his creation this mandala is going to represent removing the mask of your lower ego and your lower mind.  I hold before me this mandala.  If you can feel the frequency of this mandala, it is many colors, many frequencies of colors, and there may be colors within there that may not feel very comfortable because this mandala is going to assist in removing those aspects that you have been holding onto.  So I have this mandala in front of me on an easel, and it is actually on a wheel and I’m going to spin this mandala and Meleriessee is going to bring forth the vibration.  Each of you shall look at the mandala and see the frequency of light changing within all your aspects.  So let us begin this journey.  You may also feel that you go inside the mandala because that is going to assist you to go deeper and deeper.  What does the mandala represent?  Well, it represents removing of the lower ego, the lower mind, the lower mask you’re holding, and many masks, and allowing that frequency to just change.  As we spin the wheel of the mandala, it is going to spin in a clockwise manner.  Feel the frequency of the light changing within the room, and the colors upon colors.  Allow these essences to come fully within.


Now just breathe deeply.  Feel the outer layer peel away from you.  You may even feel a tingling of your skin.  You’re going to feel the essences of the core of your being in this moment.  Allow the core of your being to be the most essence that you want to share, that you want to bring forth, it is such amazing energy.

Breathe deeply.  Breathe in this essence deeply.  I’m now bringing forth our guest speaker this evening.  Master Babaji is coming forward to talk about the silence because now that you have ripped away the outer core lining, it’s important to fully bring in the essence of silence within your frequency of the light.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar series and is available as an MP3 download, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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