Announcing the Summer Solstice OM WAVE CRYSTAL ACTIVATION!

Personal OM Wave Crystal Activations

We talked about it…now it is here!

As we now are aware, 2012 is a very crucial year in our opportunity to advance our Light Quotient significantly.  We offer another great tool to specifically utilize the transformation within the Summer Solstice. The Solstice will be a grand affair of Light as the energies of Atlantis and Lemuria will merge as the Eternal Essence of OM.  This radiant OM Wave will cascade from within Mt. Shasta itself via the enormous central power crystal that is housed inside the Lemurian capital city of Telos.                 [read more…]

This Memorial Day ~ Healing for All Souls & Changes in the Temple!

Clarion Temple of Oneness - Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond

Archangel Michael Asks
It was over a decade ago that Christine Meleriessee answered the call from Archangel Michael to join Heaven and Earth within the messages of the Clarion Temple of 911. This was a powerful connection desired by the souls of the 911 event to assist and thank humanity for all their prayers of love, compassion and healing expressed for them and their loved ones. The event of that day in 2001 was the first time in humanities history that humans all across the globe began to consciously be joined en mass — together in unity — for a common cause of the heart.

It then came to be called the Clarion Light Beings Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Oneness and has grown to change the destiny of millions of souls, both those of whom recently walked upon planet EARTH, and many more from the entire MULTI-UNIVERSE of ALL THAT IS.

The Temple now came to represent all the Beings of Light who are eternally committed to answering the call; the Clarion Call of all who seek spiritual aid as the spiritual numbers of 9-1-1 represent “nine”, the movement of God combined with “One”, the Unity of All That Is in relation to the “one”, the individual who is seeking aid from the Spiritual Realm.  All participants who joined in on the weekly calls, as human representatives, now became the vehicles for in depth healing and accelerations within themselves, enjoying the high frequency attunements and meditations that were also being experienced by All The Light Beings.

More Changes
Now there are even more changes to bring us all into Healing & Wholeness within the Temple.

We have come to a juncture of time for each of us and in the pathway that we are embarking upon.  Changes occur and we need to flow with those elements of the passage of time.  Today is one such day as The Clarion Temple of 911 & Beyond ~ Unified in Oneness is moving into a new frequency of Light.

Since the transference of the Sunday night Cosmic Oneness call just two short weeks ago, Meleriessee personally knew there were going to be more changes.  Lord Sananda along with Divine Mother and Father God announced to Mike Hayden and Mel that they wanted to let go of the Cosmic Oneness call to assist them due to more projects coming up, and they also decided that this energy should be integrated into the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond call.  As Meleriessee states, “It was with a shift in my consciousness that I needed to fully embrace this change but yet, Lord Sananda, explained that we had all been discussing this possible adjustment for a few weeks on the Inner Plane.  I accepted that this needed to be done for many reasons.”

In addition to the releasement of the Cosmic Oneness call, the Cosmic Great Central Sun would now move to overlight the energies within the Clarion Temple of 911 call. (A few months ago Mel and Mike had asked the Unified Whole to fully put the Temple into wholeness of the 144th dimension so this was an added element.)  On that first combined call, Divine Mother and Father God brought forth their energies in a beginning overture.  Meleriessee’s dearest friend and colleague, Fred, who has been the Spokes-Being of the Temple since the beginning still provided an introduction.  But yet, in that moment, she knew that there would be a change.

Those of you who do not know the story of how the Temple of 911 was started, Christine Meleriessee experienced a Sweat Lodge one month after the 911 Tragedy in Long Island, New York.  The energies were quite intense and she was doing heavy shamanic work while in the Lodge.  She recalls, “As I got up for the 3rd round, I fell into the rocks and burned my shin in the shape of a “heart”.  It was on this day I was introduced to Fred, who was a Fire Battalion Chief in New York City.  The story is very long and involved so I refer to our blog on the Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond About page,  It will help an individual to understand the depth of this work that Fred and I were destined to create together.”

