Learning to Accept Your Will To DO ~ Elohim Masters Hercules & Amazonia of the Blue Flame

Elohim Masters Hercules & Amazonia, of the Blue Flame of Will & Power, represent the power and essence of strength and walking a pathway of inner balance to fully reflect God’s Will through each of us in Action.

We can fully bring forth these elements within our lower aspects of this Ray but to embody it on the Higher level is truly our TRUTH and vulnerability as God-given Beings of Light.  Both of these beautiful masters show us how to bring in these essences so that it comes from pureness of our Hearts and I AM Presence.  The Elohim walked this Earth during Lemuria so you may even feel very much akin to some of these great Beings we will be sharing with you.


It is our Divine Pleasure to come through each of you on this day of your reading and feeling our essences.  The first element we ask you to do is breathe deeply and allow the Blue Flame representing strength, courage, and the power of your Will to fully come into your physical creation.  Feel your Mental thoughts just being blurred within you as they merge within your Emotional feelings.  Allow the Masculine and Feminine to fully blend into the Oneness that You ARE.

We give you this visualization to help you realize your Divine Essence in the purest of your Heart.  You cannot utilize the Blue Ray of Will and Power until you see the vulnerability that is within you.  This is truly a gift and some may think that it is a detriment.  The Heart must heal through this process in order for you to see the Will of YOU within You.  It is very simple actually. 

Understand this process in this manner.  You are going through a challenge with another person or situation.  The first thing you want to do is to tell them, lash out at them in anger or frustration and this is so very wrong.  The first element you need to realize is that it is occurring because of lower thoughts, situations, or feelings within you.  It is not the other person; they are just assisting you to fully change it and bring it into the Light.

Working with the Blue Flame of Will and Power is a very strong force.  This is why it is imperative at this time to actualize this flame from the highest frequency and not the lowest.  If you are struggling with relationships or feeling powerlessness, we guarantee you that you are still emanating from the Red Flame on the planetary level.  We must help you to arise to the Blue but sometimes it needs to be a steady pace and not a jump from one to the other.

So how do you do this?  Well, you attune yourself with your own Higher Self and ask for a dimensional shift to occur for you.  We understand the process of physicality as we have walked your walk on the Earth.  It takes great diligence and foresight to continue the journey but you do have the power to do so.  It is all a matter of relevance and what you feel you deserve in your life.

So let’s feel those essences from the Red, to the higher Pink, into a Lavender, and feeling light Blues, and then the deepest Blue you can imagine.  This is where you want to be.  As you feel those spiraling lights coming with you, feel the change of your feelings and thoughts being fully transformed.  Now you are allowing your I AM Presence to bring to you your Will which is God’s Will of light and love.

Within this essence now feel great strength within you.  Now this strength does not come from your lower mind and what you have to do physically; it comes through your essence as it is flowing within you.  This is where you want to be ~ accepting the deepest part of your Higher Essence into your Lower Body.  You will start to see a transformation take place.

Now you embody the ability to have the POWER TO DO.  It will move through you because you are coming from a balanced Heart and Mind; one that is from the higher levels and not your physicality.  This takes practice but it can be done.

We are here to assist you in this process.  Feel the beauty that You Are by embracing your WILL first in your own essence, change those elements that do not feel well, and allow them to be empowered by YOUR WILL TO DO.

It is our pleasure to work with each of you personally through this amazing journey.

We are Hercules and Amazonia at your side.

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Ray Chohan of the Blue Flame ~ Master El Morya ~ Walking the Bridge to Freedom

Master El Morya is the Ray Chohan for the Blue Flame of the Ray of Will & Power. This flame is associated with our Throat Chakra in the Universal Level.  Working with Master El Morya can be a very life changing experience as from the qualities of this ray an individual may think that his energy would be intense and very strict.  He is very powerful but within that power he brings forth a calmness of his Spirit that is so wonderful to experience within your Being.  As many of you could relate in reference to teachers we have had in our studies, they do not always share their pure heart.

Well, Master El Morya is very strict but within that strictness he shows how to work through the process of ascension and acceleration.  Allow him to come to you as you read his words.  Take a deep breath and allow him to stand before you to fully feel Who He Truly Is and you will see Yourself reflected within very deeply.

Thank you, Dearest One, for your kind words.  I believe that many initiates that I have worked with would not have been so kind but I have helped them to move mountains in their own endeavors.  They have proved to be the best students as the ones we do not like necessarily affect us the most.

It all depends upon the student as they work with the Master.  I represent probably one of the most intense frequencies of ray energy available and it turns out to be the first one individuals turn towards.  It is the type of individual that is ready to work through their own processes to make the necessary changes that is truly the best relationship for Master and Student.  It is the ones that rebel and think they are right when a lesson comes to the surface that causes great discord within the Master.  But it happens and later that student, if they are humble enough to do so, should return and thank the Master for that lesson.  It has gone both ways for me, by the way.

Representing Will and Power is not an easy job but one that I am very diligent in my own pathway.  There is nothing more important to me than sharing with individuals how to find their own Freedom and once this is done, it assists the planet immensely.  If everyone was obstinate and sure of themselves when they truly had not done the proper homework, then I would not be doing my job.  It is a huge position to assist individuals to fully understand that they are part of a greater whole and not all that THEY are doing, is of the utmost importance.

We are a team, each of the Ascended Masters, and that means each of you that have acquired this position of standing.  It is important for every individual to embody Will and Power from the God Essence and not their emotional or mental bodies.  This is where the world gets into trouble and has been for centuries.

We are at a place in history when more individuals are awakening upon the planet to assist in making this planet, Earth, that we call GAIA a balanced energy that expresses the essence of God into their Hearts and Minds.  So how can we embody Will and Power if the four-body system is still separated from the Essence of God.  Some do not think so but it is true.  My job is to assist you, as the student to fully understand the process of Will and Power which will create deep understanding, from a perspective of great tolerance and patience.  Each of you have something very strong to give to this world; otherwise, you would not be here at this time.  But you cannot jump into the cart before the horse is ready to move.  Patience, my children, is your friend as it will give you great tolerance in what you are learning.

You have a will within you that is great but it cannot be shown to another until you can express it within yourself.  Where is this Will coming from ~ your physical mind?  If it is, then you are in trouble.  If it is coming from your Highest Essence, then you are on the right track but it is a huge learning process as there are many lessons within the initiations and sublevels of trial and error.

So we need to start from the beginning of your Creation and allow the Blue Fame to fully embody your essence.  Bring it down through your Antakarana Bridge from the Higher Realms like your Higher Self is on a huge sliding board and allow it to slide into your physical body.  What does that feel like for you in the physical realm?  I bet it feels very powerful but yet flowing.  As you express the deepest part of your being into the physical realm it will change elements that you have been trying to combat within yourself.  You see, there should not be any arguments happening with you.  There is only one way and that way is to fully see yourself as a God Realized Being.  This is where your power lies; not in trying to control your situations or people around you.  You must take responsibility for yourself completely.

Once the Blue Flame embodies within you and sits within your Throat, you are now able to speak from the highest part of your Being.  It is when you speak from your physical mind that it gets you into trouble.  The mental body is trying to find a way within your world and he thinks he knows best but truly he does not.  He must blend with the emotional body and remember there are emotions attached to each of these experiences.  When you allow the Blue Flame to be embodied within you, it is like a light bulb that is turned on.  It is an AH HAH moment.  Yes, now I remember what I am supposed to be doing.

Then, at this stage, you start to reflect on your next movement.  It comes from the space of your God Essence within and allows the power that is within you to be very diligent but yet with great humility of the journey you have traveled to be where you are.  This is where the true Will comes into your awareness.  These are the highest aspects of your Being.  When you do it any other way, you are definitely allowing the lower mind to take over which creates obstinacy, anger, and arrogance.

Allow the Blue Flame of Will and Power to embody within you God’s Essence that is YOU.  It is not anyone else, but truly your ability to fully see yourself in the Light and walk from the Old to the New.  Create the bridge of your reality into the BEING that you have become.

Ask for me and I shall help you walk on this bridge and see that what was before was okay but now it is beautiful and flowing within your existence.

I AM Master El Morya

Chohan for the Blue Flame of Will and Power

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Lord Alura & Lady Aluri, Elders 1 & 2 From the Throne of Grace Share their Blue Essence of Light

Each of the Rays of God are emanated from the Light of the God Force. For the first 12 rays they are sent to each of the Ray Chohans from the 24 Elders That Surround the Throne of Grace. We will be sharing their essence for the first 12 Rays of God. Each of these essences is a component of many energies of formlessness, angelic, inter-galactic, and human so there are many aspects within the Elders that represent all of these frequencies. This is the first time they are sharing their Light with each of us in this manner.

