Accepting Balance within Your World ~ Lord Adama



It is I, Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light from the Command Center in Mt. Shasta.  I ask of you to relax within your energies presently as this is a very powerful week of adjusting from the energies of last week into the physical being that you are.

Sometimes when we go through accelerations we are so used to feeling the higher energies that when we are integrating the essences, it can seem as if there is nothing occurring.  I want to assure everyone that we are coming into a very powerful cycle and this week is to fully relax into who you have become.

Do you know who you are presently and what state of consciousness your are inhabiting?  This is a question that I pose to everyone as it is always important to take some moments of reflection of where you are standing in the midst of your initiations and acceleration of the Self.  Balance is essentially important and until an individual fully knows the tides within themselves, it can cause more confliction by just worrying of where you may be.  This is a reflection of the lower self, lower ego, and the old way of thinking.  It will try to come back into your consciousness so it is very important to fully know who you are in each moment.

I ask of you this also, “What are you doing for yourself presently”.  Do you have balance in your life?  Let’s take an example:  when you are working, do you take time to stop and smell the air outside?  Or do you continue working through your day without stopping?  This is not a good sign and it is important that you understand the process that you are going through.  Just as you have been working with the changes within you consciously about your attitude, you must work within the physical structure.  Understanding the 5th dimensional experience is to take the time during the day, at least 10 times to stop and allow your higher essence to enfold within your body.  Just because you take time to meditate, does not mean that energy stays with you.  It is quite the contrary due to environments you are living and working within.  The 3rd dimensional arena is still around you.  You may have the consciousness of pure love in your heart, but how well do you expand upon this within your daily life?

This is why in Telos we do not sleep for more than six hours at a time and most do not spend that much time in the dreamtime.  We take long duration of naps and in between that is when we work or go about our business in our world.  This is what each of you is going to have to adjust to as we move into the 5th dimensional arena.  There is so much more to the essence of balance than you may realize.

We know that these changes cause quite a stir within your thoughts and feelings.  They cannot all happen at once so you must be reminded.  Allow me to help you and this is your reminder, “YOU ARE IMPORTANT AND MUST STOP TO REFLECT YOUR TRUE ESSENCE IN MANY MOMENTS OF YOUR DAY.”

It will take some time to accomplish but begin now so you will be ready to fully accept your fifth dimensional way of living.

It is my pleasure to communicate to you in these moments of transformation.

I Am Lord Adama at your service within the Light of Oneness.

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KNOWING – Telosian Way of Being ~ Part 2

TWB Knowing

Let’s take a deep breath.  And as we take that deep breath, I want you to just breathe and feel your Merkabah vehicle spinning in a clockwise manner and feel yourself moving through all the essences, feeling through the frequencies of light as we are going to move out of the Earthplane into the Etheric Earth.  We are going to feel ourselves coming together like a magnet as we are going to see ourselves in Mount Shasta at the top of the summit.

Right now we’re going to practice a little of teleportation with just the frequency.  Take a deep breath and count 1,2,3 as we are all together now as we are going to find ourselves walking through the pathway in the forest towards the Lemurian Retreat House.  Feel that essence as we now are walking all together to see the Retreat House in front of us.  We walk down the stone steps.  As we walk into the open doorways, everyone is awaiting our arrival.  Let’s just take a moment and feel these frequencies.  We have just arrived.  Allow yourself to feel the essence of all Beings of light right here as we now walk down the spiral staircase very slowly.  They are descending down to the bottom floor.  See the waterfall in the middle.  It’ a beautiful atrium with plants and flowers.  This is a very special place.  And as we are on the ground floor, we see the open doorways into the room which is our setting for our retreat.  There are couches and chairs and all kinds of cushions, pillows, and beautiful tapestry.  Just find yourself a seat.  I’m going to step downwards into the lower floor.  It’s like three-to-four steps down.  Now just take a moment and feel the essence of this room.

As the essence within the room expands we are going to see all the Rays Of God in the frequencies of Crystalline Light, Deep Purple, Ruby Red, Deep Pink, Deep Blue, Green and Gold With White, Golden Yellow. All the lights are going up in the room, outside of the room.  The room is very large.  Sea-Foam Green, Blue-Green Pearlescent, Pink-Orange, Gold, Violet-Pink, Deep Blue- Violet, Light Golden-White, Light Violet-White, Multi-White Light, Pink-Gold, Magenta, Violet-Gold, Blue- Gold, Platinum and then more colors and more colors.  We’re just going to allow the frequencies of the 330 Rays of God to be within here.  So all the colors are going to blend together and sometimes you’ll see Crystalline colors, sometimes you’ll see Amethyst, some will see just pure White Light.  These are all going to blend together as the room is just vibrating in a soft luminescent light.  Just feel that frequency right now.

We are going to bring an essence here in the Lemurian Retreat House.  Here we always like to remember our Lemurian times.  This is for all in Telos.  We fully want to bring these frequencies of Lemuria.  Even if you felt that you were not part of Lemuria, you were in some part.  You may have been a visitor, you may have been an angel, you may have been from Atlantis coming in and visiting or you may have been from any of the other planets at the time before things started to come apart.  It’s Ok.  We all are in different places.  So I want you to just take a deep breath and feel that essence at that timeline because now we are going to shift the energy in the room.  As we shift the energy in the room, you’re going to see four columns of light here on this stage.  These four columns of light are a high frequency that are going to tune into that past lifetime of Lemuria, the whole continent of Mu, the Lemurian continent.  It doesn’t matter what it was, all we are going to do is just allow that essence to be remembered of the frequency that we are.