A Dear Friend Indeed
Fred not only was the Spokes-Being but a true friend in Spirit.  When Meleriessee traveled to Mt. Shasta, he would come through her and speak to the other people she was with.  He loved being in the car and seeing the scenery as he joked about his beautiful but quiet life living in New York City.  He has since been introduced to all her friends and has become a close friend to Mike in the process.  Christine Meleriesse goes on to speak about her multidimensional friend, “We have had many laughs together and watching him grow has been a beautiful joy for me to see.  When he first communicated to us through my channeling, he had no idea what level of dimension he was residing in or what that word even meant.  He would come and tell us where he was with the excitement of a young man moving into a powerful job.  He has communicated how many Beings were now coming to the Temple of 911 and how wonderful it was to see the healing that has resulted from this amazing meditation group.  I consider him a soul of great love and understanding even though we never met in body.”

As in all good things that occur, individuals are healed and must move forward whether they are in or out of body.  Mel had this same occurrence with her Gatekeeper, Robert, about 15 years ago when he said he would no longer be “Robert” but “Solebterium”.  He was still her Gatekeeper and watcher of all who come to her in Spirit, but he had merged with his Higher Self due to the work that he and Mel were doing together.

With regards to Fred’s own acceleration, Mel says, “Again, I now must accept the fact that this amazing meditation group is changing and molding into another higher aspect.  With the integration of the Cosmic frequencies within the group, I knew it was time to accept this adjustment but not without a sadness.  Fred, is now merging with his Higher Self who turns out to be a very important figure in our past history of this Earth.  He is also integrating with some of his other aspects, one which is a Pleidian, along with others we are unsure of.  I choose not to reveal his historical name as yet as we plan to honor Fred in our next Clarion Temple call which will be on June 11, 2012.”

Join In Each Week for Healing
With this merging of Higher Essence Aspects for Fred, he will no longer be introducing the energies for the meditation as he has done so for many years.  Divine Mother and Father God will bring forth the introduction through an attunement and clarification of the energies for the evening.  It is not without sadness that Meleriessee accepts this change, but Fred is graduating and he fully would not have been able to go as far without this amazing Temple of Light.

Mel concludes, “So I am excited and sad at the same time, but he tells us that he will be speaking within the Temple soon along with still being on the Council with Archangel Michael, Divine Mother & Father God, the Unified Whole, along with Mike and myself. The temple has been changing for many months with the guest Light Beings sharing amazing energies and attunements each week.  This is going to help us all grow and invite more people to be part of these amazing energies.  Many souls have healed through this group and I want to thank everyone who has diligently supported this effort along with allowing your Higher Essence to provide healing and joy to many other souls.  It is truly our group together.”

All are invited to join in the now newly renamed Clarion Temple of Oneness ~ Healing for All Universal Light Beings in Body & Beyond on Monday evenings, 5 PM Pacific or 8 PM Eastern, 24:00 GMT.  The call is accessible via phone or Skype.  Please see the website for details on joining the weekly Tele-Calls and also on receiving special channeled messages in the newsletter.  In addition Mel and Mike are in the processing of updating the transcriptions on the original blog site: (

In Loving Expressions of Oneness,
Christine Meleriessee & Mike Hayden
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Marc Eden 7th Dimensional Artist on WTC Radio

Inspirational art is visual music for the eyes.  marc_eden-7thdimensionenergyLike any song or symphony, a work of visual art can be as simple or complex as the melody and arrangement of the composer.  Is a true work of art any less than a great musical masterpiece?  The artistic works that come from Marc Eden are not created in your typical medium of oil, ink or canvas; his art reaches the heights of our comprehension by using the heights of technology to blend colors, lines and shapes that capture the eye and press the imagination to seek new footing on ground never before tread.  Marc works with an entire canvas of colors, fractals, and geometric design fueled by his own hand and the computers on his desk.  His works evoke a frequency of energy that deep inside we feel is familiar, yet still can’t quite be explained.  Join us on this episode of Walking Terra Christa Radio (Friday May 25, 2012 at 2:00 P.M. pacific daylight time / 5;00 P.M. eastern Daylight time / 2100hrs UTC/GMT) as we allow our minds and imaginations to explore the 7th Dimension with visual artist Marc Eden (