Ray 1 is represented by Lord Alura & Lady Aluri who are considered Elders No. 1 and 2. Their energies bring forth the elements of Humility, Patience, and Strength.



It is our pleasure to full allow our Essence to be shown to you through this channel of Light. We house ourselves within the Throne of Grace which truly represents the Divine Mother and Father God in its purest and rawest form. We are a mixture of many energies that have been housed since the Creation of Divine Mother and Father God and represent all elements within the multi-universes in our creation.

On this day we would like to express to you the essence of the Blue Flame and how important it is for the Divine Purpose and Will within your structure of the human existence. There is great reflection of the rays of God and as we impart these essences onto the Ray Chohans it is their job to fully command it through them into each of you. They represent the teachers of the Earth in human form; the Archangels represent your angelic presence; and the Elohim represent both aspects. So when we express our energies in this manner, it is all in the completeness of Oneness. We felt it was important to share that element to each of you in helping you to understand exactly how the Spectrums of Light work through the essence of Divine Mother and Father.

We as Lord Alura and Lady Aluri embrace the essences of the Divine Will and Power in its highest forms. When you intend to use just the Ray color, then you are accessing our energies. That is why it is important to understand how powerful the rays can be from this level of expression. That is also why we have Ray Chohans, Archangels, and Elohim overlighting each of the rays of God. They are a filtering of that light frequency so that it can get to each individual person in the way that is most suitable through their higher self to the physical creation that you are.

We, of the Blue Flame, want each of you to realize that embodying these essences within you are a very important facet of information. That is why the spectrum of light shifted to come into the planetary level so that the frequency was not of the highest but still very strong. What happened in this process is that the flame of the planetary, Red, became encased in the depthness and not the purity of this ray. It has caused great affliction upon the Earth in many individuals as they were not ready to receive the higher aspect of God’s love within them. They wanted to but could not integrate it within the physical body.

So we give to you the ability to assimilate the Blue Flame within as to create the balance that is necessary within the body. You already have walked the pathway many times and tried to create what you know is right but have been unable to do so. Working within this ray of light will assist you in fully accessing your own Divine Will and Power. The most important element to remember is that it must come in its own time. Too much of anything will throw you away from your true purpose. Work within the Blue Flame of Light is fully accepting that you have a role to play within your life to share with others but first must embody it within. This is where it has become very confusing in some areas of reflection of the planetary level.

So we give to you today the ability to fully access the Blue Flame from your own highest Essence. Allow this frequency to come to you very slowly but deliberately and you will be able to acquire great patience with the strength that is needed.

Do you see that at times you forged ahead too quickly without really knowing what you were doing and thought you had everything in place and then to find there was confusion? This is part of not allowing to sit back and infuse the frequency within until ALL ASPECTS of your Being are ready to receive the courage to move forward. Internally you must allow this ray to embody within your Throat. It already has been in place within your crown so let’s just take a breath and relax into the frequency of the Blue Ray.

We embody this to you now. Feel the spiraling lights moving into your Throat and just relaxing the pressure within your body. We give to you the ability to feel differently with the Universal ray of Humility, Patience and to know you are a leader in your own world. But you must first start within first to feel it before you can share it with others. Otherwise, the lower ego and mind takes over and you don’t fully embrace the entirety of the aspect of God’s Will and Power within you. Allow it now to be within all parts of your being and accept your challenges as a learning process of accepting your vulnerability. This accesses your humility of the self to see beyond the problem into the solution of your world. Embracing this light will fully allow you to go slower and with intent that is focused from your Highest Essence into the Divine Being that You Are.

We are Lord Alura and Aluri at your service

Imbuing the Blue Ray of Will and Power to you from the Essence of God

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Walking The 5th Dimension ~ New Seminar Series with Lord Adama and The Ascended Masters


The Telosian Way - art by Marc Eden
The Telosian Way of Being Seminar Series  — artwork by Marc Eden 7thDimensionEnergyArt.com

Are You Ready To Walk Upon The New Earth?

 That answer for most of us is actually: “No”.  And the reason is, even though we want to believe that the New Earth will be like just walking down the yellow brick road to the land of Oz, it won’t be that simple.

Do you still get angry at your family members or co-workers?

Do you still get anxious or apprehensive about making your bill payments?

Do you find some individuals annoying or rude?

Do you have self-doubts and fears?

Well, in the 5th Dimension not only do you walk along your path without expressing all these lower frequency emotions…you have learned to not only not think about them, but to not even have them.  Fully. At All.

And we here at Walking Terra Christa. which includes the voice of Lord Adama and the Ascended Masters and Lady Masters, want you to be able to say “Yes!”

So, effective immediately the New Earth Consciousness ~ Circle of Light calls are going to change to be a teaching forum in preparation for the energies of 12-21-12, the Gateway to the New Earth. We are being asked to fully acknowledge the divinity within us in order to assist the masses of new students that will be arriving in their awakened states after that much anticipated date.

(click here to read more about this special seminar series…)

Understanding Will & Power of the Blue Flame of God, Ray No. 1

Accessing the energies of Will and Power can be a very powerful exchange of light.  We want each of you to understand how to utilize this ray as on a planetary level it can change your world completely even when you do not want to go to the extremes this ray can embody for each of us.

To help you understand all aspects of this ray we first will share the specifics:

Color:  Deep Blue

Elders:  Lord Alura & Lady Aluri

Chohan:  El Morya representing the Manu

Elohim Masters:  Hercules & Amazonia

Archangels:  Michael & Faith

Toning Sound:  “I”


On the Planetary Level the color is Red which correlates with the Crown Chakra.  This ray on this level represents Power which can be in its rawest forms.  Earth has truly had its powerful leaders that represent this level and we still do as that can represent arrogance, desire to control others, obstinacy, deep pride and ambition.  These elements are considered the vices of this ray.  When we first worked with these energies many years ago, Meleriessee had a joke about the “red ray types” which we usually find in government positions, executives, military, and politics.

Now it does not mean that this has a negative connotation to this ray, but in the lower aspects, it truly does.  It does not infer that someone with these qualities cannot aspire to higher levels which is why the Science of the Rays is so fascinating.  An individual is not set within those confines of the lower energies that he/she may inhabit within their reality.  This is what happens when an individual rises to the occasion and opens up their heart into their Highest Essence.  An individual that has this ray within any of their six aspects of Personality, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Physical Body, Soul, or Monad definitely have a pathway to lead individuals.  Their energies would share an ability to have great governing capabilities and their essence would display a strong Will within them. Having the Will and Power infused within you whether you brought it with you this lifetime or not will assist you in understanding your purpose and allowing the Will of God to integrate within you via your I AM Presence.

The higher aspects of this ray give us strength courage, being truthful, letting go of fear issues, and having the ability to be a great leader by handling situations and people in a large-minded way.  When an individual is still accessing the planetary level, they can most certainly stand in the higher qualities of this ray.  But what truly happens as a person starts to walk on the mastery pathway, they will change the composition of the energies within their physical body by accessing higher vibrational levels.  This is what we want to aspire to within each of the rays that we incorporate.

So what happens then?  Well, the Red flame then starts to get a higher vibrancy with it.  As the energy moves from the Planetary it goes into the Solar, Galactic, and then Universal color which is Blue.  This is where the information from a Ray Reading with Djwhal Khul can assist as with Meleriessee’s ability to scan your field; she can tell at what level you are incorporating.  Many individuals that are fully awakened at this time will probably be accessing the Blue Flame of Will and Power due to the increased energies upon the planet.

This is where it gets very interesting as the Blue flame will now move into the Throat chakra.  As we know the Throat represents the ability to speak from One’s Heart and not their head so all the above abilities of being a great leader, having courage and strength incorporated with the ability of knowing how to find your Will is fully incorporated.  The Universal level represents deep faith, initiative, and the Will of God being fully activated from an individual’s Higher Self.

So we want to initialize the Blue flame and not the Red as that is going to assist an individual in activating the Universal level; thereby, assisting in raising the vibration within the four-body system.  Eventually, it will assist in activating the Merkabah, or light body frequency while working from your I AM Presence as one Body of Essence.  It will also help you to realize the potential that is within you.

It is very important to understand that even though each of us brings different ray energies for each of the aspects an individual must learn to interpret and command all of the rays.  That is why we are sharing this information as we are being guided by the Overlighting Beings of the Rays of God to make this science as easily as possible to understand.

In each of these rays it is important to infuse them within your chakras.  A very good visualization to do is before you start your meditation, infuse each of the Rays of God within each of the chakras.  We suggest you start with the first seven.  Spin the chakra with the ray color in a clockwise direction and always use the Universal color.

So in the case of the Blue Flame, call upon the Ray by asking for its essence to come to you.  See it as a funnel of Deep Blue Light swirling within your Throat by breathing at least three times.  Then feel the essence move through the rest of your body.

You can also utilize this visualization through the chakras first and not by the ray number.  However you choose to do it, is right for you.  You can also call upon the energies of any of the Overlighting Beings as shared above along with toning to the sound of “I”.

Check in tomorrow to read a message from the Elders 1 & 2 That Surround the Throne of Grace, Lord Alura & Lady Aluri as they share their essence of humility, patience, and strength.

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Frequency Update ~ September 23rd through 29th, 2012

Planetary Level:

This week should be a mixture of the new from the New Moon on September 15 and moving into the Full Moon on September 30th, at 12:19 AM GMT.  In between these two phases we experienced the Equinox which truly was a doorway of moving from the old into the new.  This week we should be feeling the effects of the New Moon as we allow the walk to continue within the newer energies.  The Full Moon can be a time of romance, fertilization, and relationships which mean the emotional parts of the self will be very reflective.  It can be a bit combative as the Moon is in Aries representing the ‘self’ and the Sun is in Libra representing the ‘other’.  It is a time of illumination of expressing ourselves and moving out of the normal way of doing things.  This can also mean that we may want to change the old way of doing things, with others and in our lives, into a new existence as we allow these energies to be our guide.

In reference to Solar Flares, there is a slight chance this week.  There was an active region on September 23rd which is being recorded as an expanding cloud but is not being considered a threat to the Earth’s atmosphere.  The Northern lights have been active during and since this Equinox although the wind velocity is very low at this time.  That does not mean it will not speed up in the Artic winds.

Cosmic Level:

The energies that each of you are going to be feeling this week could be a mixture from the old and the new.  Possibly more of the old as you may not know what you need to be doing to walk into your new pathways unless you have been intending for quite some time to fully access these frequencies of light.  As the information above relates to the New Moon, Equinox, and Full Moon, it can create a mixture of energies that may confuse the lower mind to try and understand the entire process.

We suggest to you for this week to be in preparation for the Full Moon energies and totally understand WHO YOU ARE.  This means in all aspects of your Being, not just thinking about it.  How are you doing with conversations with others, interactions, and allowing your true Spirit to be the guiding force within your world?  As each new day brings on a different frequency of Light unto the Earth, each of you are going to be challenged deeply to fully understand the process that you are undergoing.  If you do not know how to do so, just ASK.  It is that simple.  You will see a special moment occur for you if you do so.

Not only is the time period in the last week of September crucial for your emotional balance, it is time for you to understand the mirrors that you are sending out to others; because it will be reflected back into your SELF.  We cannot assist another until we assist ourselves, and this is the week to do so.  Find time, even if it is a moment of self-reflection, to take care of your own insecurities, energies that are not serving your higher purpose, because they will illuminate out to others.  As a direct result, don’t you want to feel the same from others?  Isn’t that why you protect yourself with psychic energies so that you don’t have to interact with the ones that do not align with your truest purpose or thought of the moment?

Let us all take a breather this week and start to fully accept that you are a Divine Being of Light and allow that to reflect in all of your words, thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  As you do this, it will all come into a synchronous moment of creation.  Let us blend the Planetary with the Cosmic and bring it into balance into the ONE that matters, YOU.  As you do so, you will see this week be the most synchronistic moments in your life.  As each full moon becomes closer with 12-21-12, you will see a change in Who You Are.

In Love, Joy, and Exhilaration of Our Light Together,

The Unified Whole Command in the Light of Oneness

Celestial Energies Equinox Ceremony and Channeling

Earth - Equinox
Allowing The Higher Frequencies To Blend With Gaia Through Your Essence Into Hers


If you have been feeling the energies of this Equinox, this call will assist you to fully integrate those energies.  Then you can share them with Humanity and Gaia.  Click the underlined link as this is perhaps on of the most high vibrational tele-calls we have done to date to assist you in shifting into the New Earth Energies.

We etherically travel to the 10th Dimensional frequency.  Most will feel the vibrations on this call for certain.  Plus an important message about each of us grounding these frequencies into Gaia.

Blessings In Oneness!

Mastering Your Light

Mastering Your LightWhat it takes to Master Light – The Journey Continues (by Mike of Mel and Mike)

The scope of my life and work has changed drastically and dramatically over the last year.  It was last year on September 6, 2011 that I left Philadelphia to drive across the country, destination known but not understood, to arrive in Mt. Shasta California.  I was not moving, not relocating; I just knew I had to finally, after many long years, take a break from my normal routine, get away from it all and see if I could renew and rejuvenate my spirit.

My normal routine as some of you may know was that of an independent business consultant by day doing marketing work, and a student and sometimes coach/teacher of all things metaphysical by night (and some weekends).  Occasionally I had even assisted in marketing and administering some channeling events with other Lightworkers  to help assist with the work of sharing the Light.  But that was hardly it…I was also spending a good year recuperating from a bad shoulder injury, am also a divorced Dad who has two boys who I took care of a few times a month and visited weekly at their home an hour’s drive away; a middle child in my own birth family who was the only one of three sons to whom the task of caring for our elderly (and very cantankerous) ailing Mother responsibly fell toward.  Caring for my Mother was partially an issue of honorability, as it did not seem right to me to have her put into a home to be cared for, and partially due to my own situation of having to live on my own and also support my children financially, as caring for my Mother in her home provided the means to make it easier to have money left over after all the monthly bills were paid.

On Thanksgiving of 2010, at 11:11 pm, my Mother passed away after having spent the last few months confined to bed with a broken hip and failing lungs.  I had been her main source of emotional and physical companionship for the prior four and a half years.  It may not seem that long a time but for me it was in many ways, a lifetime.  My Mother was ridged in her beliefs, strict in her ways and did not believe that love was show or shared by a demeanor of the kind word or an overt act of kindness.  Love was a debt one owed for what another did for you.  It was a great challenge for a Lightworker to experience, and I imagine many of you can relate.

Why? Because that is the path of a Lightworker, to not just face adversity, but to be in adversity 24/7.  It is not specifically designed to be a test of your Light, but is simply a reflection of life in the modern world and what it will take for you to remember and relearn how to Master your Light.

I could go on to delve into how the other folks in my life, my ex-wife, my close friends, my two brothers, those I worked with at the time, were also reflections of the those challenges, and how there were also occasions where they too shined the Light very brightly.  But you have all that in your own life too, as life is full of moments of contrast at either end of the spectrum.

But as many of us experience it, especially those who know they are here upon Gaia to specifically shine their own light brighter, those challenging individuals and situations can get one down, day after day, month after month and year after year.

This was finally why Spirit “set me down and had a talk”…it was time for me to regroup and take a breather. And getting away from it all, driving across a vast country that is 3000 miles wide, might just assist.  Spirit does not give me much advice.  They certainly help me readjust my perspective and usually, when it comes to choices, allow me to choose my own Destiny, but this time it strongly suggested I take a trip, get away.  This talk did not happen until had had attempted to design my life according to the way I wanted it to be after four years of taking care of my Mother. I felt that it was time for me to finally set myself up as a proper citizen of a large metropolitan city area should, and begin to settle into the lifestyle of a successful 3D person just like the nightly sitcoms and TV commercials depicted.  (I can tell you, they did not spend much digital resources on portraying the kind of life I was living before).

I had to give notice at my primary place of business and that too caused a great deal of drama, but the drama also extended to everyone in my circle, for I had never “left” them before, I was not traveling man, I was a steady and dependable presence in their lives, even if they did not appreciate me being in it so much.

So, by the first week of September last year, I had all my ducks in a row, I loaded up my van (a family van for lugging the kids around) and off I went.

When one envisions themselves traveling across the country as a single male (who had a lifestyle that permitted about 2 dates a year by the way), it is more fitting to be in a fast Mustang or some such vehicle, not a family van.  But my intentions were to be reflective and meditative, so my vehicle suited me just fine.

And it was no coincidence that this could finally happen for me, as a year before my Mom passed, I also took a big step in my own journey of accessing the Light more fully.  I had enrolled in the premier launce of the Light Master program by Steve and Barbara Rother (through the new Paths to Empowerment business). What was unique about what they were doing was that they asked for a commitment to the full year.  They felt that having one step in and out, only sampling the work here and there would be a disservice to the teachings and to the student doing the learning.  This was a big shift for me to commit to a yearlong program, and it also shifted me greatly after being in it.  Only I did not have a full understanding of just what that shift inside me was about, nor was I really conscious of it.

It wasn’t just Steve and Barbara Rother that were “hard at work” trying to get folks like me to “wake up and see the light”.  In addition to my dear channel friend Sheryl Blumenthal for whom I had marketed the events for, I had also met a gifted teacher and channel named Robert Young and his wife, (also named Barbara by the way), who did some powerful healing work on my Mom (and myself) when they were passing through Philadelphia.  And, due to my shoulder injury, I had reconnected with another great channel and healer from Southern New Jersey named Christine Meleriessee who drastically altered my life by assisting me to bring in my Higher Self more fully.  And as I said before, I was not really conscious of just how powerful and transformative any of these healers and teachers were to me – until much later, and that is typical of the pathway of becoming a Master of Your Light.

As I look back on it, why did I decide, after so many years of being responsible to my duties, of always doing the “right thing” and standing by everyone in my life, of being the faithful friend, the dutiful son, the dedicated parent, the loyal worker…, why did I choose to take a break and drive across the country?  It was not me.

But that is the point…it was no longer me.  Studying and reading about what Lightworkers do was what I did for almost 20 years, doing Lightwork as a formal course of study only happened when I stepped up and took the Light Master year long course.  It was a financial and time and duration commitment.  But it was all about doing Lightwork on myself.  And that is why the doorways opened more for me to allow other teachers and healers to really assist also.

I took the trip.  I drove.

And I was not planning on leaving The Philly metro area where my family, friends and livelihood were all located; I was not planning on moving.  Or should I say, the old me, the one I was no longer, was not planning on it.

As I neared the state line between Pennsylvania and Ohio I felt very strange.  I had a very distinct physical awareness as if I was not just a guy in a car driving along a highway, but a tree who wanted to move and did just that, such that it was uprooting its roots after decades and decades to move…just like those trees in the movie Lord of the Rings…big roots, not easily dislodged.

All of a sudden I felt like I could breathe deeper.  Something very heavy had left me and I could not explain or put into words what it was.  But I felt it just the same.

I traveled to see some family and friends along my journey, each one assisting me greatly in seeing and understanding facets about my life.  Each gave me gifts of spirit that they cannot even comprehend, as I did not comprehend it at the time either.  It was as if I was given the time to reflect and review my life through their eyes, as we discussed what I had done before and how long I had been doing it.

You know you can’t really see your own life fully when you are in it.  It really is a case of only seeing the trees and not the forest.  And that is just how it is.  We like the trees, we like the view.  Not always because we literally “like it” necessarily, but because we are used to it, we understand it, we know it.  Our roots go deep and so do the roots of those trees near us.  Nobody wants to uproot their roots. They spend too much time and energy, emotionally and socially digging them in.

And when you can only see the staid old oak trees all around you, you might not even know some very tall splendid pine trees are just around the corner, or perhaps 3000 miles away.  And you might not know that you are not really a very good oak tree, but that yo are an amazing pine tree.

This was in a manner of speaking what happened to me.  I discovered myself again, and I was really much less a part of the energies of the world I was in than I ever knew.  And that world was not just the particular characteristics of the city I lived near and the people who inhabited it, no, it was not simply about geography…that world was the world of “being dimmed”, of being not the Light that I was.  It was the choice I made to go the extra step, to really commit to being a Lightworker by learning how to Master the Light as Steve Rother put it, that shifted everything for me.  Without that commitment I would have continued on, leaving my roots just where they comfortably (as uncomfortable as that was), were.

I now not only walk in my light, I focus entirely on expanding my light as I walk the talk fully.  I don’t do business consulting for others anymore.  I work full time on my own Lightworker business along with my new business partner and new life mate, Christine Meleriessee, who had moved from New Jersey to Mt. Shasta just months before I took a trip across the county.  Turned out, she is my Divine Twin Ray and both of us never had a clue…but that is, again, the point.  You can’t know what is in store for you until you really commit to stepping up.

What can happen when you do?  Everything.  I am now incredibly joyful about my life.  True, my children and all those from back where I grew up, don’t like it, think I have abandoned them, forsaken them…and many of them have anger and frustration with what I did.  After all, trees should stay put shouldn’t they?

Now I assist other Lightworkers (even those who don’t think they are) to delve deeper, to go the extra step into what really works.  I was also a student and teacher in philosophy, psychology and the personal development movement…and I can tell you that there may be a reason why all those ways of addressing your life are not really working for you the way the teachers of those movements depict that their teachings should…it is because you are not here on Gaia to fully partake of the world of success in the 3D, of “having all you want”, of being the master of your life”…because you are here to be a Lightworker.  And that journey…is not what you ever thought it was.

It takes a lot of work.

It takes a lot of work on you.

It takes commitment to accepting into yourself that you are not “maybe” but “are”, a much more expansive being than you ever thought you were.  A being that is immensely confident, knows fully who they are, and why they are here on this planet at this particular juncture in time.  It does not mean you get past all the challenges of being human, it means you know inside that you will.

I have learned so much more in the last year and I now pass it onto you in my work with Meleriessee.  So I do invite you to take a page from my book…learning literally about Lightwork, that is, learning to command light is what will take you to the next level of your human existence like nothing else out there can do.

Why? Because what Steve and Barbara were asked to do by the group, was teach humans the next step in their evolution.  You have all heard you are a being of light, a Light Being.  You have heard that all matter is simply a frequency of light, that sound is a frequency of light…well we, as humans now have to learn to feel those frequencies and call them up in our consciousness.  This is step one to walking the pathway into the New Earth, into the 12/21/12 prophesied about…it is very important we learn to Master Light.  It is what the Ascended Masters all did and it was called Ascension Science.  Meleriessee has upped the game with the light work of using the 22 Rays (which no one else is doing by the way…(yet at least…).

For myself, I am working to get out as many programs as possible as Spirit wants humans to get assistance from them.  All of our work includes channeling from the Spiritual Hierarchy without exception. We now have an Email Seminar Course in Ascension Science that is simple and easy that we just put together on how to Master Light using the 22 Rays, as in light rays before 12/21/12.

I discovered that there is a great deal about Ascension Science and Soul Psychology that I never knew…and it turns out it is really important to know these things.  I stepped up and it really assisted me.  It is what really enabled me to Master my Light.  Below are the links you can check out:

Take The 22 Rays Challenge! = our Email Seminar that you do on your own time with teachings and MP3’s delivered via email each week for 12 weeks (90 days)at just a dollar a day.

Integrate the 22 Rays in your Chakras = our in-depth 9-week Seminar now on MP3 audio with handouts, each of the 9 classes is 90 minutes of audio.  For those who what deeper understandings and channelings in the 22 Rays and how to use them.

Plus, for those looking for Ascension Teachings, we are launching a new course, The Science of Ascension, and for those who want a great understanding of what living in a 5D reality requires, stay tuned for our new The Telosian Way of Being weekly seminar series.

And, don’t forget — tomorrow is our tele-call to celebrate the Equinox!!

Walk The Pathway To Mastery: Science of Ascension Series with Master Joshua (Dr. Joshua David Stone)

Science of Asension Mastery Class Series by Walking Terra Christa
Science of Asension Mastery Class Series by Walking Terra Christa



The next phase of our Mastery Class Series is going to entail tools, techniques, and guidelines along with understanding truly what ascension means in the human consciousness.  Many are on the ascension pathway but may not fully understand what that means except to move into higher levels by feeling increased energies within their physical body along with many changes that are occurring.

This series is going to help an individual to have a broader understanding of exactly what the process entails on “Walking upon the Mastery Pathway”.  (Click here to read more…)

Learn to Command Your Light

Are You a Lightworker? Do You Command Your Light Waves?

The Science of Ascension Teachings are explicit about what each of us must do to best accelerate ourselves on the path of Ascension.  It is not just a question of thinking you are there and being in a state of loved out bliss.  To Master Light you actually need to Work With Light. This is what the Ascended Masters knew. The Rays of God are the SPECIFIC FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT that will transform you the most.  It is why you are called “Lightworker”!

We invite you to come learn about each of the 22-Rays of God explicitly – at your leisure and on your own time.  It is now possible through our new email seminar series.  But don’t wait – 12/21/12 is just 90 days away – and our seminar is not just about reading up on the Rays.  We are giving you 22 powerful Audio Attunements and Decrees that will energetically attune you to the color of each Ray.  But we can’t do that to you all at once — we think doing 2 Rays a week will be quite enough!  And that means this email seminar series will take you 12 weeks to complete — just in time for the 12/21/12 shift!

Doing this will prepare you immensely for the gateway of the 12/21/12 so that you can fully take advantage of all the light encodements that humanity will be receiving.  Yes, we are biased but we say: Get Started Today (that is…. by 9/21/12 if you can – but it will still work after that date – because it is all in Divine Timing to give you the full acceleration you need.)

Click to learn more and read a great channeled message from The 24 Elders That Surround The Throne Of Grace – because they are the over-lighting force of the Rays of God for us…

Many Blessings in Oneness,
Mel and Mike