So you are changing and you are shifting right now as these colors within colors are floating within you.  You might actually want to look at your hands or your feet to see if you are a man or a woman at that time or maybe you were an inter-galactic or an angel.  Just feel your essence within this right now.  We want to feel this remembrance because it is very pertinent to what you are experiencing in this lifetime and why you are on this pathway of awakening to be ahead of many others.  So as we breathe deeply into that essence, we start to feel a breeze as if we are outside.  You may be walking the land, you may be assisting crops, you may be a fisherman, you may be a Goddess, you may be working with Sanat Kumara, with the teachings of Sanat Kumara, you may be a warrior, you may be a Queen or a King, or a Priestess or a Priest.

We bring forth Lord Melchizedek at this time, because he was very part of all this although he was not Lord at many of those times, later times he was.  In the beginning he was not.  He was just a High priest like myself.  Allow this essence to run through you and allow you to fully expand within your frequency.  Allow your Higher Self to be your Guardian Essence at this time.  In fact we have a very special gift this evening.  We want to bring all your Higher Selves here in the room.  We have been working with your Higher Selves, even the ones that are not on the program yet.  So within the stage you’re going to see your Higher Selves fully emerge from these columns of light.


As your Higher Self steps out of this frequency of light, you arise to meet your Higher Self and your Higher Self is giving you the representation of what you looked like during that lifetime.  Lemuria was a very long time ago, so it does not matter what time and year it was, your remembrance of that frequency within you now allows your Higher Self to fully blend within you to feel that essence deeply.  As you breathe deeply into essence, I would like you to concentrate on the energy of not who you are now but concentrate on that energy that You Are.  What does it feel like for you? What does it feel like, what are you thinking about? What are you feeling in this moment? We are going to want to take a moment and allow that to come through.

(((Crystal bowl rings)))

Allow those essences to come up for you.  Now allow this Being that is you to stand in front of you.  There are two parts of you and allow the illumination to come to you.  Were you more in your Higher Self then or are you more in your Higher Self now? We want to take the parts that are good and the parts that aren’t good to be fully released.  So we want you to look at your Higher Self of that form that they are showing you.  Is it uncomfortable, first we’ll look at the uncomfortable-ness.  Does it feel painful because I guarantee you that any of these emotions you’re bringing forth in your present state of circumstances because all lifetimes are coming together in this lifetime.  Look at the heart of your Higher Self.  Does it feel beautiful or does it feel painful?  Is it fearful because no matter how long you lived in Lemuria, these are the essences that are coming to you now.

So as we do that we are going to remove the essences that are uncomfortable because this room has a special frequency to do so.  This represents the Rays of God all the way around the room.  I want each of you to see yourself coming up onto the stage and you’re going to stand in the middle of the stage and feel the frequency of the light from all the 320 rays of God that are within this room.  Circling & spiralling, colors & colors, lights & lights of violets & blues, green & yellow and orange, white light, streaks of Gold, Streaks of Platinum, Streaks of silver, everything blending altogether.  Allow it to come into your being now to feel that illumination.  Fully feel the illuminated parts of yourself.  I ask of you to have a remembrance, open up the remembrance, the veil for forgetfulness is now removed, you now remember what it felt like to be in this body.

I guarantee you not all experiences from Lemuria were beautiful but there were wonderful moments of Lemuria.  So you are going to embrace them now.  So you and your Higher Self are going to go to the column in front of you.  This column represents your fear, your anger, all the parts of yourself that you don’t want, the lower ego; you walk into the column together.  Allow the energies now to be infused within you, of releasing these aspects of the lower energies, lower thought forms.  This is not who you are.  It is not who you are whether it’s this lifetime or that lifetime, all the other lifetimes in between blends with your Higher self now and feel the essences removed as it goes through you, spinning and spinning and spinning inside the column of light.  There are many colors upon colors, violets & lavenders & blues & bright yellows & essences beyond the comprehension of your minds.  It blends within you and it flows through you.  You now step out of the column.  You now feel the void and within the void you feel the essence where you do not know who you are because you have released the lower aspects of yourself.

You now walk into the next column of light with your Higher Self.  With this you are going to infuse the best qualities of Lemuria, the best qualities of Atlantis, the best qualities of all your timelines to come fully within you.  Feel these essences now spinning in bright lights, in beauty, in joy and compassion and humility and all the beautiful essences you want to embody within you.


Stepping out of the column of light, let’s take a moment and we’re going to just feel the frequency of who you are now, of the difference to the lower energies to the higher energies.  We are now going to go back to our seats.  We’ll continue with the other two columns in another few moments.  Just take rest and breathe and allow these frequencies to come fully within you.

The Telosian Way of Being is an excerpt of the entire 10 week course. We are providing you a brief overview of the classes without the attunements. You may purchase the MP3 download on our website, /classes/the-telosian-way/.

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KNOWING ~ Telosian Way of Being, Part 1

TWB Knowing

We had a discussion portion in the beginning of the call and Mike Hayden shares some thoughts to consider while going through this process with Lord Adama:

So basically, we are looking at what we know, what we don’t know, that actually refers to what we can know as our Higher Self’s and what we know in our lower mental mind. Most of this course actually involves Soul Psychology as well, so we’re going to be looking at questions tonight:

Who do you think you are? We all think we’re a certain person.

Is this coming from your Higher Self or your Lower Self?

Looking at that person that we think we are, what kind of reactions do we receive from other people, for that person & that personality?

In this current past lifetime that we are living, how have you changed, what you thought was your personality and who you are. Would you have done it any different?

How about your Past Lives? Did you learn from them or are you still struggling with them?

Have you ever felt your ability to access the Divine Knowledge?

If you have, was it a fleeting moment, or did it stay for a day or a week, a month or longer? If you did feel your Divine Knowledge, did you know how you did it. Where were you, what were you doing? What were the circumstances?

So these are the questions, meditate on those.

We are going to Telos. We’ll meet everyone in the Lemurian Retreat House. So, here is Lady Melereissee.

Thanks so much. If anyone wants to make any notes about this information, I think it would be helpful. We feel that this is probably going to be an interactive type of working group. The attunements will probably come at the end. So you may be in a more aware state than you think you are. Lord Adama has asked that we bring him in first. He’s going to discuss with us what exactly we can expect and what is going to be happening this evening; he’s going to guide us into the Lemurian Retreat House and we are going to work with a couple of different Masters. Then we’ll be receiving an attunement to assist in this process. So it is important to tap into your Higher Self through this process. Also, if you can feel the difference between your Lower Self and your Higher Self that will affect the change that you need to make. This is what we truly want to acknowledge in these moments to allow the Higher Self to be the guiding role but also to learn from our Lower Self from our previous timelines and what has happened to us.

Let’s all take a deep breath. Feel that Merkabah vehicle spinning, bringing in that frequency of light. Just allow yourself to sit back. You may want to take notes at this moment of anything that he’s saying or anything that registers for you. This is a working group and something that everyone should be working within the following week, until we have the next class.
We open up the energies with the angelic essences.


Breathe deeply and allow your light to be your guide.


This is Lord Adama here with the Telosian Council of Light. I was going to say Telosian Crew because there is definitely more than the Telosian Council and each of us. I want to say “Thank you” to each of you for allowing yourselves to fully be in this space to go through this process. This process may be different for each of you. But within this series that we’re putting forth, we do believe that with the different guest speakers that we are going to be bringing in, the energies are going to be something quite different. In fact there are many Telosians that are very excited in participating within this series for themselves, because each of us always can go on deeper levels.

What exactly is this seminar going to help you with? The Telosian Way of Being is a standard of Living, that each of you need to expand within yourselves as it’s going to be an essential component. Those of you that decide to move forward with this entire series will see that you’re creating the basis for many to follow. We also know that this work can be very detrimental to the physical body. Each of you are receiving more crystalline energies everyday in the frequency and those of you were here in Mount Shasta, some are truly being challenged because of the frequencies that opened up for you and will continue to open up for you. It is a process of continuation and we want to assist you through this process not only for yourselves. I know each of you here are doing work to assist you in this process, but it is also going to help others. The fact that each of you here on the call are part of this membership program, we do believe that most of the individuals that come forward will probably be downloading the files more than being on the live call except possibly towards the end. So what does it say for yourself?

Well, it says for yourself that you have created this ability within your Higher Self to fully allow the deepness of your healing to continue because as we know it’s not just being about a light worker; it’s not just about being someone that wants to heal oneself and have a better life, it is about wanting to internalize it within all aspects. We are looking at the ability within New Earth energies to continue our lives in a much longer time frame than anyone on the Upper Earth could really fathom within themselves. And that will be a choice of your own individually, because this is not a prerequisite that you have to stay on the New Earth for a long period of time. I know Mel and Mike have already decided that they will do so and all of us in Telos are already in that pathway as it does not mean that you’re going to be a leader of masses of people but it does mean that this work is going to internalise within your being so deeply that you’re going to be able to accelerate your soul’s capability to travel between worlds. if you choose that this is your last life time, this work is going to assist you on a deeper level.

The ascension work as taught by Dr. Joshua David Stone and some others, which represent what Mel and Mike are bringing forth is one step in that process. This will take you a deeper step, because we’re helping to release timelines that you create new avenues for your gifts and acknowledge of yourself to fully come within your physical existence, in your consciousness. We’re known as an unconscious being and within that unconsciousness, we do not realize all the other timelines that we have been through which is part of the process of coming within the bodily structure. It is not necessary to always have to remember the other timelines, because parts of that would be too traumatic for the mental mind and the heart; but yet now we’re in the process of being able to release those elements as we have done in Telos.

Of course, we have not gone through the timelines that each of you has to an extent and we want to thank you for that also, you are assisting greatly. So this workshop series is about going to be a part of an acceleration phase to allow individuals to fully realise their potentiality as a Lemurian, as an Atlantean, and to bring everything into focus and to have a fulfilling life to be able to access all avenues and to remove those parts of themselves that truly do not fit this consciousness. Each of you is striving to do these things already, but assisting you with the continuation and understanding what happens as you walk into a Lemurian frequency is going to allow you to see the change in your present circumstances. So why not have the ability to change it now instead of waiting that you arrive into that frequency and then all of a sudden it is compounded upon you like a thunderstorm, with pallets of rain and dirt on top of you and then you get buried underneath.

So we truly want to assist because the energies at the end of the year will change everyone. Individuals do not realise that. So each of you are going to be way ahead than everyone else because you’re going to assist this process. Also what is occurring with this workshop series is that each one of you has an open gateway to be in Telos in the Lemurian Retreat House. You can intend to be there. We will be working on you on the inner plane levels after the class. So please know that the workshop energies will continue after we are finished with each of the sessions. I wanted to share this information and each week I’ll do it this way. We’ll share a little bit about what is going on.

Last week you were initiated into your Heart Essence in the frequency to receive the ability to return into Telos much easier than you have previously. And what is the goal? The goal for many individuals would be that the doors of Telos are going to open and everyone from the Upper earth is going to flood to Telos because that’s the place to be. Unfortunately, it is not going to appear as that but this will assist you in getting closer in being able to communicate with us deeper on a physical level and interactions of a physical existence will occur. This is what we are truly striving towards.

The other element I want to share with is that many souls have been coming to Telos in their sleep time to work with us and we are very disillusioned. We’re seeing individuals that are truly not even part of the way that each of you is. So I want to thank you. It’s a pleasure to work with each of you in this way, and I look forward to working with many more as this information is put out through the waves of communication that we have to assist others in being part of this process also. I’ll also say, anyone new that does come to any of these recordings, telling someone about this doesn’t mean that they are going to get the same benefits. The work needs to be done through this process of Mel and Mike, mainly, because of the frequencies that Mel brings through and the work that both of them are doing here in Mount Shasta has allowed these energies to come to you.

I previously wanted to do a series like this with Aurelia Louise Jones that we were planning to do so but it really never got to the fruition level. With the work both Mel & Mike have done, while living in Mount Shasta has accelerated them both. I know that they both are challenged for their physical bodies presently but that is in order to hold these frequencies for each of you, so I want to thank each of them for being challenged as they have been really pushing themselves beyond the limit of what we really thought that they’ll have to do. But they are showing themselves that they are willing to do whatsoever is necessary in their pathway to assist others and you’ll be finding that you’ll be going through similar experiences. They are just opening up the doorways for you to receive these energies, and in turn, you’re going to assist others to receive the same.

Through this process of the workshop series you may find that there are new thought processes that are coming to you in your intuition that what you need to be doing in your own work. This is true even if you’re not working fully with others, there are going to be doorways opening for you to do so, not necessarily in consulting but just communicating. Some of you will be, but others may not be. They think that they are not doing the work but in truth you truly are, by just being and expressing yourself. So this is going to assist everyone.
I really do believe that this is going to be a very amazing series that we are putting forth. So let’s get started tonight. We have a couple of very special guests that I will not announce at this point. Melereissee and Mike both know who they are and I think they are going to assist you greatly in these processes. So I want you to think about the questions that Mike shared because this is going to assist you in getting deeper into your essences,

“Who do you think you are right now in this moment, in this creation of what you have experienced, what you have gone through this year up to this point? How often this comes from your Higher Self and how often from your Lower self or have you integrated your Lower self enough that you are fully dealing with your Higher Self continually”.

So you look at all these elements and how would you do them any differently. What did you do in your past that you could have changed and now you’re to look at it to change. And are the reactions that you are feeling from your past life; possibly you have remembered or have you fully released them? Are they still in your cellular memory? Are they still in the part of your body that you haven’t acknowledged because remember that the four body system has to be one body of light. So the next thing we ask of you is what about the Divine Knowledge?

Our next excerpt will include the journey to Telos.

The Telosian Way of Being is an excerpt of the entire 10 week course. We are providing you a brief overview of the classes without the attunements. You may purchase the MP3 download on our website, /classes/the-telosian-way/.


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Telosian Way of Being – The Importance of this Program ~ Part 4

 telosian_way_of_being_intro-fbWe have a special message coming forth.

We are the Divine Mother & the Divine Father God of the Cosmic Great Central Sun and we want to thank each of you.  Thank you for accepting this world, accepting this essence within you, because it is going to assist you when you walk away from this Retreat House, when you walk into your own world, you allow this frequency to run through you without even doing anything.  It’s going to emanate out of you, because that is the beautiful quality of this frequency of light, to allow the illumination to run within you and then in circles around your field as others will experience What You Are, Whom You Are.  Allow this initiation Now to be fully within all parts of your body.


We are the Angels.  We are the light.  Embrace your light.  Embrace this essence within you.  Allow these to come through you in a frequency to Accept.

We are One Being Of Light.

We are the Divine Mother & Father God.  We are the Angels.  We are the Formlessness.  We are all Lifetimes.

We are the Unified Whole Command of the Light of Oneness.


We are One.  We are Light.  Open up your Hearts onto it and allow it to be expressed within your Physical, within your Emotional, within your Mental, as you Accept It.


Breathe deeply.  Breathe deeply and allow these essences to be fully within, fully within in the completeness that We Are together.

Let us all feel the essences now.  It is time now for us to leave the Lemurian Retreat House.  Let us stand up and reflect within each other. 

I am very grateful, as Lord Adama speaking for the Telosian Council of Light, and say thank you deeply for what you have brought forth until this time.  I know that you’ll receive great rewards for receiving these energies, allowing them to be intertwined within you and to ground them deeply.  Take time in the next week to put your feet into the ground and put your hands to the ground.  If you could put your feet in a body of water, especially within nature, allow these essences to blend fully within whatever is around you.  Put it into a stone and allow the stone to go into the air with the beautiful essence that you have brought and opened up onto yourself.  Let it go into waters, let it go into lands, it does not matter where it will go.  But it will go.  It does not have to be an expensive stone, it can be a rock that you see and ask the rock that “If is it OK to intertwine your energies with theirs”.  I’m sure, they’ll say “Yes”.

So, let us just rejoice within each other.  Let us rejoice that we have come together in this way as this is your initiation of Opening up your Heart Essence unto the Lemurian way of being.

Breathing deeply, it is now time for us to exit.  Each of us from the lower level will come up to you as we want to acknowledge each of you for taking this walk with us.  We know it is going to assist the planet greatly and assist each of you individually of getting through any elements that you have been trained to deal with on your own.  You are not alone; you are all here with us.  As we leave the room, we walk up the staircase, the circular staircase that goes up to the third floor and we see the beautiful atrium and the water running down in the middle feeling the fountain and the essence of the water just going through the entire structure of this building,

We are now to the third level.  We walk out the door and see many elementals and animals.  The pure Lemurian Way of Being is just right here.  We walk up the stone steps.  Now I am going to ask each of you to gather together.  You could leave from this point forward.  You can come in at this point forward.  You can come in through the garden, and down the walkway.  Whatever way you would like to do it will work.  Let’s gather together as we create our Group Merkabah together.  I’ll travel with you to the summit.

Take a deep breath.  We feel our group Merkabah.  Many Masters are with us.  Many other Beings of Light are with us.  Others are all waving on the staircase and they cannot wait until our next visit with each other.  Feel ourselves spinning upwards- upwards – upwards and upwards out of Telos beyond the core the earth as we feel ourselves coming upwards.  Then all of a sudden, we are at the summit, all gathering together. 

I want to shake each of your hands, give you a hug, a kiss on the cheek and say “thank you”.  I give thanks to Melereissee & Mike for allowing this work to be done, and I thank each of you for participating greatly.  I look forward to our next visit with each other. 

I am Lord Adama with the Telosian Council of Light and the Hierarchy of the Inner Earth Cities at your disposal. 


Everyone feel the Merkabah vehicle now, moving in a clockwise direction.  Then I want you to center yourself back into your present location.  Just take a couple of moments with that. 

(((Crystal bowl rings)))

This is Christine Melereissee with Mike Hayden.  Namaste and thank you for being on this journey with us.

 The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar which is available to purchase for MP3 download.

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Telosian Way of Being ~ The Importance of this Program ~ Part 3

Please note:  This replaces the previous post with the same title.  It was sent in error.  We apologize..Thank you for your support.

telosian_way_of_being_intro-fbWe are now going to dim the lights in the room.  You’re only going to feel the candle light; you’re going to see the essence of the illumination of the light in the room.  At the top of the room is a reflection and it shows the water that is running through the entire retreat house.  This water will reflect the periods of movement.  Allow yourself to just feel the essence of the water as you feel the energy surfacing from the top of the room.  It is now going to spin downwards into the base of the room.  Allow yourself to accept whatever colors or frequencies that are coming through your Being.  This room not only represents the 22 rays of God but it represents all Rays of God which goes way beyond what your physical mind can extend.  So the many colors of many colors are blending within each another.  Use your intuition and breathe in these frequencies as we are now going to work with opening of your heart.  Receive the best optimal experience for this initiation.

Breathing deeply ~ feel the essence of the colors blending within you from the top of your Crown all the way to the bottom of your feet into your Root, into your Sacral, into your Solar Plexus, allowing it to blend in your Heart, in your Throat, in your thymus, in your Third eye, and into your Crown.  Feel the essences of all the Great Masters with us, all the Angelic Beings, all the Inner Earth Beings, all the Inner Galactics, and all the frequencies of Light, as we bring forth this frequency.

The middle of the room represents the 144 Dimensional levels.  If you were to look at it, it is a hologram which is a frequency of essences of colors & bubbles of light, coming down from the top swirling.  And if you’re looking through your Third Eye, it would be like a projection screen as you feel this calm of light coming down in the middle of us here where each of us are sitting.  Now it is going to filter where each of you are sitting.

Allow yourself to receive what colors, and what frequencies are important to you.  You may see a specific Master that is assisting you to open up your Heart more fully.  With this we’re going to go back into our Lemurian heart.  Each of you has experienced Lemurian energies even if you came here only for a short time.  This is the pure expression.  If you could take all your essences of 144 dimensions and from feeling your Formlessness of Angelic Being you are, into the Galactic forms, and the Human Forms, feel it spinning and just put it in a ball of light.  Feel that Ball Of Light coming to you from the Hologram as you feel it in the palm of your hands.  You cup your hands together and allow that ball to be within you.  You’re going to take a deep breath.  Now feel that ball of Light coming into your Heart.  The colors upon colors are going to be spinning with you as you breathe in these frequencies and allow them to blend within you.  As you open up your Heart, allow it to expand within pockets of your Cellular Structure and in your Physical body which is how thought forms and essences of this life time are held within you.  Then let’s go beyond this process as we want the Divine Heart to be opened for all lifetimes, for all essences.  Allowing the Divine essence that you are as the Male and the Female to accept these elements blending within you.  Colors upon colors bring forth the frequency of light.


Now feel the energies circling around the room.  You are part of the room.  You are part of these frequencies.  The hologram now changes to include each of you.  It moves out the circumference of the hologram, from the top of the ceiling all the way down to the walls and to each of you because you’re adding your Heart’s Essence.  You’re being initiated into the Oneness that we bring forth in this Retreat House.  Once you come in, each time you will feel your essence as it comes to you and allows you to remember who You Are.  Now allow this frequency of light to be fully within you.


Now the hologram changes.  It’s going to be a reflection of illumination of colors upon colors.  As you look into this hologram, I want you to fully see the reflection that is within you.

What words do you feel~ Do you feel joy? Do you feel ecstasy? Do you feel serenity? Peacefulness?

What are the components that are deeply within your Heart, because this makes the basis of your Light.  This makes the frequency of the ability of bringing in your Soul’s Essence from the highest 144th dimension into this body now.  This is going to assist you when you are having periods of going through transitions, you tap into this level and it is going to assist you and make the change necessary.  Feel that essence now unfolding within you.  As it becomes You, you are not only feeling your Heart but you’re feeling all parts of your body.  We’re now going to ask the Cellular Structure of the body receive this frequency.

As the room is vibrating in a very high energy, you allow this vibration to just run through you. This is imperative for you to move your vibration into a higher ray and allow these frequencies, swirling colors of light within the room.  Now they are all switching as you see others around you with their essences.  You may want to dance within their Essences.  Let’s all get up and dance within the frequencies of everyone that is here.  There are Telosians, there are other Inner Earth Beings, there are the Inner Galactics, the Spiritual Hierarchy, the essence of All That Is in this moment.  Feel that.  Feel that Divinity that we are together.  And allow whatever someone else has, bring that to you now.  Breathe it in and allow that essence to be within you because this is a part of you that you need for the Heart and the balance.  This is your initiation in the physical body to remember your Lemurian essence but also to remember your Beginning essence.  What it was like for you in those frequencies of light as now they spin within you representing the Sparkles of Light and that is you.

Let us just take a moment and breath as you feel these essences blending within you.

The Telosian Way of Being is a 10-week seminar which is available to purchase for download either weekly or for the entire series.

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Expressing LOVE through the Pink Flame with Elohim Masters Heros & Amora


Abundance of Light – Creating Prosperity Together

On April 27th, 2013 we were honored with the Elohim Masters of the 3rd Ray representing DIVINE LOVE, COHESION, ADORATION, and GRATITUDE TO LIFE in our weekly prosperity circle.  Heros & Amora represent the ability to help us, as initiates, to remove discordant elements and psychic debris of the many lifetimes we have endured.  In other words, they are assisting us to bring the positive aspects of our timelines together to create Oneness within our consciousness.

Heros and Amoroa are the Elohim Masters of the 3rd Ray, with the color of Deep Pink which ignites within our Heart Center.  Elohim Master Heros is also known as Orion with his Divine Complete as Amora or Angelica.  They are considered the aspect of Divine Love.  The great service of Heros is the love of impersonal, and constructive service to life.

In our previous connections with the Elohim we:

First incorporated  THE WILL TO DO of the Blue Flame of Will & Power with Hercules & Amazonia;

Secondly we initiated our  PERCEPTION to create the manifestation of the Golden Yellow Flame of Love and Wisdom with Apollo & Lumina;


  • The more sense of feeling  LOVE you can put into your desire, the more beautiful will be your form, and the more quickly it will manifest.
  • The more LOVE you put into your service, the greater will be your manifestation, the higher will be its quality and the more plentiful its blessings to the world of form.
  • The depth of your love, the deeper is the forgiving self embodied.

Heros & Amora shared these affirmations within our Circle of Light:










We meet for this amazing prosperity circle every Saturday at 10 AM Pacific.  All you have to do is register to receive the prayers we speak and receive the highly accelerated energies, ABUNDANCE OF LIGHT ~ CREATING PROSPERITY TOGETHER

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Give up all forms of addiction including drugs, liquor, and artificial stimulants along with cutting down on sugar and sweets.  Just as we are striving for even-mindedness on the psychological level, we are striving for evenness in our physical body’s energy throughout the day.

Mikos ~ Guardian and Intergalactic of Portho-Logos, Hollow Earth

MikosMikos is an amazing being to work with and we are going to be highlighting his energies this week.  He is an Intergalactic that lives within the Hollow Earth in the City of Catharia below the Aegean Sea off of Greece’s mainland.

He is the Guardian of the Earth’s records and all records in the Solar System and Universe in the Library of Porthologos.  These books are living records of life.  There are mini theaters all throughout the library were one can sit in comfort.  It is the best way to learn about life in the Galaxy and feel as if you are part of the experience when it occurs.

Mikos and the community in Catharia are from many galaxies and represent the Inter-Galactic races from another star system in the Milky Way Galaxy.  They engaged in battle that brought great destruction to planets.  They left their Solar System and traveled to the Hollow Earth.  They found open tunnels leading into the cavity inside which existed from other civilizations.  It is in the Hollow Earth that they work with calling upon the Light to stop the influx of destructive ETs looking for space upon the Earth.  The Ashtar command has fully protected the Earth at this time so that all can live in peace.

“Open yourselves up to the existence of other life exiting beside you on your home planet and you will be able to explore all wonders that truly do exist inside this globe you call, Earth.” ~ Channeled through Dianne Robbins

In Mikos’ own words through Christine Meleriessee:

It is my utmost pleasure to speak with you int his moment.  It is an exciting time as both of our worlds are starting to come together as One.  We have been long awaiting this time since Leumuria and Atlantis fell and now each of you are readying yourself for the New World Awakening.  Each of you represent the Star nations in so many ways.  Your timelines of the past are coming together as you unite the essence of your Being into the completed mission of Oneness.

We gather with each of you at this time not only from the Hollow Earth but with Ashtar Command with Lord Sananda overlighting the star ships and increased information that comes into your consciousness.  Your sleep state is fully of working with each of us and you have accepted your role very diligently.  You promised to be in silence until it was time to reunite all that you have in your Etheric Body to full remember the elements that are necessary for the rebirthing of Gaia into Terra Christa.  We are now coming to the beginning stages of this occurring.  We are no longer silent; in fact, we work with many of you through the stages of your growth.

My role with each of you is to help you remember the parts of yourself that have been lost.  This must be done in a very strategic manner as if it is not done properly too much information will flood your consciousness and you can become what you were before in any of these timelines you are remembering. This is why you are going through so much purging and remembering aspects that have been lost previously.  It must come through you within increments of your soul’s history to allow the pure essence of your acceptance to be acknowledged.

I hope that you will join us for this meeting within the Temple as I want to share some energies that will help you acknowledge parts of your-self that have become lost.  The Library of Portho-Logos is our space of remembering and I ask of you to join me there when you sleep.  I want to help you to acknowledge the gifts of your awareness that are starting to enfold within you.  I am so happy to work with each of you as you deem it appropriate.

In love and joy of my reunion with my brothers and sisters,

I AM Mikos

 “Experience your moments of joy and allow them to be the memories that you desire.  The more that you reflect in these times of happiness, the more that you will create it in your world”

The community of the Inner Earth Cities are becoming more active in our worlds, and Mikos represents the Inter-Galactic forces that have come to experience peace in their pathway and world.  He will be more active within Walking Terra Christa and we are taking this opportunity to honor his presence within the Clarion Temple of Oneness on Monday evening, April 29th, 2013.  If you would like to be part of this live tele-conference, please register at Walking Terra Christa.

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The Telosian Way of Being – The Importance of this Program ~ Part 1 & 2


We will be sharing some of the transcripts of the amazing series, the Telosian Way of Being, which we held in 2012 with Lord Adama, High Priest of Telos.  This seminar series can be purchased for MP3 download by clicking the above link.

 Part 1

Let’s take a deep breath. We are going to center ourselves so that we all meet in the Mount Shasta with our intent. Just allow your intentions to be your deciding element even if you may not know where it is geographically from your location. Just imagine yourself going to the majestic mountain. We meet at the top of the summit, at the very top of Mount Shasta. We gather together. We are just going to intend that we’re going to move down through the mountain, into the core of the earth and we are going to meet in the garden which is the lowest level of Telos.

Let us just walk around the garden and feel the essences of the flowers and the beauty that is here. Birds singing. You can hear water running, the waterfalls are in the distance.


I am Lord Adama here with the Telosian Council of Light.

Thank you everyone for being here with us in Telos.
I believe that it is going to be a very important program. I have with me here all the Ray Chohans as we gather around you: El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Serapis Bey, Paul the Venetian, Master Hilarion, Lord Sananda, Saint Germain, along with all the Lady masters, Mother Mary, Lady Portia, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena, Lady Isis, and Lady Quan Yin as they all join us in this beautiful circle of light. We will show you what the Lemurian Retreat is like. It’s also part of Lemurian Healing House. This is a place where we have teachings where each one of you comes in your sleep state. Right now, let’s center within each other as we all sit with you.

Let’s just take a breath and feel the essence of each of us coming together. As you represent the Team of Light of the Upper Earth, we represent the Telosians here in the Inner Earth and the Spiritual Hierarchy. We have on the outside of us, the Inner-Galactics, Ashtar Command, Pleiadians, Sirians, Andromedans, Arcturians, all the Great Beings of all time and Divine Structures. We are also met by the Angelic Essences.
We have been in council for several days trying to decide what is our best way to fully assist each of the Lightworkers to move more deeper into the processes of their own creation of their Divine Essence..

12:21:2012 is going to be a huge shift and within the shift, it’s going to be very important that every individual understands what they are going through beforehand. So we want to be of greater assistance than we already are. We know that visiting the New Earth Cities is assisting everyone deeply and we’ll continue this after the New Year, in 2013. We may also revisit some of the cities once again but we’ll finish with them first.

This program that we want to bring share with you will assist each of you in finding some unanswered questions on this pathway with us as these changes occur. The Telosian Way of Being and living is allowing these changes to unfold. Then, when something comes to you that needs to be created and you already have made plans, how do you handle yourself, this is our first lesson today.

So if each of you are here, being part of these lessons, and you bring these frequencies unto yourself, just think how powerful it’s going to be for others. If you share what you’re experiencing with another, of how you have made these changes, you will see a direct result occurring. We want each of you to realize that you are not walking into this program, without knowing what you are doing, because each of you have been with us and have accepted this. We would not make the changes unless each of your Higher Self’s has said it was OK. And since you’re already coming with this on the cities, you’re going to be getting an added frequency to assist you in accepting the down-to-earth energies of the 5th Dimensional level.

Some may think that the 5th Dimensional level is so far away that they do not have to worry about that but this is not so. The changes that are going to occur geographically around the world are going to be affecting everyone, and it is important for individuals to realize that you’re making a contribution to assisting the planet in these energies. So I ask of you, if you can share with another or post it on your networks and say how much you have accelerated through this program, you’re going to do a great justice to many lives, many souls because this frequency will blend within each of us and beyond.

So that is the importance of this program. The depth of this program is going to help initiate you on a deeper level that your Higher Self has already deemed it is appropriate. So, I want you to relax. I want you to enjoy yourselves here on these teachings. It is going to be like if you walk through the doorway and came in to the tunnels from Mount Shasta into Telos. We will guide you into these teachings. I am unable to come to you physically but this is the next best thing that each of us want to do for each of you.

Part 2

So let us arise, and hold hands for a moment. As each of us hold hands within each other, within masters within initiates, within students within teachers, within teachers within students as each of you is teaching each of us at the same time. Let us make a pact within each other that in these moments we shall never loose our sight of our Oneness and what we are trying to achieve in these moments.

I ask of you to blend in within your Hearts and allow this light ~ this frequency to come to you in this moment. As you’re being blessed, by being here with us in Telos as many other Telosians are now joining us. You’re known very well among the community even though you may not realize this. Each of us loves you deeply just as much as you love us and would like to be with us. This is because of what we are doing presently ~ we’re joining hands-within-hands to allow this to occur. So our hearts are open unto each other. Let’s take a moment and feel this energy with each other. As we bring in many different levels of society, many different levels of frequency of inner-Planetary, of the Solar, the Galactic, Universal, Multi-Universal, the Inner Earth as we come together as One Being of light.


Please follow me. We’re now going to leave the garden, walk down the garden pathway. You’re seeing vines along your right-side, as we walk into a grove of palm trees they represent the essence of tropical energy. Then we’re going to walk through this beautiful garden and see many more flowers; you will see streams running down each side as we walk down this windy pathway ~ just for a few steps. Then we walk down a set of stone steps into the Lemurian Retreat House. To the right side of the Retreat House stands the Lemurian Healing House. Some of you may have visited here to travel in your sleep state to receive healing.

This is our meeting place, gathering place, and retreat place. We also have cabins where people do come and they stay here. They leave their residences here in Telos or other cities to experience the essence. Now you’re going to feel as the air opens up, it’s going to be changing from a more tropical energy which is intertwined, to more of the Mount Shasta energies, of the frequency of the pine trees and lots of groves of bushes and it is beautiful. The sky is high and you’ll see Hawks and Eagles flying above along with many Ravens and Crows. There are many types of birds that are flying around as we now walk into the entranceway.

The Retreat house is an octagonal type of building, there are steps all the way down from the land which means individuals from the Retreat House can go up the steps and sit and you’ll see there are benches and there are areas to sit while enjoying the flowers and the land. We have many beautiful relics that represent the spiritual hierarchy of Lord Buddha, Krishna, Quan Yin and angels. It absolutely represents all creation right here. We have created this here because we wanted to remember the Earth energies and the Spiritual Hierarchy, because we are all part of that essence.

As we walk down the steps into the doorways of the retreat (the doorways are like French doorways that go all the way around), we now are going to step into the retreat house. When we first walk in, you’ll see that you’re at a higher level, like a balcony and you look down, there is a railing which is where our conference room is where we will meet for each class. You can return here at anytime to work on any part of yourself. Please ask us to assist you. We can take you to the Lemurian Healing House and we can also take you to the cabin area for you to rest for a while and to rejuvenate yourselves.

As we come down, you will see there is a winding staircase which is going to take us to the left in a spiraling motion all the way down to the bottom. There are three levels. There is a second level where we meet for ceremonies when individuals are going through healing processes, we may go in there sometimes on some of the weeks. Then we go all the way down to the bottom to the first level where there is a lobby entrance.

Within this entrance there is greenery with water that runs in the middle representing an atrium that goes from the top of the ceiling to the bottom of the floor. You’ll see that there are doorways that are going to opened up into the hallway area. We are actually underneath the earth right at this point. We are going deeper than we were at the first level of Telos. This helps us just to feel the essence of Gaia, with the frequency as we walk into the room.

It is a very large room. There are many areas of rooms around the main entrance hall in a circular fashion but we walk into this huge room which is about 200-300 feet in width. This huge room has many banners which have many different colors which represent the different rays of God which represent the frequency of the Light. We walk into the area which looks like a living room setup. We don’t believe that everyone should be sitting in a hardback chair. We want everybody to be comfortable. So all around the room are chairs, couches, cushions, or you can sit on the floor if you want. Just feel the essences of these energies.

In the middle of the room is sunken floor which is where our speakers will present their teachings so that everyone is up a level above the presentation area. Here we have our ability to transmit to you frequencies of Light. We are going to be accessing different areas from this room that will take us into Corridors of Light to assist in the process of activating these energies.

We are giving to you, through these classes, an ability to walk into the retreat house and really experience what you would experience if you were coming on a physical journey for a retreat into Telos. We also may be meeting other individuals from other cities that may join us and their energies are going to be combining with each of us.

So, as I step down, each of you should find yourself a seat in our beautiful living room area. You see candles all over the place. We believe in the candles. There are many colors of the frequency of banners. Allow yourself to just sit for a moment and we are going to just receive the healing energy in this room.

(((Crystal bowl rings)))


Welcome, Welcome to the Lemurian Retreat house. This is our initiation to open your energies up for you to feel as if you are in a fully trustworthy place where others are experiencing the same as you. We want to take your soul on a journey which is going to represent the totality that you are and to allow that to unfold within your physical body. Each of you is a part of these vibrations on a weekly basis. Each of you comes to the temple. You receive frequencies of Light from the Divine Mother & Father God. What we want for this program is to put those elements into practice, and not just an attunement that you receive and now are healed. That may be true but sometimes it is not true.

We want each of you to feel the completeness that is you, because this is what we need to assist in this time of great change. The time of great change is going to be bringing essences of elements you’ve been thinking about, that you want to accept in your life style. We know it is a transition that you can come here and you could feel these essences, these beautiful energies and to incorporate within yourself, to fully open up your heart and that’s what we are going to do this evening. We’re going to give you an attunement to help you open up your heart, to fully be able to see within yourself what it is you’ve been missing in the totality of your essence. This is the same initiation that we will give to you if you come into Telos physically. These are the parts of the same initiations that we have given to each of you, as souls, when you travel in your sleep states. Of course, it is not always remembered. And that is because there are elements within you that don’t allow you to remember or you are not ready to fully receive it.

During this next three-month period, we’re going to work with you individually and collectively. Your Soul has opened up a doorway for you to access these energies. Whether you feel that you’re Lemurian, Atlantean or whether you feel that you were here at that time. So each of us has parts of ourselves that need to fully feel the recognition that We Are. This is our goal to allow you to recognize the essence that you are and then to work through it in your physical world. Others need to see how you are; others need to see how you don’t react, or how you stay in the full completeness within your being. So yes, you’ll go through a great transformation through this process, depending on where you are and what you need to work on. But the most explicit part that you will receive, is allowing your Heart to be in a deepness of your Soul within your body as we walk through a stage of completion, allowing your I Am Presence to fully be your guide. We are not saying that you don’t allow this presently, but your mental thoughts and your emotional feelings get in the way of this process. So this will be a connection for each of us.

When we cannot meet due to the other elements happening like a Full Moon Ceremony, in the retreat we will continue the following week. I have asked Melereissee and Mike to share a list of the elements that we are going to be working with and the names of the masters that are going to be coming forth. This will be brought through later this evening and shared with each of you through the internet so that you can get an idea of what you are going to be working with. It will be important to recognize if you have issues in this area to put them down on a paper and get them out of your mind. Be prepared when you walk through, that you’re going to change through these processes. As always, it may not always be a first time event; so it will be important for you to listen to the recording each time thereafter.

We’re very happy that each of you is on this call with each of us, and we are happy to extend this energy through the New Earth Consciousness Circle Of Light because it truly is a Circle of Light.

Channeled by Rev. Christine Meleriessee

©2013  Walking Terra Christa, Rev. Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden, 5th Dimensional Mastery ~  All Rights Reserved.  No use without prior written permission allowed except for sharing the post in its entirety along with the link to this page.