Click here to listen to the show 

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On May 20th-21st (depending upon your time zone) we will be experiencing an Annular Solar Eclipse that promises to be another milestone in the history of 2012. This eclipse will take us further into the depths of our soul’s essence to fully express our divinity upon this earth as it represents the Divine Balance of the Male and Female through the essence of the Sun and Moon integrating their eneriges. It is also the event when Pleaides meets with the Sun and Moon which will truly assist the planet in the next step of our acceleration. A channeled message of this amazing event is located on Christine’s blog, Journey of Illumination,

Join us for a special call on May 20th, at 5 PM Pacific US, 12 midnight GMT, when we will connect with like-minded souls for a beautiful ceremony of Light within each of us and the planet. Let us know you will be attending by clicking “GOING” on the Facebook event page here.

This ceremony will include high vibrational frequencies with channeled messages from Helios & Vesta, our Solar Logos of the Great Central Sun along with the Pleidian Council of Light, and also we will connect with Gaia and the earth energies.

Please join us for a powerful hour (or so) of change by calling into the conference line via your phone 712.432.0900, code 856350#


Skype-to-Skype connections are also available. (see the instructions on our Tele-calls page.)

John & Ingerid: Freedom in the Heart

This week on WTC Radio on If there is one emotion that great operatic melodies can evoke so euphorically, it is the transcendent state of connecting directly with the frequency that is the soul truth of the heart.  Our guests in this episode of Walking Terra Christa Radio carry the essence of the heart wherever they go and within whatever they create.  And they create a great amount as you will learn.  John & Ingerid of Global Peace Web and EZHNO Group

Ingerid Chanel Ezhno and John McIntosh of Norway have several significant projects to enhance the message of Peace on this planet.  The Global Peace Web website was our introduction to them but there is so much more:  as a couple they also carry the frequencies of the Feminine Divine balanced with the Masculine Divine.  They strive to convey these elements of the New Earth within creative feasts for the heart through Art, Opera, Video, Books and by forming networked communities across the globe.  Join us as we learn how to “Be as the still mountain; Move like the great river,” as once said by Master Lao-Tzu.

Ingerid is the Founder, CEO, President, Art Director of the EZHNO GROUP INC., EZHNO GALLERIA D`AMORE E DI PACE, and OPERA for SHe SYMPHONIA – A COLORFUL RHAPSODY IN GOLD.  John supports Ingerid and with her he has created the Global Peace Web, a planetary networking community of like minded souls that, like Mel and Mike’s dear soul friend, John Lennon, envision Peace in Our Time.

Feel free to look over Ingerid and Johns work at these links: (Mel and Mike love this!)!revealing-the-light—audiobook-one

And join us on Friday May 18, 2012 at 2 P.M. Pacific / 5 P.M. Eastern and 2100hrs UTC/GMT here!


The Soul of the Keys: Rashid Lanie on WTC Radio!

Ignite the Heart on Friday May 11th, 2012 at 2 P.M. Pacific (5 P.M. Eastern / 2100hrs UTC/GMT) you can get a rare glimpse at the legend that is musician, composer, producer Rashid Lanie.

Rashid Lanie
Rashid Lanie (

Tune into our Walking Terra Christa Radio Show on 7th Wave Channel and you can listen to some transformational music inspired and translated from Spirit by Rashid. (Click here for a preview of his wonderful sound).

It is not that our guest this week was Musical Director to the launch of the Lion King album, has performed with the likes of John Legend, Alicia Keyes, Black-eyed Peas, Paul Simon, Jackson Brown, Will.I.AM, Agape International Choir and more, that makes him so special, it is that his heart and soul are inspirationally compelling beyond the sounds of his music and his talents.  Join us in this episode of Walking Terra Christa Radio as we experience the music, and the joyousness, that is Rashid Lanie of  We will talk and hear the music and how it shapes his life, so that he can effect and shape yours.  Music for Rashid is not just about composition, orchestration and production, it is about directly entering the sanctity of humanities heartbeat, bypassing all translations and the obstacles of language, so that the listener is transformed, if only for a moment.  It is a moment that defines the light of humanity so that it can shine so much the brighter.

To Listen: